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Find differences on minions 1.0.0
Do you love playing find the differences-typemind games? Would you like be a minion and help us in the search?If yes, this free app Find differences on minions will tickle yourbrain by offering unique look and find games to play unlimited onyour android device!The puzzle game offers two almost similar pictures on screen andyou (the player) have to find the differences between these twopictures. Each of the pictures has 5 differences and you have tospot them! You will enjoy three hints to survive in the game. Ifyou initiate a wrong attempt to spot the difference, you will losea life.Some info:• More than 50 funny UNLOCKED levels.• The app Find differences on minions is designed for phones andtablets!• You have no time limit.• The players will get the challenge of finding 5 Differences perlevel.• You have a great zoom system.• Players will get advantage of app integrated helping system fordifficult cases (3 hints per level).• The “what’s the difference” game is totally free to download aswell as free for unending play on your android devices!• You can off/on sound, music, vibration via setting menu.______________________________________Disclaimer: Minions its a trademark of Universal Studios, whichdoes not sponsor, authorize or endorse this application. We do notclaim in any way the ownership or the copyright which are propertyof their respective owners.
Find the differences on cars 1.0.0
“Find the differences on cars” is an amusing and addictivepuzzlegame based on globally famous spot the difference algorithm.Thisgameplay is so simple it can be played by both kids and adults.Asa player you have to have eye for detail and minuteobservationpower so that you can find the hidden difference betweento almostsimilar car pictures. If you like cars this game is foryou!How to play the game?The gameplay of this finding hidden differences game isreallysimple but each of its level is packed with awesomechallengedynamics. There are 5 hidden dissimilarities in each ofthe levelbetween two almost similar pictures. You will get threelives: onewrong guess will cost you losing one life. If three livesare lost,you have to start the game fresh again.Apps Features:If you love enjoying brain teaser mind games, the app Findthedifferences on cars will keep you surely amused, engrossed,andenticed for long. Before you hit the download button, take alookat its features:• More than 50 funny UNLOCKED levels.• You have no time limit.• You have a great zoom system.• You have 5 hidden differences per level.• Simple but attractive user interface makes the gamenavigationeasy,• You can check and select levels from user interface: it isamultilevel game with multiple twist and tweaks ofhiddendifferences,• You can check statistics from here: how you have performed inspotthe difference game course,• You can change the setting of the game: you can off/onsound,music, and can change the mode in to “vibration only”.• You have got a lot of pictures of amazing cars.• You can share the game Find the differences on cars inTwitter,Facebook, and Google Play.Download the app Find the differences on cars and startenjoyingits imbedded challenge in each of its levels. This photopuzzlehunt will keep you entertained! Ask your kids to play thegame too.The difference game will help them in improving theirobservationand concentration level.______________________________________Disclaimer: Cars its a trademark of Pixar AnimationStudios,which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse thisapplication. Wedo not claim in any way the ownership or thecopyright which areproperty of their respective owners.
Find the Differences #1 1.01
Find the Differences #1 is the perfectchoicefor those boring moments of the day when you have plenty oftimeand don’t know what to do!This free puzzle game won’t let you stop playing, you’llgetaddicted!Are you up for the challenge? Will you prove your eye? Get thecrownthat you deserve! Go and find differences! Find thedifferences in200 levels until you win them all!• 200 levels to find the differences!• ZOOM!• No time limit!• All levels unlocked!• Endless hints to help you out!• HD pictures for phones and tablets!Find the Differences #1 is a free puzzle game known as“Finddifferences”, “Spot the difference” or “Find the differences”whereyou look for differences in 2 HD pictures. If you like gameslikeHidden Objects stop wasting time and try our fabulouspuzzlegame!