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Glitter Heart Keyboard 1.8
∴∻∵ If you're in love, and you like to leave a little sparklewherever you go, glitter hearts background is a necessity yourcustom keypad! Let your phone go all shiny and sparkling with thehelp of our newest theme changer - Glitter Heart Keyboard! Once youdownload this glimmering girly keypad you will absolutely fall inlove with a great number of emoticons for texting which you can useto spice your text messages, and various glitter backgrounds whichwill make your beautiful smartphone or tablet all shiny andeye-catching. Emoji keyboard plus glitter powder theme – that isthe perfect combination which will make everyone go envious. Insertcute emoticons in your love SMS, or add a couple of funny emoticonsto your funny messages and text all day long! ∴∻∵ How to set your“keyboard skin”: 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check thebox-field next to “Glitter Heart Keyboard” and then click on the OKbutton 2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboardto Default' button and select 'Glitter Heart Keyboard' 3. Now, youcan “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, andshortcuts) Do your glitter nails, install the best emoji keyboard,and enjoy new glitter skin on your phone! ∻ Most glimmering appamong apps for teenage girls! ∻ Glamorous glitter heart images toset as your keypad background! ∻ Tons for smiley emoticons for yourtext messages! ∻ Choose the default language: English, Spanish,Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese,Polish, or Romanian! ∻ Emoji keyboard download for free! ∻ Easy toinstall! ∻ Cute and sparkling background textures! ∻ Carefullydesigned keypad for easy use! ∻ Go text your bff or boyfriend onyour new qwerty keypad! Dress your phone in ultra fine glittertheme and get numerous cute emoticons for texting which you willadore! Whether you like gold glitter, red, blue, green, pink or anyother color – you will find all sorts of glitter letters colors inthis keypad changer. Change your custom keypad for a new, “glitterheart” theme and you will get “free emoji”! Cute emojis forchatting are numerous, but of you want most loving ones, godownload Glitter Heart Keyboard and customize your own phone withone of the cutest girly apps on the market. You need and emojiswitcher for “glitter keyboard”? Here's “emoji download” withglitter theme to change your custom keyboard design for free, godownload this instant! ∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵ Meet the sweetest girlyapp for teenage girls, your new “emoticon keyboard”! Both elegantand sophisticated, this “heart theme” changer is all you need totype messages with style. Write funny messages on you “heartkeyboard” and go twinkle like a star, or choose a love quote tosend to your sweetie and melt his heart. It is so easier when youhave hearts theme on your phone! Use this theme changer tocustomize your phone, send heart symbol which you chose fromkeyboard emoticons using heart buttons! Love is everywhere, just gofor it, install the keypad and feel love under your fingers.∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵ If you need an emoji app which will melt yourheart instantly, this emoji keyboard theme is a must! Download this“emoji keyboard” now and fill your heart with joy! Also, you canfill your SMS with cute emoticons, heart emoticons, and get aglitter wallpaper for your key board in only one keyboardapplication! So get emoji for free, and go send “funny emoticons”all day long! Lots of smiley emoticons and mobile free themes withemoji art for your phone are waiting in Glitter Heart Keyboard,insert a smile emoticon in every single SMS, and be sparkling andglamorous!
My Photo Keyboard with Emoji 3.3.3
If you are searching for the right tool which will help you setyour own picture as keyboard background then My Photo Keyboard withEmoji is here to help you. Keyboard personalization has reached anew level! Type on a fancy keypad theme with specially designedkeys that will make your everyday texting pleasurable and thecollection of awesome emoticons will help you express your emotionsand attitudes with ease. You can change photo backgrounds bychoosing one of the images from your phone gallery, or by taking aphoto anew. A few taps on the screen, one perfect selfie, and yourphoto theme is ready to decorate your smartphone or tablet in amost unique way. The days of your old system keypad have passed, itis time for something new and exciting: it is time for My PhotoKeyboard with Emoji so download it for free! How to set your newkeyboard skin: 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check thebox-field next to “My Photo Keyboard with Emoji” and then click onthe OK button 2. Return to the application, then select 'Set theKeyboard to Default' button and select 'My Photo Keyboard withEmoji' 3. Now, you can customize your keypad 4. Select language andshortcuts 5. Choose the font color, button shape and the backgroundimage 6. Check whether you like the final look using the 'Preview'option 7. Choose background images from the gallery or take a newone with your camera and click the Done button when you aresatisfied with the pic ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ Enjoy your brandnew “photo keyboard for Android”™ and chat and type like neverbefore! Check out the cool features this app for girls and boyshas! ❂ Select your own “keyboard pictures”! ❂ Change the shape ofthe buttons! ❂ Change the letter color on the buttons! ❂ Completelycustomizable picture keypad app with emoji art! ❂ A great number ofemoticons for your funny SMS text messages! ❂ Free and efficientmobile software for “emoji keyboard”! ❂ This app does not requireGo Keyboard™ installed, text now! ❂ Choose the default language:English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French,German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian! Prepare to experiencesomething new and different with this unique mobile keypad changer!We know that you deserve a stylish key board design and that youdesperately need “photo keyboard with emojis” so we made thatpossible for you! Set your own selfie as one of keypad backgroundpictures for your girly “keyboard with emoticons”. Now you don'thave to wonder how to get a picture on your keyboard, thiscompletely free app performs it for you. Get ready to go and textsweet I love you text messages with love emoticons while thepicture of you and your beloved lies behind the “cute photo emojikeyboard”. Convince you bfs that the photo keypad is worth everysecond you spent on installing it. Personalize your phone in aninstant, download this emoji keyboard with picture background forfree and have the most unique mobile device! ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ With this picture keyboard for texting emoji you can have anew “keyboard theme” every single day! Don't be satisfied withdifferent keypad designs that will bore you cause you can make aone of a kind keyboard with pictures from your gallery and choose aphoto of your family, baby, or take a picture with your selfiecamera. “Create your own emoji keyboard” with cool emoticons,select your language and choose your hotkeys for faster typing. Youcan finally say: I have “my picture keyboard”! Our keypadcustomizer is a perfect swiftkey app which allows you to makepersonalized photography themes and put a picture of your face onmy keyboard layout. Great photo background changer for qwertyphones and tablets is here and for free so download My PhotoKeyboard with Emoji today and have fun forever!
