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تحميل الفيديو من الفيسبوك 2.1.0
هل سبق و أن أعجبك فيديو على الفيسبوك وأردتتحميله إلى هاتفك؟الآن يمكنك تحميل فيديوهات الفيسبوك إلى هاتفك والاستمتاعبمشاهدتهاوقت ما تشاء.طريقة عمل البرنامج:1- قم بفتح الفيديو الذي تريد تحميله من موقع الفيسبوك2- ضع رابط الفيديو بالتطبيق3- اضغط على تنزيل الفيديو4- مبرووك عليك الفيديومميزات البرنامج:* تحميل الفيديو بطريقة سريعة* يمكن أيضا تحويل أي فيديو إلى مقطع صوتي mp3* مشاركة الفيديو مع أصدقائك على فيس بوك و واتساب share onfacebookor whatsapp* متوافق مع %99 من أجهزة أندرويد* يحتاج فقط مساحة صغيرةحمل البرنامج الان ولاتنسى تقيمنا ب خمس نجوم في حال أعجبكالمرجو أيضا مشاركة البرنامج مع أصدقائك في فيس بوك و واتساب* هذا البرنامج هو فقط مقلب للضحك مع أصدقائك ولا يوفر خدمةتحميلالفيديو من الفيسبوك*This app does not allow downloading from facebook or anyotherwebsite. It’s just a prank application for jokeswithfriends.just a prank app. for fun. not realHave you ever likedvideoon Facebook and want to download it to your phone?Now you can download Facebook videos to your phone andenjoywatching them whenever you like.Way the program works:1. Open the video you want to upload to Facebook site2. Put the video link application3. Click on Download video4. Mbrwok You videoThe program features:* Download videos in an expeditious manner* You can also convert any video to mp3 audio clip* Share the video with your friends on Facebook and WhatsAppshareon facebook or whatsapp* Compatible with 99% of Android devices* Needs only a small spaceDownload it now and do not forget to Takimna five-star ifyoulikePlease also share the program with friends on FacebookandWhatsApp* This program is the only mold to laugh with your friends anddoesnot provide download videos from Facebook Service* This app does not allow downloading from facebook or anyotherwebsite. It's just a prank application for jokeswithfriends.just a prank app. for fun. not real
Super Saiyan Camera Effects 407.342.23.2
Super saiyan, it’s time to show yourlasttransformation for the ultimate saiyan warrior.Welcome to the best photo editor app for saiyan warriors.Uniquedesign, Cool effects, friendly interface to make thiswonderfullsuper saiyan camera effects.Going super saiyan like goku with simple clicks!All you have to do is edit a picture. You can ether choose aphotofrom your own gallery or make a new one with the preintegratedcamera.Then you just add the desired effects to make the bestsaiyanwarrior style you want.When you finish you can save the photo in your device or shareitwith your friends on facebook, twitter or other network.Example of effects:Add photo effects, frames, filters and fun stickers!Choose from special effects: explosions, anime effects:kamehameha,laser beam.Enhance foto with face booth: emoji, meme troll, tattoo,dragonfire, anime, goku or vegita face.Arm with weapons: katana, sword, gun, baseball bat, shotgun,zombiechainsaw.Add comic stickers: BOOM, BOMB, LOL.Feature Super Saiyan Camera App:- Cool design- Friendly user interface- Take picture using camera or choose from gallery- Choose your favorite Super Saiyan hair and see thephotoeffects- Resizing & rotating for realistic (or unrealistic) look- Easy sharing on Facebook email (or save to camera roll)- Add-a-caption feature for Facebook postingWith Camera Effects you can booth boring picture intofunnypic.✔ Add special effects and photo filters!✔ Become your favorite super hero or comics andcartooncharacter✔ Photo booth effects: katana, kamehameha superpowers, guns,swords,emoji, meme, troll face, dragon, cartoon and anime✔ Modify, resize, rotate and adjust your image✔ Image adjustments: brightness, contrast, saturationandexposure;✔ Pro adjustments: RGB, HSV, pixelate, blur.✔ Share photos with your friends★★★★★ Please share & vote 5 star if you like! Thankyou★★★★★
Saiyan Warrior Goku Challenge 1.1
Help Goku warrior to achieve theultimatesaiyan evolution.Will you accept the challenge?Try it and see if you can reach the final legendary supersaiyantransformation.All you have to do is tapping the screen to increasegokupower.If you start slowing, you will lose energy and the evolutiontakethe opposite sense.This the most amazing game for DB fans.You can share your result with your friends in facebook orwhat’sapp.[Features]· Fun & Challenging Gaming Experiences· Unique Graphic Style and UI· Cool Effect with super skills· Many challengesEnjoy playing this game, and don't forget to rate us and giveusyour opinion about this game to make it more fine for allDBfans!
Goku Super Saiyan Survival Arc 2.0.1
Welcome to the universal survival arc. Wherethe the legendary super saiyan goku face the most powerfull villainfrom all the universe.He is back again. More powerfull and with a new super saiyanform.After saving the earth by defeating the dragon evil, our supersaiyan warrior face a new greet challenge.This time all the universe is in danger. Even the god ofdestruction can’t handle it.Your mission is to help goku to achieve her las transformation andsurpass the power of super saiyan 8 gods.Welcome to the best dragon warriors fighting game.This is the perfect app to pass your time and will never let youget bored. Moreover there are lots of challenges that come duringthe fighting gameplay.As you unlock items, you gain much more power to use specialattacks like the super Kamehameha, the kaioken or the spritbomb.The game begin with goku super saiyan god and you can transformyour warrior to be the ultimate super saiyan blue.As soon as you earn more credit you can use theme to buy more powerfor your fighter.For exemple buy more kaioken x20 levels or gain more aura for thesuper saiyan blue.Features:• A lot of challenges and stages• Unique Graphic Style and UI• Many challenges• Cool Effect with super skillsEnjoy playing this game, and don't forget to rate us and give usyour opinion about this game to make it more fine for all DBfans!