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新赤壁三國 1.3.7
Novice Teaching Area:http://www.myplay1.com/csg/newplayer_main05.html #contactThe official fan group, News Behind the Scenes:http://www.facebook.com/CSGTWChibi Three new revision dignity mode content:★ strong opening dignity mode, challenge your touchnerves!★ generals Grade Open cap 40, 100 kinds of three famous either yourdisposal!★ Five Ultimate skills so you gangbusters, reversing theworld!★ new field map "through the trials," the new equipmentrewards!★ New Warriors series set, limited release!The game's official website: http://www.myplay1.com/csg/The official fan group: http://www.facebook.com/CSGTWBahamut Forums: http://goo.gl/JGDulGame Features★'s first real-time strategy games ★ touch phoneReal-time strategy game new model! Break through the traditionalgameplay, the touch command various forces. "Hand" to control thebattle rhythm, enjoy the thrill of strategizing betweenfingertips.★ first full 3D strategy simulation game ★Unity 3D technology to create the top screen. Free rotation scalingperspective, viewing the magnificent vast building, listening topassionate war songs, enjoy immersive high-definition sound andvision.★ people team battles, unique polis system ★Polis composition called his comrades to create the most delicategorgeous exclusive territory, the brewing stimulate treacherousvertical and horizontal, full play strategy, experience the truegoverning Three!★ three famous battles, such as any of your orders classicchallenge you ★Players can look up into the big star through unannounced visits,and led them through a variety of well-known history of the Battleof the Three Kingdoms. The battle of wits bucket speed! Summoned,all between you an idea.
龍之守護~春之花嫁 3.2.0
緣來就是你,我們結婚吧!龍之守護『春之花嫁』盛大改版!快牽起身邊的那個人,拿出戒指求婚吧!另有多隻超強魔寵全新駕到,再次突破ARPG新境界!【四大戰鬥職業 絕對殺無赦】以一擋百《狂戰士》、千里狙擊《獵魔手》、魔力制霸《魔導師》、火力突擊《槍砲師》、生存遊戲中你將扮演哪個角色,參加這場生死格鬥?【萬人PK生存格鬥 敢殺就來】360度無死角生存格鬥,唯有真正強者才能生存!隨時隨地想戰就戰,保證敵人無處可逃!【魔寵出擊 釋放你的戰鬥能量】百變魔寵進化出擊,最強夥伴合體上陣,地表最強熱血死鬥挑戰!【神聖之翼 無間戰場72變】成功生存10分鐘即可擁有神翼72變超進化助你成為最強戰神!【掛機直衝LV90 秒速稱王萬人斬】自動掛機練功X手動BOSS團戰,生存煉獄光速升級,霸氣痛斬一切牛鬼蛇神!想知道更多遊戲攻略請至官方粉絲團>> http://www.facebook.com/DGRTW
我的三國志-武神爭霸 2.1.2
《我的三國志》是myPlay1首款融合動作格鬥的3D策略手遊,以Q版超萌的形式呈現精彩三國故事,帶你穿越歷史,親身體驗群雄爭霸的時代!全新鬥將系統,享受稱霸群雄的快感老玩家回流拿千元大禮★全3D武將任你使喚,熱血PK沒有極限★超可愛3D模組打造三國武將,幽默逗趣,動作帥氣,令你愛不釋手。獨一無二的單挑模式,讓超萌武將同場較勁,施展酷炫的必殺技!★百種技能任你搭配,獨創最強陣法★遊戲具備多種武將技能,可依照技能屬性自由搭配,結合部隊的兵種特性,創造屬於自己的最強陣法。運用你的智慧和謀略,橫掃中原,一統天下!★將星雲集,百位名將等你搜集★【將星譜】有最齊全的三國武將,每位武將不僅有豐富的養成要素,也有各自專屬的天命,只要湊齊彼此有淵源的武將,還能聯手出擊,觸發額外的技能!★三國群星搞怪演出,顛覆歷史寫新章★超過上百場的經典戰役,主線劇情再加支線任務,誰說歷史不能改變?最特別的動作策略玩法,最華麗的英雄演出,最想不到的劇情發展,盡在《我的三國志》!WeChat ID拿好康享資訊:myplay1fun粉絲專頁:http://www.facebook.com/twmsg/巴哈姆特討論區:http://forum.gamer.com.tw/A.php?bsn=26151
龍之守護-決戰!世界之樹! 3.2.0