Color Effects for Pictures 1.2
Highlight a part of your black and white picture by simply adding atouch of paint, and do it easily with Color Effects for Pictures!This absolutely wondrous photo editing software allows you to edityour pics from the gallery or take a selfie instantly, and turn itinto black and white image which you can recolor by choosing one ofthe many nuances from the plate. Just make sure that you choosesuch an image where the color is neat and uniform on the desiredpart so that photo retouching can be performed successfully and youget the desired result. When you finish your creative work, save tothe gallery, or share on major social networks like Facebook,Instagram or Twitter thanks to the built-in sharing option. Paintyour image to make it extraordinary and put your creativity intopractice with Color Effects for Pictures!◕ Free and efficient photomontage maker!◕ Apply color effects on the desired parts of thepicture!◕ Add effects to photos with preciseness!◕ Make a color popeffect while the rest stays black and white!◕ Take a pictureinstantly or choose and old one!◕ Colorize pics selectively tocreate a piece of art!◕ Your black and white picture with colorsplash effect is ready!◕ Save to the gallery!◕ Share instantly onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and others!There is no need to paintyour image with your fingers; it always leaves undesired stains andleaves the image quite messy. Color Effects for Pictures, on thecontrary, offers precise and neat photo editing effects whichhighlight parts of your “black and white photography” exactly theway you imagined. Your favorite red shirt will look gorgeous on ab&w selfie, and thanks to this “photo editor” it is so easy tocreate romantic black and white pictures with an emphasizedumbrella, lipstick or shoes! Perform “photo retouching” like trueprofessional, fix color on your pic and create fun art in your ownphoto studio. If you like artistic effects, you will probably namethis picture editing software the best photo editor for Android™smartphones and tablets! Download it now and use it over and overagain!✺✻✺✻✺Edit pictures using special effects we prepared for youin this photo editing software and be the best in photo editing!All your friends will envy you on magic effects for “color change”you have, so, install, leave a rate and recommend to your friends,so that they can do a “color splash” on their pics as well.Everyone likes to have top photo editing apps, be the first to try“color effects” on black and white photos, make them pop out of therest and make picture editing true enjoyment. If you ran out ofideas for photo montage, “edit pictures” with Color Effects forPictures and change colors with included color splash effect. Seehow the miracle happens in front of your eyes, and black&whitepicture turns into super art!✺✻✺✻✺To highlight a single part ofyour pics and paint your photo is more than easy now when pictureeditor like this is available. You can add cool photo effects andperform color fix even when you're offline! So download thispicture app instantly and change colors with “photo effects”included in it and have fun! Add a “color touch” to yoursunglasses, apply some color splash effect to your dress, or choosefrom the plate the nuance of your hat and color effects will beinstantly applied! There is no need for photo filters, you canretouch picture with the photo effects from this picture editor. Donot hesitate, download “Color Effects for Pictures” and you won'tregret it!
Hair Color Changer for Photos 2.1
If you want to change hair color, there is no need to go to one ofthose expensive fancy salons! Please, give a warm welcome to ⁑ HairColor Changer for Photos ⁑, a free photo montage maker withstickers for pictures which can help you try on hairstyles usingyour own pics and change color in an instant! Take a selfie rightaway, or choose one from the gallery, and perform awesome pictureediting. Choose from the variety of stickers and colors, or get arainbow hair color which is the latest trend in world of fashion,and save to your phone or share instantly on social networks likeInstagram, Facebook, Twitter. With Hair Color Changer for Photosyou can do wonders on your head for free! ⁑♥⁑ Free hair changer appfor the best photo editing!⁑♥⁑ Add a photo sticker to perform colorchange!⁑♥⁑ Move around the picture, zoom, rotate the sticker!⁑♥⁑Try on different hairstyles for free!⁑♥⁑ Use your selfie camera orsome old pics!⁑♥⁑ Save to the gallery! ⁑♥⁑ Share instantly onsocial networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!⁑♥⁑ Enrichyour phone or tablet with a personal hair salon!Are you consideringhaving your hair dyed and don't know how it would suit you? Now youcan have a different color every single day! Hair Color Changer forPhotos is specially designed to stand for all your needs, and itcontains “beautiful hairstyles” in the form of stickers forpictures which you can paste on your selfie and get a totalmakeover! If you are good at “hair salon games”, editing picturesin this funny photo editor will be a piece of cake to you. Changeyour image and perform a photo makeover like a true professional! Agreat number of dye nuances on hairstyles for women and men makethis color changer one of the top photo editing apps, so do nothesitate, go download your personal “hair salon” this instant andhave fun!⁑♥⁑♡⁑♥⁑♡⁑♥⁑♡⁑♥⁑ Blonde or brunette, ginger, dark, or mayberainbow? It is so difficult to make a decision in real life, but inthis virtual hair salon photos are all you need to try on any coloryou want with no stress and undesired results! It's a photo editorfree download, which means you can add stickers to pictures andchange color for free in your own home! You don't have to beskilled in photo effects to try on “short hairstyles for women” orcolorize your own. With photo editor stickers from this “hairstyler app” it is way too easy. Try to make a picture collage withyour pic montages and share on fb or ig to see your friends'reactions, or add text on pics like a caption and make them votefor your new look. Your bff won't believe that you actually usedstickers for photos packed in this “photo editing software” insteadof visiting a beauty salon, prove it to her, add photo stickers toyour selfie using Hair Color Changer for Photos right before hereyes!⁑♥⁑♡⁑♥⁑♡⁑♥⁑♡⁑♥⁑Be creative and exploit this picture editingsoftware to the maximum! With this editor for pictures you finallydon't have to apply color effects by painting with your finger,being the best hair photo editor with stickers, it makes it so easyto beautify yourself! Need a “hair color changer” with amazingwomen or “mens hairstyles”? You got it, no better than this “photoeditor” can you find among photo editing apps. It will help youchange your appearance completely and achieve stunning physicalmakeover without complicated camera effects! So download “HairColor Changer for Photos” now, completely free of charge, and go befabulous!
Kissing Test Love Calculator 1.2
Put some lipstick and lip glow on because it's time for kissinggames! Kissing Test Love Calculator is a free app for girls andboys which can test your ability to kiss. Don’t be shy, play withthis love test and see if your kisses are romantic, experienced orpassionate. It's simple: just kiss the lips on your phone or tabletscreen and this love calculator will show your results. Practiceyour lip kissing until your reach the best score and share theresults with your friends. This is definitely the best love testeron the market and it's fun for everybody! There is no reason whyyou should hesitate, download Kissing Test Love Calculator for freeon your mobile phone or tablet and have a good time in summer orfor Valentine's Day!Features:❥ Test your kissing skills using newkissing game app!❥ Kiss the lips on your screen, show your bestlove skills!❥ You'll hear a kiss sound and the calculator will scanyour lips!❥ You'll see the percentage that measures your passion,romance and experience in just a few seconds!❥ Use the love metertest to prank your Bfs!❥ Download this free kissing love meter andhave fun with your boyfriend or your best friends!Play with yourfriends and find out who is the best kisser of you all. Don'tforget that this is a love test prank and that you shouldn't takethe results too seriously, but that doesn't stop you from havingfun with one of the best free kiss “games for girls” on the entiremarket. The better kisser you are, the better chances are ofimpressing your love interest. Tell your crush kiss me on the lipsand show him or her what you are made of! There are many “kissingapps” to practice on, but only with this true love test you canproudly show the world that you are the best lover of them all.There are so many kissing styles and this realistic “kissingsimulator” will show you the secret tips for the best lip kissingby measuring your making out skills in terms of passion, romanceand experience. Kissing Test Love Calculator will reveal to you howdo you kiss and what you should work on. If you want to learn howto kiss passionately then “practice kissing lips” with your loveruntil your get the best results. You can even compete by playingromantic “kiss me games” with our kiss meter and compare thepercentage that indicates the experience in French kiss, the levelof passion and romance. You can also play real love test match: ifyour smooching skills overlap then you are made for each other!Kissing tests are very in right now so we are proud that we can saythis “lip kissing test” is our top notch achievement when it comesto kiss games for girls and we recommend it to anybody. DownloadKissing Test Love Calculator free of charge and the romantic gamesfor couples can finally begin!Laugh with your friends or with yourloved one with this free kissing prank game. Play kissing on thebeach in the summer time and give your hottest kiss, French kiss ora cute peck on the cheek. It's a simulation test, so don't take theresults too seriously. Just enjoy this “kissing game” and lovetester and have lots of fun! This love “app for Android” ™ isuniversal and it can serve as a kissing test with your tongue andtell you whether you are a good kisser or not. The “kisscalculator” will be on your mobile phone or tablet all the time soyou can play interesting activities wherever you are. This is aunique opportunity to have one of the top trending apps for girlson the market so download “Kissing Test Love Calculator” for freeand enjoy your sweet summer nights with the one you love.
Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard 2.2
New creation in the field of most sophisticated keyboard apps forgirls has finally arrived – please, welcome Rainbow CheetahKeyboard! Follow the latest trends and be one of those fancy girlswho always have their phones dressed in rainbow cheetah! What'smore, this unique animal keyboard with rainbow cheetah printincludes numerous emoticons for texting too, so that you can writeyour text messages with funny emoticons and decorate your commentsand statuses. If you like mobile themes and need a fancy keyboardlayout, do not hesitate, but download your new emoji app and enjoytyping and chatting with your friends!∴♔∴♔∴♔∴ How to set your new“keyboard design”: ∴♔∴♔∴♔∴1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', thencheck the box-field next to “Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard” and thenclick on the OK button2. Return to the application, then select'Set the Keyboard to Default' button and select 'Rainbow CheetahKeyboard'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (selectlanguage, themes, and shortcuts)If you like animal print on yoursmartphone or tablet, download now and see what we have preparedfor you!♔ Easy install and manipulation!♔ Beautiful themes withsophisticated rainbow cheetah print!♔ A great number of cute andfunny emoticons!♔ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay,Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish,or Romanian!♔ Select theme for your emoji keypad!♔ Set key feedbackoptions – vibration, sound, preview!♔ Go text your bff or boyfriendon your new qwerty keypad!♔ This app does not require Go Keyboard™installed!Sweet, but trendy, cheetah backgrounds for your customkeyboard represent a real must-have! Do not wonder how to add emojikeyboard any longer, or search for “mobile themes download” forfree; Rainbow Cheetah Keyboard is all you need. Smiley emoticonsfor text messages? Checked! Rainbow cheetah print for your customkeypad? Checked! So what else do you need to embark the adventureof using the best “emoji keyboard”? Hurry up and install mostbeautiful girly theme among apps for teenage girls, get emoji forfree and go text your boyfriend!∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴If you aresearching for cheetah wallpapers and backgrounds, check out rainbowcheetah keyboard app for free, and we guarantee you will be stunnedby style and glamour of “rainbow colors” which decorate it. Besidestylish theme for qwerty keypad phones in colors of the rainbow,you also get “emoticons for texting” which you can use in your lovemessages or funny SMS. Use it to comment on Facebook or Instagram,or write text on photos, you can do whatever you wish on this“rainbow keyboard app”. Like a most interesting animal printwallpaper, emoji themes with rainbow color motives give a specialtouch to your free emoji keyboard. Download it to experiencestylish “rainbow cheetah print” on your phone and join the numerouscheetah mobile apps users.∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴♔∴Free emojis and rainbowlove cheetah backgrounds – this makes a perfect keyboard customizerwith emoji art. Only imagine your bf's face when he sees cuteemoticons you sent to him in your love SMS! Surprise him with aheart emoticon or cute blushing emoticon while you declare himlove. Feel free to express your emotions via this cheetah keypad.Not only pink cheetah theme, but all rainbow colors are included inthis “rainbow emoji keyboard” so wait no more, but download RainbowCheetah Keyboard and become the most sophisticated girl in yourclass!
Flat Keyboard Themes 2.2
Follow new trends when it comes to keypad personalization and getthese cool Flat Keyboard Themes to make your mobile device smartand sophisticated. If you want something special for your phone ortablet, our app will help you decorate your keyboard in no time.Your job is to install the best app for changing keypad themes andthen pick the color you want. The elegant look of your flat keyswill take everyone's breath away and you'll feel like you weretyping and texting on a future keypad. This keypad style will stayin for a long time so you don't have to worry and change themes allthe time, but what you can do is change colors using the keypadchanger and have a new colorful keyboard with ultra thin keys everyday. Have a look at the newest keypad design and download FlatKeyboard Themes free of charge and you'll be convinced that textmessaging has never been so fun!How to install your new keypadskin:1. Click on 'Enable the Keypad', then check the box-field nextto Flat Keyboard Themes and then click on the OK button.2. Returnto the application, then select 'Set the Keypad to Default' buttonand select 'Flat Keyboard Themes'3. Now, you can customize yourkeyboard (select language, themes, and shortcuts)If you wantbeautifully styled “keyboard skins” for your mobile device then“decorate your keyboard” using several colored themes we haveprepared for you. Isn't it great to have several keypad skins youcan choose from and pick your favorite color to “make your ownkeyboard” in no time? Take a look and this top trending app andfeel of the luxury of flat keys under your fingers. This flat touchkeyboard has a separate keypad with different and cute emojis andemoticons which you can put wherever you want. Be the part of thesmiley world and type fast on your new “flat keyboard design” andshare your emotions with our bffs by sending cute text messageswith even cuter smileys that will brighten up your day. This “flatkeyboard pro apk” will feel so smooth under your fingers, andnothing will be on your way to text quick messages. Enjoy FlatKeyboard Themes completely for free!Check out the cool features ofyour new keypad:✓ Amazing keypad design for elegant phones andtablets!✓ Several colorful themes!✓ Custom made keypads for mobiledevices! ✓ Many emoticons and smileys on a cute “emoji keyboard”!✓Fast emoji input everywhere like email, text messages or chat!✓Lovely keypad customizer with unique keypad design! ✓ Choose alanguage: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian,French, German, Portuguese, Polish or Romanian!✓ Install this “flatkeyboard” and text now for free! Have your own colorful keyboardlayouts and choose your favorite color to decorate your ultra flatkeyboard background. This is one of the best emoji apps andkeyboard changer you can come across on the market so don't missthe chance because you can easily send emojis and receive equallycute emoticons from your friends' keyboard apps. It is so smoothand colorful and you will fall in love with it immediately. Withits great graphics when compared to all other emoji keypads, it iseasily one of the coolest “flat style colored keyboard” themesyou'll ever see. Easily insert various kinds of smileys and newemojis and send awesome text messages to your friends. It alsosupports many languages and besides English you can type on aFrench or German keyboard or any other language from the list.Seeing these features you could not possibly resist our new“keyboard styles” so download “Flat Keyboard Themes” free of chargenow!
