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My Fairy Pony
Welcome to Fairy Pony Forest, where you get to dress up andinteract with your cute pony friends! As you explore the forest,keep an eye out for treasure chests. They contain new dress upitems and treats for your ponies. While "My Fairy Pony" wasspecifically designed with small children in mind, everyone canenjoy exploring the magical beauty found throughout Fairy PonyForest. Be the stylist that every pony dreams of!All ponies keep their states saved after leaving the app, sothere's no need to start again from scratch if you have themdressed up exactly how you want them. All the ponies animate, talk,and even the dress up items you choose for them animate right alongwith them!After beautifying your ponies, you can watch them trot aroundthe forest, or explore the forest's majestic scenery for yourself.Toddlers enjoy customizing each pony to their liking with theintuitive dress up menus. Kids also love the treasure hunt aspectof this game. All of this makes "My Fairy Pony" so much more thanjust another dressup app.You can customize your ponies with many different styles andcolors, including:* Body colors* Hairstyles* Pony tail styles,* Unicorn horns* Eyelashes* Shoes* Wings* Eye colors* Cutie marks* 200 dress up items, which make thousands and thousands ofcombinations!Since you can dress up your ponies anywhere in the forest, thegorgeous backgrounds are never the same twice. Like living ponydolls, these little pony girls will pose in your awesome outfitsand amazing styles that you pick out for them, in a beautifulsetting! They're like the barbie dolls of ponies!No irritating in-app purchases or ads. Just pure pony goodness.Little girls can unleash their inner pony princess and even guyscan unleash their inner brony with this pony discovery and dress upgame.While the ponies of Fairy Pony Forest are unique, you can dressthem up to resemble some of your favorite my little pony characterssuch as Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle,Fluttershy, Rarity, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie.ABOUT TegTapSearch “TegTap” on Google Play and discover more fun apps for youngkids. TegTap’s games are always exciting, interactive, colorful,and stimulating. No personal data whatsoever is collected by any ofTegTap's apps.Join our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TegTapFollow us on Twitter: @TegTap