【公會攻城戰!!七大BOSS接受挑戰】公會等級2以上即可進入合戰挑戰!一週七天,每天挑戰皆不同!每天依照公會全體會員總合表現給與對應獎勵,並可在攻城戰商店兌換各項珍稀道具!【決戰!!世界之樹!!10vs10鬥塔戰場、挑戰你的操作極限!!】角色等級55以上即可參加!分為兩隊各進行對抗,打爆敵隊主堡獲得最後勝利!跟著我方的士兵推進吧!破壞敵方防禦塔、取得資源、馴服野怪來增強戰力!戰場不再只是單純的個人戰力比拼!團隊合作與戰術應用才是王道!【介面優化】公會榜介面,公會管理者線上優先顯示角色介面增加“公會祝福”圖示,未加入時為灰色每日開放戰場時間調整後期三張地圖野外BOSSBOSS資訊查詢介面調整擴大時空鑰匙的使用等級海天盛宴活動增加離開按鈕陣營運鏢活動增加氣運設定,每輪隨著刷新次數越多,出現橙色幾率越大【BUG修正】世界之樹場景,陣營任務自動尋路返回的時候,會開地圖裡面無法移動的問題混沌部落玩家– 在部落地圖裡進行任務的時候,將會在地圖裡會發生卡住的問題8級物防、魔防符石實際加成屬性與顯示不符的問題魔導師、槍炮師被動技能冷卻時間的錯誤顯示80級夢魘副本時間配置錯誤問題寵物技能【攻擊穿透(高級)】穿透實際效果與顯示不符問題★四大戰鬥職業 絕對殺無赦以一擋百《狂戰士》、千里狙擊《獵魔手》、魔力制霸《魔導師》、火力突擊《槍砲師》、生存遊戲中你將扮演哪個角色,參加這場全民生死格鬥?★萬人PK生存格鬥 敢殺就來360度無死角生存格鬥,唯有真正強者才能生存!隨時隨地想戰就戰,保證敵人無處可逃!★魔寵出擊 釋放你的戰鬥能量百變魔寵五階進化出擊,最強神魔寵物合體上陣,激發戰鬥熱血!★神聖之翼 無間戰場72變成功生存10分鐘即可擁有神翼72變超進化助你成為無雙戰神!★掛機直衝LV90 秒速稱王萬人斬自動掛機練功X手動BOSS團戰,暗黑煉獄光速升級,霸氣痛斬一切牛鬼蛇神!想知道更多遊戲攻略請至官方粉絲團>> http://www.facebook.com/DGRTW【系統建議】CPU:四核RAM:2G解析度:1280*800系統:Android 4.3以上[Guild siege !! sevenBOSS challenge]Guild Level 2 or more to enter the joint war challenge!Seven days a week, the challenges are different every day!Per day in accordance with the aggregate performance of all membersof the Association to give the corresponding reward, and the siegeof the exchange rare props store![Battle !! World Tree !! 10vs10 Doota battlefield, challengeyour operating limits !!]Character level 55 or more can participate!Divided into two teams to confront, the opposing team off the hookmain fort final victory!We followed the soldiers to promote it! Destroy enemy towers,access to resources, tame wild strange to enhance combatcapability!The battlefield is no longer simply a personal battle forceCompetition! Teamwork and tactical application is king![Interface optimization]Association standings interface, guild manager online displaypriorityIncreased role Interface "Association blessing" icon is gray, notaddedOpen daily battlefield time adjustmentLate three maps field BOSSBOSS information query interface adjustmentsExpand the use of temporal key levelHaitian feast increased activity left buttonTransport dart camp activities increased air transport set, witheach round more flushes, appears the greater the chance of anorange[BUG] CorrectionWorld Tree Scene, Side returns automatically find its way, willopen the map can not be moved inside a problemChaos Horde - Horde map task in the years when the problem occurswill be stuck in the mapDoes not match the problem eight anti-matter, the actual runesMofang addition attributes displayMagister, guns division passive cooldown error display80 Nightmare-time copies of configuration errorsPet skills [attack penetration (Advanced)] through the practicaleffect of the display does not match the problem★ four fighting career is definitely UnforgivenIn a block hundred "Berserker" Trinidad sniper "hunting magichand"Magic system of hegemony "Magister" fire assault "Gunsdivision,"Survival game you will play which role, to participate in thisreferendum Dead or Alive?★ people fighting to survive then kill PK cameA 360 degree fighting to survive, the only real strongsurvive!Anytime you want to fight the war to ensure the enemy nowhere tohide!★ pet magic attack to release your energy fightingVariety Magic pet fifth-order evolutionary attack,Strongest mythical pet fit into battle, fighting to stimulateblood!★ Sacred Wings seamless battlefield becomes 72Success has to survive 10 minutes Aerotwin72 changes help you become a super evolution unparalleled Ares!★ hang straight LV90 second speed kings million cutAutomatically hang up practice X manual BOSS battle group,Diablo purgatory upgrade the speed of light, domineering Tongzhanall monsters!Want to know more go to the Raiders game official fan group>> http://www.facebook.com/DGRTW[System RecommendationsCPU: Quad-CoreRAM: 2GResolution: 1280 * 800System: Android 4.3 above
