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World Explorer 360 Tour Guide 2.5.2
*** SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER *** 'World Explorer'is an incredible tour guide. Wherever you travel, this amazing appwill spot the best places to visit, in the blink of an eye!With over 350 000 articles (rated 0-5 stars), it's just likehaving a universal travel guide always in your pocket. You willdiscover places, monuments and museums everywhere, even next toyour home! Just select any of them to open the article on Wikipediawith pictures and detailed explanations.You can also use 'World Explorer 360 Tour Guide' to prepare atrip wherever you go: each location is rated and can be easilylocalized on a map."World Explorer 360 Tour Guide" is incredible everywhere in theworld. Want a travel guide for USA? "World Explorer 360 Tour Guide"will guide you in all US states, from Texas to Florida, Illinois orOhio. Get lost in a US city: from New York to Los Angeles byChicago, Washington or Houston, just ask to your universal travelguide ! You live in UK, Scotland or Ireland? Discover London,Birmingham, Dublin or Leeds like never before! Any travel toCanada? Just ask your worldwide travel guide for more info aboutToronto, Montréal, Calgary or Ottawa! The same in Australia, shouldyou be in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane! A travel to Europe ? FromParis in France to Roma in Italia, or Madrid in Spain, no monumentwill have any more secrets for you!Features:+ Over 350 000 rated points of interest to discover inEnglish,+ Geolocation for instant info on what's nearby,+ Convenient search for almost everything in the World,+ Units: miles and kilometers,+ ... and much more to discover!On the whole planet: America, Africa, Asia (China orThailand...), from north to south, "World Explorer - Travel Guide"is the ultimate travel guide!Guide optimized for your phone and TABLET: Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4,Ace, Tab 2, HTC M7, One, Desire, Sony Xperia, Nexus 4 and 7, LG...
OneClickName - Domain names 1.0.2
Need a great name for a company, a brand, a website, a product?With our app, find the perfect domain name! Our marketplacecontains thousands of premium domains for sale. Each domain isdescribed with categories and keywords and illustrated with a coollogo. Most of them are likely to become trademarks because they arevery distinctive. Search for good ideas with our creativegenerator. With our service, it is no more necessary to check if adomain is available for registration. Just find and buy the bestdomain name you would like to register for your startup! We willtransfer it to your registrar in a few days. Get now the catchydomain that will boost your business on internet! Feel free tocontact us if you need help.
CamToPlan 3.2.9
Measure distances, surfaces and draw your plans in secondswithCamToPlan! Horizontally and vertically! Export your data in PNGorDXF and manage your folders! CamToPlan is revolutionary thankstoaugmented reality, the tape measure is held on your screen as ifitwere real, in 3D! You can take measurements using the video onyourdevice effortlessly: baseboards, walls, furnituredimensions,carpet ... There is no need to kneel on the ground totakemeasurements. Even simpler than a ruler or a laserrangefinder!CamToPlan instantly calculates the area (in squaremeters or squarefeet) and draws the plan of the room with allmeasured dimensions.One click is all it takes to share that plan byemail, message oron social media. Discover this innovative app,essential for allprofessionals, such as architects and decorators,as well as thehandyman. Please note: - You can select Metric orImperial units -CamToPlan measures distances horizontally (= on theground) andvertically! - There is no need to remove the furniturefrom theroom for measurements. The application automaticallydetermines thepoint of intersection between the floor and thetarget point, evenif it is behind a piece of furniture. - In goodconditions = goodlighting, textured (non-uniform) floor, lack ofreflection on thefloor. The app analyses the images of the videoand relies onvisual details identified automatically on theseimages. Theapplication may have difficulty with some types of floortiles. Theaccuracy is not guaranteed. - You can safely move whiletakingmeasurements to get closer to your target point, formaximumprecision, even if this point is hidden and calculatedbyextrapolation. Terms ofuse:http://misc.tasmanic.com/camtoplanpolicy.html Privacypolicy:http://misc.tasmanic.com/androidctpprivacypolicy.html
CamToPlan - AR measurement / tape measure 3.3.4
Measure anything with CamToPlan! Horizontally andvertically!Length, distance, area of any surface… Measureeverything with thisvirtual ruler and tape measure thanks toaugmented reality andARCore. Measuring a length is now easier thanwith a laser meter orany other measure tool. You draw yourmeasurement lines in 3Dthanks to the camera directly on the videoof your phone or tablet.You export your plans in PNG or DXF.CamToPlan is the AR measuringapp that brings your measures fromcam…to…plan ! For personal orprofessional use, always measure likea pro. Thanks to VirtualReality (VR), you can measure floors,dimensions of walls, windows,doors or a whole home in a fewseconds. No more tape measure orruler needed! This app has infiniteapplications for everybody: -Personal use: the length measure appfor the handyman who loves DIY! - Real estate professionals (realestate agent, interior designdecorator or designer, architect,topographer, energy adviser...):this app will help you make afloorplan of a house, apartment, aspecific room of a flat. -Construction workers can use it toquickly measure jobs : concreter,tile layer, carpet fitter,painter, drywall guy, plasterer, builder,carpenter, electrician,plumber, slater... - For gardener,landscaper, swimming poolbuilders and maintenance, digger,earth-moving, navvy: this appalso works outside - Cost estimationprofessionals: this lengthmeasure app can make pricing estimates,it will be a greatassistant for quantity surveyor, price studiestechnician,economist… - Building industry: foreman, site manager orengineercan drop their tape measure and ruler to perform aquickmeasurement check How does this measuring app work? It reliesonARCore by Google. Machine learning algorithms combine thedevicesensors data (accelerometer, gyroscope…) with odometrywhichanalyses in real time the video of the camera and relies onvisualdetails of images, in order to scan the environment and findtheposition and rotation angle of the device. Please note: - youcanmeasure in metric (meters, centimeters) or imperial units(feet,inches) - the app measures distances horizontally (= on theground)and vertically! - no need to remove the furniture from theroom formeasurements. The application determines the intersectionbetweenthe floor and the target, even if it is hidden. - Theapplicationmay have difficulty with some types of tiles. Theaccuracy is notguaranteed. - you can move while performingmeasurements to getcloser to your target point, for maximumprecision, even if it isnot visible and calculated byextrapolation. Terms ofuse:http://misc.tasmanic.com/camtoplanpolicy.html Privacypolicy:http://misc.tasmanic.com/androidctpprivacypolicy.html