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Paint Ball 2.68
Teen Rulez
Paint Ball is an entertaining new game that combines a labyrinthboard and artist’s paint palette into one. A puzzle game that istruly addicting! It is a best way for kids to learn the colortheory. Paint Ball is a colorful family game that’s bothchallenging for adults and educational for children!Blend colors and solve puzzles. Put your color theory skills to thetest as you navigate your ball around levels correctly blendingpaint colors. Let's start having fun!How to play: navigate the ball by tilting your device carefullyand strategically roll the ball into the necessary paint tubes,such as yellow and blue to create green, and then to theappropriate end spot.Paint Ball Features:- 30 exciting levels- the ball leave paint trail on the board- a great variety of color blending combinations- very realistic physics- learning of color theory while playing
Bridge Card Game
Teen Rulez
The virtual gaming house opens the doors for risky players! BridgeCard Game offers you to play one of the most popular card gamescalled bridge. This card game has many types. In this app, you canfind the most popular virtual one and take a part in the riskyaction.HOW TO PLAY: Follow classic Bridge rules. Use tips and hintsduring the game to learn and memorize Bridge rules.Try your risky skills and luck in a great virtual card game -Bridge Card Game! Have fun!One of the most popular virtual card games – bridge;Hints and tips to ease the risky game for an inexperiencedplayer;Helps to learn and memorize rules and tricks;A perfect virtual training before a real risky bridgetournament!
Virus Curse - Pandemic Madness
Teen Rulez
In Virus Plague – Pandemic Madness your task is to eradicateallhumanity via the deadliest virus that you evolve during thegame.At the very start you should choose the territory that youwant toinfect first, then you track the mutations and spread yourdisease.Optimize your virus to make it even more deadly, let itevolveand upgrade each feature wisely according to conditions ineacharea. You will get cellular material to spend on yourvirusdevelopment from the bonus buttons. make the medicinestrenghtless,be quick and devastating to infect the wholehumanity!HOW TO PLAY: Chose one of three levels: Easy, Normal or Hardandstart to evolve your virus. Humanity has no chance!- EASY: Low level of medicine and hygiene, similar to thirdworldcountries.- NORMAL: Medium level of medicine and hygiene, similar todevelopedcountries.- HARD: Level of medicine and hygiene similar to thenearfuture.There are 3 characteristics to improve:- TRANSMISSION- SYMPTOMS- ABILITIESChose a characteristics tab to see kinds of availablemutations.You can find out about a certain mutation and see itscost. UseEVOLVE button to start a mutation.Wile Keep an eye on useful INDICATORS:- Score;- Infectivity;- Severity;- Lethality.Virus Plague – Pandemic Madness FEATURES:- real world to destroy: real countries with different climates,hotworld news;- three levels to evolve: Easy, Normal, Hard - accordint tomedicinedevelopement;- advanced system of virus mutations anddevelopmentpossibilities;- useful indicators: Score; Infectivity; Severity; Lethality.Try yourself as a mad scientist with Virus Plague –PandemicMadness. As soon as all the humanity is infected with yourvirus,unleash the hell and upgrade your most lethal symptoms! Butbecareful, the humanity will struggle for a cure, you'll have tobequick and - devastating.
50 Shadow Orbits 3.94
Teen Rulez
Dive into the world of circles andrings!50 Shadow Orbits is a new puzzle game with beautiful flat designwhere you have to manage long ways, controlling the little ballwhich is running through various circles. Some of the circles haveobstacles that look similar to thorns. Grab your attention andreact fast trying to avoid bumping into these thorns and come tothe finish line as fast as you can. Don't forget to pick up bonusesthat give you extra scores! Get into the atmosphere of ourbreath-taking arcade and show what you can do!How to play?Maneuver among numerous circles avoiding thorns on your way. Goinside of the circle or outside of it to manage the obstacles. Pickup bonuses and try to get the highest score.50 Shadow Orbits main features:- AMAZING flat design!- PLENTY of levels: make your brain work hard!- "STARS" for completing each level!- EXTREMELY simple one touch control suitable for littleplayers!