英雄出任務(封測版) 1.0
英雄刪檔封測 冒險出發!【IMAX級3D冒險世界】360度全3D擬真場景,IMAX級炫燦戰鬥特效,讓你一秒置身奇幻冒險世界!【超爽快!一指秒殺我超強】大招連擊一指搞定,一秒瞬殺所有BOSS!一手掌握你的英雄冒險,站著玩、趴著玩、躺著玩,輕鬆玩超好玩!【超好玩!一人操控四英雄】英雄奧義多重連擊,打出猛爆級傷害!超過15000種英雄戰隊組合任你搭,打造最強英雄戰隊!【超KUSO!小新帶你新手上路】台灣大人氣聲優助陣!蠟筆小新、兩津勘吉多名卡漫人物配音,跟你一起出發冒險去!【時間就是金錢 首款VIP免費升級】小資男女最佳選擇! 登入送鑽遊戲時間免費升級VIP,讓你玩越多賺越多,享受冒險無負擔!更多遊戲資訊請詳粉絲專頁:https://www.facebook.com/herosmission
劍歌-仙寵翻身躍龍門 2.0.34
【打破爽度極限】躺著贏!白天掛機晚上戰鬥,24小時衝等無負擔,上班族掛機首選,輕鬆玩躺著都能贏!【打趴一切裝備】我最神!Lv70聖裝一出,誰與爭鋒!人人有功練,天天出頂裝,一代大俠就是你!【打架就是要人多】戰最猛!3對3組隊競技尬輸贏,鬥智鬥勇拼技術,戰友義氣組隊,橫掃群英稱霸天下!【打破時間限制】招最快!最短CD霹靂連招,combo連段無雙大絕!爽爽新手光速升級,暗黑煉獄衝等天堂!【打破AI操控】我最強!全天即時真人共鬥,擺脫制式電腦對戰,隨時對嗆落人PK,戰到敵人倒下為止!【打破地域限制】乘風飛!金光飛劍浪漫御風,騰雲駕霧上山下海,超越花千骨絕美仙翼,奇蹟變身,魅力戰力雙軌進化,比翼雙飛俠侶情長!【劍歌】新服活動:1. 連續登入14天 : 第二天就送月卡,大方邀請來體驗2. 戰鬥力升級 : 你玩遊戲我送獎勵3. 成長獎勵 : 你升級、我送禮,輕鬆升級拚第一4. 首儲獎勵 : 極品武器、各種好康,價值1500以上送給你最新遊戲與活動資訊請至粉絲專頁:https://www.facebook.com/twnsd註:遊戲支持語音交談,要求存取麥克風權限★ 本遊戲內容涉及暴力(武俠動作)、角色穿著突顯胸、臂服飾。★ 遊戲部份內容需另外支付費用。★ 請避免沉迷遊戲。[Break] limit the degreeof lying to win cool!Daytime hang fight night, 24 hours, etc. without the burden of red,white-collar workers preferred hang, easy to play lying canwin![Fight] lying equipped with everything my God!Lv70 Sanctuary one can rival! Everyone active practice, every day,the top-loading, generation of heroes is you![Dignitaries] fight is the most fierce battle!3 on 3 team athletics embarrassed winning or losing, battle of witsto fight technology, comrades loyalty team, swept the heroesdominate the world![Break] move the fastest time limit!Perak shortest CD combo, combo even large segments absolutelyunparalleled! Shuang Shuang novice upgrade the speed of light, redand other dark purgatory to heaven![Break] AI control my strongest!Instant live day were fighting to get rid of standard play againstthe computer, ready to choke off the people PK, fight to the enemyuntil the fall![Break] geographical restrictions wind fly!Jinguang Fei sword romantic Yufeng, clouds mountains to the sea,beyond the bone spend one thousand beautiful fairy wings miracleincarnations charm track the evolution of combat power, Crazy lovelong fly together![Sword Song] new service activities:1. Continuous Sign Day 14: The next day send monthly card, generousinvitation to experience2. combat upgrades: I sent you to play the game rewards3. Growth Bonus: you upgrade, I gifts, easy to upgrade the firstfight4. The first reservoir awards: the best weapons, all kinds ofgoodies, give you $ 15 or moreThe latest games and activity information to please fan page:https: //www.facebook.com/twnsdNote: The game supports voice chat request permission to access themicrophone★ This game content related to violence (martial arts action), tohighlight the role of wearing the chest, arm clothing.★ Games part of the contents at an extra charge.★ Avoid addicted to the game.
