Tellurion Mobile Apps

Candy Slash Story
Candy Slash Story is a classic match 3 puzzlegame. Touch and swipe with your finger to switch candy's. Match 3candies of the same color to destroy them. Match more than 3candies to generate super candies. Combine super candies to getawesome destroy effects. Destroy as many candies as you can!
Candy Slash Cola Story
Candy Slash Cola Story is a match 3 puzzlegame. Touch and swipe with your finger to switch candies. Match 3+candies together to collect them!
Farm Friends Story
Farm Friends Story is a classic match 3 puzzlegame.Grow cropsies to beat the angry fox and defend your farm.Touch and swipe with your finger to switch fruits andvegetables.Match 3 cropsies of the same type together to collect them!Match more than 3 cropsies to get bonuses and increase theharvest!
Puzzles and Dungeons
Puzzle and Dungeons is an addictive match-3puzzle game with classic monster-collecting RPG gameplay. Matchthree orbs of the same color to attack dungeon guardians. Matchmore that three orbs for more damage. Remember, you can move an orbto any position at the orb's field. There are more than 100 uniquemonsters, which can be combined in a different teams. Use yourteams to clear the dungeons.Fuse your creatures together to make them stronger, helplessbaby-dragons willbecome powerful battle beasts.An internet connection is required to play the game.
RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft 5.2.3
★★★★★ FREE 3D CRAFT SANDBOX ★★★★★ Do you like creative mine,survival building sandboxes and craft games? Such games in whichyou can explore 3D worlds, fight mobs, destroy and build cubes? If"yes", then the free Realmcraft sandbox is exactly what you arelooking for! FEATURES OF REALMCRAFT ► Fascinating OPEN WORLD inwhich everything consists of 3D cubes. In this endless world withprocedural generation, only you decide where to go and what to do!► CREATE WORLDS. Destroy cubes, collect blocks, move them as youlike and create your own worlds; ► BLOCKS CRAFTING. Here you willfind about 100 types of blocks that can be used to build and createuseful items; ► CRAFT FOR FREE. This is a free (F2P) game. Noweveryone can craft, survive, and build! ► Various game modes -SURVIVAL MODE and CREATIVE MODE, WORLDS, MINI-GAMES; ► SIMULATORfor building, crafting and farming. Spawn eggs to get to know allthe unique mobs, learn how to tame a wolf, ocelot and horse, startgrowing plants and set up your very own block farm! ► MULTIPLAYERand MINI GAMES! Meet other fans of building games, chat with them,do joint construction, and share life hacks and secrets of thegame. ► EXPLORATION. In this world with colorful cubic graphics,many lite biomes await you: from forests and plains to deserts andtaiga. In each biome, you will be greeted by unique flora andfauna. ► FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. Realmcraft has over 100 millionplayers! Join you too! Cut wood, break stones, mine blocks andcreate out of them main raft worlds of your dreams! You can BUILDCUBE Blocks and make whatever you want, be it ordinary houses,luxurious villas, giant statues of yourself or football stadiums.Learn how to tame a wolf, ocelot and horse, start growing plantsand set up your very own block farm! Learn CRAFT recipes to makethe most powerful weapon (diamond armor), get to the Nether anddefeat all hostile creatures in your path OR just do whatever youwant and set your own goals. SURVIVAL MODE Build, collectresources, beat enemies, collect plants and go hunting to survivein survival mode (single player). Master the secrets of the WORLDOF CRAFT and go from simple wooden armor to strong diamond armor tobe the strongest! Use enchantments to increase your damage anddefense even more! And let the evil mobs regret meeting you! Alsohere you will find funny quests that will introduce you to all thecrafting recipes and test your ability to survive! Can you getthrough this mine hunger experience? CREATIVE Enjoy unlimitedcreativity, immortality and flying in creative mode. CITY BUILDINGopportunities here are fascinating. Build your dream houses fromcubes, or copy real-life landmarks and houses from TV shows. Alsohere you can become a real engineer, creating complex mechanismsfrom electrum. Most importantly, remember that there are norestrictions in the open cube world of Realmcraft, so let yourimagination run wild! MULTIPLAYER Realmcraft has a multiplayer modecalled Worlds. Make friends with real players from all over theworld and build together! Show other players the buildings youcreate and give tips on crafting and building. In addition to thegeneral chat, there is a private chat in which you can communicateonly with a friend. MINI GAMES ► EGG WRAS (throw eggs at other teammembers and dodge when they throw at you!) ► SNOWBALL FIGHTS (Throwsnowballs at other team members and dodge when they throw at you!)► BED WRAS (try to take the bed of someone else's team and guardyours!) Realmcraft is a unique adventure in unique cubic multicraft worlds that everyone will love! Follow on: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM:
League of Miracles 1.0.0
League of Miracles is a Massive onlinebattlearena focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat.Shortand intense matches. Welcome to a world where championsdedicatetheir lives to the arena. Step up to the challenge andmaximizeyour skills. It’s all about timing and precision.Predictabilityleads to punishment. This is fighting in its purestform.Choose a champion depending on your playstyle.Buy items to get stronger.Obtain new friends and conquer the Forbidden Path together.
