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SkoolBeep - School Parent App 3.0.2
SkoolBeep provides an easy and convenient way for schools tocommunicate directly with parents on their smartphones. It enablesseamless school-parent communication - anytime and anywhere.SkoolBeep's easy-to-use features will eliminate many of the timeconsuming communication tasks and reduce the school's workload.SkoolBeep helps to save on bulk SMS, printing & paper costs andmaintaining the school diary. It provides a very simple and secureway for the school to reach out to parents almost instantly.SkoolBeep promotes the timely sharing of information and enhancesthe relationship between schools and parents. The SkoolBeep app isavailable for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. The growingaspirations and expectations of the new age parents can be met ifthe school is able to adopt new technologies and connect withparents. In the long run, active involvement and engagement ofparents will transform them into the school's brand ambassadorsresulting in increased parent referrals, enhanced positive socialmedia visibility, sustained brand reputation and upsurge inadmissions & business growth. SkoolBeep provides a mechanism toshowcase the passion, commitment & dedication of schools andhighlight the results and achievements of their students and staffon a regular basis to parents. SkoolBeep (www.skoolbeep.com)provides a holistic way to exhibit the efforts of the school to theparents in a very simple and convenient manner. SkoolBeep - An Appbased communication platform – will integrates all the informationthat are scattered across school diary, paper based circulars, SMS& e-mail and also makes it possible to share various multimedia(audio/video/pictures), track the school bus, record attendance,notify events, publish report cards, announce holidays, setreminders, deliver newsletters (pdf& doc), send instant alertsand much more under a single mobile app. Highlights: - SchoolBranding and Parent referrals to increase admissions and businessgrowth - Share photos, audio & video of celebrations,activities and achievements - Digital platform with reduced paperconsumption - Broadcast newsletters (pdf & doc), messages,alerts to school/staff/class/groups - Real-time location trackingand trip status of school bus over smartphone - Academic Calendarto display holidays and events with customizable reminders - ‘ReadBy’ status available for every group message sent by school -Configurable 1-way and 2-way private communication between schooland parent - Attendance documentation and absence notification toparents over the smartphone - Lower communication workload andreduced budget for communication expenses - SMS bridging fornon-APP and offline users - Hassle free enrollment and dedicatedcustomer support - Access information on iPhone, iPad, AndroidDevices, Tablets and Desktops SkoolBeep is a school parentengagement app, which covers all communication requirements ofschools and parents. This schoolapp provides an easy and convenientway for schools to communicate with parents on their smartphones.The app enables school parent communication, engagement and timelysharing of information between schools and parents. This schoolparent communication app (also a teacher parent communication app)reduces the workload of schools and teachers. As a teacher parentapp, it enhances the relationship between schools, teachers andparents. This parent school app helps to save on bulk SMS, printing& paper costs. The mobile first communication platformeliminates the school diary. It can be used in preschools,montessori and K12 schools. This parent teacher app provides asimple way for the parent to reach out to both the teacher andschool. The SkoolBeep app is available for iOS (iPhone & iPad)and Android devices.