Odia Dictionary 1.2
"Odia Abhidhan" is an English to Odia dictionary. The interface isvery simple to use. The user needs to enter the English word orOdia word in the search box. This app will be really helpful forSchool Students to learn new words in English and finding theirproper meaning. The Odia Custom keyboard will encourage students totype Odia words and get the proper word meanings. The mainadvantage of this application is this requires one-timeinstallation, and afterwards can be accessed offline in the absenceof internet connection.
Brush 1.0
Brush is a very simple user friendly Paint Application, it's forthem those who love to Paint.
Odia Alphabet 1.1
"Odia Alphabet" is an odia letter handwriting practice app. It willbe helpful for people to learn Odia letters and improve theirhandwriting. The app has learning module, which will help to learnand understand the exact writing of a Odia letter. The app willgive rating after finishing each writing session. User can alsocheck history of their writing, whenever they want.We hope this appwill give user best learning experience for Odia letter writing.