英雄出任務-戰爭世代 1.6.0
★公會衝突-皇室戰爭開打★公會大戰,鬥智鬥勇拼手速,攻下主堡,搶錢搶糧搶神器!為了公會的榮耀,我願付出一切…★跨服英雄內戰 強者稱霸天下★4 vs 4跨服對戰一觸即發,史上最強英雄戰隊即將誕生!王者限定,史詩級紅裝等你入手。強,就是要讓全遊戲的人都知道!★究極奧義!獸魂覺醒‧超進化★青龍‧白虎‧朱雀‧玄武四神降臨!通過神魔之塔的考驗,即可獲得來自東方六龍之力祝福,讓你體內的獸魂覺醒,力量獲得奇蹟般的爆發…★1500up英雄組合任你搭配★攻擊X控制X輔助X防禦,四大類型30多種英雄任你召喚。出團打王、PK競技,隨時變換最強戰隊,讓你秒速登上七騎士的光榮寶座!★人氣動漫角色聯合讚聲★兩津勘吉X小新帶你新手上路,全民冒險不孤單!台灣專業配音X日系繪師打造奇幻的魔獸冒險世界!★警告!狂暴世界BOSS來襲★英雄集合,全體挑戰不可能的任務!百人放招齊力抵抗Lv70劍魔 BOSS,守護世界人人有責!補尾刀重重有賞!★12vs12即時英雄對戰★大型部落衝突一觸即發!熱血PK競技,劍與魔法的對抗,鬥智鬥勇拼手速,搶奪暗黑世界最強地位,享受至尊無上的榮耀!★完美COMBO戰力100%UP★創新QTE刀塔戰鬥模式,完美連擊攻擊力馬上加倍!跳脫等級戰力框架,用COMBO決定你的戰鬥力,一秒逆轉戰局,展現拳皇連擊無敵威力!更多遊戲資訊請詳閱以下鏈結,歡迎您加入一起出任務粉絲專頁:https://www.facebook.com/herosmission★ guild conflict -Imperial War broke ★Guild Wars, a battle of wits to fight hand speed, take the mainfort, Qiangliang Robbers grab the artifact!To the glory of the Society, I would give anything ...★ strong cross-service heroes of civil war to dominate the world★4 vs 4 inter-service war imminent, the hero in the history of thestrongest team will soon be born! King Limited, epic red dresswaiting for you to start. Strong, is to make people know the wholegame!★ ultimate esoteric! Animal soul awakening ‧ super evolution★Dragon White Tiger ‧ ‧ ‧ Suzaku basaltic four gods coming! Tower ofSaviors pass the test, you can get the power from the East sixdragon blessing, let your body animal soul awakening miraculouspower to get the outbreak ...★ 1500up hero with any combination you ★Control X X X Auxiliary attack defense, any of the four types of 30kinds of heroes you call. The group to play the king, PK athletics,ready to transform the strongest teams, let you board the secondspeed of seven knights of the glorious throne!★ popular cartoon characters like the sound ★ UnitedKankichi ryotsu X with your new little novice, full of adventureare not alone! Taiwan's professional dubbing X Japanese paintingdivision to create a fantasy world of Warcraft adventure!★ Warning! World BOSS violent strikes ★Hero collection, all the impossible task! Qi recruit hundreds ofpeople put to resist Lv70 Jianmo BOSS, the guardian of the world iseveryone's responsibility! There are numerous tours end upknife!Instant Hero Battle ★ ★ 12vs12Large tribal conflicts imminent! Blood PK athletic, swords andmagic confrontation wits to fight hand speed, dark snatch theworld's strongest position, enjoying supreme supreme glory!★ perfect COMBO combat power 100% UP ★Innovative turret QTE battle mode, the perfect combo attackimmediately doubled! Ratings escape fighting force framework,determine your fighting with COMBO, one second reversal of the war,to show KOF batter invincible power!More game information please read the following link, you arewelcome to join together on a missionFan page: https: //www.facebook.com/herosmission
龍與精靈 Dragon & Elves 全新 2.0.3 大改版 「血族崛起」正式推出!1.全新職業『血族』登場,快來體驗化身吸血鬼的尊爵感吧!2.主城大翻新,『古堡』風格讓你夏日炎炎也感受到一股涼意。3.登入畫面翻新4.全新精靈、翅膀5.全新血族Boss除此之外,還有多樣小功能進行調整,讓您玩起來更順手,體會到不同於以往的暢快感!※myPlay1首款王道級動作變身遊戲,歷時2年黃金團隊打造,快踏上劍與魔法的共鬥之路!※誰敢瞧不起我們伺服器,就從世上消失吧!跨服32強,大家一起出來為尊嚴而戰!高解析全3D畫面專為外貌協會的您量身打造,全新技術突破手機效能極限,讓您在手機上首次感受到超越大型遊戲的快感!最新遊戲與活動資訊請至粉絲專頁:https://www.facebook.com/myplay1.dne改版特色:O熱血爆發,原型兵器傳說中的七騎士需要您的支援,5大職業,一秒變身,超強視覺體驗震撼登場,快點拿起手機再創奇蹟吧!O全新主城風格完全翻新為『城堡』主題的新主城無需門檻開放大家一起體驗!讓你徹底沉浸在西洋風的古堡中展開狂野歷險!O激爆搖搖樂一下透過消費藍鑽進行轉盤抽獎,抽獎可獲得各類指定道具,每次抽獎消費掉的藍鑽,會按照一定比例存進獎池內,玩家如轉到獎池,則可獲得獎池內所有的藍鑽獎勵。O轉吧!七彩元素塔元素塔每週將變換一次。包含冰霜塔、雷霆塔、暗毒塔、火焰塔,不同元素塔的怪物屬性配置不同。Dragon Wizard Dragon& Elves with a new major revision 2.0.3 "kinship rise," theofficial launch!1. new career "kinship" debut, Come and experience a sense ofMonarch incarnation of the vampire bar!2. Main City renovation, "castle" style so you can feel the heat ofsummer chill.3. The sign-in screen Refurbished4. The new wizard, wings5. The new kinship BossIn addition, there are diverse small adjustment function,allowing you to play together more smoothly, appreciate the senseof fun is different from the past!※ myPlay1 first kingly transfiguration class action game, whichlasted 2 years to build the team gold, were fighting soon embark onthe road of swords and magic! ※Who dares to look down on our servers, it will disappear fromthe earth! 32 inter-service, everyone out fight for the dignity!Designed for high-resolution full-screen 3D appearanceAssociation's your tailor, new technological breakthroughs phoneperformance limit, so you feel on your phone for the first timebeyond the big thrill of the game!The latest games and activity information to please fan page:https: //www.facebook.com/myplay1.dneRevision Features:O blood erupted, prototype weaponsThe legendary seven knights need your support, five occupations,one second incarnations, super visual experience shockingdebut,Come pick up the phone another miracle!O The new main city styleCompletely refurbished for the "castle" theme of the city withoutbarriers and opening new primary everyone to experience! Allow youto completely immersed in the castle expand Western wind wildadventure!O what shock explosion shook his musicDrilling conducted by Consumer blue turntable sweepstakes, lotteryget all kinds of props specified, each draw consumed Blue Diamond,will follow within a certain percentage of deposit into the prizepool, players such as go to the prize pool, will receive all of theBlue Diamond award in the prize pool .O turn right! Colorful tower elementElement Tower will transform once a week. Frost tower containsThunder tower, dark tower toxic, flame tower, tower of differentelements to configure different attribute monster.
