Pirate Treasures - Gems Puzzle
Welcome aboard, Captain! The crew is just waiting for your order toset sail, all ready to go off in search of countless treasures andspectacular adventures! Look for ancient maps you can use to beatfascinating match 3 levels and find unheard-of riches. Here's whatyou can expect in Pirate Treasures: - Gorgeous graphics - A greatsoundtrack and juicy sound effects - Your friends, who will try tobeat you to the treasures - The match 3 gameplay you love -Thousands and thousands of engaging levels - A daring band of seadogs as your crew - And TREASURES (obviously!) Cast off! Set sail!
Candy Valley - Match 3 Puzzle
"Dream of collecting… not jewels, but recipes for the tastiest,most incredible sweets, don’t you? Grab a can of soda; you’ll needit to wash down all the jelly beans and sugar candies! You, yourassistant Ella and the candy-maker Edward will set off on a questto that puzzling place, Candy Valley, where the locals are famousfor their exquisite recipes! Travel with the Rainbow and learn tocook all kinds of delicacies by matching the ingredients! Dangerand hardship await you on your adventure, but you are sure to bestany puzzle without trouble! Cool action waits for kids and adultsalike. Boys and girls, you will have unlimited fun playing thisjewel of a game! You can log in with Facebook, import your progressand play for free anytime you want on your smartphone! A new onlineclassic saga of match 3 games. Simple rules: find the matches,starting from three in a row, and combine them. Become the ultimatecrusher of sweets and digger of recipes. Dash to the most complexpuzzles in the app world, match threes, and rush to the very top!Travel the sweetest land imaginable. Note: The purchases in thein-game store are optional and meant to make game progress easier.A Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection is needed to play the game —you can’t do it offline."
Sea Battle: Heroes 0.1.0
Ahoy, and welcome to Sea Battle: Heroes! Do battle, be victorious,use all your cunning, and destroy the enemy with your skills.- Useyour many skills to change the course of the battle!- Use dozens ofdifferent ships to build your own unique fleet.- Collect legendaryartifacts and show those landlubbers who the real sea dog is!
Pirate Treasures New (Beta)
This is a new version of Pirate Treasures game! If current versionof Pirate Treasures is running slow or incompatible with yourdevice, or you just want to check out the new version — feel freeto install! This new version is in beta testing and works togetheralong with the old one. You can have both versions side by side andchoose which one you like better. Pros: - You can play whileoffline (no Internet connection required) - Improved performance -Enhanced graphics ... Cons: - Some levels are not presented in thegame yet (we're constantly releasing new ones) [Game descrption]You are a young corsair, your aim is to become a pirate. To makeyour dream come true, you must find real treasures using old maps.The game consists of different episodes. In each episode you have atreasure map. Follow it to the end and you will find the pirate'streasure. The principle of this game is "match 3", which means youhave to switch two elements next to each other in order to getthree or more similar gems in a row. At each level, you have aspecific list of goals that need to be completed. Collecttreasures, compete with your friends and become a real pirate!
Spell Blast: Tap Puzzle 2.0.3
Toss those old toys aside! Loads of exciting adventures with ayoung wizard and his adorable fox sidekick await! Tap matchingblocks to blast them away or earn magic boosters. Figure out thebest way to solve brain teasers, earn all 3 stars and win prizes.Help the young wizard out on all his adventures through mysteriousfairytale landscapes and super fun levels! ★ Conquer challenginglevels and unlock the newest travels in the young wizard's journey★ Work through fun puzzles no matter what curveballs they throwyour way ★ Unlock powerful boosters and blast your way throughobstacles ★ Earn stars and get prizes. The more stars you earn, thebetter the prize! ★ Easy to pick up, but tough to master!
Raspberry Jam
Get ready for an explosion of taste, exciting challenges, and anincredible trip to a world of raspberry jelly! Practice solvingpuzzles and see if you can beat your friends. You'll even get helpfrom adorable characters and a bunch of delicious boosters. Newlevels are released every week, so you'll never be bored!