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SWAT Counter Terrorist Army 3D
Are you going to become the snipermaster?One of the most addictive shooting games on android! You will loveit!This shooting game is 100% free! Addictive Gameplay!You will love extremely challenging shooting game!SWAT Counter Terrorist Army 3D the best game in category actionsniper 3d shooting games 2015!Now is future in fight the sniper shooting, simulator 3d snipershooting and kill. Fight to survive in War battlefield and executea duty to the country! Commando, the survive army sniper us 3Dkiller take out a dead of target by a sniper kill shooter. He'skiller sniper 3d shooting sharpened the most at that all time.Contra straik 3d isAmerican us sniper simulator in future city crime you are a 3dsniper the assassin which must complete the mission impossible inthe crime of city! Sawing criminal case and find a killer! Armycommando sniper, is 3d sniper shooter is best frontline survivalcommando in us army sniper which have super heroes skills to killone shot.You are private Ryan Jhonse which is sent on many differentmissions to prevent world destruction.Features:- A huge array of weapons and equipment to use on thebattlefield.- Many different levels- Upgrade your skills in the Lab to increase your combateffectiveness.- Awesome and stunning graphicsDo not enter into of sniper with the enemy, simple destroy them usarmy powerful counter strike by elite dangerous army. Destroy yourtarget military soldiers and contract with assassin sniper 3d. You,as an elite assassin sniper and revenge of us army americansoldier, a real the steel sniper killer are the last line ofdefense of tower city of crime against the terrorists.When the whole world war consumed crime in captain, 3d snipershooting, frontline real enemy tanks and steel guns. Mission todestroy crime in the future, and kill crime mafia, and investigatescriminal case! The future in crime of simulator, deadly snipershot, use assassin sniper 3d rifle, real target. The us army sniper3d is now in the armed with real sniper guns steel gun and shoot into kill, protect justice. Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting isassassination sneak , contract of sniper a grand thief or ninjagive a fatal blow from behind the sniper 3d shooting target! Becomea us army sniper 3d in the battlefield. Now is future crime fightthe sniper shooting, simulator 3d sniper shoot in to kill, escapegames to survive army commando, us sniper 3d on this crimeDuty Army Sniper 3d shooting is very bloody and merciless but youduty strike to the end this epic war.Grab your sniper rifle and head back out for another round ofmissions.As a professional sniper you need to complete more missions to thebest of your ability!
Counter Alpha Terrorist Army
Our world has been under attack by ISISterrorists. Come with call of country where you are a competentSWAT & sniper army. You are assigned a dangerous assaultmission to blast away the gang of ISIS terrorists withanti-terrorist war guns, steamy explosives, under cover agents,marines, sharp shooters and specialized military snipers at theenemy’s frontier. In every mission, you have to dare step into theenemy’s homeland, kill all the soldiers, destroy their arsenal andclear the territory. It takes real brave to cross the frontier tostep into the enemy's territory for fulfilling the mission assignedto assassin all commandos. The target is near to impossible but notfor a professional army shooter. Muster up your courage, peak yourbravery, shooter have to be a frontline commander, aim all thesoldiers and kill them for the sake of saving the world. Keep outworld at war! Don't let the world sink in the dark as World WARII.Top Game Features√ Perfect game control. Easy to make head shots.√ Complex situation, hijacked buildings, captured arenas and crossfiring√ Critical CS mission√ Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage√ Different auto loader Guns√ True to ww2 environment.√ Amazing 3D Graphics√ Exciting Map with Realistic Fighting Arena Environment√ Best Shooting CS Game√ Easy & User Friendly InterfaceHow to Play√ Touch and Move to aim your enemy√ Use your anti-terrorist guns to fire your first gunshot√ After your first person shooting, your enemy will start firingtoo√ Shoot terrorist with fire button√ Aim the laser dot for a head shot accuracy before your enemy runaway√ Be careful about the close encounters
Đồ dùng cho Mẹ và Bé 1.0
Ứng dụng miễn phí "Đồ dùng cho Mẹ và Bé" giúp các ông bố/ bà mẹchuẩn bị các đồ dùng cần thiêt khi sinh em bé và chăm sóc em bé.Ứng dụng dành cho các bố/ mẹ chuẩn bị chào đón em bé và chăm sóc embé hàng ngày. Các chức năng trong ứng dụng:- Liệt kê sẵn danh sáchcác đồ dùng cần thiết - Thêm mới đồ dùng của bạn - Chỉnh sửa cácmón đồ - Xóa các món đồ- Đánh dấu món đồ đã chuẩn bị xong (sẽ khôngnhắc nhở nữa) - Nhắc nhở chuẩn bị đồ vào 9h sáng hàng ngày (có thểcấu hình thời gian) - Chia sẻ với bạn bè qua Facebook- Khôi phục dữliệu về ban đầu (lúc cài ứng dụng) Ứng dụng được thiết kế với giaodiện hiện đại, tương tác đơn giản nhất để tiện lợi trong lúc đi muađồ hoặc trong quá trình sử dụng hàng ngày. Lưu ý: - Các món đồ mặcđịnh được tổng hợp từ chia sẻ của các mẹ đã có kinh nghiệm- Bạn cóthể tự bổ sung đồ dùng nếu cần thiết Chúng tôi rất mong nhận đượcnhững ý kiến đóng của các bạn để ứng dụng "Đồ dùng cho Mẹ và Bé"được hoàn thiện hơn. Vui lòng gửi đóng góp về email:[email protected] hoặc website: phuongphaphieuqua.comChúc bố mẹ mạnh khỏe, bé hay ăn chóng lớn!Free apps "Accessoriesfor Mother and Baby" helps fathers / mothers prepare the necessaryutensils when baby and baby care.Applications for the father /mother preparing to welcome the baby and daily baby care.Thefunctions of the application:- List available a list of necessarysupplies- Add new items to your- Edit items- Remove items- Markitems were prepared (will not be prompted again)- Remind preparingto 9am daily (configurable time)- Share with friends via Facebook-Restore the original data (when installed applications)The app isdesigned with a modern interface, simple interactions whileconvenient to go shopping or during everyday use.Note:- The defaultitems are aggregated from the share of mothers have experienced-You can order additional supplies if neededWe are looking forwardto receiving your comments to the application "Accessories forMother and Baby" is excellent. Please send contributions on email:[email protected] or website: phuongphaphieuqua.comHappyhealthy parents, child or eating large fast!
Open Case Simulator Ultimate 1.1.1
Open some of the most weapon and knife skins in this brand newapp.The game is a simulator and joke, so all weapon which you havewon here, can not be used in CS.Features:• Jackpot• Ranks• Profile•Stats• Item prices• Item quality/StatTrak™• All cases andsouvenirs• Trade up Contracts