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Football Bet Analyser ⚽ Predictions, Tips and Odds
Welcome to bet analysis and odd predictor software, dear user. Thisapplication is based on a machine-learning algorithms crafted by us(with deep inner love for football, sports betting, and workingmoneymaking methods, ofc). Latest APP update: 23.11.2017 - (stableversion of betting prediction) Latest AI update: 16.11.2017 -(inner stable version of soccer analyzer) What are 3 main benefitsof using our bet analyzer app for user? ☑️ Fastest artificialintelligence engine works for you 24/7 to predict the highestprobability of generating profit. It’s improved daily. ☑️ Freeaccess to gathered and updated information from all vip bettingtips that are in paid prediction apps. Instant sport prediction andodd picks updates for everybody is a must. ☑️ You don’t need tohave perfect betting skills and be an expert with monumentalFootball Knowledge. 99.2% Strike Rate (100% Verified) is a greatsuccess rate for predictions to start with. Do you agree? There aretons of information about successful earnings and wins. If youconsider to test all the projects - we expect that you’ve got a fewyears of free time. Lucky one! We are passionate about automationand time-saving for people like us. Want to save plenty of yourtime with no money spent on it? Read 3 moments that are not greatlyannounced in a sport-betting world, but are amazing and showvaluable results. Some uncovered features of our betting-prediction🤖 AI settings. 1. Algorithm analyzes and train itself by 300different streams of soccer betting stats and results. Mostplatforms, for ex., can deal only with 2-3% of the forecasts. Seemscool. 2. Do you know other machine-learning sportsbet app thatcompares the mood of targeted football player with signals insocial networks around his live profile? Not bad. 3. The databaseof betting statistic is united with detailed analysis, forms andopen-data (prediction) applications analytics by different clustersand arrays. It means that your prediction is charged with real datainstead of random given number :) Sounds like a boss? If yourbusiness has user’s success as a main target - it will evolve! Ourfootball predictions tips helped more than 100k to collect theirprofits. Feel free to ask any of them. As a fact, first steps ofour AI-algo was used by many real multi-millionaire bettors aroundthe world. Work, upgrades and skilled deployment is a key tosuccess. We are proud to present our Football Bet Analyzer for You.Welcome! 🏆 These leagues are included right now, and we are workinghardly to index and add new. We need some time. 1. GermanBundesliga 1 2. German Bundesliga 2 3. Belgium Jupiler League 4.English Premier League 5. English The Championship 6. EnglishLeague One 7. English League Two 8. English National League 9.Spanish Primera Division 10. French Ligue 1 11. French Ligue 2 12.Italian Serie A 13. Italian Serie B 14. Dutch Eredivisie 15.Turkish Super League 16. Portugal Primeira Liga 17. ScottishPremiership 18. Scottish Championship 19. Scottish League One 20.Scottish League Two 21. English FA Cup 22. Belgian Cup 23. TurkishCup 24. Spanish Cup 25. Coppa Italia 26. Dutch Cup 27. Belgian Cup28. Coupe De France 29. EFL Cup 30. Copa Del Rey 31. DFB Pokal 32.EFL Trophy 33. Greek Football Cup 34. UEFA Champions League 35.UEFA Europa League Disclaimer: Please don't forget, betting can bevery risky, even tips are analyzed by professional tipsters, otherbetting users and should only bet with money thatare comfortably afforded to be lost. Be sure that football bettingrisks involved are fully understood, seek for advice if necessaryif you doubt. If NOT - install and enjoy. Don’t forget to shareyour success rates and tell a friend, if you are satisfied. Thanksin advance!
Football Bet Analyser AdFree 2.0.1
Football Bet Analyser is an app that gives you betting predictionsto some of top league matches. Machine learning alghorithms areanalysing matches to get valuable right predictions. Alghorithmanalyse betting odds and current stats of teams and their pastmatches in current football season. With looking to these analyse,it gives best betting prediction to a game. It gives probabilitiesof game results and probabilities of teams goal scoring. Machinelearning algorithms don't include emotions of human being. So thatplease include your emotions to these predictions and play yourbet. In this app these leagues are included right now, but we areworking to adding new leagues :1. German Bundesliga 12. GermanBundesliga 23. Belgium Jupiler League4. English Premier League5.English The Championship6. English League One7. English LeagueTwo8. English National League9. Spanish Primera Division10. FrenchLigue 111. French Ligue 212. Italian Serie A13. Italian Serie B14.Dutch Eredivisie15. Turkish Super League16. Portugal PrimeiraLiga17. Scottish Premiership18. Scottish Championship19. ScottishLeague One20. Scottish League Two21. English FA Cup22. BelgianCup23. Turkish Cup24. Spanish Cup25. Coppa Italia26. Dutch Cup27.Belgian Cup28. Coupe De France29. EFL Cup30. Copa Del Rey31. DFBPokal32. EFL Trophy33. Greek Football Cup34. UEFA ChampionsLeague35. UEFA Europa League-------------------------------Pleasedon't forget, betting can be very risky, even tips are analyzed byprofessional tipsters and users should only speculate with moneythat they can comfortably afford to lose and should ensure that therisks involved are fully understood, seeking advice ifnecessary.-------------------------------