com.tppm.gif.maker.from.picture 1.3
Simple photo editing is outdated now, raise it to a whole newlevel, the level of moving images with the help of Gif Maker fromPicture! Probably you have wondered how to create a gif from yourpictures, well, no need to ask yourself anymore, because byinstalling this camera application you get all you need for aperfect picture animation! Moreover, a pack of stickers for photosis included so that you can decorate your moving picture in mostcreative way! Take a sequence of new pictures automatically, orchoose from your old pics, adjust the speed, and add funnystickers! Then you can choose to save to the gallery or share onsocial networks. Make your own gif with stickers all by yourselfwith Gif Maker from Picture! ✦ Completely superb camera softwarefor free animated gifs! ✦ Free and easy to use! ✦ A great number ofstickers for pics included! ✦ Use old pics or take new ones! ✦Upload up to 10 photos from your gallery! ✦ Take a photo sequencewith your camera automatically! ✦ Choose which of the shots youwant to include! ✦ Add photo stickers to make the experience evengreater! ✦ Make a prank to deceive your friends! ✦ Create theillusion of an animation in an instant! Capture the most beautifulmoments in your life with Gif Maker from Picture! Time goes byrapidly, and your memories easily fade away like clouds from thesky. Beat the transitoriness of life, and preserve your memories infree gifs. Take a selfie, actually, many selfie pics while you kissyour bae, and then use this “animation creator” to make a movingpicture which will last forever! Or make funny moving pictures with“photo stickers” to save the best moments with your bff. Finallyyou don't need an online gif maker, now you can “make a gif”wherever and whenever you want! So hurry up and download thiscamera with stickers, which is a free app for making moving images!Perform the best photo editing of your life, now! ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ If youneed a camera with stickers which will help you create funny movingpictures, your job is only to download this “animated gif maker”and take a sequence of funny pics. There you go, moving funnypictures turned into a great animation which you can share on majorsocial networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! If you areaccustomed to collage makers or caption makers for adding text onpictures, you certainly haven't tried a “gif maker” camera withstickers before. This is your chance to make a free gif, you don'tneed a video maker or resizer, only Gif Maker from Picture, cutestickers from its collection and amazing selfie pics. Stop askingyourself “how to make gifs” and make free gif images all byyourself! ✦✧◀▲▶✧✦ Unleash you creativity, make a prank with gifphotos and fool your friends around. A photo maker such as this gifcamera brings a new era in “photo editing”. Everyone who didn'tknow how to make moving pictures has finally been given the answer– we packed a “gif generator” and stickers for pics in one pictureediting software, and offered a “free gif maker” to the world.Exploit it to the maximum and feel free to create as manyanimations as you like! To create gif from picture now is free andeasy, become one of the satisfied users of this camera maker, takephotos, add stickers, and use “Gif Maker from Picture” withpleasure! Download your new best app for true enjoyment and fun!
Color Effects Photo Maker 1.2
Be a true artist and a professional photographer with the amazingColor Effects Photo Maker, a great app for editing pictures on yourphone or tablet. This fantastic picture editor with colorfulfilters is surely one of the best apps of its kind on the marketbecause it offers camera effects that will make colorful pics withblack and white background. Just pick the shade you want tohighlight and you'll be the the witness of real rainbow effectmagic happening before your eyes. This one of a kind color photoeditor will help you create an album full of cool edited picturesthat will take everyone's breath away. Choose to have the bestimage editing software with magic photo effects! Choose ColorEffects Photo Maker and download it for free!❀ Free app withamazing picture effects and filters for smartphones or tablets!❀Make vibrant images in an instant!❀ Cool color changer forpictures!❀ Take a pic with your selfie camera or choose from thegallery!❀ Apply your favorite filters to retouch pics!❀ A greatnumber of filters for pictures for any occasion!❀ Photo editorbackground changer and picture color!❀ Colorize part of a black andwhite pics!❀ Save to the gallery!❀ Share on major social networks,like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!“Color change photo” of youand your friends, share your artwork to any social network and havehundreds of likes. This “photo color editor” has the best photoretouching tool, which will let you create beautiful black andwhite pics with highlighted colors of your choice. Just select yourfavorite nuance of pink or green or other shades and the “colorsplash” editor will recognize it immediately. You have to make sureto edit pictures that are of good quality and with bright colors.Create desired “color effects for pictures” and and have an amazingarray of beautiful images. Perform image editing like a pro pictureeditor, play with effect of color filters on black & whitephotography and download Color Effects Photo Maker now for free onyour phone or tablet!Explore the world of “color touch” magic, freeof charge and create beautiful pieces of art in the photographyworld! Hurry up and download this unique image editing program formobile devices and a perfect accomplice in creating spectacularblack and white photographs with “color splash effects”! There isno need to paint with your finger, like with other recolor picturesapps which are imprecise and make the image a bit unprofessional.Leave all the painting to the best color splash design studio, youjust make sure that the part of the image you wish to be painted isof clear shade so that the image editing app can perform thedesired action. Retouch and highlight the parts of your black andwhite image like a true pro with state of the art camera coloreffects that you can find in “Color Effects Photo Maker”!This isnot just another black and white photo editor with color effects –it is a pro picture montage maker with which you can add effects toimages with ease and preciseness. Make photo art color magiceffects with cool filters! There are several different nuances andshades of red, blue or yellow and others at your disposal so easilychoose what you like and what you want to paint and “add color toblack and white photo” from the gallery or take a selfie with yourcamera. Paint like a pro but for free! We are sure that you won'tfind a better “photo color changer” so you should definitivelyinstall this awesome picture effect maker to create beautifulpieces of art that will make all the professional photographers sojealous! Don't waste time anymore, download Color Effects PhotoMaker free of charge and color touch every pic on your phone tomake it perfect.
Photo Collage Maker Pic Editor 2.0
If you want to combine photos into a perfect picture frame thenPhoto Collage Maker Pic Editor will help you, no doubt about that!This cool photo montage program lets you create fantastic grids andlayouts for your pics and share them with your friends to haveeverlasting memories. Choose your favorite images and choose thegrid and the background pattern. Sit back and relax, cause this appwill do all the rest! Download Photo Collage Maker Pic Editor andconvey your true feelings though art!✔ Best pic editing softwarefor phones or tablets!✔ Choose images from your phone gallery ortake new pictures!✔ Stitch multiple images together into manylayouts! ✔ Crop, scale, zoom and rotate as you wish!✔ Share it onFacebook, Twitter or Instagram!Apply filters, adjust colors and ofcourse put pictures together. Share your image collage on yourfriends' wall directly from this app. Collage your photos withamazing grid layouts and frames and astonish your friends. Thisamazing picture montage tool will surprise you with its top notchphoto retouching options. So don't wait a minute longer, downloadPhoto Collage Maker Pic Editor, the best pic collage!With thisimage editor, you can collage photos into amazing picture framesand templates to put your pics in with perfectly designed layoutsthat will fit your every need. Decorate your pictures by applyingfantastic and exclusive filters and dazzle everyone on socialnetworks by sharing your artworks! Turn your phone gallery intobest picture collages and put you best memories together where theybelong.Create albums to keep your memories in one place or when youwant to create prefect gifts. There are many frames and templatesthat will be a unique present for the people you care in your life.Just select images for each layout and this easy collage creatorwill stitch them automatically. Download it for free now andcombine pictures of your family and friends on your phone ortablet.