坦克突擊隊 (雷霆封測)
※全新即時戰略手遊~鋼鐵雄獅,重裝上陣!※啟動陸地終極兵器,展開驚天動地的世界大戰!【遊戲特色】■經典坦克大集合,猛烈砲擊火力全開◎橫跨歐亞版圖的史詩級戰爭巨作,帶來最真實的戰鬥體驗!◎二次世界大戰完整收錄,美國、英國、德國、蘇聯經典坦克一次擁有!◎遊戲集結護送、佔領、殲滅與護城等任務關卡,玩法多變超耐玩!■陸戰精銳盡出,全面攻擊一觸即發◎首創「指劃操控」玩法,顛覆傳統戰略遊戲,戰術運用的終極考驗!◎同時指揮5輛坦克,自組最強部隊發動奇襲,關鍵時刻逆轉勝!◎坦克分為四種量級,搭載不同的攻擊技能,戰略部署的全新思維!■真人PK即刻反擊,怒火特攻隨時開戰◎唯一真人即時對戰,與好友切磋戰技,戰績排行榜同步公開!◎進入「突襲模式」掠奪敵軍的資源,建立牢不可破的防禦陣線!◎擺脫乏味無趣的掛機遊戲,享受緊張刺激的即時戰略遊戲!■次世代3D技術,臨場感絕對震撼◎採用3D Unity引擎,根據坦克真實比例精心打造裝甲部隊!◎還原經典戰役的戰場實景,鉅細靡遺,恍如置身二次世界大戰!◎超廣視角利於偵蒐敵方,任意縮放畫面,讓敵軍無所遁形!■掌握地形優勢,突破障礙克敵致勝◎全3D地形影響坦克的路線,甚至決定攻擊與防禦的布局!◎挑戰複合地形組成的關卡,發動雷霆萬鈞的閃電戰!◎跨越天然地勢,突破人造屏障,碾碎敵軍一路往前!■歷史經典戰役,聯盟交火大會戰◎與好友創建聯盟,協同盟軍並肩作戰,共享勝利的果實!◎遊戲重現庫斯克會戰、卡爾可夫戰役、烏曼戰役等經典戰役!◎坦克奔馳沙場,百人同場競技,再創戰爭新史頁!★預約登錄活動:https://goo.gl/oor85o即日起只要輸入手機號碼,即可於遊戲上市後獲得《預約禮包》(內100鑽石、5000石油、50體力),分享活動訊息再拿《分享禮包》(5個突襲卷)!凡是成功參加預約登錄的玩家,活動結束將會抽出一名幸運兒,贈送LEGO星際大戰克隆部隊渦輪坦克!【聯繫我們】官方網站:https://www.myplay1.com/tanks官方粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/TWTANKS
蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇-電視劇授權同名手遊:為愛而戰 1.2.9
全球破百萬下載,【蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇】原劇授權,原聲動畫貫穿引導,完美演繹蜀山世界!融入秒速連招&獨門絕技,創造痛快淋漓的打擊爽感,搭配真愛抱抱與結婚系統,滿足打王交心雙修享受!還有真人即時PK與國戰廝殺,給你極致戰鬥體驗!●愛的抱抱 我們結婚吧!寫真頭像一見鍾情,抱抱X結婚系統,讓你緣定蜀山浪漫雙修,真愛無敵支持多元成家!●最強陣營戰 聯盟稱霸江湖!策略聯盟獨佔先機,亦敵亦友攻其不備,各陣高手齊心共戰,萬人廝殺只為再創風雲!●特色人形寵 助戰闖天涯!寵物圖鑑按圖捕捉,擊殺BOSS碎片收集!蓋世六龍御天神獸,如花千骨的趙麗穎的人寵皆可還童培養,幻化成長強勢助戰!●霸氣凌空飛 絕技戰天下!御風飛劍獨攬全景,劍紋養成戰力加持!各職專屬獨門絕招!攻守技能變化萬千!●劇情動畫引導 輕鬆切換模式創新劇情動畫引導!4D電影效果身歷其劇,霹靂金光炫目耀眼!自動掃怪狂飆經驗,手動國戰激情廝殺!臥虎藏龍獨霸頂上!★更多精彩活動請詳官方粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/swrgame
聖騎士之歌SOK-英雄封測 1.0.1
★《聖騎士之歌SOK》封測啟動!下載送水晶人人當大爺★連招神技強勢登場,燃燒你的手動魂!本次myPlay1攜手九城遊戲金牌團隊歷時2年全力打造,帶來史上第一款有招式表的動作RPG,以Unity3D核心引擎展現極致畫質,真人捕捉骨骼動畫&連招組合營造出重量級打擊感,還有華麗羽翼與裝備殿堂滿足您的蒐集癮,除了百位高手即時對戰外更可參與跨服王國爭奪戰,帶給您暢快淋漓的戰鬥體驗!【聖騎士之歌遊戲特色】★首款有招式表的動作RPG打怪不靠無腦亂按,每種職業皆有專屬招式表,易學快速上手,發招絕對神手,再次燃燒你的六龍魂!★極致3A殿堂級畫質領先群雄UNITY 3D高解析度畫面與超強流暢感帶來絕佳視覺饗宴,過場畫面無縫接入遊戲,這是一款「玩」的動畫!★王城爭奪戰來場攻城掠地業界首度導入戰略遊戲概念,占地為王獲得滿滿資源,快點組織您的七騎士團,拿下皇室戰爭,參與國戰奪回你的真榮耀!★羽翼&裝備殿堂讓你化身英雄羨慕鋼鐵人的裝備嗎?專屬格納庫讓您將裝備如同展示品般擺設,華麗羽翼與你一起成長,即將燃燒你的小宇宙奇蹟!★最豐富玩法通通全開免等改版目前全球已突破百萬人暢玩,所有活動不保留通通上架!贈獎最大方,豐富度超越暗黑,我們在封測帶給您最豐富的玩法!Clash一下!注意事項:本次為刪檔封測,儲值之點數將於公測時以簡訊方式回贈予使用者,詳情請見活動公告,實際上市日期請密切注意官方粉絲團與事前登錄頁==官方資訊==《聖騎士之歌SOK》粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/myplay1.SOK/《聖騎士之歌SOK》填寫封測問卷送大獎:http://goo.gl/forms/7vVsOfrkwO==推薦系統==Android4.0以上CPU:雙核1.6RAM:2G及以上★ "Paladin Song SOK" betalaunch! Download Get crystal everyone when Grandpa ★Even strokes nirvana strong debut, burn your soul manually! Thegold medal game Ninetowns myPlay1 to join team took two years tobuild, there are moves to bring the history of the first tableaction RPG, in order to demonstrate the ultimate quality coreengine Unity3D, skeletal animation & live action capture evenmove combinations to create a heavyweight fight sense, there aregorgeous