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Tanner Urgent Care 1.0098.b0098
For fast care on a walk-in basis, available days, evenings andweekends, Tanner Urgent Care provides treatment for minor medicalemergencies, including bug bites and stings, burns, colds and flu,cuts and lacerations, earaches, rashes, sore throats, sprains,upset stomachs, urinary tract infections and more. The officialTanner Urgent Care app provides current wait times, tap to call andturn-by-turn navigation for Tanner Health System’s urgent carefacilities in west Georgia and east Alabama. App features include:·View Tanner Urgent Care wait times, hours and locations· View yourlocation in relation to all Tanner Urgent Cares on an interactivemap· Tap to view any Tanner Urgent Care on an interactive map· Tapfor directions/navigation to any Tanner Urgent Care· Tap to callthe phone number for any Tanner Urgent Care· Receive specialnotifications and health reminders from Tanner Urgent Care· Find aprimary care physician or a specialist with Find a Doctor· Read thelatest Tanner News· Visit the Info Center to view Tanner Jobs,learn more about Tanner Urgent Care, learn more about how waittimes are determined, follow Tanner on social media and share thisapp with friends via e-mail. Visit www.TannerUrgentCare.org formore information about Tanner Urgent Care.
Menu It 0.0.10
Need help finding something healthy to eat? Just Menu It. TannerHealth System’s Get Healthy, Live Well app helps you find andchoose healthy food options fast. Whether you are dining out,shopping at the grocery store, searching for a new recipe orlooking for a local farmers market, Menu It will point out healthydishes on the menu and guide you in your food choices. Menu It alsoworks as your personal food and nutrition assistant. Simply createyour profile, enter your general stats such as your foodpreferences (vegan, vegetarian), your health conditions (diabetes,hypertension, kidney disease, weight loss, etc.) and Menu It: •Provides nutrition insights on your choices • Matches foods to yourdietary guidelines • Warns you about food item problems (i.e. toomuch potassium) Menu It keeps you up-to-date with the latest healthand nutrition news, tips, events and activities from health expertsat Tanner Health System. Carry your favorite recipes, meal plans,shopping lists and more wherever you go. Not sure what’s good foryou to eat? Menu It to find out what’s healthy.