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iReal Pro - Music Book & Backing Tracks 8.3.1
Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tooltohelpmusicians of all levels master their art. Itsimulatesareal-sounding band that can accompany you as youpractice. Theappalso lets you create and collect chord charts ofyourfavoritesongs for reference. ~One of Time Magazine's 50BestInventions of2010~Used by thousands of music students, teachersandsome of theworld’s top music schools such as Berklee CollegeofMusic andMusicians Institute.“It’s the perfect technology forapracticingmusician: high-quality digital audio,mixable,transposable intoany key and completely mobile. Now everyaspiringmusician has abackup band in their pocket.” – TimWestergren,Pandora Founder•It's a Book:Create, edit, print, shareand collectchord charts ofyour favorite songs for reference whilepracticingor performing.•It's a Band:Practice with a realisticsounding piano(or guitar),bass and drum accompaniments for anydownloaded oruser-createdchord chart.FEATURES:Have a virtual bandaccompany youas youpractice• Choose from the included 50differentaccompanimentstyles (Swing, Ballad, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass,Country,Rock, Funk,Reggae, Bossa Nova, Latin,...) and 12 bluesstylesavailable as aone-time In-App purchase• Personalize eachstyle witha variety ofsounds including piano, Fender Rhodes,acoustic andelectricguitars, acoustic and electric basses, drums,vibraphone,organ,and more• Record yourself playing or singing alongwiththeaccompanimentPlay, edit, and download any songs you want•1000sofsongs can be downloaded from the forums in a few simplesteps•Editexisting songs or create your own with the Editor• ThePlayerwillplay any song that you edit or create• CreatemultipleeditableplaylistsImprove your skills with the includedchorddiagrams•Display guitar, ukulele tabs and piano fingerings foranyof yourchord charts• Look up piano, guitar and ukulelefingeringsfor anychord• Display scale recommendations for eachchord of asong tohelp with improvisationsPractice in the way, andat thelevel, thatyou choose• Includes 50 exercises for practicingcommonchordprogressions• Transpose any chart to any key or tonumbernotation•Loop a selection of measures of a chart forfocusedpracticing•Advanced practice settings (automatic tempoincrease,automatic keytransposition)• Global Eb, Bb, F and Gtranspositionfor hornplayersShare, print, and export – so yourmusic followsyouwherever you need it!• Share individual charts orwholeplaylistswith other iReal Pro users via email and theforums•Export chartsas PDF and MusicXML• Export audio as WAV, AACandMIDIAlways backupyour songs!