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Let's Fish: Sport Fishing Games. Fishing Simulator 5.8.0
It’s time to go fishing with Let’s Fish, the best fishing simulatorand free online game of 2019! Looking for free fishing games (bassfishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, sport fishing, big fish fishingand more) or best outdoor games? Great! Lets Fish offers the bestsummer fishing and winter fishing experience, so u don't have tosearch for any other hobby games anymore. With Let's Fish you haveyour hobby in your pocket, all the time ! Sport fishing, free andbetter than other free fishing apps in 3D. So.. join the mostpopular Sport Fishing Game in the World! Invite and compete withfriends to hunt down your next catch (salmon? bass? tuna? shark?whale?) and reel your fish in! Enjoy a virtual adventure innature’s great outdoors and visit stunning fishing locationsthrough relaxing gameplay – Catch the fishing fever this seasonwith the ultimate fishing simulator app. It’s time to grab yourfishing tackle, unwind, and go fish! Unwind, Relax & Go FishingEvery fisherman or angler knows there’s nothing like coming backfrom work, picking up fishing tackle and heading to the nearestocean or freshwater lake for some quality sport fishing. If it’sthe fishing off-season, or you don’t have an angling boat at hand,simply open Let’s Fish! With realistic scenery in the heart ofnature, you will feel like you are on an actual fishing trip,standing on the fishing dock, holding your fishing rod, staring atthe water and waiting for your fish to take the bait. Over 60Stunning Locations Travel to different photo-realistic locations innature across all continents, like Rio Negro, Alaska, the NorwegianFjords, American Lakes, South American rivers or oceans. Find themost appropriate fishing gear for each location and choose betweena fishing rod, a net, or other options. Over 650 Species of FishCatch various species of fish, from small and medium breeds likecatfish, albacore and skipjack tuna or salmon to large fish speciessuch as coelacanths, peacock bass, and even white sharks andwhales. We are constantly adding more fish species and new uniquefeatures to the app. Accessorize all the Way Enjoy a variety offishing tackles. Replace your natural worm bait and experiment withfly fishing or lures. With Let’s Fish’s virtual gear, onlinefishing is a truly authentic experience. We have the completefishing tackle and equipment every angler would love to use: rods,hooks, lines, reels, landing nets, bait, ground bait, buffs... youname it! Let’s Fish has it all – “hook, line and sinker” Competion,player vs player (PvP) duels, rankings and tournaments Wannacompete with friends in multiplayer mode, win the rankings, showoff with your big fish, take part in fishing tournaments, events orweekend fishing championship?. You can easly become a fishing kingand fish expert in this free sports games and free fishingsimulator. You will need a good fishing gear and a strategy tomatch the best baits and rods (you should use other equippment forsea fishing, spin fishing,and float fishing) with the appropriatefishing location. You can't find a shark in cold arenas nor catch abig fish as trout, salmon or bass using a small rod. Join Let’sFish for your next outdoor angling adventure! Best big fish appamong fishing saga s? - Sport Games for free are not as thrillingas this fishing app - Outdoor sports games are mostly about huntingor fighting / boxing but fishing is one of the most popular outdooractivities in the United States (US, North America) and othercountries like Canada - In this best and top fish simulator you cango on fishing sharks and other sea predators ----------------Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/letsfishthegame or likeour Facebook fpage at https://www.facebook.com/PlayLetsFish to getupdates about new tournaments or in-game promos. Please be advisedthat Let’s Fish is an online fishing game, an internet connectionis required to play the game.
Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game. Bass Hunting 3D 1.0.105
13M+ anglers already played Fishing Clash ! Join them! The mostpopular hobby now in your pocket! Start catching fish species inFishing Clash - free fishing simulator and new 3D game from TenSquare Games, the producer of Let's Fish app. High time to gofishing! Face other players in real-time PvP! -Be faster and better- catch more valuable fish species -Beat your opponents and winexclusive rewards -Get social and interact with other anglers Enjoyvivid 3D graphics! -Visit great animated realistic fisheries(Florida Coast, Guntersville, Amazon River, Loch Ness, GreatBarrier Reef, Mekong River and many more) - Discover hundreds of 3Dfish species - Feel the power of professional fishing gear Don'tmiss time-limited events - Enjoy new content and in-game eventsevery week - Take part in championships - Compete with otherplayers in leaderboards Pick the right fishing gear and get yourfishing career rolling - Collect and upgrade lures to reach higherlevels - Unlock new fisheries and get access to new fish speciesand quests - Choose your gear wisely to increase the weight of fish- Get buffs to be faster and more accurate Fishing in a truly worldsport style! Join the most popular sport in the world with FishingClash - a free fishing game available for mobile devices! Take partin sport events and fishing tournaments, compete with your friendsto hunt down your next catch and reel your big fish in! Enjoy afishing adventure in the America’s greatest outdoors and visitstunning fishing locations through gripping and addictive gameplay– catch the fishing fever this season with the ultimate, mostrealistic fishing simulator app. Free fishing all year round Summerfishing? Winter fishing? In our free online simulation game you canvisit nearest river, freshwater lake, sea, or ocean for qualitysport fishing whenever you want to. Whether it’s the fishingoff-season or you’re warming up for your next tournament, play ourfishing game - for free! With realistic 3D graphics, fisherieslocated in the heart of nature, you will feel like you are on anactual fishing trip, standing on the fishing dock, holding yourfishing rod - and fighting with your big fish! Win the strugglewith a shark or bass and get the title of a fishing master in thefishing championship! Fishing rocks! For free! Go on an adventure -compete - win! Fishing Clash is a fishing game designed for thosewho like fishing adventures, action games, simulation games,competition and outdoors! Practice, take part in the fishingchampionships and tournaments, score points and become a fish gamechamp. Breathtaking Locations Travel to realistic, beautifullyanimated locations in nature across i.e. The North America. Startwith Florida and move on to the biggest Alabama’s lake -Guntersville Lake. Your next stop will be Kenai River, the mostpopular sport fishing destination in Alaska, particularly known forits salmon and rainbow trout. Will you be able to beat the worldrecord for king salmon? How many species of fish will you catch? Inthis 3D fishing simulator game you can catch various species offish like catfish, bass, crappie, sunfish, trout, salmon, barracudaor even a shark and whale! Aim for the rare boss fish and rememberthat each specie has its own style so make sure you’re ready topull! Designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind Fishing Clash is amobile fishing simulator of the highest quality. It is acombination of a fishing simulator, outdoor app and sports game.Online game for free - choose between sport fishing, bass fishing,fly fishing, ice fishing and any other form of catching a big fish.DOWNLOAD NOW and prepare for one of the most realistic experiencein fishing games genre!
Wild Hunt:Sport Hunting Games. Hunter & Shooter 3D 1.379
Time to collect your hunting gear, load a gun, sharpen your sensesand track wild animals in realistic hunting locations. Become thereal hunter and answer the call of the wild! Are you ready for anultimate hunting experience? Are you into visiting new and stunninghunting locations and shooting realistic wild animals? Are youdreaming about trying different modes of hunting games: free hunt,hunting competition, sport hunting campaigns? Are you interested incompeting with other real hunters, shooters, riflemen in 1v1 PvPonline mode? Are you eager to learn how to load a gun, upgrade yourshotgun, crossbow, bow or rifle, shoot a duck, wolf, grizzly, deeror any other hunter game? WILD HUNT FEATURES: → Hunt deer or othergame: grizzly bear, wolf, duck and more wild animals → Go huntingin the woods, mountains, forests or savanna → Visit hunting regionsin Africa, Europe, Australia, America or Asia → Be aware of wind,rain and different types of gear and ammo. It’s the most realistichunting game available! → Hone your hunting skills, compete in 1v1PvP online mode and become the best animal hunter in the world! →Create a new hunting club or join the existing one. Have a huntingfun with friends and meet fellow hunters from all around the worldin the exciting hunting club events! Join or create the HUNTINGCLUBS! Enjoy