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InstantReplay Sideline Video 1.2.1
It's all about winning. Give your team thein-game intelligence edge it needs to crush the competition.InstantReplay lets you record from the pressbox, or any other spot,and immediately watch video of previous plays on the sideline.InstantReplay has powerful tendency filters that help you diagnoseyour opponent's behavior and make calls that exploit theirweaknesses.No computer, capture card or Internet required. InstantReplay isa pure mobile, device to device, in-game video replay solution thatworks with the smartphones and tablets you carry with you everyday. Within seconds of being shot, InstantReplay transmits videosbetween devices that are connected over the same WiFi network.Fewer components, fewer cords, fewer people and faster videotransfers.Key features of InstantReplay:• Devices discover and connect with each other over WiFi.• Devices can be configured as either Broadcasters orReceivers.• Set and forget. Devices remember previous configuration andautomatically connect when on the same WiFi network.• Setup one or more Broadcasters to record from as many cameraangles as desired (no limits on the number of Broadcasters).• Configure one or more video Receivers to be recipients of videosfrom connected Broadcasters (no limits on the number ofReceivers).• Broadcasters can tag videos while recording (ODS, RPK, Down,YTG, Yardline). Football to start, more sports coming soon.• Broadcasters can select resolution and FPS of videos to berecorded and sent to Recievers.• Broadcasters can turn off tagging interface for non-footballsports / scenarios.• Never run out of space with the option to auto-delete aftersending videos when in Broadcaster mode.• Select desired resolution and frame rate in camera.• Start / stop camera using in-app camera interface, bluetoothremote, or Apple Watch.• Videos and associated tags are immediately sent to Receiverswhen recording is stopped.• Watch videos on sidelines with the slow motion scrubbing and zoomand pan capabilities Coach's Eye is famous for.• Intelligent auto-advance feature auto-plays videos immediately asthey come in to the Receiver when the current video endsplayback.• Video library auto-scrolls to new videos as they come in to theReceiver.• Powerful filtering allows you to discover opponent tendencies(e.g. offense -> 3rd down -> 5 or more yrds).• Recordings are automatically labelled by play number.• Auto group videos by Session time.• Auto group multiple camera angle videos within Session byrecording timestamp. Grouped recordings will all have the same playnumber.• Tag videos on Receivers when playing them back (ODS, RPK, Down,YTG, Yardline).• Editable Sessions allow you to move videos betweenSessions.• Name / rename Sessions.• More capabilities coming, very, very soon.Coach's Eye is the world's leading video platform for coachesand athletes. Visit the Coach's Eye website to learn more about howInstantReplay can give your team an advantage on game day. If youhave any questions do not hesitate to email**Disclosures: This software uses code of FFmpeg ( licensed under the LGPLv2.1( its source can be downloaded from here: (**