Photo Mirror Effect Camera Fx 1.1
If you are looking for a free picture editor which will help youmake mirror photos, congrats, you've found just what you need! Wepresent to you Photo Mirror Effect Camera Fx, a completely free appwith all sorts of mirror reflection templates with numerous effectsfor pics and most beautiful frames and borders which will add aspecial touch to your picture montage! Take a selfie or choose fromgallery, and proceed to art creation – up-down, left-right,multiple reflections – there are so many collage ideas that youwon't be able to decide on which one is the most beautiful! Shareit immediately on social networks like Facebook, Twitter orInstagram thanks to the built-in sharing option, or save to thegallery and share it later. Let Photo Mirror Effect Camera Fxbecome your new best picture editing tool!◐ A mirror photo app,free and easy to use!◨ Upload from the gallery or take a picturewith your selfie camera!◑ Try out different reflection layouts!◧Up-down, left-right, repeating, 3D, and many more!◐ Decorate withpretty photo frames!◨ Save to the gallery!◑ Share on socialnetworks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others!◧ Get one ofthe best camera apps instantly, free of charge!You think it's hardto create mirror effect on your own pics? Not at all! Do ityourself, well, with a little help of a photo montage maker namedPhoto Mirror Effect Camera Fx. The camera effects in this “mirrorapp” can do wonders on your selfie, and we guarantee that it willwin the battle for the best mirror pic. Use your new fx cameraeditor over and over again even when you're offline, and don't missthis free download. Set your beautiful “mirror photo” as a profilepicture, or send to your bff. Take a snap with your mirror camera,add some picture effects and frames, and make this camera appbecome your favorite among top photo editing apps. Make your selfiecamera busy and create mirror pictures of sorts!◐♥◑♡◧♥◨◐♥◑♡◧♥◨Setsocial networks on fire with your new mirror photos which youcreated all by yourself by simply adding photo effects from “PhotoMirror Effect Camera Fx”! If camera loves you, so will this photomirror app! Simply edit pictures you already captured, or take someanew with your “selfie camera” with cool effects and make afantastic “photo collage” with your reflection all over it! Seeyourself as turned upside down, or left-right reflected, using anapp like this it is so easy to do! With lovable color effects andpicture frames, this unique photo studio surpasses all those fxeditor software like text on pictures or no crop effect photoeditors. Multiple “mirror image” will multiply your beauty, andmake everyone say wow when they see the montage you made in thispicture editing software with special effects forreflections.◐♥◑♡◧♥◨◐♥◑♡◧♥◨How come you haven't tried a mirrorcamera app like this yet? Hurry up, download a picture editor withphoto filters right now and experience the sensation of using thebest “camera fx” mirror editor which will turn you into a realartist! Edit pictures like a professional, download a “photoediting software” for free now and add a “mirror effect” in aninstant! Searching for fx photo editor apk with camera effectswhich work perfectly as a “mirror photo editor”? Search no more,you only have to install Photo Mirror Effect Camera Fx and theworld of greatest pic editing is under your feet! So, download nowand enjoy!
Sketch Photo Editor - Etching 1.1
Create artistic photo filters and enjoy professional photo editingwith amazing Sketch Photo Editor - Etching, best free photo editingapp! Use three simple steps to generate over 1700 UNIQUE filtersand effects! Make your pictures look like art etchings, stamps orbanknotes! Put your favorite picture on a banknote or a post stamp.This is no ordinary sketch photo editor, sketching and drawing hasnever been easier! You have a simple enough selection of threebuttons to choose an effect, a grid texture and grid line width,the combination of which can create more than 1700 high qualityphoto filters! This makes Sketch Photo Editor - Etching aprofessional photo editor with lots of beautiful effects frames andfilters! These unique DIY photo filters will thrill you, you'llquickly realize that they are nothing like you've ever seen! Ifyou're wondering what is the best app for photo filters downloadSketch Photo Editor - Etching and your question will be answered.Enjoy the best photo sketch app for android mobile phones! ✐ Createyour own photo filters! ✐ Choose effects, grid textures & widthof grid lines!✐ Make over 1700 different photo filters! ✐ Convertphoto to pencil sketch! ✐ Create black and white photo sketch ormake a color pencil sketch!✐ User friendly photo editing software!✐ Use any of your old pics or take a new picture!✐ Try out allartistic photo filters! ✐ Save to your phone gallery!✐ Share onsocial networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐Are you a fan of artistic etchings but youdon't know how to sketch? Would you like to be able to convertphoto to pencil sketch? We've created the best program for photofilters just for you! Download this simple yet highly sophisticatedsoftware to convert photo into pencil sketch and turn a pictureinto a pencil sketch free of charge! ✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐Do notget confused about which button is used to change a photograph to apencil sketch, there are three buttons, any of which will give youdifferent types of photo filters. No need to ask yourself how can Imake a photo look like a sketch, with this instant photo sketchsoftware you are only a click away. This is the coolest photofilter generator that you will find on the store, it's also quiteunique. You can create over 1700 most popular photo filters, makeyour pictures look like artistic etchings, create an easy pencilsketch drawing or a color pencil sketch. ✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐Ifyou've ever wondered how to make your own photo filters or is iteven possible, Sketch Photo Editor - Etching is the answer to yourquestion. Fascinating ingenuity of our developers has reduced anabundance of 1700 high quality photo filters to just three basicbuttons, specially for your convenience! Download this professionaldigital photo filters software and get a cornucopia of followers onInstagram! ✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐This is the easiest photoediting software for beginners as well as for experienced photoeditors, in any case it's a must have photo editing software forall photograph enthusiasts who would like to have unique artisticpictures. Convert photo to pencil sketch using the app with bestphoto filters. So don't waste your time, download now Sketch PhotoEditor - Etching, top free photo filters app that you will adore!
Picture in Picture App 1.1
It's high time you made your pics so much funand extraordinary! It's high time you tried out Picture in PictureApp, a specific pip selfie camera which is here to make yourpicture editing true enjoyment! Free and easy to use, this camerapip is a perfect app for all those who want to create a picture inpicture effect out of their selfie and be the best in pic editing.It offers you the opportunity to use your old pics or take new oneswith your selfie camera, and then proceed to applying the photo inphoto effect – a great variety of templates is included, wait nomore but try out all of them! Save them to the gallery, or share onsocial networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter instantly!Picture in Picture App is all you need to create amazing pipselfie, have a wonderful time with it and check out all the photoeffects we prepared for you!◉ Free pip camera photo editor, easy to use!◉ Most interesting pic in pic shapes and templates!◉ Use your old pics ore take new ones via camera!◉ Blur background or try out other camera effects!◉ Save to the gallery!◉ Share immediately on social networks!◉ Make a pip collage in an instant!You can choose to share a simplified version of your selfie withno filter at all; or, you can edit pics in our Picture in PictureApp and have a really stunning “photo montage” which everyone willlike. And it is so easy to do – thanks to pic in pic app with cooleffects we've created. A great number of photo in photo frames withdifferent shapes are ready to make your pics in glass, camera,screen... The color effects and filters can be changed just the wayyou like, and blurred background can be optional, which makes this“pip camera download” worth using. To be a real artist you needonly a picture in picture software and a bit of imagination!▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣Make your selfie and absolute piece of art by only using onefree pip collage maker. Together with the camera effects included,this pip camera editor can stand shoulder to shoulder with topphoto editing apps. If you want to create “pip camera photo effect”without downloading other frames and effects, Picture in PictureApp will help you for free! Employ this collage maker to make thebest pip photo easily, with or without blurred background, andshare your pic-in-pic immediately! The variety of effects form this“photo editor” will satisfy all your needs, and pip camera effectwill become your favorite!▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣Find an inexhaustible source of inspiration in only one pipcamera editor! Let's remind you that it is a pip camera appdownload free of charge, so you get a an opportunity to make a“picture in picture” and enjoy using this pip photo editor withoutany worries. See your face within a glass, or make a photo in aphoto collage with a frame you like most. Again, this “pip camera”is here to offer you variety, and among other “picture in pictureapps” it can boast with a pip camera photo effect of great qualityand amazing final result. Share your “photo in photo” and see ifyour friends agree with our statement.▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣⌻▣⌺▣Finally, all you can ask for when searching for a picture inpicture editor, our pip camera app already possesses, so do nothesitate to download a great photo in photo editor with lots oflayouts for your pic montage, and we guarantee that it will becomeyour favorite “photo editing app”. Enjoy using your new pip photoeditor, have a new creation every single day, and exploit “Picturein Picture App” to the maximum!