our brand new feature - hunting clubs! What’s moreexciting than hunting with friends? Join one of the hundredsalready existing hunting clubs or create a new one and invite yourfellow hunters! Hunt together and compete with other clubs in atime-limited group events! Animal hunting tournaments &championships - compete now! Climb up the leaderboard and becomethe renowned animal hunting expert! In Wild Hunt you’ll find plentyof hunting tournaments and championships, where you can participatefor free. Hone your hunting skills to perfection as you challengeother hunters in our PvP online mode and prove you’re the real deerhunting master! Let the best deer shooter win! Real locations –real animals Travel to realistic hunting locations across allcontinents and hunt real animals that naturally inhibit thoseterritories. Hunt a deer, a fox or a bear in Yellowstone Park(USA), pursue a rhinoceros in the Nile (Egypt), entrap a walrus inthe Arctic Ocean (Russia), target a dingo in the Australian Outbackand much more! Go hunting to the most exotic spots, right from yourmobile device. Deer shooting games just went global! Pick yourWeapon Get your favourite gear from free hunting equipment or buyanew. Choose between rifles, a shotgun or show your archery skillswith a sport hunting crossbow. Fix and upgrade it regularly,selecting different gear for different locations and each huntinggames. Whether you’re a classic bow-and-arrow fan or a firearmfanatic, Wild Hunt has the weapon that will fit your needs like ahunting glove and let you become the apex predator of the huntinggrounds! Stimulating 3D Graphics What set apart Wild Hunt from allother action shooting games is enticing 3D graphics. Spy closely onthe hunted animal through the weapon scope, take aim and carefullypull the trigger! Watch as the bullet flies in slow motion, tearsthrough the bushes and hits the target – Bullseye! Developed by thetalented creators of Let’s Fish – one of best & top grossingfishing apps – Wild Hunt is a social action-packed sports game withcaptivating graphics based on real worldwide hunting locations.Step out into the great outdoors, choose your weapon, take aim& fire! Find new friends, join or create the hunting club andtake part in the exciting events. Deer shooting games just advancedon the whole new level - finally something that feels like it’s2019! Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wildhuntapp/Wild Hunt – one of the greatest mobile hunting games. DOWNLOAD NOWFOR FREE!
Heroes of Magic: Match 3 Puzzle RPG Games 1.41.4
Soul summoners, welcome to a real match-3 PvP world! Heroes ofMagic is an online game for strategic players addicted to the worldof heroes and dragons. Choose your best warriors and lead them intothe PvP battles waged with match-3 mechanics. Become a legend byrecruiting the best warriors and heroes for the team. Make dragons,creatures, superheroes and other epic warriors fight and win inbattles in this fantasy game. In the magic jewel world all battlesare won through match 3 puzzles. Crush the jewels with free puzzlesto unleash ancient destruction spells. Good strategy, fullyequipped armor, sword, arrows or other epic weapon, magic spells,and team of powerful heroes ready to follow your orders is all youneed to beat the enemies, defeat great armies of dragons andmonsters and show an excellent defense skills. Your magic journeystarts now, this action game with unique 3D graphics and a pinch ofhistory, spells and adventure is waiting for you!What to expect inthis match 3 RPG game? Real fights and duels in multiplayer (PvPmode), never-ending quests, legions of heroes and armies ofmonsters, MMORPG, multiple battles against enemies and coalitionswith friends, adventures, events, campaigns and strongholds. But beaware of the fact that fantasy world is so addicting and thrillingthat once you enter it and see all the fantasy, monsters, warriorsand battles, you may never want to leave!Play this free online gameand become a fantasy winner. Strategy action MMO game for free?Yes! This free RPG game with match-3 elements which brings hours ofonline play and fantasy gameplay. And both RPG players and match-3fans will find it engaging. Take part in a PvP multiplayer journey,live your own adventure and legend, invite friends, create your ownstrategy, make your team of heroes legendary and lead heroes to thevictory against monsters and dragons and other hostile warriors andenemies and become a master of war. This epic game for free willlet you live through magic, fantasy, adventure. War gaming, roleplaying, campaigns planning, army defending, strategy building,battles and wars winning, army of heroes leading, enemy fighting?You will do that all in our RPG game for boys and men.What are themodes you can choose in this MMORPG game with match-3 and puzzleelements? Real PvP (duels in multiplayer game), magic quests,campaigns, battles, stronghold. You can compete with enemies orcooperate with friends. Other game modes make you use otherstrategy, the game is challenging and unique thanks to that. Whatmakes you engaged in this free game? Taking revenge on enemies,winning the wars