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Bubble Frenzy Mania 0.140
THT Studio
Are you tired of plain and mindless bubble games? Well it's time toget excited with Bubble Frenzy Mania - the best bubble games outthere! Best free mobile games download for Android. Great games forkids and games with friends. Bubble Frenzy Mania is a free bubblegame that is bursting with its own unique and exciting twists andhas a bello and captivating storyline. Have three times the fun inchallenge bubble game mode, where you can do bubble dash bossbattles with bubble shooter, bubble mania against time, and see howmany bubble levels you can complete in bubble shooter two shortminutes! In bubble adventure mode, together, we can help PirateAlice progress through the bubble game levels with bubble shooter,defeat the bad buccaneers and save all of the bubble island seacreatures of the exotic Caribbean dreamworld. Features: + Amazingbubble game settings, awesome graphics and deluxe sound + Bubbleshooter campaign is easy to follow and will take you on a twistingadventures full of bubble game excitements in saga land + Newbubble game features such as bubble trouble boss fights and amoving screen + Two bubble game modes: story bubble jewels andbubble level challenge + Bubble Mania has 360+ pop levels that arewell designed and will test all of your bubble shooter skills. +There are extra amazing epic power ups that can help you on yourbubble game journey to defeat the evil bubble witch pirates. +Unlock unique bubble game abilities to help you rip through thelevels. + Easy to bubble run learn but hard to master the bubbleshooter skill + Shovel coins, trophy and gems in silo along yourbobble adventure + Kid family friendly for witch bubble witch saga2 We believes in the qualities of our new bubble games 2016. Pleasefeel welcomed to leave a review for our free bubble games downloadfree for mobile. Thank you everyone for playing Bubble FrenzyMania, one of the best bubble game from HT Studio gives you thebest bubble shooter experience and bubble pop adventure. Bubblegames that dont need wifi and play offline without internet.
Bubble Free Fall: Frozen Shot 0.101
THT Studio
Bubble Free Fall: Frozen Shot mobilegamescomes the breathtaking puzzle game. Adventure into thestunningworld of Frozen to experience an ice–shattering collectionof NEWpuzzles and excitement!Join Queen Elsa, Anna, Fox and a few mischievous Snowgies onawhimsical journey! Shoot snowballs with ice magic, earnuniqueboosters and discover special surprises around every turn.For thefirst time in forever, you can enjoy Frozen like neverbefore!Play Bubble Shooter games in Classic Game Mode - So Simple,SoFun.Enjoy the classic game mode! Match 3 bubbles to burst!Shootingbubbles is the best way to play fun free games.Arcade game mode – never get bored!Play Bubble Frozen Free Fall Arcade game mode to rediscovertheclassic arcade games! Advance through fun game levels in ourarcadegame mode as this addicting game gets even morechallenging.Perfect free brain training games – Solve the fun puzzles!This awesome game is the top bubble shooting game AND braingamewith over 1750 challenging puzzles to master! Burst bubblestoadvance to the next level of puzzle games! Train your brainandtest your skills while playing video games!Retro Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot game, new featuresWe took the classic arcade game, and added some new, awesomegamefeatures to this bubble game that you’ll love!★Colorblind mode – so everyone can play fun matching gamesforfree★★Burst bubbles 7 times in a row to fill the fireball★★Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb with Frozen Free Fall:IcyShot game★
Plumber Mania 1.001
THT Studio
Plumber Mania is a free addictivepuzzlegame.Your goal is to turn the different colored pipes in therightdirection and connect them together to form a completepipeline.Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow. Pairallcolors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle inFlowFree. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross oroverlap!Free play through hundreds of Plumber Mole levels, orraceagainst the clock in Time Trial mode. Flow Free gameplayrangesfrom simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic,andeverywhere in between.Plumber Mania Free features:★ Over 2,000 free puzzles in Plumber 2★ Free Play and Time Trial modes★ Clean, colorful graphics★ Fun sound effectsIf you like puzzles, Match 3 games, Flow Free riddles andbraingames this one will also make you think.Plumber Land is really fun and requires strategy to fix thepipelinein as few movements as possible to become the best Plumberin thedesert!
