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ZenHabits 0.0.1
Zen Habits is a blog written by Leo Babauta about implementing zenhabits in daily life. It offers suggestions for how to live, andalso includes frequent references to how Leo Babauta hasimplemented these habits. He covers topics such as simplifying,living frugally, parenting, happiness, motivation, eliminatingdebt, saving, eating healthily and successfully implementing goodhabits. It receives high traffic with 500,000+ subscribers. ZenHabits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the dailychaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focuson what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. LeoBabauta lives in Davis, California with his wife and six kids,where he eats vegan food, writes, runs, and reads. Topics Happiness Simplicity Goals and MotivationProductivity and Organization Habits Health and Fitness Finance andFamily Books Mindfulness His personal life experience and lessonslearned .. His blog: About Developer: My nameis Satish and I'm from India. I'm a fan of Leo's writing. I'vedeveloped this app (with Leo Babauta's written permission) forother fans. When I'm free and not coding, I blog at
RSS Reader 0.0.2
Simple minimalistic rss feed reading app – specially forWordPress(though works with any other sites) sites. Use it forconsuming your favorite sites online. Features: 1. Add Feeddirectly using rss feed address or by search feature present insidethe app. 2. Add aggregated news feeds based on interest topics. 3.Rearrange news timeline on your mobile or tabs home screen - byrearranging your feed list. 4. Bookmark by tapping on the articletitle. 5. Upload your feed list and bookmark list to the cloud anddownload it at wish. 6. Option to change your device without theneed to add all your feed items and bookmark list again to the newdevice - everything will be down automatically. Simple, fast, easyto use RSS FEED READER.
Cashback 0.0.3
Using this application you can get valid new coupon / discountcodesfor all the e-commerce sites present in India. You canactually earnmultiple level cashback. 1. You get cashback when youpurchasesomething using the app. 2. You get cashback when someonepurchasessomething using the link you shared via our cashback app.We'veintegrated social sharing feature inside the app, using whichyoucan easily share the link of the offer page with your friends.Oncesomeone makes any purchase using your link, you'll get paidfor it.REFERRAL EARNINGS You'll also be paid Rs. 20 perconversion. i.e.,when a person you referred gets first cheque fromus, you get INR 20for the active conversion. If you refer 5000people and they gettheir first cheque from us, then you'll be paidRs. 20 per referral.i.e., you'll be making 5000 x 20 = Rs.1,00,000 COUPON CODES All thecoupon codes are regularly checkedand expired ones will be removedand valid new coupons will beadded on daily basis. So you canpromote exciting offers to yourfriends and earn cashback wheneverthey make any purchase from yourpromotional link. Your promotionlink is automatically generatedinside the app whenever you sharethe link via social sharingoption present inside the application.Kindly check individualoffers and invite section inside the app,for social sharingfeature. PAYMENT You can easily transfer yourcashback money toyour bank account, once you accumulate Rs. 500into your cashbackaccount. We also provide Rs 50 bonus into yourcashback account forevery Rs 500 transferred to your bank account.Note that cashbackis credited once the order is processed. Cashbackwon't be given onreturn products or on exchanges after initialpurchase. We alsohave associated website for our cashbackapplication
Report 0.0.2
You can configure the app and get your affiliate and adnetworkearning reports inside the app. It saves you a lot of timeand haseasy to understand report generation (with graph and textreport).EVERYONE ELSE People use their web browser to log intoseveralaffiliate and advertising networks to check their earningsreports.It involves a lot of time. Web page needs to load, userneed tologin and then generate report and check. YOU WITH OURAPPConfigure the app once, access all your earning reports insidetheapp - need not access the URL, need not login and need notworryabout different complex UI(User Interface). WE SUPPORT 1.Allaffiliate networks using - HasOffers Software. Forexample:vcommission, payoom, icubeswire, adspaymedia,digitalsamadhan,opicle etc 2. FlipKart 3. Audience Network 4.VigLink 5. NativeAdsGOING FORWARD WE'LL ADD 1. Adsense Report 2.YouTube EarningsReport 3. InMobi Earning Report 4. AdMob EarningReport, to namesome .. VERY IMPORTANT Your data is stored insideyour mobiledevice and is not transmitted to any server. When youaccess anyaffiliate or ad network via API key, those keys will besaved onyour device and won't be saved on any remote server. Allyour datais yours. We do not access it, nor do we sell it. Yourprivacy isour priority. Your data is yours and we never access it.We can'teven look at it, as its on your device. Hope this app savesyou alot of time and effort over time, and helps you do more ofwhat youlove - your work. HAPPY EARNINGS ..