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Stickman JailBreak - Jimmy the Escaping prison 3 1.1.3
Team B
Our team is pleased to present you a new part of theStickmanadventure! Everything is easier than ever: your task is tohelpJimmy escape from the witch's dark house with improvised means.Thegame is more exciting than ever! Use items to save Jimmy, orleavehim in solitary confinement... You have Jimmy's fate in yourhands!Help him get out using different objects and actions.Withgratitude, Team B! The game is free!
12 Locks and Keys: Quest Room 1.1.3
Team B
A new adventure is already waiting for you! Anton and Angelina needyour help, help them in this difficult business, opening everythingup 12 locks. A task for real heroes. So, are you ready? Then goahead, we will find all 12 keys! Features of the game: * Colorfulgraphics! * Cool Puzzles! * Interesting mini plot! Importantinformation: This game contains ads, which can be removed through aone-time purchase in the application. Purchase also unlocks thesave in the game.
Stickman JailBreak - Jimmy the Escaping prison 1 1.4.7
Team B
We are happy to present you a new part of Stickman! Everything isassimple as ever: your task is to help Jimmy escape from prisonwiththe help of improvised means. The game is more exciting thanever,using the items you either release Jimmy, or leave him insolitaryconfinement.… In your hands the fate of Jimmy! Help him toget outusing different combinations. With gratitude, the Team B!
Stickman JailBreak: Jimmy the Escaping prison 4 1.0.4
Team B
😊Hey, player!😊 Continuation of the game series from 2017! Agameabout Stickman Jimmy who's back in trouble and he needs yourhelp.Choose the best option and save him, there are many options tosavehim, open them all and get rewards! 🎁 The game is a mixtureofgenres 🔓 "jailbreak" is better for developing logic andwit.Non-standard thinking will help in passing. 🥇 ✨FindinterestingEaster eggs from the games: one level, 12 castles andothers. ***🚀Lots of items! 🌋Colorful graphics! 😜Interestingpuzzles! *** Thegame is free.