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TeleTrade Analytics 6.7.2
Toolkit for trader and financial analyst. Quotes, news and marketanalysis from the leading broker TeleTrade. Features: • Quotes forall major currencies with the list of displayed symbols and renewalperiod configuration • Economic calendar is a tool of fundamentalanalysis. Gives an overview of the events that will occur in themarket soon. • Interest rates - one of the most important monetarypolicy regulation tool and they have a direct influence oncurrencies. • News - along with the key macroeconomic news andevents you have the opportunity to be in touch with the marketsituation analysis. • Reviews of the events taking place in thecurrency, stock and raw markets. • Analyst opinions - fullinformation about the most important events of the day. • TechnicalAnalysis - Daily analysis of currency pairs • Overview videos -Expert Reviews in video format on the past and projecteddevelopments in the international currency market Forex. •Companies - information about companies, financial indicators andfeatures of its shares. • Event notifications of the economiccalendar, don't miss anything important. • Home screen widgets(2x1, 2x2).
TeleTrade Personal Page 1.0.1
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