TerranDroid Apps

Plumber Mole 1.0.4
Mesmerizing from start to finish, Plumber Moleoffers a world filled with joy of discovery and uncanny beauty. Useyour creativity to solve the challenging physics based puzzles now!The adorable moles are suffering from drought and it is your jobto guide water to their underground burrows. You will faceingenious puzzles with amazing life-like mechanics that involvemoving the slots of water pipes, cutting through dirt, breakingicebergs and etc. ‘Tri-star’ each level as fast as possible tounlock new locations and collect diamonds for charming power-ups.Intuitive yet addictive fun game-play make for a challenging andsatisfying puzzle solving experience!Game Features:- Adorable character and innovative physics game-play- Stunning graphics and amazing animations- 120+ water filled levels with uniquely challenging puzzles
Don't Tap The Wrong Leaf 1.3
Frog Jump, a.k.a. 'Don't Tap the Wrong Leaf',offers a truly unique and entertaining adventure. It is #1 sweetestgame that combines delicious action and puzzle experience.Join the Frog as he embarks on an adventure to the farthestlotus leaf. It is your job to help the frog jump the way to hissweetheart. Watch your step carefully, don't tap any wrong leaf.Only the green lotus leaf is safe. All the other tiles, includingwhite leaf, yellow leaf, blue water tile, are all verydangerous.Game Features:- Classic mode, Time Trial mode & Survival mode- Incredibly appealing and clever gameplay- Tasty graphics and piano quality sound effects