wings and halls equipped to meet your collectionaddiction, in addition to one hundred more outside experts canparticipate in real-time battle Kingdom of inter-service battle,bring you dripping fun fighting experience!The game features songs [Paladin]★ first moves have table action RPGDo not rely on Daguai no brain by chaos, each job moves have adedicated table,Learn to get started quickly, absolutely hair strokes the hand ofGod, again six dragons burn your soul!★ extreme 3A Chanticleer quality ahead of the packUNITY 3D high resolution graphics and super smooth feeling for bestvisual feast,Cutscenes seamless access to the game, this is a "play"animation!★ King City battle to conquer new territories fieldIndustry import strategy game for the first time the concept ofarea for the king to get full resources,Hurry organize your seven Knights won the royal war, participatingcountries battle to regain your true glory!★ wings & Equipment halls make you a hero avatarIron Man envy of devices? Exclusive hangar will allow you to equipas showpiece like furnishings,Gorgeous wings grow together with you, will burn your littleuniverse miracle!★ Free richest play all full revision, etc.The world has exceeded one million people Play, all the activitiesare not retained all the shelves!The maximum grant award party, richness beyond the dark, we bringyou the most abundant beta play! Clash Click!Precautions:The time for the closed beta testing, when the stored value of thepoints will be beta way back to the newsletter grant users,For more details, see the event announcements, in fact, the citydates please pay close attention to pre-registered with theofficial fan group page== == Official information"Paladin Song SOK" Fans: https://www.facebook.com/myplay1.SOK/"Paladin Song SOK" fill in the questionnaire sent to beta Awards:http: //goo.gl/forms/7vVsOfrkwO== == Recommended systemAndroid4.0 or moreCPU: Dual-core 1.6RAM: 2G and above
聖騎士之歌-首部曲騎士崛起 1.0.5
★《聖騎士之歌SOK》史上最猛連招手遊‧3A殿堂級享受邀您暢玩★連招神技強勢登場,本次myPlay1攜手九城遊戲金牌團隊歷時2年全力打造,帶來史上第一款有招式表的動作RPG,以Unity3D核心引擎展現極致畫質,真人捕捉骨骼動畫&連招組合營造出重量級打擊感,還有華麗羽翼與裝備殿堂滿足您的蒐集癮,除了百位真人即時對戰外更可參與跨服王國爭奪戰,帶給您暢快淋漓的戰鬥體驗!【聖騎士之歌遊戲特色】★首款有招式表的動作RPG打怪不靠無腦亂按,每種職業皆有專屬招式表,易學快速上手,發招絕對神手,再次燃燒你的手動魂,創造奇蹟!★極致3A殿堂級畫質領先群雄UNITY 3D高解析度畫面與超強流暢感帶來絕佳視覺饗宴,過場畫面無縫接入遊戲,這是一款「玩」的動畫!★王城爭奪戰來場攻城掠地業界首度導入戰略遊戲概念,占地為王獲得滿滿資源,快點組織您的七騎士團,打場皇室戰爭拿下王城,奪回你的真榮耀!★羽翼&裝備殿堂讓你化身英雄羨慕鋼鐵王者的裝備嗎?專屬格納庫讓您將裝備如同展示品般擺設,華麗羽翼與你一起成長,即將燃燒你的小宇宙!★最豐富玩法通通全開免等改版目前全球已突破百萬人暢玩,所有活動不保留通通上架!贈獎最大方,暗黑黎明只是序曲,這次上市帶給您最豐富的玩法!==官方資訊==《聖騎士之歌SOK》粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/myplay1.SOK/
Song of Knight - 3A Action RPG 1.0.9
