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DTU confession 1.1
Ứng dụng gửi confession trên mobile của svĐHDuy Tân.Confession của bạn sẽ được gửi tới toàn thể sv DTU.Confession onmobileapplications sent Duy Tan University of sv.Confession will be sent to all sv DTU.
Fighter 1.0
move the main character to defeat monstersandearn score as high as possible. You'll use the keyscorrespondingto jumps, jumps 2 times, shoot and use special skills.There are 2types of ammunition, especially ammunition and rocketblock. Whenusing block bullets with level 1 to 10 that you pick upitems, thelevel switch rocket rocket and bullets reset level. Therearebosses and many interesting things for you to discoverjog.