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Ladder - 1 tap VPN 2.1
If failed downloading, you can download fromhttp://vpnladder.infoWith only one tap, you can access Twitter, Facebook, Youtube andall the Internet without restriction.Features:* No registration required, no settings required* No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation* Optimized for Android 5.x, Android 4.x, compatible with 2.x* Integrated In-app Payment in full version* Buy once and use on all your Android devices, support 2 devicesonline at the same time.Note:* This is free trial version. You can follow the guide in-app todownload full version.* We can not guarantee it works for all models under all networkcondition. Please test it by yourself and decide use it or not. Aknown issue is can't work on tablet with Android 3.x.
Ladder - the first 1 tap VPN 2.3
To be noticed: Ladder was firstly published on Google Play on May2013, started the age of one-tap VPN.Recently Ladder is forced tounpublished by Play due to the Alipay payment gateway. This versionis a free version republished.How do you use Pixel phone in Chinawithout VPN? With only one tap, you can access all Google serviceswithout restriction.Optimized for access Internet on the move, canstay online even restart flight mode.Features:* No registrationrequired, no settings required* No speed limitation, no bandwidthlimitation* Automatically bypass Chinese website* Servers onmultiple countries, easy to select the fastest route with One TapSpeed Test©