Adventure Jump Island 🏝️ Wonder Super Boy 1.0.6
Start your island world adventure with the crazy, yet brave, superwonder super boy! He excels in adventurous jumping and bouncing ofplatforms and avoiding obstacles that can hurt him. Navigate himand try to dominate this adventure platform jump game while havinggreat time exploring the lively and vibrant island!📥LEVEL BASED RUN& JUMP PLATFORMERThe platform hop game is a level based gamethat starts from easy to complex levels. It will not be easy, watchout! There are more than 20 enemies in this runner & jumpergame. You must react, predict and adapt to avoid all traps. Alsothere are tons of hidden bonus items and coins. You must finishyour adventure and never give up when you lose all yourlives.🎮CLASSIC PLATFORM JUMP GAMEPLAYWe redesigned the classicadventurous platform jump gameplay and made it a bit more enjoyableand responsive. Running and jumping with the super boy feels smoothand that will most certainly increase your enjoyment. Definitely amust-try for anyone loving island jumping or wonder super boygames.🌴THE CRAZY CREATURES OF THE ISLANDNothing is certain in thissecret island. The super wonder super boy jumper, as brave as hemay seem, needs to face creatures that are deadly. Watch out and beresponsive, he will need your reflexes! Run & jump high so youcan pass all the levels and get the super adventure boy to the safepoint!🏝️ ADVENTURE JUMP FEATURES:✅ Great HD graphics✅ Nice musicand effects✅ Store where you can buy additional items✅ Manyadventurous levels✅ Hidden items✅ Filled with exciting running andjumping✅ Adventure jump story around wonder super boy---The littlefella has one goal and that is passing through all 20 levels andgetting to the safe point.Guide him through by showing great skillsfor platform jumper games!Download and enjoy one of the best newadventure world island games!