Blossom Keyboard with Emoji 2.2
~✿~ The cutest keypad themes of all are only a tap on the screenaway from you, feel free to download Blossom Keyboard with Emojiand beautify your smartphone or tablet in an instant! This free appallows you to get numerous romantic flower mobile themes plus agreat number of smiley emoticons which makes it the mostfashionable among girly apps and most useful for texting. But,don't trust us blindly, go download emoji keyboard now and see foryourself that this is just what you're looking for! ~✿~~✿~ How toset your new “keyboard design”: ~✿~1. Click on 'Enable theKeyboard', then check the box-field next to “Blossom Keyboard withEmoji” and then click on the OK button2. Return to the application,then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button and select'Blossom Keyboard with Emoji'3. Now, you can “customize yourkeyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts)We carefullyinvestigated what a smartphone user needs when it comes to keyboardwith emoticons, and packed it all in our theme changer, downloadnow and see!✿ True flower keyboard art!✿ Easy to install and use!✿Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!✿Select theme for your emoji keypad!✿ Set key feedback options –vibration, sound, preview!✿ A great number of cute and funnyemoticons!✿ Download flower themes for free!If you like flowers onyour phone, make use of this flowers pictures download and yourkeypad will bloom like a sakura tree in spring! Lilies, daisies,roses, and many other flower sorts will bring blossom to your smartdevice and cute emoticons will help you express your emotions intext messages. Insert a smile emoticon once in a while to yourcomment on social networks, and use your “emoji keyboard” to type afriendship sms to your bff. With flowers images free download youwill need no other decoration!~✿~✿~✿~Blossom Keyboard with Emojiare at your disposal, and free emoji as well, so exploit this“flowers theme download” for fully pleasurable texting. The“emoticons for texting” will decorate your messages while beautifulflowers dance under your fingers. If you like romantic flowerwallpapers and backgrounds, we suggest that you use this emojikeyboard download and get cute smileys which you will never getbored with. No emoji switcher needed, because the collection ofsmiley emoticons we prepared will suffice all yourneeds.~✿~✿~✿~There is no girl who doesn't like to have a flowerwallpaper and “beautiful themes” on her phone; this is why wedesigned this unique “flower keyboard” with funny emoticons andprovided all the fancy girls out there with an emoji keyboard themecollection to remember! Make the sensation of typing messagesenjoyable, download flowers for your “emoticon keyboard” and letthe romantic feelings enter your heart! Set lovely roses at thebackground of your keypad, and continue to sending sweet smileyemoticons to your boyfriend or friends!~✿~✿~✿~You need a beautifulflower keypad changer? Go for it, an emoji app with most diverseflower themes is waiting for you to press the install button andget the most beautiful “keyboard themes” and get emoji for free!Choose a cute smiley to add to your sweet love sms, but firstdownload Blossom Keyboard with Emoji for the loveliest experienceof texting!
Sketch Keyboard with Emoticons 2.2
Get ready to meet the most authentic keyboard skin of all! We areglad to present to you Sketch Keyboard with Emoticons, a totallyunique free app which contains the most creative mobile themes inthe form of sketches. What's even better, a whole collection offree emojis is also included, so that not only your phone will belike a piece of art, but also your messages will be decorated withcute smiley emoticons! Think no more, but tap the install buttonand download your new favorite emoji keyboard app!How to set yournew “keyboard design”:1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then checkthe box-field next to “Sketch Keyboard with Emoticons” and thenclick on the OK button2. Return to the application, then select'Set the Keyboard to Default' button and select 'Sketch Keyboardwith Emoticons'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (selectlanguage, themes, and shortcuts)If you wonder what thisone-of-a-kind sketch keyboard changer has to offer, we suggest thatyou discover all by yourself! So hurry up, download now and go findout!✍ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!✍Easy to install!✍ A large number of cute and funny emoticons!✍Numerous sketch keyboard themes!✍ Select theme for your emojikeypad!✍ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!✍ Gotext your bff or boyfriend on your new keypad!You like art? Are youinterested in comics and sketches? Great, Sketch Keyboard withEmoticons is then your cup of tea! Once you “download emojikeyboard” you will be amazed by the collection of beautiful themesfor phones and the keyboard emoticons which you can use to showyour emotions in messages! Go type an 'I love you text message',insert a heart emoticon, and send to your sweetie. Or add funnyemoticons to your jokes and send to your bff! With “emoticons fortexting”, your messages and comments will never be boringagain!✎✐✎✐✎✐✎✐We packed the most artistic themes for smartphonesand tablets together with free emoji to make your chatting andtexting real enjoyment! So make use of this emoji keyboard downloadthis instant, cutify your phone and send cute text emoticons allday long, while interesting sketches stand at the background ofyour personalized “keyboard with emoticons”. Your can havedifferent keyboard images every day, because this emoji app is fullof sketch pictures to serve as your background. If you want true“keyboard art”, there is no better app than this!✎✐✎✐✎✐✎✐If youlike to sketch once in a while, then you should definitely go forthis keypad with emoticons which is an “emoji keyboard” accompaniedwith a great number of different sketches – romantic theme withhearts, amazing comic design, and many others, so that everyone canfind something she or he would absolutely love. It's time to go and“get emoji” for free and send a smile emoticon to yourfriend!✎✐✎✐✎✐✎✐Honestly, our smartphones have become anirreplaceable constituent of our daily routine, so it is importantto have a beautiful theme to look at every time you type on yourdevice. Start the day by setting a new emoji keyboard theme, bringart of sketch into your “emoticon keyboard” and enjoy texting allday long! Ladies and gentlemen, Sketch Keyboard with Emoticons,just for you!
