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Real Love Test Calculator 1.0
Are you in love? Are your searching for a truelove or a soul mate? A love based on trust, happiness and respect?This is an advanced love calculator (love meter)! It calculatesthe couples compatibility using a scientific algorithm. You cancheck your compatibility by: finger scanner, photo match, namecompatibility and date of birth (including a love horoscope). Thisrevolutionary test also checks your feelings by measuring the beatof your heart.The love tester has following love calculator features:Finger matchPhoto matchDate of birth match (including love horoscope)Name matchIt measures feelings with your heartbeatShare love calculator result with your partner or friends onsocial network.After performing all these tests a total score will becalculated for you and your love! That is new among love tests andbetter than simple love calculator. It's a good game to find yourvalentine.Finger scanner – based on principle of thumb match, it scans thefingerprints of two people and calculates the strength of lovebetter than any other love test.Photo scanner – it scans the photos of two people and calculatesthe love percentage for themDate of birth match – it analyzes the date of birth of you and yourlove and calculates the best score for your relationship inpercentage valueName match – it compares your names and calculates your personalcouple love matchHeartbeat – this love test uses a scientific formula to measure thestrength of your feelings while looking at the photo of the personyou choose. It shows better results than love calculator because itmeasures your true feelings exactly.Come on! Use this love tester and see how compatible youare!This is just a joke app. Don’t take the results too seriously,they are simulated.Should you have any problems using this app - before giving us abad rating - please contact us atplay@travelerpocketguide.comWe will be happy to help you.
Mood Scanner 1.0
Scan your mood with your heart beat. Thisappcan do it!It takes only 30 sec. Just put your finger on the camera ofyoursmartphone and look at three pictures which will excitevariousemotions in you.It is scientifically proven that you heart beat changes accordingtoyour emotions. You are not aware of it, but you canmeasureit!This newest technology allows you to measure your heartbeatwithyour smartphone.Great pictures, friendly user interface, funny imageswithcomments and meaning.And the best: you can share your mood with your friendsonFacebook.Should you have any problems using this app - before giving usabad rating - please contact us at play@travelerpocketguide.comWe will be happy to help you.
Traveler Pocket Guide AdRemove 1.3
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