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Wedding Cakes Ideas 1.0
As you're getting ready for your specialwedding day, you may think "We need a special cake for your specialday!"This application is just for you!"Wedding Cakes Ideas" contains over two hundred different cakedesigns, designed to help you choose a cake you want for yourwedding.Maybe you're looking for an elegant wedding cake? Or perhaps awedding cake with a humorous twist?Are you looking for unique wedding cake designs or maybetraditional or luxurious ones are more suitable for you?Ask your baker to combine multiple designs to give the cake uniquedetails for your special day.
Cupcake Decorating Ideas 1.0.1
This application has over a hundred of cupcake decorating ideaspictures which will give you various ideas for toppings, differentstyles, even ideas for ingredients for your next batch of deliciouscupcakes!Cupcakes can be used for many different occasions, such asweddings, Valentine's day, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Easter,Mother's day, Father's and for other festivities.Cupcakes areperfect tiny cakes to share with your loved ones, family andfriends.Logo photo taken by Eva Blue.