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Middle East News 1.0
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Middle East News App gives news from theMiddle East such as Syria, Gaza and Iraq uprising. Arabs, Turks andPersians constitute the largest ethnic groups in the region bypopulation. Countries in Middle East include Egypt, Israel,Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen,Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. This news app will providelatest updates on the above countries particularly with the recentevents taking place in Syria, Iraq and Gaza, most importantly withthe declaration of a large portion of Iraq and Syria an Islamicstate Caliphate by the Sunni led militants (formerly called ISIS).Will this Caliphate declaration expand to other countries or willit be stopped? Updates of such events and manner in which this isdone can be found in this Middle East News App.
Manchester Football News 1.0
TaiKeh Media
This app gives up to date information onbothpremiership clubs in Manchester. You will get news ontransfers,results, fixtures, live feeds, table and many more. Asfunny as itmight sound because of the rivalry, you will get thelatest newsabout the once favoured Manchester United to the newlyfavouredManchester City. But time will tell if it stays that way orchangessoon. With the appointment of Louis Van Gaal and arrival ofHerreraand Luke Shaw and many more to come, there is bound to befireworksbetween these two clubs. Manchester City have not made amajorsigning apart from Fernando, but will surely do so before thestartof the 2014/2015 season on August 16. Get this app andwitnesshistory in the making.
Manche-STAR City News 1.0
TaiKeh Media
This app gives up to date information onlastseason premiership champions Manchester City. You will get newsontransfers, results, fixtures, live feeds, table and many more.Withthe signing of Eliaquim Mangala, Fernando, Bacary Sagna,EliaquimMangala, Willy Caballero and loan signing of one of thegreatestEnglish footballer Frank Lampard Man City will surelycontinue fromwere they stopped but will they be able to retain thepremiershiptitle they won. Time will tell with the new seasonkicking of fromAugust 16, 2014. Get this app and never miss out onnews from ManCity.Disclaimer: Please note that this app is not associatedwithManchester City F.C. and it is completely UNOFFICAL and pleasedonot confuse it with any official app that Manchester City F.C.haveor wish to produce.
Formula Racing News App 1.1.0
TaiKeh Media
Formula Racing News App gives latest newsonrace calendar, results, teams, drivers, staff,investments,driver/team standings, video highlights, features andinterviews.You also get news on top teams and drivers like LewisHamilton(Mercedes), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Sebastian Vettel(Red Bull)and Jenson Button (McLaren). There are 4 tabs; News andfeatures,interviews, top teams and top drivers. Stay glued to thisapp andyou will not regret doing so. This App is unofficial and isnotassociated in any way with the Formula One group of companies.F1,FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP,GRANDPRIX, FORMULA ONE PADDOCK CLUB, PADDOCK CLUB and related marksaretrade marks of Formula One Licensing B.V.
Manche-STAR United News 1.0
TaiKeh Media
This app gives up to date informationonManchester United. You will get news on transfers,results,fixtures, live feeds, table, tickets, youth team, under 18& 21teams, staff, investments and many more. Also, latest newson newmanager Louis van Gaal, his policies, how he his changingthehabits, altitude and mentality of players, his 3-5-2 formationandmany more from the man that took Holland to 3rd place in theWorldCup. Having won all their pre-season matches against the likesofReal Madrid, Roma and most importantly their greatestarch-rivalLiverpool, it’s fair to say Man U will end up in the top4 thisseason. Also, there will be news on players coming in andout. Getthis app and witness history in the making.Disclaimer: Please note that this app is not associatedwithManchester United F.C. and it is completely UNOFFICIAL andpleasedo not confuse it with any official app that ManchesterUnited F.C.have or wish to produce.
World Athletics Updates 1.1.0
TaiKeh Media
With this world athletics updates app, youwillhave all the latest information on athletics. You will getlatestnews on and build-up to the most famous sporting events suchasOlympic Games, IAAF World Championships, Common Wealth Games,WorldIndoor Championship, IPC Athletics World Championships,Paralympics,Boston/New York/London marathon events and many more.Athletics issplit into the following:TRACK AND FIELD; includes running (sprints, middle,long-distanceevents, hurdling) jumping (long jump, triple jump,high jump andpole vault) and throwing (shot put, javelin, discusand hammer).Combined events include heptathlon and decathlon andrelay races).There’s also news on road running, cross countryrunning and racewalking. This is a cool app to get to stay ahead ofothers onlatest updates on the world of athletics.