and battles and leading the ranking, upgradingheroes and seeing their final evolutions, completing new events,opening chests with spells and other gifts, achieving new levels,becoming a master in puzzle quests and RPG battle. Each levelunlocks new arenas, new rankings, new heroes, new campaigns andbattles. Stunning 3D graphics changes with new levels and events.You can play match-3 puzzles and collect and upgrade heroes andwarriors in a fantasy arena, castle, medieval battlefield, dragonsland or even pirates ship. You are a master of strategy in thisfree mobile game and you decide which quests and puzzles you solve.Your friends can help you, go through fantasy world with you andtake part in journey together. Strategy is a key to the victory inthis RPG simulation game. Dragons, monsters, dungeons are the onlyobstacles for you to overcome. Forge your glory and build yourempire with match 3 puzzles.* Play for free - F2P RPG game *Hundreds of unique characters and legendary teams (league) * RPGmultiplayer MMORPG* Dungeons, summons, monsters, heroes of RPGonline games* 3D graphics, stunning fantasy world* Upgrades -customize your heroes* Clans, guilds - some features coming soon*New boards, legends, arena, battles
Pet Show: Cute games for girls 2.0.11
"Hello,kitty girl! Become a princess and makeyour cute pet a fashion star in this new and sweet fashion game forgirls in 3D - cute emoji and strawberry shortcake are waiting.Do u remember tamagotchi games, pou games and little popularminigames for boys and girls? Pet Show is the cutest, sweetest andmost fun simulation game! You can feed and take care of your pets,change clothes, collect accessories, take part in beauty contestsand become a trendsetter in the cute world of little animals livingthanks to your care and support.Pet Show is a fashion game but also a pet game for girls, youngboys and teenagers. Young moms with kids will enjoy playing withvirtual animals as well. Real pets are so similar to our littledogs and cats you can imagine you are in a real world of celebritypets who wear shoes and dresses for princess. But remember, this isnot a game about barbie dolls for little girls or babies! It is apopular miniplay with cute animals and a serious pocket game forserious girls and boys!If you want to play this free minigame full of sweet puppies:dogs, cats, kitty, bears, panda, boo or little dragon and winfashion show or beauty contest, you just need to choose clothes,accessories, hairstyle, furniture and make your pet islandbeautiful and shinny ! Just think of your favorite color: pink,yellow, blue or red and decide how to color your fashion world.Colorful graphics and 3D animation makes our pet game / fashiongame a wonderful land for kids, teenage girls and boys and theirmoms. Being adult doesn't make parents less interested in thisfashion world of little animals because it is a family game.So what is so special about Pet Show, our cutegame for girls and boys who love fashion exploration? A lot ! Let'simagine you can:1. Upgrade tiny jewelery, colorful hats, belts, pinky, yellow,blue skirts, princess dresses, colorful shorts, high heels, niceshoes and other beautiful clothes and items;2. Send your little dog, cat, panda or other puppy to the fashionshow or beauty contest to compare results with other users andtheir virtual pets. This is a player vs player form of theminiplay;3. Clean up your sweetest pet, so it is not dirty but shiny andbeautiful - its outfit has to be bright and fashionable so everyonelikes it;4. Visit friends on their islands. All young boys and girls need tohave fun with best friends. So do their little pets;5. Enjoy spinning our wheel to win food for your hungry puppy.Dragon, panda, cat and dog... All of them eat a lot of candy, fruitand sweets! Eating pet is the sweetest view. Feeding best friendswith a yellow candy, pink lollilop or red apple is what puppieslove most.6. Play with cute emoji and organize party with best fiends foryour minipets. They can visit each other's islands and celebrate innail salon or at hairdresser’s.7. Rescue pet from becoming a fashion victim but make it a sweetcandy,crash is not what you want to achieve.8. Enjoy our pet saga - better game for girls than other pou gamesor tamagotchi gamesPlay Pet Show game for girls and boys today ! Don't hesitate andenther the fashion world of small little pets, funny dogs and catsand make them trendsetters and fashion stars ! This is a realfamily game which whole family: dad, mom, kids will enjoy !Coming Soon:*See them Talkin’,Tom can be our talking cat, Jake talking dog,Angela talking panda - you will say hello,kitty girl to yourtalking pet and it will answer ! Speech recognition feature iscoming.*cat, dog, panda,pop ular house animals - we will offer more littlepuppies soon and they will be even more super,saga is growing*touching pets will be possible with 3D touch featureAbout us:Ten Square Games is a developer of mobile games. You can visitour web and mobile site:https://tensquaregames.com/. Pet Show newscan be found here:https://petshowgame.com/or on our Facebookpage:https://www.facebook.com/Pet-Show-962334290501845/."