Blossom King 1.14
THT Studio
Blossom King is all-new exciting deluxe match-3 game from a team oftop hit game app makers In the dreamy garden, flower fairy invitedyou and friends to plant & bloom the flowers. From the bud toblossom. Each blast level with challenging puzzle is started withjust a dull bush, once you have solve the puzzle, the flowers willbloom from bud to blossom. It is an addictive mania matching gamethat everyone can not missed! To Blast the Blossom to bloom, youmay need flower fairy help, they provide you the coins after youhave complete each puzzle, you may use the coins to slot 3blasters! Therefore, the more puzzle you have solved, the morecoins you will get to slot the blasters. Link 3 or more candy budsof the same block to crush them. Simply enjoy & don’t jam yourbrain to solve each saga mission. Watch as you set off an epicchain reaction of blooming flowers in the garden paradise. How toplay Blossom King Saga : 1. Line & Match three or more sameidentical candy flower to crush for points in saga land. 2. Matchuntil reaching the mission for each level. Match 4 flowers in asquare to make a blossom blast. 3. Use secret tool (boosters) withpoints to reach your goal. 3. When 4 flower bud are aligned, youwill get a little cute bee which clear all in the same linehorizontally or horizontally or surrounding 4x4 frozen candyflowers. 4. When 5 are matched, it will create a Magic Crush whichremove all of that same candy. 5. When they are linked like T or Lcharacters, you will have a fire that explode twice and clear thesurrounding 4x4. 6. Combine 2 little bee together to make a superpowerful blast. Eliminate the more blossom flowers can get extrascores. 7. This is an adventure filled with colorful crush effectswith a sweet graphic picture. 8. Login to Facebook to gain 500coins. Those coins collected can get the boosters or moves! NewBlossom King Splash features: * Over 80 Sodalicious Flower Fantasylevels in Blossom in saga Land * Create amazing power-ups and usethem to clear the screen! * New Game Modes include: Blast, Bloom
Candy Shoot 2021 0.22
THT Studio
Candy shooting games are your passion? This game is a brand new andamazing adventure game! Run a candy into the chain of colored ballsand create a blast to eliminate them. Become a Shooter Legend! Forthe legendary treasure, you have to survive over 400 level inadventure mode. Complete all the levels in challenge mode, and tryto get three stars in each level. Bring this popular casual gamethat's full of candy ball-blasting fun to your phone now! CandyShooter is a free, action puzzle marbles game. Key features ofCandy Pop Games: ★ Challenge candy levels: complete the challengeand earn a Purple Star! TIP: Use Purple Stars at the Shop ★ SuperBoss levels: will you manage to destroy the chain if the path isinvisible? ★ Candy Icing Blockers NEW! Fire a ball into the frozenones to remove the ice. They can be destroyed only after the ice isremoved. ★ Spectacular, powerful super boosters! Play and unlockall candy level. ★ Many candy deluxe powers to discover! Createcombos to get amazing power-ups. Powerful Fireball is only one ofthem. ★ Colorful and sweet candies, very delicious! How to playCandy Shoot: 1. Shooting to match three or more colored candies. 2.Tap on the transmitter can swapping the current ball and the nextcandy. 3. Boost your score with power-ups and combos. So, sit backat your bubble ball and run the candy shooter! If you’re lookingfor a free stress reliever, or want to play with kids
Marble Blast 2020 0.05
THT Studio
Classic Marble Game style game with more awesome new features.Areyou a super fan of shoot games? If the answer is yes, MarbleBlast2019 is the game that you must have. It has a lot of new itemstomake the game much more interesting and challenging.Highlightedfeatures of Marble Games: ★ Well-designed maps, to makethe gamemore enjoyable and addictive. ★ Icing Blockers NEW! Fire aballinto the frozen ones to remove the ice. They can be destroyedonlyafter the ice is removed ★ New items, to make the gamemoreexciting and interesting. ★ Spectacular, powerful boosters!Playand unlock them all. ★ Stone Marbles Blast NEW! Destroy alltheballs in front of the Stone to collect it! How to play MarbleBlast2020: - Shoot to match colored marbles in group of 3 or more;-More marbles,more blast booster, higher score; - CreateCombosblast to cause a chain reaction and earn more opportunitiesto getawarding items. We believe that everyone is a gamer at heartandthat games are a great source of joy and relaxation. So THTStudioalways try to make the games easy and joy. For Marble Blast,wewant to make it the best shooting style game on Android andyour5-star reviews keep us inspired and motivated.