Wooden Keyboard Theme 2.2
Feel rustic sensation under your fingers and try this new keyboardapp for your mobile phone or tablet. Wooden Keyboard Theme is anexcellent way to turn your qwerty keypad design into a classickeyboard style that will make your mobile device one of a kind.This theme changer wouldn't be what it is now, however, if itweren't for a huge collection of cool emoticons to put in your textmessages and chat and enrich your everyday texting. Change for yourkeyboard design with beautiful decorations from nature, be inspiredby the wooden texture on your keypad keys and enjoy the beauty ofsimplicity every day. This is and amazing app for phones andtablets that will decorate your phone with style and give it anatural look. Download Wooden Keyboard Theme free of charge and gotext all day long!How to set your new keyboard skin:1. Click on'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to WoodenKeyboard Theme and then click on the OK button;2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button andselect Wooden Keyboard Theme;3. Now, you can “customize yourkeyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts).You can havesuper creative custom “keyboard theme” plus you can text and typeyour favorite emojis for text messaging or chat. Your new “woodenkeyboard” background is make you feel like you are a part of naturearound you. Personalize your phone in the way you've always wantedand make using your smartphone even more fun, with the funkyoriginal “keypad themes” with different styles and excellentgraphics put together by our very talented designers just for you.This is a must download theme for all nature lovers who want to beunique and trendy. Get your own “stylish keyboard” app and you'llbe convinced that this is the best keypad changer you've everhad!Features:☑ Cool “keyboard customizer” for free, most popularkeypad apps!☑ A great number of wooden backgrounds for your customkeypad!☑ Decorate your smartphone or tablet with natural look!☑Cute emoticons and emojis for texting!☑ Select your language:English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French,German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!☑ Go text your bff orboyfriend on your new qwerty keypad style!Different shapes anddesigns of forest wood will flood your sms text messages and yourchatting will be fresh and ready for spring. Feel like you are inthe middle of a beautiful forest while typing on large keyboardkeys and change your keypad color into the color of wood that willleave the “keyboard wallpaper” just perfect. Don't forget that youhave a set of cute emojis and emoticons for texting your lovedones! Fill your ordinary text messages with the newest emojikeyboard app, make your friends and family smile! Because you lovenature and all the beautiful things it has to offer us, we made a“custom keyboard” with emojis to turn all our mobile gadgets intoart. We know you love the touch of wood so we created this“keyboard changer” just for your pleasure. If you are looking foran elegant look for your mobile device, then you have found anamazing app for keypad customization and if you love the outdoors,this is theme changer is all you need to stay in touch with natureand with those you care about. Get this wood theme and drawinspiration from it when sending cute smileys for texting or whenchatting with your bffs. Enjoy beautifully shaped keypad keys andlovely wood colors while typing and texting with style on your coolhipster wallpaper for keypad. Download “Wooden Keyboard Theme” forfree and rejuvenate your phone keypad and emoticons collection inan instant!
com.tppm.halloween.lock.screen 2.4
Are you tired of telling people: hey, don't touch my phone? Nowwith Halloween Lock Screen you will scare away all the unwantedlooks and have a cool wallpaper on your screen at the same time.Prepare your mobile device for the upcoming festival the best wayyou can, protect your phone or tablet with this great app for lockscreen and be sure that it will not divulge your secrets. Set thelock screen pin, customize your phone by choosing one of thecoolest Halloween backgrounds and you are ready to go! Watch yourfriends sweat while they try to guess your lock screen password tono avail. Experience something different every time you grab yourmobile device! Download Halloween Lock Screen free of charge and beready for your favorite holiday! ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ How to set your new “lock screen”: 1. Check the 'Enablelock screen' box; 2. Enter your password and then and reenter thesame password for confirmation; 3. Now you can customize your lockscreen theme: ➤ Set your background (choose among 6 images)! ➤Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ➤ Turn date on/off! ➤ Choose thedate format on display! ➤ Show or hide battery! ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ ◡ ✮ ◠ ☠ Decorate your phone and make it cool evenwhen its locked! You can pick and choose among a great number of“lock screen themes” that are specially designed for the scariestholiday of the year. If a scary Halloween background picturedoesn't scare the unwanted guests away, then the pin code lockscreen will certainly stop them from getting into your mobilephone. Make your smartphone impenetrable but cool and amazing atthe same time with each of the Halloween themes for your “screenlock”. The “keypad lock screen” will put a smile on your face assoon as you glance at the sight of the beautiful wallpaper thatyou've chosen. Decorate your lock screen for the greatest season ofthe year and have the most awesome mobile gadget among yourfriends! Download Halloween Lock Screen now! Our “lock screenchanger” is perfect if you want to lock your photos, gallery andmessages from prying eyes and nosy friends. If you are a parent,you can stop your children from buying unwanted apps and games. Sohaving a lock screen and security pin code can be very useful!What's even better, you'll get a number of great Halloween picsthat you can put on your “keypad background” and have a nicelyadorned smartphone or tablet. This is one of the most secure andpowerful “lock screen apps” can be a perfect match for one of yourcute live wallpapers. Be happy cause you've finally found original,unique and high-quality keypad themes to personalize my phone lockscreen. If you want to have the cutest screen ever, download“Halloween Lock Screen” now for free! This keypad app comesstraight from the most frightening scary stories! Download thesekeypad themes and have the spookiest Halloween decorations of themall, like jack-o'-lanterns, skulls, ghosts and witches. They willcertainly scare all the intruders away from your device! Frightenaway your sneaky friends with the “best lock screen” on the marketwith creepy and scary wallpapers for your phone. You don't have tohide your phone anymore from your parents or brothers and sisters.Sit back and relax cause we will make sure that your privacy isprotected if you install this “keypad lock screen for girls” andboys. It comes with many cool and eerie Halloween keypad wallpapersthat will suit anyone's phone. So make haste, download HalloweenLock Screen for free and protect your secrets now!
High Quality Photo Editor 1.0
★★★★★ If you need a free app which will allow you to performprofessional photo editing on your selfies, High Quality PhotoEditor is just what you're looking for! With a great number ofcamera effects, filters for pictures and picture editing options,this amazing photo editing software is a perfect tool for creatingan extraordinary photo montage. Create a multicolored selfie byapplying two or more camera filters and effects at a time. Choose aselfie from the gallery, or start up your camera, and proceed toexploring and trying out all the selfie filters and photo frameswe've prepared for you. Save or share on your favorite socialnetworks, recommend to your bffs, and don't forget to check outother of our free apps! High Quality Photo Editor is at yourdisposal! ★★★★★*★ High quality, free photo editing!★* Edit oldpics!*★ Take a picture with your selfie camera!★* Best filters forpictures!*★ Divide your image in parts!★* Choose – line or shape!*★Apply multiple filters for selfies on the same pic!★* Frame yourpicture with cute frames!*★ Crop your image!★* Save to thegallery!*★ Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others!★*Check out other filter apps we've produced!*★ Color your ownpictures in an artistic way!You don't need a professional camera toachieve a high quality “photo montage”. What you need at thismoment is a perfect selfie, a smartphone or tablet to download thisfree picture editing software, and a little bit of creativity, andthe ability to select among the numerous photo filters and effects,and this wondrous “photo editor” will make a collage of “camerafilters” on your image. To customize pictures is easier than ever,and our color editor makes it possible for you to have a colorpictures in a unique and artistic way! A great fx editor is infront of you, grab it immediately, download High Quality PhotoEditor and enjoy editing pictures!***★★★★★***With other filter appsyou are usually able to edit pictures with only one color filter ata time, but now you are offered the opportunity to use the bestcamera app and add multiple “photo filters” to one single pic.Change color on pictures and be the best among your friends intaking pictures of high quality. Boast around with your new freepicture editor and prove that it is one of the top photo editingapps and best filter app. You think you need a picture blender tocombine two pictures together, and a filter camera app as aseparate “photo retouching software”? Well, no. High Quality PhotoEditor is all in one – a fx editor, a “filter camera” and a freeimage editor with plenty of romantic, cute and elegant “pictureframes”! Have you ever had an experience with such a pic editor?Download now!***★★★★★***If you are crazy about photo filter apps ofhigh quality and are still searching for the “color photo editor”of your dreams, you're at the perfect place! Imagine – a dividedimage, a photo filter software and different “photo effects”applied to your selfie! You will immediately forget about text onpictures selfie editor, and embrace your newest free photo editorwhich can help you add a color filter for pictures to each part ofyour image. Thus you can create high quality artwork, using onlyyour camera app and your imagination. So wait no more, download themost creative picture editor of all, employ your filter camera andmake wonders on your pics! “High Quality Photo Editor” waiting foryou, get it now for free!
