FlashAir 4.4.1
With the FlashAir™ App for Android, you can quickly and easilyconnect, download and share all the images and documents on yourwireless FlashAir™ SDHC/SDXC memory card. 3 browsing modes -Photo/Movie view shows thumbnails of photos and movies in a singlescrollable grid. - Music view shows music files in a singlescrollable list. - Folder view shows any files within each folder.Download, share and open files - Save your files to your Androiddevice. - The app will download photos and videos from the FlashAirW-04 card automatically based on your setting. - Share your filesvia E-mail/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. *Note: You need an internetconnection. - Open a file in another application. Configurations -PhotoShare - Automatic detection of adding or updating files onFlashAir - Display settings of photos/videos - Auto save ofphotos/videos - Configuring SSID and security key (password) of theFlashAir™ card. - Configuring SSID and security key (password) forinternet pass thru mode. - Timeout - Administration password(MASTERCODE) - Eyefi Connected setting [Important notes] - Thisapplication is compatible Android 4.1 - 9.0 devices. - Please payattention to following things when you use this App on yoursmartphone of Android 6.0 basis. - Please enable location serviceor GPS mode on your smartphone. - If you get a trouble in awireless connection, please set air plane mode before you use thisApp. - This application uses a microSD card inserted into theAndroid device. Error could occur on the Android device with nomicro SD card. - Toshiba Memory Corporation may modify ordiscontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Services or Materials,or any portion thereof, with or without notice - This applicationmay be terminated its service or functions without former notice. -THIS APPLICATION IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS “BASIS WITHOUT ANYWARRANTIES, EITHER IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING IMPLIEDWARRANTIES, CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR APARTICULAR PURPOSE, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAWS.TOSHIBA WOULD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LIABILITY ARISING FROM THEUSE OF THIS APPLICATION.
Memory Card Preview 2.1.2
“Memory Card Preview” app can preview the Toshiba’s NFC SD memorycard’s content such as thumbnail* of photos and status of the cardlike available space by just holding an Android NFC-enabledsmartphone over it.Unlike before, you can check the content of SDmemory card without using a computer or a digital still camera.Finding the SD memory card you want is never been easier.*Thumbnail is a low resolution data for use in preview of imagefile.MAIN FUNCTIONS:- Preview Card Content: Can show approximatelyhow many pictures can be taken*, the occupied memory, the remainingfree space, up-to 16 thumbnails, etc.- Edit Card Name: Can name theNFC SD memory card (max. 80 letters) - Display RegisteredCard-List: Show NFC SD memory cards (up-to 20 cards) that havepreviously been previewed with the app.- Card Search Function:Through AR (Augmented Reality) GUI, search for NFC SD memory cardthat is on the registered card list by reading the 2D barcode onthe card label with the smartphone camera.- Handling Guide:Graphical instruction for reading the NFC SD memory card with asmartphone.* It is a rough estimate calculated from the averagesize of stored pictures and the free space of memory. It iscalculated with the picture size as 4.5 MB if the card is not usedor the picture data is not storedHOW TO USE:- Unlock and enable NFCfunction.- Select the “Memory Card Preview” app and followgraphical instruction shown.SUPPORTED LANGUAGES:English,Japanse[Important note]- This App is compatible with NFC-enabledAndroid smartphone (Android OS 4.0-8.0).- Toshiba MemoryCorporation may modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently,the services (including, but not limited to, this App) ormaterials, or any portion thereof, without prior notice- THISAPPLICATION IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS “BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES,EITHER IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES,CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE,TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAWS. TOSHIBA MEMORYCORPORATION SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LIABILITY ARISING FROMTHE USE OF THIS APPLICATION.- Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Mamolica 2.2.1
The Mamolica application is used to lock, unlock and performotheroperations for Interface lock function Mamolica-enabled SDmemorycards. [Notes on Use] *Recommended terminal: This app isforAndroid 4 through 7. *Details and features of this app aresubjectto change or termination without prior notice. *This appisprovided as-is without warrantee of any kind. ToshibaMemoryCorporation bears no responsibility for damages to the userthatmay be incurred due to the use of this app.