Get ready, the true 3D epic mmorpg has come!We sincerely invite you to join this whole new Triple-A arpgjourney. Gear up, fight against the lord of terror "Lucifer", bringpeace back to middle-earth!Explore a vast and unique open world with stunning graphicsbuilt in Unity 3D! Mobile OLG will never be the same!You can become one of these mighty heroes among Warrior, Mage,Archer, and Assassin! Upgrade equipment and release the full powerof your skill! Clash with rivals in real-time PvP arena and becomethe King of PVP! Join our Crusade, fight epic bosses withallies!Evolutionary New-Level Engine- Feeling the stunning world with high quality graphics, physicssystem in real-time combat all powered by Unity 3D!Challenge to Huge Bosses with Friends- Assemble your team, fight against the evil by your combo skillswith just one tap!Power Boost, Start the Epic Battle- Become stronger in different ways! We provide endless equipmentenhancements system let you customize your armor to boost thecombat power!Real-Time Multiplayer PVP- Raid in real-time and enter the arena to against other heroescontrol by live players! Join the guild war and kingdom defence warto prove your strength!Community- Please visit our official Facebook page for latest news andannouncements!Official: https://www.facebook.com/myplay1.SOK**Song of Knight requires Android 4.0 with higher processors foroptimal gameplay. You will need a network connection to play.Thanks for playing!Get ready, the true 3Depic mmorpg has come! We sincerely invite you to join this wholenew Triple-A arpg journey. Gear up, fight against the lord ofterror "Lucifer", bring peace back to middle-earth!Explore a vast and unique open world with stunning graphicsbuilt in Unity 3D! Mobile OLG will never be the same!You can become one of these mighty heroes among Warrior, Mage,Archer, and Assassin! Upgrade equipment and release the full powerof your skill! Clash with rivals in real-time PvP arena and becomethe King of PVP! Join our Crusade, fight epic bosses withallies!Evolutionary New-Level Engine- Feeling the stunning world with high quality graphics, physicssystem in real-time combat all powered by Unity 3D!Challenge to Huge Bosses with Friends- Assemble your team, fight against the evil by your combo skillswith just one tap!Power Boost, Start the Epic Battle-! Become stronger in different ways We provide endless equipmentenhancements system let you customize your armor to boost thecombat power!Real-Time Multiplayer PVP- Raid in real-time and enter the arena to against other heroescontrol by live players Join the guild war and kingdom defence warto prove your strength!!Community- Please visit our official Facebook page for latest news andannouncements!Official: https://www.facebook.com/myplay1.SOK** Song of Knight requires Android 4.0 with higher processorsfor optimal gameplay. You will need a network connection toplay.Thanks for playing!
