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Colourfall 1.5
Taylor Ferran
This simple, fast paced addictive arcade game is easy to learnbuthard to master. You must guide through the platforms by tiltingthedevice left and right and fall as far as you can. The aim? Toscoreas many points as possible by surviving for as long as you cantotry and get your name on to the global leaderboards. This funandchallenging action packed falldown game has the player tiltingtheball to try and achieve the goal of being the best player todropdown through this maze of colours. Features: - Fast andhardgameplay -With simple and easy to learn controls - Fullyfunctionalglobal leaderboards (just need internet connection toupload yourscore after a run) -Upbeat music -Zero adverts or in apppurchases,game is completely non-profit Music: "8 Bit Soar!" byHeatleyBrosiTunes :https://goo.gl/M3b16f Spotify:https://goo.gl/5SbVukLicense:goo.gl/jadB5E Twitter:https://goo.gl/fKqyrj Facebook:https://goo.gl/PrsTvS By TaylorFerran
Stranger Pinball 1.9
Taylor Ferran
Do you think you can be the one to top it's high score? Thistiltinducing challenging arcade game will have you excited and funfromthe start to the end. With 8-bit classic music to go along withitand a fierce challenge of reaching the top of the leaderboard,willyou be able to do it? The nostalgia of pinball in a dustyarcadefrom long ago will be brought back to you on this pinballtable,with just a tap of the finger this modern classic of retromachinesblast you into a world of fun.