AdventureCraft: 3D Craft Building & Block Survival 5.1.1
AdventureCraft is a sandbox construction game with 3D procedurallygenerated world. Play this FREE Online Multiplayer Game for adultsand kids. This building game with thousands of players from allover the world will entertain you for a long time flooding yourmind with unforgettable emotions. *** GAME FEATURES *** • Veryrealistic gameplay; • Huge world to explore; • MULTIPLAYER betamode to CHAT with the real people online; • Creative mode to setyour imagination free; • A great number of monsters and animals; •Craft and destroy everything; • Go deep into the mines; • Gatherresources to survive; • Fight your enemies; • 3D Sandboxconstruction game. *** GAME OPTIONS *** • Survival mode for singleplayer with infinite maps, crafting, building and mobs taming; •Creative mode for the Single player; • Online Multiplayer beta modefor playing with your friends! • 16+ player skins available for fungaming; • 10+ great predefined maps on the server to get startedwith the creative single player; • Play cross-platform with yourfriends (Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, WindowsStore). In AdventureCraft multiplayer beta mode you could: • playwith real people online: • get together in one world to show themost amazing buildings to each other! • discuss in real chat gamefeatures or game quests; • give advice to people online how tobuild their shelters/houses/towns! • have fun with friends! • getthe most amazing experience! Create and break apart various kindsof blocks, explore the environment, gather resources, kraftweapons, build shelter and take part in combat with dangerousopponents. The game offers two modes – Survival and Creative. - InSurvival players have to collect resources, construct buildings,fight against enemies, manage hunger and explore the word tosurvive and prosper. - In Creative mode you focus on breaking newgrounds of creation by building the most elaborate structures youcan dream of. This Exploration AdventureCraft Game was inspired bythe popular one in which you could Crafting, Building, Survival,which gives you the opportunity to design your dream block house in3D environment, and build a whole cube town! Everything is possibleon this Adventure Game! • Explore this world and start living yourdreams and imagination. • Customize your character by choosingunique skin for fun games. • Select your favorite Blocks TexturePack. • Create your own worlds, start your own survival game on therandomly generated maps! • Play Fun Online Creative Game with YourFriends and All Your Family! Survive at Nights, Hunt Animals, Craftand Build! • Endless possibilities! • 3D game graphics! •Exploration of the sandbox blocky world! • City builder game! Thisis all about AdventureCraft where all your town building dreamscome true! Join one of the Best Survival Game! Please give us 5stars and leave your reviews, we appreciate your support! Follow uson: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: FORUM: INSTAGRAM: VK:
PrimalCraft: Cubes Craft & Survive Game 5.1.4
PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you can buildyour own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3D SandboxConstruction; • Free2play game; • RPG Elements; • Cube HouseBuilding; • Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game; • MULTIPLAYERbeta mode to CHAT with the real people online; • 40+ Worlds toExplore; • Mining Craft & Destroying everything; • Build YourOwn Shelter/House/Town/World; • Go Deep into the Mines; • GatherResources to Survive; • Fight The Enemies; • Game Auto-saving.Crafting and building, exploration and surviving game in which youcan explore an ancient city, immerse yourself in the cube earth,gather resources, raft blocks, and find food to survive in wildanimals’ world. Choose your type of the world: ► Creative Tryyourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters. Exploreall the beauty of the world. It's the place to implement yourimagination where nothing limits your possibilities. ► SurvivalIt's the way for the brave ruthless adventurer. There are a lot ofwild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious. You canclone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes. *** CREATIVEMODE FEATURES *** • Be creative! Set Your Imagination Free; •Endless gameplay; • Explore the blueprint worlds! • Build andcreate awesome buildings and structures! • Compare your blockworlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVAL MODEFEATURES *** ⇒ A great number of different monsters. ⇒ After GameAwards. ⇒ Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS *** ⇒Millions of players all around the world; ⇒ More than 100 kinds ofweapons; ⇒ More than 35 maps and locations; ⇒ Endlesspossibilities! ⇒ 3D game graphics! ⇒ Exploration of the sandboxblocky world! ⇒ City builder game! In PrimalCraft multiplayer betamode you could play with real people online: - Get together in oneworld to show the most amazing buildings to each other! - Discussin real chat game features or game quests; - Give advises to peopleonline how to build their shelters/houses/towns! Play PrimalCraftGame on your own map! Create different resources, mine, build orcraft new items and build your own shelter to survive in thenights, stay there and be safe from the block monsters: zombies,pumpkin heads and other aggressive monsters. Save your health andhunt down eatable animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickens etc. toovercome your hunger mod. PrimalCraft Game allows you to customizeyour character by choosing unique skin Survival Craft World!PrimalCraft is one of the best building simulator! Try it now withall your friends or family members and win by creating the bestcity! This PrimalCraft Game gives opportunity to design a dreamblock house in 3D environment, and build a whole cube town!Everything is possible on this Adventure Game! This is all aboutPrimalCraft where all your city building dreams come true! Pleasegive us 5 stars and leave your reviews, we appreciate your support!Follow PrimalCraft on: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: VK: Please join PrimalCraft GameCommunities! FORUM: YOUTUBE:
Tournament in Tavern
Tournament in Tavern is a free-to-playonlinecollectible card game for four people! Choose a Hero, grab adeckand be ready to beat your opponents.This is the first digital card game that can be played byfourpeople on one board, but the winner is always one. Think youcanhandle them all?Use Hero Powers, cast devastating spells, summon mighty creaturestofight against other players. Open packs and craft cards toconstructa unique deck. Complete quests, level up heroes, rank upthe ladder.Wide range of cards will help you develop different andcunningstrategies.Improve your skills by playing matches againstcomputer-controlledHeroes. Win, craft and enrich your deck witheven more powerfulcards.Fight for victory and you will win fantastic prizes.
RaptorCraft 3D: Survival Craft ► Dangerous Worlds 5.1.2
Dive into the world of prehistoric times with dinosaurs nearby. ***Game Features *** • Face many different dinosaurs. • Be survivaland creative in dangerous conditions. • Craft different items,weapons and armor. • Use game shop and daily bonuses in coins. •Many types of construction blocks. • Changing the daytime. • Playfrom first and third person view • Play in Multiplayer Mode -"WORLDS" with your frineds • Test Mode "Mini Games":minigames likeegg wars, bed wars, snowball fight and 2 more in upcoming newupdate Play in Survive or Creative worlds full of danger. You canfight against wild reptiles in the sandbox cube world or constructgiant buildings next to them. Anyway, dinosaurs will surround you.PLAY WITH FRIENDS - Mini games - Worlds multiplayer In RaptorCraftmultiplayer beta mode you could play with real people online: - gettogether in one world to show the most amazing buildings to eachother! - discuss in real chat game features or game quests; - giveadvices to people online how to build their shelters/houses/towns!- have fun with friends! - get the most amazing experience! Plungeinto a world full of danger. Walk around, discover and build yourown world. You can find many different reptiles in the worldinhabited by predators of ancient times. Try to become a predatoryourself. Collect resources to be ready for any situation, createdifferent buildings and weapons, explore the world and fightagainst wild prehistoric animals. Choose will become your food andavoid becoming a victim. New game mode: Mini-games - Snowballfight, Egg Wars, Bed Wars. Try to survive in this madness! You haveto look around because predators are watching you. Start yourjourney into the cube world of dinosaurs and try to stay on the topof the food chain. Follow us on: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: FORUM: INSTAGRAM: VK: