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JOOX Music 5.6.5
The JOOX streaming music app is here for download. It’s the FREEmusic player app with lyrics for all local music lovers to streamor download the latest songs with millions of other local andInternational tracks to choose from. Listen to your favourite radiostations. Enjoy karaoke and stream videos with friends. Downloadthe JOOX app on your Android mobile device or tablet, that is fortrue music lovers. Discover new music with exclusive musicplaylists from our editors who have selected songs that fit yourtaste and mood the best, anytime anywhere. FREE FEATURES * HugeLibrary of Music - Instantly access streaming music from across theworld. * JOOX Radio - Access over 50 radio stations with an immensenumber of songs and hits. * Recommended Playlists - Whether it’s aplaylist recommended by us, with songs to fit your mood. * Lyricsfor all your favourite hits - Learn the words and lyrics to yourfavourite songs and albums to use in Karaoke * Personalised Music -Customise your playlists with your favourite songs and tracks forevery occasion. * Real-Time Sharing - Share your songs with friendsand on your Moments. * Live Broadcasting - Get closer to yourfavourite artist in JOOX Live. * Music Videos – watch music videos,exclusive interviews and documentaries. In addition to all theabove great FREE features, the JOOX VIP service turns it up for thereal music fans: * Play songs on-demand. * Download music foroffline listening. * High-quality audio for music streaming. * Noaudio ads during songs. The JOOX app is for whenever your need formusic is there to excite and inspire. Listen to songs on a playlistfor the long commute, for a party or at work. JOOX has music foreveryone whether you are on the go or at home. Listen to yourfavourite local and International chart-topping hip-hop, R&B,Pop, Dance, EDM songs and albums. Stream or download your favouritemusic from other music genres for the best music app experience.Download the JOOX music player app now! JOOX User Terms:http://www.joox.com/common_redirect.html?page=terms&target=user_termsPrivacy Policy and Terms of Service:http://www.tencent.com/en-us/zc/termsofservice.shtml For anyquestions, please feel free to contact us at Official Website:www.JOOX.com Email: feedback@JOOX.com
MojiMe for WeChat 1.2
Create FREE personalized stickers with MojiMe and be the star ofyour WeChat conversations! Simply upload a pic of yourself or abuddy, select a character and we’ll do the rest! Then share yournewly created sticker to your chats or challenge your friends to a“Whack-A-Mole” game on Facebook and WeChat Moments featuring yourface. Go ahead, give it a try!**FEATURES**• Turn yourself into a hilarious animated sticker!• Create buddy stickers with your friends and family for twice thefun!• Choose from the best characters and themes: Momo, Prince andPrincess, Love Story, Mr. Cool and Panda, and many more.• Share your MojiMe stickers with all your WeChat, WhatsApp, andLine friends. Be the star of your chats and spread thelaughs!• Share on WeChat Moments or Facebook and turn the sticker into a“Whack-A-Mole” game featuring your face.• Save your personalized stickers to reuse at any time.Learn more about MojiMe at http://mojime.wechat.com/.
iPick 2.2.1
Now available in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur,and Penang. iPick is your FREE social food app to discover yourcity's best culinary experiences! Find new local favorites throughfriends and community experts you trust. Enjoy iPick's sleekinterface, NO POP-UP ADS and use smart search to find exactly whatyou're looking for. Then share pics and reviews with your networkthrough WeChat and Facebook. What are you waiting for? Your nextfood adventure awaits! Main features: Food Moments: Share, commentand connect with friends over dining experiences. Short Videos: Youcan share the best and worst meals with the world in an even morelively fashion! What are you waiting for? Smart Search: Fast andeasy, start searching with just one tap! Food Recommendations:Receive top lists each week with hot spots you need to check out.Critiques: Tons of articles from food critics help you decide whereto eat. Ad Free: We don’t do ads! Browse restaurant and food infowithout interruption. Note: In order to provide you accuraterestaurants information, we strongly suggest you enable GPS on thephone and permit iPick to use your location information.
VOOV - Free Social Video App 2.6.0
VOOV is a social video app that features new content from theworld’s best video creators! Find the trending challenges combinedwith the hottest music, and be entertained by the most creativevideos on earth! You can now shoot entertaining Mini Videos andshare your life with the world anytime and anywhere! Not enough?Live streaming with followers and friends is available too!Features [Entertaining Videos] Watch the most entertaining MiniVideos from video creators from around the world. Join the videorevolution! [Quick Start] With easy to use video creation andediting features, you can be the next big video content creationsuperstar! [Let Your Creativity Flow] The newest music and hottestvideo special effects and filters will spark your creativity![Hashtag Topic Challenge] Join trending challenges together withvideo creators around the world to showcase your talents and shareyour life!
VooV Meeting - Tencent Video Conferencing
Global cross-border video conferencing just got better! VooVMeeting breaks down borders, providing smooth, secure, and reliablecloud-based video conferencing across over 100 countries around theworld - for free up to 300 attendees. Easily schedule or joinmeetings with crystal clear audio and HD video quality. Andeffectively collaborate across global teams through instantmessaging, screen and document sharing, and much more! - KeyFeatures - [Easy to Use] - Easily join, start, and schedule ameeting in just a few clicks across devices - Real-time screen,file and message sharing - Comprehensive host management controls[Smooth and Crystal Clear] - Crystal-clear audio and HD videoquality - AI-powered beauty filters and background blur - Smartambient noise and keyboard click sound reduction to perfectlyrestore human voices [Stable and Reliable] - High meetingconcurrency supported by Tencent Cloud's global network deployment[Secure] - World-leading security protection - Contact Us - Email:info@voovmeeting.com Enjoy using VooV Meeting? Please leave us arating, comment or email us. Thank you for your support!