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Accidental Message 1.0
Through this application, you can send the auspicious thinker atthe time of an accident through the GPS location of the can send the GPS location of the accident site.
Automatic call recorder 1.0.1
You can automatic call recording and save any phone call you wantand Save your call records to the cloud The best call recorder,automatic call recorder, phone call recorderBy using Call recorder,You can automatic call recording and save any phone call you want.Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Synchronized tothe cloud as well.If not, old recordings will automatically bedeleted when new calls fill up the inbox.A lot of functions forcallrecording,all you need is in this call recording appFunctions:- Record your calls automatically while calling.- You canplay back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card.-Automatic call recorder - Record outgoing call - record incomingcalls- Record all telofonnyh conversations.- Play audio recordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Show confirmationdialog for saving the recorded call. Ask immediately after the calland set up in the options.- Set source (Mic, voice call)Auto callrecorder is a the best free call recorder application with thesefeaturesFeatures:- Record incoming call- Record Outgoing call-Multi select, delete, send- Displaying contact name and photo-Excluded numbers- Lots of recording formats
Billing Machine 1.0.1
जो Google Play पर किसी अन्य ऐप की तुलना में बिलिंग को और अधिक आसानबनाता है इस ऐप को इंस्टॉल करने के लिए कोई इंटरनेट या अतिरिक्त ऐप्सकी आवश्यकता नहीं है और जो सभी सुविधाएं आपके कंप्यूटर बिलिंगसॉफ्टवेयर पर उपलब्ध हैं उन्हें प्रदान करती हैं।इस ऐप के माध्यम सेआप निम्न सुविधाओं का लाभ उठा सकते हैं:# वास्तविक समय: आइटम जोड़ें,बिल बनाएं, केवल एकल क्लिक में बिक्री देखें#ग्राहक अनुकूलित:व्यक्तिगत बिक्री देखने के लिए ग्राहक को प्रत्येक बिल में जोड़ें#उन्नत बिक्री रिपोर्ट: आलेख, सबसे बेचे गए आइटम, आइटम बेचे औरसर्वोत्तम ग्राहक डेटा# स्टॉक देखें: उपलब्ध स्टॉक डेटा और स्टॉक कोफिर से मंगाया जाना देखें# वास्तविक समय प्रबंधन: एक दूसरे की फ्लैशमें आइटम, ग्राहक और बिल डेटा प्रबंधित करें# बारकोड: जोड़ने, प्रबंधनया बिलिंग के लिए बारकोड को स्कैन करें# नयी बिल: चयन, स्कैनिंग यास्वत: पूर्ण होने से बिल तैयार करें# सहेजे गए: छवियों या पीडीएफ केरूप में बिलों को बचाएं# कम्पनी विवरण: उपयोगकर्ता बिल में लोगो,कंपनी का नाम और अन्य विवरण सेट कर सकते हैं# कस्टमाइज़ UI: बिल कीपृष्ठभूमि और टेक्स्ट रंग बदलें# बिक्री देखे: बार चार्ट के माध्यम सेमासिक, दैनिक, वार्षिक बिक्री रिपोर्ट और छवियों के रूप में चार्ट कोबचाएं# पासवर्ड सुरक्षा: ऐप और सुरक्षित डेटा के लिए पासवर्ड सेटकरेंकई अन्य विशेषताओं में सस्ती और प्रभावी बिलिंग के लिए ऐप्स कीज़रूरत हमने पूरा करने की एक छोटी कोशिश किया हैकृपया टिप्पणी औरभविष्य मे अधिक विकास के लिए 5 स्टार दै ।धन्यववाद
AT Account Manager 1.0.1
AT Account Manager helps business win by gaining customers andpayment on time with the complete solution of invoice, estimate andbilling management.! FREE !Highest rated app of itscategory.Invoice / Billing and Estimate• Invoices for products andservices -( create PDF & send by email, WhatsApp , SMS orskype)• Send estimates, convert them to invoices in a click.• Fullcontrol on invoice fields: discount, quantity, shipping ,partialpayment, due date, and items • Due reminders and partial paymenttrack - payment history • Many Professional templates - add logo,signature, and control over item details• Tax on item or total• Taxand Discount with inclusive or exclusive• Discount on an item ortotal - set by percentage or price. (Different Tax Rates forindividual items)* Makes an impressive estimate app to win yourclientPayment & Receipts • Partial payments • Due reminder andcollection • Each partial Payment History maintainedImport &Export Excel Sheet• Easily setup products and customers byimporting excel CSV xls file• Exports full invoice and billreports• Get invoice report Excel sheet automatically on emailBarcode inventory managment • Setup/Enter SKU for barcode scanning•barcode scanning for fast search while billingBackup and Restore offull data on SD card********* Important Features ***********•Invoice and bill status for order management (Helpfull for servicebusiness - tailor , jewelry, optics and other many industries )•Works completely offline - fast and simple to use • Differentpricing and discount can be applied every time on PRODUCT based onuser requirement without the need to save or edit each time. •Multiple tax and discounts on products are available• Powerfulsearch and report help take right decision• Inventory and stockmanagement of products • Notification of less stock • Full supportwith many customization and setting available AT Account Managercreation app/software free full version for retail and freelanceroffline and online MADE IN INDIA by STARTUP India- AT AccountManager.After Demonetization and note ban there is increase inpayment through wallet. So Now you can ask payment with PAYTM,FREECHARGE, Jio Money, Airtel Money, etc and other banks .Paypalfor international User. For your Vyapar and accounting you now justneed AT Account Manager. Use BHIM app with your UPI to instantlytransfer any amount of money(India).There were, therefore, accountmanager HELPS Business Win B Gaining customers and payment s TimeWith Complete Solution OF invoices, estimates and billingmanagement.! Free!Highest Rated App Tablet Its category.Invoicing /billing and estimate• invoices for Products & Services -(Create PDF & Sand B email, Whatsapp, SMS and Skype)• Sendestimates, convert first to submit invoices in a.• Full Control sinvoice Fields: discounts, quantity, shipping, partial payment, duedate, and items• Due Reminders and partial payment track - PaymentHistory• Many professional templates - add logos, signatures, andcontrol over the item details• Tax s items and Total• Tax anddiscounts with inclusive and exclusive• Discount H ey items andTotal - Set B percentage and price. (Different tax rates forindividual items)* Mkes An Impressive Estimate app then Win YourClientPayments & Receipts• Partial Payments• due reminders andcollections• H partial payment history MentanedImport & ExportExcel sheet• Aksily setup Products and customers B. Importing CSVExcel XLS files• Exports full invoice and billing reports• Getinvoice reports Excel sheet automatically s emailBARCODE InventoryMdagment• Setup / Enter SKUs for BARCODE scanning• BARCODE scanningfor Fast Search While billingBackup and Restore Tablet Full Data smember card********* details FEATURES ***********• invoice and billstatus for Order Management (helpful for Service Business - Taylor,Jewelry, optics and other Many Industries)• Works Completely Online- Fast and Simple her• Different pricing and discount Can BayApplied Awri Time s product based s user Rekvirement Vithut wereNEED to save and edit HK time.• Multiple tax and Discounts onProducts Hey Available• Powerful search and report Help Tech RightDecision• Inventory and stock management Tablet Products•Notification of Less stock• Full support with Manya Kstmizeshn andsetting AvailableAs account manager Creation App / Software Freefull version for retail and Freelancers offline and online Made inIndia B startup India- therefore account manager.AfterDemonetiztion and notes become thee this Increase in paymentthrough Wallet. So Now You Can Ask payments with Paytm, FreeCharge,Xiao money, Airtel money, ETC and other banks Kpepl forInternational users. For Your business and accounting You Now JustNeed therefore account manager. Her Bhim App with Your presence soInstntly transfer other AMOUNT OF MONEY (India).
Math Puzzles V.1.0
These games can be an easy way for children to learn logicalmath.How to play:->To solve a puzzle, you need to USE ALL 3STEPS and your final number must be EQUAL to the blue number. Theumber on top is your points, the faster you solve the more pointsyou get.Click 'Reset' to reset your steps and number. If you on'tsolve within 10 seconds, the 'Help' button will appear. You can getmore helps in the 'Rewards' section.Rewards:->Keep track of yourprogress in the 'Collections' section. Leveling up will give you'Bonus Coin', you earn more coins with higher 'Coin Multiplier'.'Potential Point' is the starting points when a puzzle is created.'Messages' can be collected by opening Boxes. 'Backgrounds' onlycan be found in pecial Boxes.Solving a puzzle will give you 1 gem,used to buy box. To earn a Special Box, you need to collect 5Special Parts. Special Parts can be found in Boxes. Special Boxcontains more valuable items than Box.Necessary caution:->Whenthe application is talking to you, you do not press any button.Otherwise the game will crash.