911騎士- 武器星進化 2.1.0
★舉起手機,呼叫911騎士★☆專屬你的騎士天團隨叫隨到☆911騎士來囉!能坦能補能輸出,打造最強騎士天團,寫下你的冒險神話!★武器星進化 今天的戰力沒有極限★☆神兵利器助你稱霸天下☆九星裝備超震撼登場,戰力進化再進化,舉起劍斬開一切阻礙!★騎士18變 一鍵變身超厲害★☆燃燒你的騎士魂,一起變身拯救世界☆一秒幻化變大變強變威猛!不同戰鬥場合隨時變身因應,戰力爽快100%UP!★360度無死角3D戰鬥冒險★☆這就是我的騎士道!☆全場景電影特效鏡頭,完整捕捉角色戰鬥動作,無限連擊COMBO超紓壓!★鬥智鬥勇拼手速 12 vs 12 巔峰對決★☆我要成為騎士王!☆大型團戰即時PK,終極之役一觸即發!全民開戰,把世界踩在你腳下★激戰!百人共鬪世界BOSS★☆一拳不能解決的,就再給他一拳!☆騎士無懼,王者無畏,百人放招齊力抵抗Lv70 BOSS,守護世界人人有責!補尾刀重重有賞!更多遊戲訊息請參考遊戲粉絲專頁:https://www.facebook.com/herosmission===依遊戲管理辦法,本遊戲為12歲輔導級,12歲以上之人始得使用。1. 本遊戲內容涉及暴力(武俠動作)、角色穿著突顯胸、臂服飾2. 遊戲部份內容需另外支付費用。3. 請避免沉迷遊戲。★ lift the phone, call911Knight ★☆ Exclusive your knight-day mission call ☆911 knight Hello! Tennant can supplement energy output, tocreatethe strongest knight-day mission, write your adventure myth!★ Weapon star evolution of today's combat power is nolimit★☆ magic weapon to help you dominate the world ☆Jiuxing equipment stunning debut, fighting force evolutionevolutionagain, raised his sword cut open all obstacles!★ knight becomes a key turned 18 super powerful ★☆ burn your soul knight, turned together to save the world ☆One second metamorphosis change into strong to mighty!Differentcombat situations at any time in response totransfiguration,combat power refreshing 100% UP!★ 360 degree no dead 3D combat adventure ★☆ This is my knighthood! ☆The whole scene movie special effects shots, capturing thecompleterole combat action, infinite combos COMBO SuperSoothing!★ wits to fight hand speed 12 vs 12 match-ups ★☆ I want to be king knight! ☆Large group fights instant PK, the ultimate battleimminent!Universal war, the world step on your feet★ battle! Dou hundred people total world BOSS ★☆ punch Bunengjiejue, just give him a punch! ☆Knight without fear, fearless king, put hundreds of people moveQiresistance Lv70 BOSS, the guardian of the world iseveryone'sresponsibility! There are numerous tours end upknife!For more information please refer game game fan page:https://www.facebook.com/herosmission===By game management approach, this game is 12 years oldparentalguidance, people over the age of 12 may only use.1. This game content related to violence (martial arts action),tohighlight the role of wearing the chest, arm clothing2. The game part of the contents at an extra charge.3. Avoid addicted to the game.
鬥陣殺 - 靈寵覺醒FIGHT 3.2.1
解放蘿莉-夏日海灘大作戰 1.0.3
歐尼醬們注意~請問有人是蘿莉控嗎?我們把所有最萌呆的星座娘都放入這款迷人的塔防遊戲裡了!「3D 塔防 + RPG 養成+星座神話」採用輕鬆奇幻卡通風格,結合頂尖美術表現,為您打造出一個唯美逼真的奇幻星空世界。佈陣操作簡潔明瞭,但在策略戰鬥、美術場景等將為您帶來滿滿 Hard-Core遊戲的體驗,只要輕鬆操作即可體驗到重度遊戲帶來的極致快感。並兼顧 RPG 遊戲玩家的喜好,不僅沿用了 RPG遊戲的養成系統,還增加了社交系統、PVP系統,給您完美的遊戲體驗。【遊戲特色】。賽璐璐風星座娘完美等比例3D化,讓你從此不再死守二次元!。獨家導入VR級720度視角,佈陣不設限,全新塔防模式快來體驗!。新式塔防與RPG玩法徹底融合,"內設"無限副本讓冒險永無止盡!。將引人入勝的劇情對話全數配音,讓蘿莉們的叫聲陪你玩吧!。開創以星靈為基礎的獨一無二玩法,保證滿足喜愛星座的您!。喜歡野戰嗎?超多地圖等你IN,BOSS登場讓對戰更加刺激!。塔防也能PVP?沒問題!最多8打8一起來爭奪新世紀蘿莉控之王!。魔法農場交友超輕鬆,邀請對方來喝茶聊天再也不當邊緣人!。星座之外更可以與陰陽師們一起跨越兩界挑戰平行宇宙的仙境傳說!應觀眾要求點歌,為您獻上蘿莉頌:蘿莉~蘿莉~大心!蘿莉~蘿莉~最高!超激萌,別長大,我愛蘿,我驕傲,我推倒,我痴故我在,下載找真愛!
Lost Kingdom-王者の降臨 1.0.5
【全新職業─邪靈巫師登場】體驗來自深淵的魔力小心! 黑暗的力量正在召喚你...──遊戲特色──【百大戰鬥BOSS任你挑戰】韓國進口原裝BOSS個個大有來頭,蓄勢待發等你來挑戰!前線戰況吃緊,就用號角召喚傭兵掩護你!【8人亂鬥打趴對手好舒壓】亂鬥中請勿打擾…1打7雙殺、三殺都不是問題!用奇蹟般的走位征服世界,寫下自己的榮耀傳說!【5vs5攻城對戰隨時開團】公會夥伴一同出擊,鬥智鬥勇拼戰力,搭配攻城車佈局全軍開戰,讓你的對手喊出GG!【4人共鬥神走位CARRY全場】出團下副本,一個走位hold住BOSS,CARRY全場94狂!全服玩家瘋狂爭相求團抱大腿!【1vs1巔峰競技勝者為王】來單挑吧!1vs1對戰有自信不會輸給任何人,招式接的好,打趴對手沒煩惱!輕鬆登上榮譽天堂榜!【究極戰鬥體驗無雙打擊快感】抓準時機,按下格擋鍵!反擊成功0秒CD大招放不完!戰鬥無限combo爽到手機都快抓不住啦!