Case Clicker
In this game you are given 3 case for openingeach of them in their heavy and therefore it is necessary to makeefforts for their discovery.During the game you can meet key, it will facilitate you to play.So, if you have opened one of the cases, you can return to it laterand enjoy the fact that from there got.
Fishing Craft 1.0.0
Fishing Craft - on your smartphone, downloadand play!Fishing simulator of cubic world.Features:1. Pixel art2. A wide range of fishing rods and floats3. Various types of fish4. Secrets and Easter eggsDownload the game and solve the mystery of the Great cobbler!*Become a great fisherman, get the best bait that would catch thebiggest fish.* - In-game secret.
Skyblock Craft: Adventure
Well-known Cubic world map with SkyBlock.Try to survive on the island floating in the air, it has alimited amount of resources.You can do anything, from home to the LHC, but you have notablybother!What would you know how to craft things that are in the game youmust download SkyBlock: Craft Itemswhich shows all the items.Try to build your house on the island and survive even the firstday!Attention! The game is at an early stage of development. Theconsequences of possible different updates for the game.
Egg for craft 1.0.0
In this game you have to break an egg so thatthe chick hatched from there. To do this you need to click on theegg. Kill time with our clicker pixel eggs from the world ofMinecraft
Pou Girl 1.0.1
New girlfriend on your smartphone!Take care of her, show sympathy, give gifts and clothing,And also you need food that would satisfy her hunger.Features:1. Beautiful graphics2. The signature sound of TRECONReference:The money you can get in the game.Food for your girlfriend worth 100 game currency.Clothing sold for 300 game currency.Sincerely TRECON