Opportunity 1.0
Telling each other to find other inspirational storiesandopportunities, the opportunity is an online inspiration speechthatyou and surrounded.With the help of which you will be abletoovercome frustration.If it is successful in feelinginspirationinside any one personSo my attempt will be successful.
AT World News 1.0.0
Not just headlines, read articles briefly from its originalsourceby tapping on Read Full Article. Fetches News from 40 sources(willadd more in the future). Notifications On the Go * Easy onetouchaccess * Faster loading with smooth performance * Small appsize *Never collect user data. Sources : Google News CNN BBCTheWashington Post Times of India CBS News The Guardian New YorkTimesThe Wall Street Journal Buzzfeed National Geographic IGNPolygonBBC Sports ESPN Huntington Post Many More.. Categories :1)Business 2) Entertainment 3) Gaming 4) General 5) HealthandMedical 6) Science and Nature 7) Sport 8) Technology Total 40NewsSources Added All Around The World. Improved Searches upto100Articles. Images Based Notifications. Stay tuned, lot ofgreat& most exciting features are in development. Will beupdated insooner. We listen to our users In any case,if you noticeany bugsor crashes, kindly REPORT it by choosing Contact us optionwithinthe app. We will definitely try to fix all the issues as soonaspossible. If you want to comment give feedback or suggestionsaboutthis app, feel free to use our Contact us option within theapp. Werespond to every ticket generated by you. Thank you :) Letsjoinour hands to make it the best News App in the market ★★★★★ WeNeedYour Support, Do Rate Us 5 Stars ★★★★★ Its a humble requestdon'tleave negative reviews for missing of fewfeatures/bugs.Updateswill come frequently to make it more better.Disclaimer: 1. Allnews on this app is third-party owned by therespective newsprovider. We do not possess any copyright over theircontent. Eachwebsite follows independent terms of use and privacypolicies.Please read their terms & conditions carefully beforeuse. Incase you have a concern, you could get in touch with us viaemail.We will take action within 24 hours. 2. If any case isobserved forcopyright, please contact via email and we will take itdown. 3.News sources logos obtained from
Colour Match 1.0.1
Do you think you are a color master and you haveextraordinarycolour match acuity? or looking for entertaining,relaxing colourmatch?Then you must not miss this game! Color matchis the mostaddicting color matching game, just swipe colored tilesto matchand make perfect colour gradient. After making perfectcolorgradient This free colour match .Different game modesanddifficulties challenge your colour perception.You can spendtimewith fun and mind exercising, as the colour match combines theeaseand excitement of colour match and colorful minimalisticdesign.Color match game is a unique mind game play that willchallengeyour mind to the fullest. Show your good strategy, focusand fastthinking to solve the logic colour match challenges. Trythiscolour match game to test your focus & thinking!
All Ads Tester 1.2.8
Advertisement Tester is an application that is very easy to use,very useful to test whether it can be entered ad android or not(root). This is specifically designed for the Android AppDeveloper. Because most people would have trouble that they did notget an advertisement in the ADS ID imposed in App. In this you cantest the ADS ID which use in the Android studio or the app inventoror thunkable or the appybuilder or the kodular or block2code etc.
PG Kids Tutor 1.0
This is a simple voice based application for your child to learntheAlphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Animals, Fruits,Vegetables,Vehicles and Body Parts using flash cards! Features. *The sound ofeach word or letter pronounced clearly. * Containsmore than 200flash cards. * Option available to change cardautomatically. *Swipe through the cards in order or random. * Ontouch you canlisten to sounds again. * High quality animal audiosounds. * Spellgames. * Find the correct image game. * Countinggame. * Memorygame. Ad Supported. Its works in offline. Can bemoved to externalmemory.
