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Translate voice - Translator 283.0
📧 You can hold a conversation in any language , with the help ofvoice translator, translating different texts and use the button totalk application. 📚 Learn languages quickly and easily, speaks yourlanguage to translate from written or spoken in the language ofyour choice , more than 80 languages in text as Spanish English,French, German Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and 44 languagesspoken as those mentioned above and many others like Arabic,Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Indonesian, Turkishand Vietnamese. 📝 Also corrects spelling, word suggestion,preserves the history with your latest translations, share textsdirectly to IM , social networking, mail, search engine, notes andother applications you have installed. Talkao translate voice isable to translate voice into several language. you can use thevoice recognition system and listen your translation as well.Talkao translate voice has word suggestion and spelling correction,spanish and english dictionary. You can check all your translationsin search history, get synonyms using the dictionary. Share textand audios to other apps. 📱 Translate in voice - LanguageTranslator may contain advertising.
English - Spanish. Translator 74.0
🔊 Bilingual translator with voice recognition. You can translateusing your voice and listen the pronunciation easily. 📧 You canhave a conversation, with the help of voice translator, translatedifferent texts and use the button for the application to do thetalking. 📝 Also corrects spelling, word suggestion, preserveshistory with your latest translations, share texts directly toinstant messaging, social networking, mail, search, notes and otherapplications you have installed. This app has voice input and voiceoutput in english and spanish. it has too suggestion of words andspelling correction in order to translate your text properly. Onceyou have translated some text you can use the incorporated spanishand english dictionary. You can always check your previoustranslation in the search history and search for any translationyou made. Each translation can be share to other apps: You canshare text or audio of all your translations. 🔊 Fast and direct,speak or write in your language, and get a translation in text orvoice with good pronunciation. 📚 This translator can translate,English Spanish and the other way around. The best tool to learnlanguages. Learn Spanish easily and quickly or learn English withthe help of the synonyms dictionary. 📱 This application may containadvertising.
Translator - Fast and Easy 89.0
Language translator - Fast and Easy Fast access and immediatetranslation. Incredible translation tool. It has the essential tomake easy, fast, precise and accurate your translations. Open theapplication, enter your text, or use the microphone for the spokentext and the translation is ready to listen or share. 🔊 Languagetranslator can translate 41 languages 🔊 Translate voice featureworks with 19 languages 🔊 Easy to use, with big letters 🔊 Fastaccess and immediate translation 🔊 Takes up little space on yourdevice 🔊 Share your translations Speak and translate in alllanguages ​​of the world. Immediate and easily accessibletranslation. Learn languages ​​easily and communicate with everyonein the world. Share your translations directly with instantmessaging, notes, social networking, mail, search engine, or anyapplication you have installed on your device. This application cantranslate languages such as: Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Catalan,Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish,Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi,Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian,Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh. Language translator may containadvertising.
Camera Translator - Translate Picture Scanner PDF 221.0
Camera Translator - Translate Picture Scanner PDF Translate textfrom photos and documents in any format The most professionalcamera translator ever seen, it has no limits. It convertsvirtually any document, recognition of the camera is instantaneousand the conversion of documents to other formats is total.Compatible with formats in pdf, doc, png, jpg, and others. Cut outyour images or photos to translate just the desired text. It issimple, it is easy, it is intuitive, it is the best translator withcamera scanner that exists in the world. Take a photo to anydocument, restaurant menu, magazine or photo, and translate to anylanguage in the world. Translating physical or digital documents isno longer a problem, translating with camera is a reality. CameraTranslator - Translate Picture Scanner PDF, Features and generalfunctions: - Instantly translate texts through the camera -Compatible with over 80 languages - Recognize text documents withpdf, doc and other format - Recognize photos and images in png, jpgand others format - Easy to use and intuitive interface - Cut yourimages to translate only the desired text - Share texts or imagesfrom any application, browser or web. - Share your translations,text or audio, from the application - Customize your translator,with different wallpapers - Expand your long translations - Voiceand audio recognition in more than 40 languages - Double functionto share your translations, audio or text. - Unlimited translationhistory - History Search - Favorites in history and filters -Modify the order of translations performed - Resize the text fontIdeal for travel, tourism, or education, translate the rules ofyour hotel, or a menu of a restaurant, newspaper or magazine,Translator Camera Scanner can translate to any language in theworld, any document photograph: physical or digital . Convert yourdocuments into pdf, and translate to any language with the besttranslation engine, instant recognition of texts in all languages.It recognizes files and photographs of websites, instant messaging,notes and others. Learn languages ​​in the best way. An educationalapplication that will help you learn to write, read and pronouncelanguages ​​in an easy and intuitive way. Save your translationsand classify it by color, you can keep your translations ofdifferent languages, texts or words. Share photos directly outsidethe application, browse the web and translate texts and documentsdirectly. It recognizes all text formats and translates into morethan 80 languages, voice recognition and voice output in over 40languages, translation history with history search function, andcolor filter bookmarks. Multiple options like changing font size,backgrounds, clearing audios cache and many more. These are some ofthe languages ​​supported by Camera Translator - Translate PictureScanner PDF: Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Catalan, SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch,Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian,Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian,Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian,Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese andWelsh.