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Bomber vs Monster 2016 1.1
Bomber vs Monster 2016 - When playing BombervsMonster 2016, you will be role of a bomber so that you will usethebombs to destroy all abstracts, monters and zombies. you havetomove through the levels and place various bombs to blow upyouropponents. Be careful and don't get blown up by enemybombsyourself! Blow up your friends in this game! Place your bombsandcatch your opponent in an explosive trap. Be careful and try nottoget blown up on your own bombs. If you've still got blown up,don'tworry, you'll turn into a zombie and will be able togreatlycomplicate the lives of your opponents!.Bomber vs Monster2016 is ainterresting stategy game that is the same as computergame ofBomberman. Players must search for the key and the door toget outof the danger area. In each game screen always has crestdangers,pitfalls from evil spirits. Players place bombers to breakthebrick blocks and find the key to open the door in eachlevel.Please pick up gifts to not only increase combat power butalsohelp you overcome more difficult challenges in the BombervsMonster 2016 game. Quickly downloading the Bomber vs Monster2016and conquer the challenges of the game.Jacke Bomber is agamemaking you enjoy these factors converge for players toexplore.Come to the Bomber game players as being integrated intothemysterious labyrinth. Players set the bombs to destroy obstaclestofind the key and the door to escape. You have to adjustthecharacter played skillfully to avoid but the beast, thepitfallsalong the way. You try to pick up items that are hidden inthematerial obstacles that you overcome thorn, every item will haveaparticular effect to help the players can overcome thesechallengesmore favorable. Through each maze challenge wasincreased, makingthe game bomber increasingly dramatic, stimulatingimagination,charismatic and attractive players.Bomber has spectacular graphics, stunning design makes themazebecoming increasingly mysterious, combined with soundmacabrefeeling to players like myself to explore.========================================Features:- Game strategy- Bright graphic- Attractive sounds- Higher Challenges========================================Controls- Press direction buttons (Left, Right, Bottom, Up) to movethegame.- Press button to place bombs- After some second the bomber automatically buzz to break blockofbricks.
Bubble Shooter 1.2
Bubble shooter free in space with the alienfriend.This game is fun and addictive with the special power shooter fromouter space.This is a brand new way of bubble popping as you never playedbefore.Its very easy just try and you will never play with out the spacepower shooter again.This game is free for you pleasure! Please rate us and live a nicecomment if you like it.Bubble Breaker, or shooter as known, is the ultimate game wheremixed color balls are lined up for you to shoot at and pop.There are several color used to keep the difference between thebubbles.The purpose in this game is to get together as many bubbles of thesame color as possible and blast them out.The elimination is possible by shooting at two same colored ballsand up.Popping the bubbles is very fun and you will see how the time fliesby when having fun with this great bubble shooter freeversion!Bubble Shooter is the most classic and new bubble shoot games. Thisfree version is the only one that contains Puzzle Mode, ArcadeMode.With 1000+ puzzle levels you will never get bored with thisgame.How to Play:1.Tap where you want to shoot bubble2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them bust3.Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get 3stars on each level.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points asbonus!Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you need toshoot quickly to avoid deathPuzzle Bubble Deluxe games free has 1000+ levels to play, and morefree, fun and addictive levels will be added to this bubble shooterfree download game!Puzzle Bubble Deluxe graphics suitable for kids, toddlers.You cancontinue your game to make sure that you don’t lose any progress.So just sit back, relax and alongside those colorful bubbles.
Bomber Classic New 1.1
Bomber Classic New is a interresting stategygame that is the same as computer game of Bomberman. Players mustsearch for the key and the door to get out of the danger area. Ineach game screen always has crest dangers, pitfalls from evilspirits. Players place bombers to break the brick blocks and findthe key to open the door in each level. Please pick up gifts to notonly increase combat power but also help you overcome moredifficult challenges in the Bomber Classic game. Quicklydownloading the Bomber Classic New and conquer the challenges ofthe game. Bomber Classic New - When playing Bomber Classic New, youwill be role of a bomber so that you will use the bombs to destroyall abstracts, monters. you have to move through the levels andplace various bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don'tget blown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friends in thisgame! Place your bombs and catch your opponent in an explosivetrap. Be careful and try not to get blown up on your own bombs. Ifyou've still got blown up, don't worry, you'll turn into a zombieand will be able to greatly complicate the lives of your opponents!Game features:- Colorful graphics- Battle other players- Many types of bombs- Dynamic gameplay
Feeding frenzy - Fish Frenzy 1.2
Your Little Fish is roving over thegarden.Suddenly he was swept by a gust of wind to a stranger seawith manycarnivorous fish. Your mission is to help your fishsurvive inharsh environments and return home by trying to eatsmaller fishand avoid bigger fish. The more fish you eat the biggeryou'llgrow, then you can kill the big fish. In addition, you alsohave topay attention to avoid the dangerous marine animals, if youtouchthe jellyfish, it will make you freeze and unable to move, orhavethe fish that if you eat you will lose your control.FishAdventureis a virtual aquarium which you can fill up with colorfulandbeautiful fish and other sea creatures. Here, you can take careofunderwater nature, raise beautiful fishes and creatures inyourfish tanks and create your undersea world with vibrantaquariums;which you can showcase as live wallpaper on yourphonescreen.This tamagotchi style game is interactive and also suitableforchildren. Kids will surely like our cute fish and otheradorablecreatures like penguins, sea horses, clown fish and manymore.Moreover, tapping on a fish will make it perform amusingactions,keeping kids entertained, surely blow fish and puffer fishcan befascinating.Bonus items float by all the time. Try and eat special bubblestoget more life and shield to protect yourself from biggerfish.To control your Little Fish, tilt the phone in the directionyouwant him to go. If you'd like it to move faster you canincreasethe sensitivity in the settings page of the game. Thehigher thesensitivity the faster your Little Fish will move.Features:- 14 kinds of beautiful fish- 3 different seas- 15 levels