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Flappy Crush 2.63.2
Tarek Mongy
The game is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and crush anybirds trying to flap through! Features: ◘ Unlock awesome power upsand unleash them on the birds! ◘ Unlock powerful Pipes with amazingbonuses! ◘ Earn Bone Bucks every turn you play and spend them inthe Shop! ◘ Customize the birds with lots of hilarious unlockablecostumes! ◘ Unlock 5 different Game Modes! ◘ Same screen 2 PlayerMode! ◘ Can be played offline! No Wifi or Internet connectionrequired! ◘ Cloud save means you can pick up where you left off ona new device! WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! Lots of pixelgore inside! (With an option to switch off the blood to make itless gory)
Stars Savior 1.57
Tarek Mongy
"Stars Savior is a very solid and accessible gameplayexperience.... and the challenge of Stars Savior‘s gameplay is whatmakes it appealing." - 148Apps.com"Stars Savior is a whole lot offun with some beautiful audio-visual elements and a fairly originalconcept. I’ll definitely be hooked on this one for a while so besure to join in the fun and see what the fuss is about!" -appPicker.com In a perfectly ordinary Galaxy the Stars suddenlystopped shining and the whole Galaxy was in jeopardy. Inhabitantsof your home planet, Gravitania, have the technology to restart thedying Stars and have sent you to save them! You are "GraviTony" theGravitanian, and you can control Gravity. Use your powers and thegravity of planets and asteroids to fly through the Galaxy and saveall the Stars before they die and explode! The fate of the Galaxyis in your hands! FEATURES • Simple "one-touch" controls. Easy toplay but hard to master! • Advanced physics that simulate realisticplanetary gravity! • Complete objectives to upgrade your Space Shipand increase your score multiplier! • Wormhole across the Galaxy toreach new Stars! • Semi-randomly generated levels for endlessreplayability! • Unlock Google Play achievements and climb theleaderboards!
Kuji Kiri: Ninja Trials 1.01
Tarek Mongy
Find out if you have what it takes to survive in the ultimate testof a true Ninja Warrior. Pass 9 trials and unveil the ancient NinjaWisdom of Kuji Kiri, one epic battle at a time. Your mission:Survive 3 minutes… If you can! Unlocking each Mantra transports theNinja Warrior deeper into his own mind, where ultimately the truebattle lies. Take a deep breath and remember, “The best warrior isnever angry” - Lao Tzu WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted! No Wifior Internet connection needed to play.