Hundred 1.0.3
Playing on the reaction. Without mistakes, specify a number fromone to one hundred. Do it faster than the other players.
Jack Adventures 1.9.10
Christmas update is already available, hurry up to pass the newwinter levels! This story is about an ordinary guy named Jack, wholoves all kinds of adventures. He constantly reveals something newfor himself. And one day Jack's thirst for adventures throw himinto the heart of the severe and dangerous maze. The moment he camedown into the maze, he realized that human foot has never set herebefore. Fearless guy decided to go away, when he realized that hegot lost. What to do now? How not to get lost in the maze? Where tolook for a way out? This game will appeal to a variety of levels.There are both logical and arcade mazes, as in the good old 8-bitgames! In the best traditions of diamond rush!
Moo Patrol 1.0
The classic arcade game in which you need to save space cows fromaliens. The game takes place on the red planet, and the player'sgoal is to patrol the earth's surface on a cool planetary rovers.Your planetary rovers can not only roll on the surface, but alsohave the possibility to jump and shoot two guns. Overcomeobstacles, shoot the enemies, collect bonuses, get as high score.Be the first in the table of records!
Jack's New Adventures 1.3
Labyrinths. Intricate and scarily enormous. They are crawling withmalicious and ruthless enemies, and full of dangerous traps.Illusion of the shortest way is deceptive. Treasure. Gems and goldcoins everywhere. Not just for decoration, you can swap them forshoes of swiftness and an elixir of immortality with hostileemptiness. Collect them all, do it quickly and get a reward. Timeof adventures. There are frightful zombies, insidious dwarfs,malicious snowmen, bloodthirsty aborigines, steel knights andruthless robots on Jack’s way. Closed doors. Almost is never enoughkeys to open them all. It’s time to test your brain and agility inpractice. Have patience and be ready to act very quickly. Jack'sjourney continues in the "Jack's New Adventures". Help solvedifficult maze, passing the trap and avoid the monsters. Excitingpuzzles, a lot of fun, treasures are waiting for you! Multiplelocations: Caves, Castle, Village, Jungles of Montezuma andSpaceships.