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Superfrog HD 1.00
Superfrog HD is an update of the classicside-scrolling, platformer, reimagined with enhanced HD cartoonstyle graphics & fun gameplay.In 1993 the world witnessed the birth of a new type of superhero. Now, twenty years later, Superfrog is back!In the greatest traditions of fairy tales our story sees ahandsome prince turned into a slimy frog by an evil and jealouswitch… who, in turn, kidnaps the prince's bride to be and heads forthe hills. Our little green friend happens upon a mystery potion(wow, how lucky was that?). Chugging on the vial, the frog princeis bestowed with amazing powers.Determined to defeat the witch our hero sets out on an adventurethat, with your help, will lead him to his true love.You must explore and traverse 24 finely crafted levels andadditional boss levels across 6 differently-themed worlds. The goalof each level is to collect a set number of coins, and then reachthe exit. The ultimate aim, as ever, is to save the day, beat thewitch and get the girl.The game is an updated version of the classic side-scrolling, 2Dplatformer. Superfrog HD has been re-imagined with enhanced highdefinition cartoon style graphics. Gameplay has been made fairer,but for those who like a challenge the original maps are in thereto unlock as well!Features:• Enhanced HD graphics• 24 new levels based on the original designs• 6 differently themed worlds• Classic arcade platform gameplay• Frog Trials – Endless Runner mode
Penarium 1.0
Penarium is set in a sinister circus arena, where contestants, muchlike Gladiators of old, are forced to entertain a sadistic crowd.In this frantic 2D arena arcade game, you take on the role of ourquirky antihero Willy who, to survive, is forced to run, jump andavoid an array of killer death-traps. Succeed and Willy will becomethe Champion of Penarium. Fail and he will die in a most horrendousway, much to the delight of the baying crowd.
Sheltered 1.0
Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic disaster management game thatgivesa whole new meaning to the term “nuclear family”. Givenahead-start over the billions lost in a nuclear holocaust, youmustgather as many supplies as possible en route to theconcreteunderground shelter that will soon become your family homefor theforeseeable dire future. As the overwhelming despair of thisnewworld surrounds you, how will you survive? Your approach tothecountless moral choices you’ll be faced with on a dailybasis,could be the difference between the lives of your family ortheirunfortunate end. Resources are scarce though, with barelyenough tocling desperately to life for another day you’re alreadyfaced witha monumental choice. Who will you send to venture outinto the vastunforgiving wasteland? Whilst exploration is atraumaticexperience, the weapons you can craft from resources couldtip thescales of life or death in your favour. Assaults from feralbeastsand roaming factions are endlessly closing in, imminent anddeadlyrisks surround you. ‘Violence is never the answer’… Maybe youoncebelieved that, but combat may now be your only option forsurvival.As you and your family grow and progress, so do theirskills,attributes and weaknesses. Ensure that they’re well equippedas youstrategize, securing victory against those who threatenthesurvival of your family in tense turn based combat.
The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout 1.10.681181
Get ready for another new prison update, as U.S.S. Anomalybustsinto Pocket Breakout! The Escapists 2 is a hilariouslythrilling,sandbox strategy experience that issues the not-so-simplechallengeof escaping from prison. Create your own con with hundredsofcustomisation options, go it alone or conspire with up to 3 ofyourfriends to create the ultimate escape with localmultiplayer!Download The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout today…Itwould be a crimenot to! Key Features: Addictive prison simulationgame with all newfeatures! 13 handpicked prisons filled with indiesandbox madness!Buy, barter and beat your way to acquiring themuch-needed items tocreate dozens of crafting combinations to aidyour escape! Blend into bust out, prison life is filled withroutine, make sure youattend role call, clock in for you job andremain under the radar.You’ve got time, so spend it well! Trainyour mind at the libraryand your body at the gym to give you thebrains and brawn tobreakout! With the revamped combat system,you’ll be chaining andblocking attacks to deliver an epic breakoutbeatdown. Put thecraft in crafty! Traverse through prison life,forge friendships,pull the wool over guard’s the eyes or out-rightbribe them!
The Escapists: Prison Escape – Trial Edition 636064
Crime doesn’t pay… So we’ve made The Escapists: Prison Escapefreeto start!  The Escapists, you’ve done the crime but canyousurvive and do the time? The Escapists is a unique prisonescapesandbox game where you get to experience a life behind barsandbarbed wire fences. You’ve had a life of crime but nowyou’recaught. With thrilling and immersive gameplay, you need tocreatean escape route in a world of other prisoners and ruled byroutine.From roll call to lights out, you’re banged up. There’s noget outof jail free card in this game, you need to break out. Areyou upfor the challenge or are just going to sit there in yourcell? Youneed all your wits and skill to bust out. No walls aregoing tohold you, you need to escape! While under the careful watchof theguards, you’ll need to get used to prison life while youusestrategy and daring to swipe useful objects from under theirnoses.Make innocent looking items into useful tools like shovelsforcunning escape plans or handy weapons to survive in afight.Escaping requires cunning, strategy, the right equipmentandstaying at least two steps ahead of the guards. Bribe andfightyour way through the prison ranks. If your fellow prisonerslikeyou enough, recruit them and create your own gang. You mighteventake over a prison! The guards are out to stop any escapeattempts,so you’ll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attendingrollcalls, working a prison job and hiding your stolen contraband.TheEscapists is a thrilling sandbox strategy prison simulatorthatchallenges you to bust out in a number of different ways. Youwantto break free but you're banged up and you need to escape! Howyousurvive and do that is up to you, but when you’re out of yourcell,a rigid daily schedule is designed to keep you in line.You'reexpected to work at one of several jobs during the day,exerciseand showers are mandatory. Features: • Addictive prisonsimulatorgame, steal spoons and forks, use them to dig a tunnel outof yourcell. • Over 6 themed prisons, try to escape from minimumsecurityjails or fearsome big houses like Alcatraz. • Find, stealand tradeitems to create dozens of crafting combinations to aidyour escape• Use the exercise yard to increase your strength, handyforscaling walls. • Find other prisoners to trade swag with,you’llneed duct tape, a screwdriver or nail files. • Dodgecontrabanddetectors. if you pass through one with contraband inyour pocket,the heat meter rises to 99 percent. • Adapt to lifebehind thesteel doors with prison routines and jobs and master thegame's sixpenitentiaries, there are three extra prisons waiting tobechallenged. • Push yourself to survive and increase yourstrength,speed, and intellect. There are multiple ways to break outandescape, you just need to find them.t need to find them.TheEscapists is tough game, just like jail. Can you dig a tunnelrightunder the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniformtoblend in with your captors? Addictive and tense, it’s arealchallenge to escape your first prison. Commit a few insidecrimes,there are dozens of items to find, steal and smuggle. Somearecontraband you can sell or trade for more useful gear.Createclever makeshift weapons and tools, a bar of soap in a sockisuseful in a fistfight. Materials purchased or "borrowed" fromyourfellow inmates are used to craft tools and other items likewires,a bottle of bleach, a piece of timber, a bar of chocolate,aplastic comb, and much more. If you’re smart enough, you’llfigureout ways to make your escape. There are dozens of items tofind anduse to get out of your cell, including a pickaxe, wirecutters, ziplines and more. Download The Escapists today, it wouldbe a crimenot to. You can’t check out and you can never leave,unless youhave an escape plan…