Fishing Battle: Duels. 2018 Arcade Fishing Game. 1
Get ready to fish in Fishing Battle! Play real multiplayer fishinggames and enjoy winning the duels and earning in-game coins!Challenge your friends and other players to epic sight fishingduels. Bet, enter competitions to win huge prizes in an addictivetake on multiplayer fishing and use rewards to climb up therankings. Games like this one will entertain and challenge you forhours. Put your battle face on, because it's time to fish in thebest PvP game of 2018! Looking for arcade fishing games? FishingBattle is the best fish themed multiplayer arcade game you mayfind! Accuracy and great skills will help winning battles andcollecting coins necessary to upgrade fishing gear, invest intocrazy power-ups, fish out bigger and more valuable fish species infuture and climb up the rankings to become leagues master ! Fishinggames enthusiasts will also find a game amusing - bass fishing,shark fishing, mahi fishing - it's all here in Fishing Battle -most competitive action fishing game of 2018 ! Face other playersin real-time PvP! - Play against real players from all over theworld! - Get into high-stakes duels to win big! - Spot the rightfish faster than your opponent to get an advantage! Enjoy vividgraphics! - Experience amazing stylized graphics! - Visit fishingspots in the most beautiful parts of the world! - Catch realisticfish! - Discover hundreds of 3D fish species - Feel the power ofprofessional fishing gear Show yout fishing skills! - Fly fishing?Spinning? Baitcasting? Choose what's the best for that fishingspot! - Choose the right power-ups to confuse, slow down, freezeyour opponent while you're fishing online! -be fast, accurate andready to win in this arcade fishing game! Let the best angler win!-Experience unique skill-based fishing mechanics - find the biggestfish, throw the perfect line, and pull that catch as fast as youcan. -With skill and luck, you'll be able to beat even the mostseasoned players - Fishing Battle is all about choosing the rightequipment for the match, spotting the right fish before youropponent does, and pulling the catch without losing it. -Feel thereal adrenaline of online competition with a taste of a fishingsimulator. Let the fish games begin! Always have an ace up yoursleeve! -Tip the match in your favor by using crazy power-ups - putyour fishing rod in an overdrive, blind your enemy with an assaultsquid, and more. -Always be prepared to counterattack or to defendyourself - your enemy will surely use power-ups as well! Prepareyour gear! -Customize your fishing equipment to win against theodds - each fishery requires a different approach to catching fish.-Spinning, fly fishing or baitcasting - it's your decision, so youbetter research the fishing spot you're traveling to if you hope towin in these multiplayer fishing games! See the world! -Visitbeautiful sport fishing grounds all around the world - awesomegraphics will keep you glued to the screen. -Whether you'rechilling at the Hawaii Bay or catching fish the dangerous Amazonriver you'll always find amazing fishing spots to duel youropponents. -What place will bless you with the best fishing games?Find out by visiting all of them! Do you enjoy free fishing games?Are you a multiplayer games veteran, or maybe you want to becomeone? Play fishing online (or via wifi hotspot) and train yourskills against real players from around the world. Catching fish isonly a pretext - this multiplayer game is all about adrenaline,quick reflexes, and competition. Your usual bass fishing insimulator games can be a slow sport - with sight fishing you can besure that you'll always have to be on your toes to win in themultiplayer fishing games! Fishing Battle is the next smash hitfrom Ten Square Games, the creators of popular hobby apps likeLet's Fish, Fishing Clash and Wild Hunt. It is the next stepforward from traditional simulator games towards a next-gen onlinefishing gameplay. Go fishing!
