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Ever thought about listening to audiobooks stories?, well look nofurther, you can now listen to all your favorite audiobooks on yourmobile phone. With Talking Bookz you can access over 50,000audiobooks to transform your daily commute and turn the queue timeto learning time. You can listen to these audiobooks whileexercising, out walking, travelling or when you just want to relax.You can download the app to your Android for free and you also havethe ability to listen offline. This is a free audiobook app for useon your android phones.Talking Bookz is here to make it easy foryou to explore audiobooks like never before. You can easily learn anew language or why not listen to cool and amazing African storiesin audio or immerse yourself with one of our thousands ofinternational bestsellers. Talking Bookz is the number 1 audiobookstore in Africa, you can now enjoy the best african books inaudioTalking Bookz Features1. Access to over 50,000+ audiobooksplus numerous unique African content exclusive to us2. Booksdownloaded in your account will be yours forever3. Change listeningspeed as you wish4. Take notes while listening to your audiobookinapp5. Download top audiobooks to your device over wifi orcellular network6. Top African books in audio7. Download amazingstories and books in audio for your kidsAudio books are a greataddition to your eBooks. Read an eBook in the comfort of your homeand then continue on by listening to an audiobook while you’re onthe go. Enjoy audible stories and books on your commute, whiledoing chores, or at the gym. Talking Bookz is referred to as theaudible of Africa. We provide the best African books in audio whichwould open up African authors books to the whole world. We believeAfricans tell the best stories and what better way can you get intothe heart of Africa, if not from the books we write, well its evenmuch more easier with audio books. Pick today from over 50,000audio books for your library.