Taninty Game Studio Apps

Queen Bubble Kingdom 1.6
Queen Bubble Kingdom is a game about thebubblewhich is floating in underwater.The key features in this game are:1.50 amazing levels2.8 different obstacles.3.Different game play.4.Beautiful game design.5.Extraordinary characters.Achievement:Indie Prize Showcase 2014 Selection
Star Quiz 1.6
This is a kind of game to test yourknowledgeabout the famous person in a contextual practice usingpictures.Itis a guessing game which involve you to look at apicture with nospecific time period and hold up each figure inturn, then have toanswer the person's name.Practice activities can make the people more challengingandincrease their urge to know about many famous figures aroundtheworld.The game consists of 10 levels where in each level you willbegiven 20 figures and to clear each level you have toidentifyminimum of 10 figures in each level to pass through thelevels.Thiswill let you to know many famous people around theworld.
Agent Jal 1.2
Agent Jal is a 2D Side scrolling game.Thestory of the game is to retrieve the items from customs . Ithas 20mind blowing levels. Agent Jal is a center character in thisgame.There are more than 10 enemies in this game. As gameprogresses youcan upgrade to weapons and super coat.
Save The Infants 1.6
Save the Infants is a game in whichtheplayer's objective is to save monster infants from fallingintocircular saws. It's an iterative, endless game with thedifficultlyincreasing over time. You can even collect gems in ordertopurchase new monster infants and new attractive backgrounds.Areyou ready to face it up? Then download, play, and challengeyourfriends to beat your high score!
Fruit Sudoku 1.4
Fruit Sudoku is a Sudoku of elementsfilledwith fruits. The Key features in this game are:1.Numbers are replaced by colorful fruits.2.Attractive Game play3.Contains 100 exciting levels.4.The difficulty increases as level progresses.
Flappy Ganesha 1.3
Flappy Ganesha is an endless iterativegame.You need to collect the laddus and do not hit or fall off fromthesky. This is score based game. It has google leaderboard featuretocompete with your friends.
Build The Tower Cube 1.5
Its a game about building the tower usingthecube blocks. Can you able to create a world highest skyscraper.Areyou ready, then lets play and build it.
Amoeba Solitaire 1.0.6
Amoeba Solitaire is a board based Puzzlegame.The game is inspired from classic Marble Solitaire. Thegamemechanics has been tweaked based on fantasy style. The goal ofuseris to make amoeba and destroy all other amoeba usingSolitaireconcept.Game Features:1 It contains 100 levels2.Stylized themes and character.3. Four Chapters currently included4.Soft music to emphasise game feel and much more
Indian Cricket Premium League 1.19
Here comes the new 2D cricket sports game from Taninty Game Studio.The goal of the match is to chase the target score and complete theobjective in campaign. This game is inspired from IPL cricket.----------------------------------GameModes---------------------------------- You can play a friendlymatch for time pass or if you want a series like IPL PSL season youcan play the Indian Cricket Premium League tournament or if youlike to play mission style you can opt in for campaign. Thecampaign is a story mode of fiction story of Chennai Super Giantsin ICPL seasons. ----------------------------------BuyPlayers---------------------------------- Hey you can also buyiconic star players for your team from auction and win matcheffortlessly. ----------------------------------Upgrade andCustomise User ---------------------------------- The good news isyou not only play for your team but also for your own player. As aplayer you will be the captain of the any team you wish to play infriendly and tournament. You can also upgrade your batting andbowling skills and customise your batting and bowling style and youskin colour. ----------------------------------AdditionalFeatures---------------------------------- It has Over Tendifferent stadiums Like IPL, Available Teams are: 1. Chennai SuperGiants 2. Delhi Kings 3. Gujarat Warriors 4. Kolkata Tigers 5.Powerful Punjab 6. Mumbai Nations 7. Pune Knights 8. RajasthanRockers 9. Rising Hyderabad 10. Royal Kings Bangalore Apart fromthis, a two special team(Super India and World X1) is available tohave a complete luxury experience. More than 200 players You canpurchase batting and bowling card for achieving powerful shotseffortlessly and minimize the target. Energy cards are available intournament for refilling team energy You can also manage your teamsquad For every match you get rewards in form of virtual currencyand cards. You can track your game stats With In App purchase youcan purchase virtual currency and special cards.
Endless Loop Game 1.13
A new arcade endless loop game. By single tap you can navigatetheplayer through inner loop without getting hit by thewhitesegments. Game play gets faster and harder as score increases.Areyou ready. Collect stars to unlock special characters andthemes.There are many characters from a simple ball to the trendingfidgetspinner There are many attractive, colorful themes availableTheminimalist design and ambient sound gives a beautiful feel toyouGet high score and make yourself a good position inworldleaderboard. There are multiple challenges available in thisgame.Localised in Portuguese, German and Chinese
Sports Car Racer Merger | Merge Your Sports Cars is a game thatyoubuild up and merge your cars to race them across the streets.Buildup the greatest garage. Rise and shine your cars mergethem.Challenge game with many levels. Merge your race cars to winandcollect points, unlock many other cars