Simple Calculator 2.1.0
It is a useful simple calculator when you want to a littlecalculation .You can change the look by selecting a theme , you cancustomize the theme yourself.[ function ]- Theme switching . Youcan choose freely from the preset themes- Customize Theme . You canfreely change the color information on their own . It is alsopossible to customize load the preset themes- Delimiter display ON/ OFF- Memory functions ON / OFF- Calculator font ON / OFF-Function plus (SW / FN / % / 00) ON / OFF- Calculation resulthistoryOpen the settings. Screen swipe from the left to the right[Key Description ]- CP Copy the calculation results to theclipboard- PS Enter a number in the clipboard . Because thenon-numeric characters are ignored , only the paste possiblenumber- AC Clear the calculation history- BK Cancel one input- SWSwap the numbers in the calculation formula- FN Register andcalculate the calculation formula[ Usage FN Key ]Registrationmethod: [FN or Numeric] [Expression] [FN or Numbers] [=]Usage:[Numeric] [FN]Example (consumption tax calculation): [FN] [+] [7][%] [=]
BlackScreen 1.0
You can easily change settings that are too bright in thesystemsettings. You can deter the use of the battery when using itatnight or listening to music at the video site.