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Alien Invaders Chromecast game 1.2.2
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You need a Chromecast or Android TV to play this game on your phoneor tablet. Help defend the Earth from alien invaders from space!Alien Invaders is a simple free joyful multiplayer game you canplay with your friends and family. Up to six people can playsimultaneously. You can play with your friends no matter if theygot an iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android (phone, tablet) device.
Alien Jumper 1.0.2
TRapps City
Alien Jumper is a simple but addictive and fun game for boys andgirls of all ages! :)Just press anywhere on the screen to chargethe jump. The longer you press the longer the alien will jump. Tryto make it to the next platform. The more platforms, the morepoints.If you sign in with Google Play Games Services you cancompare your score with your friends and others.As this game don'trequire internet, you can play it anywhere and anytime without wifiand cellular data activated.