Tableau Software Apps

Tableau Mobile 20.207.3211
Tableau Mobile gives you the freedom to stay on top of your data,no matter where you are or when you need it. With a fast,intuitive, and interactive experience, explore your dashboards andfind just what you’re looking for, all from the convenience of yourmobile device. The Tableau Mobile app requires a Tableau Server orTableau Online account. Please note, it does not work with TableauPublic. Features: • Interactive previews let you access your dataeven when you’re offline. • Mark your favorite dashboards or viewsto always have them at your fingertips. • Scroll, search, andbrowse your organization’s dashboards with a navigation experiencethat’s both intuitive and familiar. • Interact with your data toask and answer questions on the go.
Tableau Conference 6.1
The official app for Tableau Conference is your go-to guide forconference attendees. In the app, you'll be able to: - View thefull conference schedule - Register for sessions and favoritespeakers, activities or topics - Network with fellow data peopleincluding Tableau employees - Reserve Tableau Doctor appointments -Navigate the conference venue with detailed maps - Provide valuablefeedback on how we can keep improving your conference experience
Tableau Mobile Beta (Unreleased)
Have you been itching to view yourfavoritevizzes directly on your Android phone, with just a coupleof taps?Now is your chance! The Tableau Mobile development team isexcitedto invite you to test the new Tableau Mobile app forAndroid.What Should I test?While many features are still in development and notavailableyet, the dev team would like to share our progress withyou andhear your feedback. In the first beta build, you will beable tosee and test these features:- Sign into Tableau Servers or Tableau Online- The “remember me” option on sign-in page will keep yousignedin.- Search for your vizzes under Favorites, Recents, All tabs- Add/remove favorite vizzes- Interact with your vizzes in Web ViewHow can I send feedback?We are eager to know — Did everything work as expected? Didyourun into any issues? Is there any feature you’d like to seeinfuture releases?- The Send Feedback menu item in the app's pull-out drawer willtakeyou to a short survey form.- You can also access the survey using thislink: Or email, if you need help with troubleshooting,getting access to a testing Server, or send a shortfeedback whileon the go. We read everything that comes in.- Not sure if you are running into a known issue beforestartingwriting your feedback? The user guide also has theupdate-to-dateknown issues for your reference:
Tableau Beta
Tableau Beta is the next generation Tableau Mobile application. Itcan live alongside the current production Tableau app on your phoneor tablet. Requirements * Android 5 or later * Tableau Server 10.3or later (or an account on Tableau Online) * Authentication:Web-form-based sign-in methods: Local Auth, SAML, Tableau Online(not yet supported: Reverse Proxies, Windows Integrated auth, orsites with Connected Clients disabled) We have redesigned TableauMobile with the goal of delivering a faster, clearer, and moreeffective mobile experience. This Beta release includes many of thecore functions of Tableau Mobile, but several features are not yetimplemented. As a Beta tester, you’ll get new builds periodicallyas more features are added. The goal of this program is to give youan opportunity to give us feedback. We want to make sure we areidentifying the ways we can make Tableau more valuable and that weare executing them in a way that is clear and productive for you.We will use your feedback to prioritize our feature work and informthe product design. Bug reports are useful, but we also want toknow generally when something works well for you or doesn’t, whenyou like a design choice or would prefer something different, andgenerally what improvements or changes you would like to see.