Golf Rush: Mini Golf Games. Golfing Simulator 2019 0.142
⛳ PUTT IT IN! ⛳ Experience the real mini golf matchup in thehottest golf simulator on mobile! Pick up a golf club and challengeplayers all around the world in Golf Rush - a 1v1 PvP multiplayergolf game! This new mini golf game will change the way you thinkabout golfing games. Play PvP with friends, PvP online, PvP 1vs1 -anyhow you want. Putt it into hole in one with a little golf flickand win the mini golf championship! Challenge other players inreal-time 1v1 PvP online mode! ⟹ Play mini golf matchups on variouslevels like wild west, pirate island or countryside! ⟹ Aimcarefully - don’t let wind fools you! ⟹ Avoid obstacles liketrapdoors, running trains or waterfalls! ⟹ Get social and talk withothers about their golf quest in Golfers Hub! Choose your gear andbecome a golfing master! ⟹ Collect and upgrade golf equipment! ⟹Choose a different golf club and ball for every putt putt. ⟹ Unlockprofessional golf kit with crazy buffs and win every game of golf.⟹ Battle for hundreds new clubs, balls, putters and upgrades! Takepart in leagues and tournaments! ⟹ Every win get you higher in theglobal rank. ⟹ Time-limited events let you compete against othergolfers for special rewards! ⟹ Qualify to Golf Masters championshipto become a new mini golf hero! Play mini golf matchup games thesimplest way. In Golf Rush it can’t be easier to jump straight intothe mini golf games. Just launch this golfing app, choose amultiplayer arena, and when you find your golfing rival... make aputt! Putt! Golf it your way! No need to be a pro golfer - game iseasy to learn, but hard to master! Fire a golf shot. It’s easierthan ever: swipe and release to hit the ball with golf club andmake a perfect putt. Shoot carefully, trying to get as many starsas you can, considering weather conditions! Simple bogey might bethe hardest one - like in a real golf! Clash with other golfers in1vs1 games. Connect with golf players from all around the world andbeat them on various levels this mini golf multiplayer game has tooffer. Try to make a bogey on a Countryside, hit a trickshot on aWild West map and use your skills to win a golf matchup games on atricky Pirate level. PvP games at its best! It’s a TRAP! Everylevel of these addicting games is filled with boosters and traps.Speed up your golf shot on turbo squares; try shooting directlythrough dark barn or make a safer yet longer run around it. Goal?Putt hole in a one with a golf flick! Real gold rush begins! WinPvP duel, earn gold, diamonds and unlock new stuff: new levels, newgolf clubs, balls, drivers, upgrades… Get fancy loot and playhigher like in the best golf betting games! Become a mini golfarena master like in no other golf games! Golf duel was never soexciting. Play with friends or challenge other players in top 1v1games online. Whether it’s just friendly golf matchup games, one ofthe league’s 1v1 games, PvP games from the weekly Golf Masterstournament or smaller events like Mini Gold Rush, Tee Times, andPutt Putt, Golf Rush provides you real mini golf thrills rarelyfound in other sports games. Mini golf with friends can turn intobest golfing games ever! Maybe it’s not the most addicting gameever, but when it comes to most addicting games 2019, it’s hard notto putt Golf Rush on the list. Golf it with friends or make a golfworkout on your own. DOWNLOAD NOW and start a mini golf adventurein one of the top, highly addictive game that you will neverdelete. This golfing simulator will surely become your favouritepocket mini golf for 2 players. Just play the golf! Rival is toostrong? Wanna tips n’ tricks? Don’t look for golf apps or golfinstructions! Join the Golf Rush community that welcomes everyprofessional mini golf player and casual golf gamer. Share yourgolf adventure with other golfers, as there’s no better thing thanplaying mini golf PvP with friends! Golf Rush - one of the best1vs1 games 2019!
Flip This House: 3D Home Design Games 1.57
🏚️ ➜🏠 Have you ever been in need to make a house makeover, changeyour interior design or refurbish a room? Sure you have! What ifyou can’t afford it? Get a loan? Pinch & scrape? NO! Grab aphone and call Puzzle.tv! It’s time to escape and take care oflandscapes! Maybe it’s you whose design dreams will be fulfilledthis time by Pearl, Harvey & their crew! REnovate, REdesign,REward (people)! A new creative hobby Flip This House – one of themost relaxing home design games ever made! This game of design,renovation & sale put you in control of the whole house design,interior makeover crew, set on a mission to redesign, refurbishand/or rebuild homes from scratch and even sell them thanks tounique house flipper mechanic. Easy, relaxing gameplay If you’retired with constant challenges of other landscapes & housedesign games, Flip This House is a perfect choice. This free gamelets you step in the shoes of a real 3D home designer, enhancingyour creative thinking. Whether you decorating house or makingflowers in garden blossom, it’s an unthinkable joy to see how theold home designs turn into a shiny, new building. Game ofextraordinary characters In your new house designer job you meetPearl, who’s in charge of the newest Puzzle.tv show, that makespeople’s interior design dreams come true. Her optimism, passionabout home renovation and DIY attitude is supported by building& fixing skills of a handyman called Harvey. But who’s the realstar of Flip This House? Flipper for sure - the one and onlyDOGTASTIC home designer! Another episode, another life changedEvery episode of Flip This House is starred by a good man in need.Are you going to just re-design interior decorating or will it be atotal renovation? Select paint, chairs, tables, windows, couch andgarden design. Not everyone needs to live in a mansion, but it’s upto you whether the guests call results of your house buildingefforts “ my home ”. Fix, repair and… sell? House fixing andrepairing is just one side of the coin. Some characters renovatehouse just to sell it - how will you make their dream house morepricey? Furnish room with luxury items or destroy & rebuild itto make a completely fresh 3D home design? Games like Flip ThisHouse rarely offer such freedom and landscapes creativity, so braceyourself for a brand new house flipping adventure! Challenge yourmind with match-3 puzzle games Whether you design, renovate, fix,repair or just decorate house, your funds aren’t endless. Still,you can invest more by playing fun match-3 game! The core gameplayis easy: match 3 game elements (gems) in a row to make themdisappear; match them in squares or longer rows to create bombs,fireworks and other things to create explosions, break glasses andmore! Once you try this puzzle game, you won’t stop matching! Decormatters! With each level, there’s another match-3 challenge. Winpower-ups like hammer or rocket to make the job easier! At the endof the day, you’re going to be a successful house builder or homedesigner that saves other people from living in the badly designed,poorly decorated house with run-down garden. Just Flip This Housenow!
SoliTales: Solitaire Game + Garden & House Design 1.43
Solitaire, one of the best card games ever, now looks better thanever! Why would you choose Soli Tales over hundreds of othersolitaire games? ♠️ It’s a classic solitaire game. Tripeaks,Spider, Klondike, Free Cell? You choose it! ♥ Play your cardsright. Or harvest bonuses to make this fun game a little biteasier. ♦ Free cards. Launch the game every day to improve yourdeck building abilities. ♠️ Solitaire game mixed with gardening andhome design themes. Your favourite card game never looked socharming! ♥ Follow the story. Meet Simon Green, a host of gardeningshow, who’s willing to help people make every flower gardenbeautiful, his daughter Lily and their charming dog Ace, an expertof home decoration. ♦ Unlock new houses. Be creative and expressyourself in a field of home design. ♠️ Create your flower garden ofdreams. Use garden tips from Simon and Lily and step intogardeners’ world. As you can see, Soli Tales is an ultimatecombination of casual solitaire (tripeaks, pyramid, klondike,spider and more) and story game of design and garden. If you don’tlike the story, you can just play solitaire - tripeaks, pyramid orklondike, it’s up to you. This simple game is the best way to easeyour mind. Don’t believe anyone who says these fun games are just agames for old people. Whether you’re doing home makeover, makinghouse cleaning, plant harvesting or interior decorating, you canalways make a little break for solitaire. It’s definitely morerelaxing game than whist or gin rummy. But there’s more! Engageinto story of Simon and Lily - a decorators and gardeners for rent- and help restore old houses to their former glory. From grandpalaces with great British gardens to exotic examples of foreignarchitecture with Japanese garden, you can control almosteverything: interior design, home decor, flower arrangement andwatering, plant growing. Plant trees, add zen sculptures, renovaterooms, kitchen and kids’ bedroom, while also arranging a goldenglade out of zinnias or small yet beautiful rose garden. Need aflowerchecker? Don’t worry, Ace will come to help! If you’re stillnot sure why Soli Tales is going to be one of the best card gamesfor free in 2020, then download this unusual game now and become aninstant gardener with a deck of cards!