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Case Simulator 4.2.2
Counter-strike: Global Offensive unofficial case opening simulator.All your CS:GO case gambling needs under one app.Swipe left orright on the main screen to switch cases.Now with an added snoweffect for the Christmas season! As well as there there are nowspecial event stickers for Christmas and New Years. A case will bechosen at random for them to drop in, so you will need to find outwhich ones and collect them! If you would like to disable thesefeatures, simply opt out in the settings menu.If you have anysuggestions or bugs to report please email me If you are reporting a bug please provideas much information as possible to help me fix it as soon aspossible.//COMING SOON\\- Started work on implementing anachievements system using Google Play Services.- Looking intosaving inventory via Google Play Services so you can keep youritems if you uninstall/change phone.
Fucks I Give 1.0
Use this app to see just how many you fucksyou give!Having an argument you don't care about? This app has yourback!Someone yapping on about how their day was? This app is what youneed!Significant other asking you what you want for dinner? This appwill help you out!