Wallet - Finance Tracker 1.0
Take advantage of the statistics to identify where you cansavemoney. You will be able to keep track of your expenses allthetime! Take a quick look at your expenses by day, week andmonth!.Set reminders to alert you when your due dates are close
com.aahriyatechnology.atstickermaker 1.0.1
Create your own sticker packs from WhatsApp. You can use memes,oryour own photos, any photo from your phone will work, MakeStickerpacks for pet, your girlfriend, your family, your friends in4 easysteps. 1. Select name for your pack 2. Add the stickers tothepack, cut them with your finger. 3. Publish the Sticker pack4.ENJOY! The perfect solution for making and sharing your ownWhatsApp sticker packs ! 1.0
you can listen online and download any AYA you like with anyrecitesfound in this program is , you can listen background to allaudiothis app have these recites 1=Abo Bakr AL-shtri 2=AhmedAl-hadefy 3=Ahmed Al-hoshy 4= Ahmed Al-triblsy 5=Ahmed Al-ajmey 6=Ahmed KudarTriblsy 7=Ahmed Suaad 8=Ahmed Sabar 9=Ahmed Amar10=Ahmed Nineei11=Kalel Abd-alhie 12= Akram AL-alkime 13= AbrihimKudar 14= Abrihimsadan 15= Adress bakir 16= Abrihim jabrin17=Abrihim jazme 18=Abrihim dosey 19=Abrihim aseriy 20=misterRamze 21=Al-husaneyAl-azaze 22= Al-dokaley mohammed al-alm 23=Alzin mohammed ahmed24=Al-ashire auomran 25= Al eyon alkoshe 26=Al-fatih mohamedalzober 27=Yasen al-kare 28=Tofek alsaek 29=jamalshakr abd 30=joman al asime 31=hatem fared alwaey 32=khiledalkahtine 33= khilidalmihin 34= khilid almihin 35=kalefa altabnjey36=dawood hamza 37=rashed afrad 38=zake dakistine 39=samealdosirey 40=saad alkamade41=sauuad alshirem 42= sahil yasin 43=sayed ramadan 44=sherzad abdrahman 45= sabar abd alhakam 46= salehalsahood 47=salah al badeer48=salah alhashim 49=salah abo katar50=tarek abd alkane 51= adelalklabine 52= adel rayan 53=abd albarey 54=abd albarey mohammed 55=abd albarey mohammed M 56=abdalbasit abd samad H 57= abd albasitabd samad w 58= abd albasit abdsamad M 59= abd alrihman alsides 60=abd rashed sofe 61=abd rashedsofe S 62=abd alaziz samad 63= abdalah barimey 64= abd alah kindry65= abd alah matrood 66= abd alahbasfar 67= abd alah kayat 68=abdalah awad 69= abd ahmmahsinalharithey 70= bd ahmmahsin alabekan71= bd ahmmahsin alkasim 72=abd alhidey ahmed 73= abd awadood 74=ali abo hasim 75= alialhithefy 76= ali bin abd alrahman 77= alijabar 78= ali hajaj 79=amad zoheer 80= faaris abad 81= lafeyalawwney 82= majad alzamel83=malak shiba 84= maheer al maeekly 85=maheer al maeekly H 86=maheer shkasher 87= mohammed ayoob 88=mohammed barak 89= mohammedaltablaye 90= mohammed almahsaney91=mohammed al minshid 92= mohamedjabril 93= mohamed rashid 94=mohamed salih 95= mohammed sadeekalminshawe 96=mohammed sadeekalminshawe M 97= Mohamed abd alhakeem98= mohammed athman kan 99=mahmood alrifaey 100= mahmmod alshimey101= mahmood kaley 102=mahmood ali 103= masharey alafasy 104=mostaa asmael 105= mostafaallahoney 106= mostafa raeed 107= maeethalharithey 108= mafatfalsoltaney 109=mosa balal 110=nasar alkamatey111=nabeel alrafaeey112=naama alhasan 113=haney alrafaey 114=waleed alhaneha 115=yasar dosary 116= yasar korashey 117=yasarmazroey 118= yahya hawa119= yoousif alshwaeey 120=yousfi bin nooh
श्री गणेश पूजन मराठी 1.0
श्री गणेशजी पूजेचे वर्णन करण्यात आले आहे| ** "पूजेची पद्धत"**"उपासना सामग्री" ** "श्री गणेश जीची आरती" ** "दररोज पूजा"**"इत्यादी वर्णित आहेत" Sri Ganeshji Pooja is described **"PoojaMethod" ** "Worship Content" ** "Mr. Ganesh Jeechi Aarti" **"DailyWorship" ** "etc. are described"