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Tebak Gambar 1.33.0l
Tebak Gambar
Tebak Gambar, challenging imagination, logic and reason. TebakGambar is a light brainstorming game, pieces of picture are set asthey form new vocabulary, which is adopted from daily slang, funnyphrase, or even any happening events. This game is so creative intesting our brains, in order to find the answers of questions. Whenone have succeeded in answering one question, you will get evenmore curious to figure out the next picture. Beating King is a mainrequirement to reach higher level. But watch out, don't lose all'hearts' because it will give you punishment. Let's guess thepicture, fun and amusing!
Si Udin : Puzzle5Dasar 1.0.0
Tebak Gambar
SI Udin : Puzzle5Dasar Abis baca komik gua, sekarang gua ajak luuntuk main abc 5 dasar atau pancasila 5 dasar dengan cara yang bedagaes ! Caranya cukup TAP aja kok. Kalo lu sering baca komik stripgua atau webtoon gua, pasti pengetahuan lu luas deh. Tapi belumtentu kecepatan TAP lu sehebat gua hehe.Fitur game si Udin Puzzle 5Dasar :✓ Karakter si Udin, karakter populer yang ada di komikstrip, dan webtoon✓ Ribuan kata pancasila 5 dasar atau abc 5 dasaryang bikin lu semangat nge TAP ✓ HQ BGM & SFX ! Pasti lu jadibetah main nya gaes ✓ Leaderboard buat lu pada pamer sama temen lukalo lu jagoan nge TAP✓ Ukuran size kecil ! Cocok banget buat luyang hemat kuota gaes ✓ Soal-soal abc 5 dasar atau pancasila 5dasar yang terus diupdateBuruan DOWNLOAD game ini jangan cuma bacakomik atau webtoon gua. Gua tunggu lu yang jago main abc 5 dasartau pancasila 5 dasar, buktiin kalo lu juga jagoan nge TAPPuzzle5Dasar ! Eh iya, buat lu yang belom baca komik atau webtoongua langsung aja di klik link dibawah ini ya : - Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/si.udin/- Webtoon :http://www.webtoons.com/id/comedy/si-udin/list?title_no=668-Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/stickersiudin/
DET: solve the mystery 1.0.1
Tebak Gambar
The evil thieves are taking control of the world. What once apeaceful world, is now filled with chaos and fear. I was assignedby the President to find those thieves, to turn this world back tothe way it was. And to be able to accomplish that and I need yourhelp, join me in my adventure. Let's solve this mystery together! ★SIMPLE AND SUPPER ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY ★ Easy to play, with simpleand convenient rules. You only need to solve the mystery in everypuzzle. ★ A LOT OF MYSTERIOUS PUZZLE ★ Even if you can guess apuzzle, could you solve a mystery? Let's test your detectiveinstinct here! Exciting puzzle game to play with your friends! ★ 4PICS CLUE TO ANSWER 1 MYSTERY ★ Not an ordinary 4 pics 1 word, 4pics clue will help you to answer the mysterious puzzle. You haveto imagine and connect 4 pics clue to solve the mystery! ★ ASK FORHELP DURING YOUR ADVENTURE ★ Don't give up! You can use the helpfeature to reveal letters or ask your friends on social media. ★TAKE A PICTURE WITH DET ★ Let's share your moment of happiness withDet and share your best photos with your friends! Join theadventure to solve the mystery now by downloading this FREE games!Want to meet another player of this game? Let's connect with us onour social media account : - Facebook :https://www.detplay.com/facebook - Twitter :https://detplay.com/twitter/ - Instagram :https://www.detplay.com/instagram/ Notes : External storage accessis used for caching video & save game purpose.