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Idle Brick Breaker 1.5.11
Sit back, relax and watch as your balls do all the hard work IdleBrick Breaker is a simple idle game that progresses even whileyou're away Balance strategies to crush the most bricks - Unlocknew balls with powerful abilities like splash damage, poison andautomatic targeting - Upgrade the speed and power of every ball -Collect cards to provide massive bonuses to your game - Unlockperks that evolve as you play - Prestige to reset and earn bonusesto gain revenue at an even faster rate! - Earn progress even whenyou’re away - Breakout and play infinite levels Enjoy! Idle BrickBreaker is created by the developer of Idle Planet Miner and ZenIdle
Idle Planet Miner 1.9.7
Ever wanted to run your own space mining company? Build your empirefrom the ground up in this consistently updated idle mining game!Even compete against other miners IDLE PLANET MINER FEATURES IdleGameplay ● Check how much your galaxy evolved while idle ● Upgrademining planets to increase your ore capacities ● Turn that ore intomore valuable items by smelting or crafting it ● Tap to smashasteroids and earn rare ore! ● Mine: Earn coins and hire managersto help your mining company Incremental Upgrades ● Create an EmpireAcross the stars! ● Hire managers to improve your output! ● Evolveyour digging strategy! Research special projects to improve youroutput! Upgrade Your Mining Ship ● Play the Market: respond tosupply & demand across the galaxy to maximize profits! ●Terraform outlying planets to improve their output ● Rewards topermanently upgrade your mining ship are everywhere! Idle Mining ●Earn ore and coins when you're not playing ● Quests- completequests to earn premium rewards ● Compete - in live multiplayertournaments against other real players every week Idle Planet Mineris the perfect incremental clicker / idle game for fans of endlessfun. Idle the day away digging for ore, rare metals, coins, andmore! Dig deep and have fun. Idle Planet Miner - Dig your waythrough the stars!
Idle Tap Zoo: Tap, Build & Upgrade a Custom Zoo 1.3.0
Tap, collect and raise your very own zoo animals in Idle TapZoo,the incremental idle zoo clicker game! Raise zoo animalsandupgrade them to increase their birth rate and value, then sellthemfor a profit to expand your business with just a tap! Useyourprofits to build your own custom zoo! Manage a zoo simulationandimprove it with the small upgrades like bathrooms and foodstallsto attract more visitors and become the ultimate businessmanager.More visitors means more money, and before you know it,you'll beable to expand your zoo with aquariums and safari rides!In thisidle game, your zoo will continue to grow and make you moneythatcan be used to unlock new zoo animals like monkeys,pandas,gorillas and lions! Become a business manager and tradeyouranimals in bulk at the trading post for gems. Use gems toresearchpermanent upgrades for large boosts and continue to expandyour zooall with a simple tap! How much will your zoo be worth?Idle TapZoo Features: Build Your Zoo • Manage a zoo that can becustomizedexactly to your liking! Create the perfect businesssimulation! •Create a dream zoo and open it to visitors to beginincreasing yourincome and grow your business empire • Customizeyour zoo withspecial decorations, fun rides, and all of yourfavorite zooanimals! • Create a jungle habitat for the monkeys andgorillas!Create a lush bamboo forest for your tigers and pandas!RaiseAnimals • Raise zoo animals – Buy and sell your favoritezooanimals • Raise animals and manage their population based ontheirbirth and death rate percentage • Stock your food with bananasforthe gorillas and monkeys and bamboo for the pandas! • Upgradeeachzoo animals to help its survival rate and sell price • Tradeyourzoo animals at the trade post for gems which can be used toboostyour progress Idle Progress • A unique incremental/idlegameexperience without too much clicking • The idle clicker gamethatlets you grow and learn – read fun zoo facts! • Idle Progress–Your zoo will continue to grow and make money while you're gone*Enjoy an idle safari in your pocket-return to the game topurchaserare attractions! Expand Your Zoo • Manage a zoo and tap toinvestin improvements that can permanently increase zoo animals’birthrate • Be the zoo manager and increase the maximum time thezoo canrun without you. Run a perfect zoo simulation! • Build yourzoo tobe the best and earn as many achievements as possible Buildyourdream zoo filled with fun rides, great attractions and all ofyourfavorite zoo animals! Tap to raise rare animals likemonkeys,pandas and lions OH MY! Continue to expand your zoo in thebestidle clicker simulation game, Idle Tap Zoo! Download Idle TapZootoday to start managing a zoo! Idle Tap Zoo does not requireaninternet connection, and only watch ads if you want. See thisgameand other incremental, idle, tapper and clicker games ontheincremental games subreddit
Idle Dino Zoo 1.0.0
Run your own idle dino zoo! Create a park filled withdinosaurs!Idle Dino Zoo Features: Build a Zoo & Manage YourDinosaur Park• Manage a park and create a business simulation! •Create a dreamidle dino zoo and open it to visitors to beginincreasing yourincome • Customize your park with decorations,rides, anddinosaurs! Raise Dinos & Customize Your Park • Raisedinosaurs– Buy/sell dinos from prehistory in your idle zoo • Carefor dinosand manage their population • Upgrade each dino to helpitssurvival rate • Sell your dinos at the trade post for gems toboostyour progress Idle Progress • An idle game without too muchtapping• Idle Progress – Your park will make money while you'regone *Enjoy an idle safari in your pocket Expand Your Zoo • Managea zooand invest in improvements that increase dino birth rates • Bethezoo & park dinosaur manager and increase the maximum timethezoo can run without you • Build your zoo to be the best andearnachievements
Zen Idle: Gravity Meditation 1.7.24
Play passively or actively. Plenty of deep strategy to try orsimply sit back and relax. Some main features include - Upgradingballs and stages to increase income - Collectible cards - providesmassive permanent bonuses to your game - Perk system - evolvesevery playthrough - Prestige - reset and begin again with massivebonuses to push further - Strategize - test strategies to see whichcards and perks work best together - Game progresses while away,earn idle income See how far you can progress in this physicsbased, relaxing idle game. Choose to idle and take the zen path. Ordevelop a strategy and maximize productivity. 1000's of upgrades tobuy! The game will continue to evolve and receive updates based onuser feedback. From the creator of Idle Planet Miner and Idle TapZoo.
The Tower - Idle Tower Defense 0.5.1
A tower defense with more than meets the eyes. The Tower is anincremental tower defense game where you will control a singletower. Defend your tower until its destruction, make permanentupgrades to it, then give it another try! Construct the perfecttower of defense. The Tower Features • Addicting simplistic towerdefense gameplay • An insane number of upgrades to choose from •Invest your valuable coins to permanently power up your tower inthe workshop • Research new upgrades to unlock new parts of thegame • Continue to unlock new research while idle or playing active• Unlock and manage your card collection to provide your towermassive bonuses • Compete in live tournaments against other playersto unlock ultimate weapons Will your perfect tower stand the testof time in this new idle tower defense game?