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RagePad - Rant Journal 1.7.5
Welcome to the RagePad, the first personal journal that let's youindulge your anger!Features:- Rant every day about what angered youthe most.- Your previous rants easily grouped by tag and month:have a laugh at your past self.- Get statistics about your longestranting streaks and most active months.- Keep your motivation upwith a daily angry quote.- Get five random rants from strangersevery day.- Log in with your Google or Facebook account to keepyour rants backed up in the cloud and synchronized across all yourdevices.- Tablet interface- (Coming soon) export your rants into adigital or physical booklet.*****Ads are enabled by default, butcan be freely removed.Please consider supporting us!*****
Zest - Best Gratitude Journal for Android 1.7.5
Welcome to Zest, a feature rich gratitude journal to appreciate thelittle moments and increase your well being.Features:- Runsanywhere: Android, iOS, Browser (http://zest.tapabit.com)-Beautiful and clean user interface.- List what you are thankful forevery day.- Add a picture to remember the day.- Entries are groupedby tag and month so you can easily reminisce your past moments.-Get statistics about your longest streaks and most active months.-Keep your motivation up with a daily quote.- Get five randommoments from strangers every day.- Log in with your Google orFacebook account to keep your moments backed up in the cloud andsynchronized across all your devices.- Tablet interface.- (Comingsoon) export your moments into a digital or physicalbooklet.*****Ads are enabled by default, but can be freelyremoved.Please consider supporting us!*****