Tatsuki Apps

Inflation RPG 1.6.6
You can increase your levels to over 100LV from just 1 battle! Anexciting game of steady progression. Go for the highest levelswithin a limited number of battles! - Game description A game wherethe goal is to raise your levels within a limited number ofbattles. - Field A vast field! On the field there are appropriatelevels and bonuses helpful for getting through battles. Try toprogress through the game efficiently! - Status When your levelsrise, divide your status up among characters and efficiently defeatthe enemies! - Battle Ultra exhilarating high speed battle! Aplayer can unleash multiple attacks and critical hits according tohis status. - An abundance of equipment items Level up efficientlywith a variety of ultra powerful equipment!
Tower of Hero 1.8.4
Fill dungeons with over 100 heroes! An exhilarating game where youcan fill dungeons with vast armies of heroes and attack the enemymonsters. ○Game description •Fill dungeons with heroes and attackmonsters with your vast army! •Destroy monsters with ease withpowerful gear! •Numerous abilities! •Immense tower dungeons!
Cookie Breaker!!! 1.8.0
Cookie Breaker!!! Is an exhilarating game where you demolishcookies with heavy fire power. Genuine! Includes a rich variety ofelements for challenging gameplay.It's an addictive realistic gamefor people who can't help but want to demolish cookies for somereason, like they made too many of them.
level gauge 2.2.0
This is a simple design level that appeals to the gut. It canaccurately measure the slope of a variety. Features level ・ measurethe slope of a variety ・ Smooth movement ・ Function of calibrationand hold ・ Simple design that you can use easily If you realizethat Plain Level is more marvelous than the other level, please puta high value on it.