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Guitar Tuner Plus 2.0.1
Guitar Tuner Plus is simple and easy to useguitar tuner app, for Android smartphones & tablets. Guitartuner plus include Standard Tuning (E), and 32 Alternate Tunings,including lowered tunings, open tunings, dropped tunings,Regulartunings and, Instrumental tunings. High quality Audio.Useful tool specially when restringing your guitar, and need tofind your tune again.Tunings included:Standard E, D♯/E♭ tuning, D tuning, C♯/D♭ tuning, C tuning. Open D,Open D minor, Open G, Open G minor,Open C, Open C minor, Open E, Open A. Drop D, Double Drop D, DropC, Drop C#, Drop B, Drop A, Drop A#. Minor Third, Major Third, AllFourths, Augmented Fourths, Mandoguitar. Balalaika, Charango,Cittern One, Cittern Two, Dobro, Lefty, Overtone, Pentatonic.Featuring 49 basic guitar chords, Simple Metronome.Product Features:- Easy to use.- Simple and nice interface.- Repeat on/off function.- high quality audio.- 32 Alternate Tunings.- 49 basic Guitar Chords.- Simple Metronome
Simple Drums 1.0.2
Simple and fun! This Real Drum app come with three differentdrumset, and with 32 jam tracks!You can also to play drums along with other mp3 files on yourphone,just using mp3 button!Really easy and simple to use. Quick response time.Supportsmulti-touch. Have Fun!Features:- Support Multi touch.- 24 realistic percussion sounds.- 32 jam tracks.- 3 different real drum set.- Jazz brush Kit.- Simple and easy to use.Instruments: Bass, Snare, 5xTomTom, Hi Hat (open&close),Cymbals (crash, ride, china, splash), Cowbell and snaresidestick.
Guitar Wallpapers free 1.9.1
If you love guitars, then you must havethisapp!Cool HD Quality Guitar wallpapers for your smartphone.Features:-Over 50 HD Quality Guitar wallpapers.-Many different model.-A lot of different color options.-Stylish interface.-Easy to use gallery.
Simple Drum Pads 1.1.2
Simple and fun! This Drum Pads app comes with 32 jam tracks, andwith 25 realistic percussion sounds. It has 11 different drum padthat you can modify as you like. You have the opportunity tohundreds of different variations. Really easy and simple to use.Quick response time. Supports multi-touch. Have Fun!
Simple Drums - Metal 1.1.4
Simple Drums Metal comes with 4 different Metal drum kits, and with25 jam tracks. You can also play drums along with other mp3 filesfrom your device. Sound Volume Mixer lets you customize and adjustall your volumes independently or you can record your drums, youcan even add hall or room reverb. Really easy and simple to use.Quick response time. Supports multi-touch. Have Fun!
Simple Drums Pro - The Complete Drum Set 1.3.2
Create cool music with Simple Drums Pro! Simple Drums Pro is anamazing music instrument app where you can enjoy playing drum onyour Android device. It’s realistic, fun, and very easy to use! Ourmusic instrument app comes with 4 different drum kits, rock, metal,jazz and hip hop music. This rhythm machine comes with manyadvanced features including play with music tracks from yourdevice. Our Key Features: 4 different types of drum kits with highquality percussion sounds. Drum along with your favorite song fromyour device or choose from the 32 loops from the app. AdvancedSound Volume Mixer with the reverb effects and recording feature.Switch Hi-hat position from the left to right. Add your own customsounds. Drum pitch level feature. Realistic graphics with animationeffects. Accurate metronome with volume level selector. Changeablecymbals and toms.