Makeover Photo Editor 2.1
Hi, guys! Yes, the time for a complete physical transformation hascome! Our brand new app – Makeover Photo Editor – is ready to meetall your needs when it comes to photo makeover. Grab your selfiecamera, take a picture, or choose from the gallery, and start acrazy makeover! Easily add fake beard and mustache, or try onvarious hairstyles for women or men, use the stickers for pics fromthe collection and employ all your creativity! The pics of yourfamily or friends can undergo a total transformation thanks to thisfun picture editor! Check out why this is one of the top photoediting apps, share funny pics on your profile and enjoy usingMakeover Photo Editor!➲ Free makeover salon with plenty of stickersfor pics!? Funny mustache photo booth!➲ Fake beard application forface modification!? Virtual hair salon, try on hairstyles for menand women!➲ Edit pictures from the gallery or use your camera app!?Play with stickers and effects!➲ Save to your smartphone!? Share onsocial networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!➲ Start themakeover mania right away!Have you ever imagined your face with afull grown beard? Hurry up, try on multiple beard stickers ormustache styles, then use Makeover Photo Editor as a hair changeapp and achieve a complete “virtual makeover” so that no one willrecognize you. “Add mustache to photos” of your pets, perform uglyto pretty makeover on your own selfies, or try short hairstyles forwomen to see if you would look pretty with it. If you are crazyabout makeover games with hair makeup nails and dressing, you willlove our “photo retouching software” with mustache stickers andother ides for your physical transformation. Enter your personal“beauty makeover photo editor” and add mustache to photo orhaircuts for men in no time!✩✔✩✔✩✔✩✔✩✔Isn't an amazing pictureediting software what you've been looking for all day long? If yourwish is to have a full transformation of your image, this app iswhat you need. Try on hairstyles for free, or make a “beard photomontage” and share your funny moustache pics on social networks toamuse your friends. All kinds of transformation are available inthis wondrous “photo editor” - it works as a beard salon, “haircolor changer” and makeover app in one. Don't you too think itsbetter than dress up games and makeover games for free you've triedso far? Together with the camera effects, fake mustaches and otherstickers included, this funny photo editor qualifies as one of thebest makeover games for girls and boys! Why downloading hair salongames and a beard photo editor with mustache sticker itemsseparately when you can have Makeover Photo Editor to be at yourservice all the time!✩✔✩✔✩✔✩✔✩✔We are sure that, when you're donewith photo editing, no one will believe that the person on yourbest beard pics and mustache pics is you! With a fake moustachefrom this “hair salon” your image will be totally modified! Leavebehind all the dress up games and makeover games, if you like“games for girls”, this hair styler app should be your choice. Nowit's easy to add beard to photo, or have your very own hair salon.Download your makeover game, add some photo effects and share yourbeard photo with easiness! “Makeover Photo Editor”, ladies andgentlemen, just for you!
Lock Screen Photo 2.2
Have photos of your loved ones whenever you look at your mobiledevice with Lock Screen Photo! This photo keyboard lock screenallows you to customize your numeric keyboard by adding images toeach of the buttons. It's very easy, just select the pics you wantto see on the keypad keys from your camera and then select thekeyboard wallpaper directly from your phone gallery. You will bethrilled when you see how magnificent it looks! This is the bestprotection app that you can find for your mobile device because itis both practical and pleasing to the eye. No one will breach yourphone or tablet if they don't know the lock screen passcode: onlyyou decide to whom you'll give it. Snatch your gadget and prepareto say wow when you download Lock Screen Photo for free!How to setyour new “photo lock screen”: 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen'box;2. Enter your passcode and then and reenter the same passcodefor confirmation;3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme:➤Set the lock type and choose the shape of your new lock screen! ➤Set the pin images: click 'image', then select a photo from yourgallery/camera, crop it, then click 'done'!➤ Choose to show/hidenumbers on photos!➤ Choose a pic from your gallery/camera to setthe wallpaper! ➤ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ➤ Turn dateon/off! ➤ Choose date format on display!➤ Show or hide battery!Oneof the best “lock screen apps” is ready to be installed, so go on!The application will help you protect your privacy and preventothers from invading your phone when it's stolen. You no longerneed to hide your device from your intrusive parents or cousins,the only one who will know the secret “lock screen passcode” isyou. You can also set your favorite selfies, photos of your familyand friends or some other beautiful background pictures you have inyour phone gallery as your “lock screen wallpaper” and enjoy theview every time you unlock your phone. If you download Lock ScreenPhoto now free of charge, you'll be convinced that this is the bestway to personalize your lock screen. Wait no more, install itnow!You don't have to search for keypad themes with differentstyles when you can make your own “photo keypad” and add yourfavourite images into every keypad key, pics of your friends,parents, children, pets... Now, it is so easy to create your owncouple photo lock screen! Just take a pic with your boyfriend orgirlfriend with your phone camera directly from the app and thenset the pic as the lock screen background. There are many optionsto adapt the feature of the “screen lock app” to your own needs:you can choose to show/hide numbers on the keys, choose date formaton display and show it or hide it, choose am/pm or 24h timesetting, and many more. Just download Lock Screen Photo and beholdthe beauty of phone personalization!There is no denying: “mobilelock screen” is a very useful app for phones and tablets, but whynot make it more fun and prettier? We offer you the possibility ofcreating “wallpapers for lock screen” that will remind you of thebeautiful moments you spent with your loved ones, or set photos ofyour dearest friends and family instead of the keypad numbers soyou can feel closer to them. It is so easy to use: you can justsnap a pic directly from the app or you can select one from yourphone gallery. There is no need to wait, download “Lock ScreenPhoto”, the best “screen locker” on the market for free!
Hair and Eye Color Changer Photo Editor 2.0
Look different and unique by using the greatest Hair and Eye ColorChanger Photo Editor on the market! Be that girl on the socialnetworks that everybody will talk about. Post cool pics ofdifferent hair styles and eye colors every day and confuse yourfriends. This color changer is very easy to use: just select youfavorite hair and eye color and transform yourself into acompletely different person. You no longer need other complicatedpicture editors to make an eye and hair color change, use the bestphoto editor for photo manipulation and be stylish every day!Download Hair and Eye Color Changer Photo Editor free of charge, bebrave and dye your hair using the craziest colors ever!◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ Features:✧ Cool eye and haircolor changing app!✧ Creative and realistic stickers for photos!✧The best hair app for what style looks good on you!✧ Colorfulcontact lenses to put on your pics!✧ Animal, fire, various shapesand colors!✧ Edit ur old pics or take a selfie anew!✧ Start editingphotos of your dreams!✧ Save to the gallery of your phone ortablet!✧ Share on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter orInstagram!✧ Free photo editing tool, try it out now!◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ ✦✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ ✦ ✄ ✦ ◕‿◕ You can change your look instantly withthis easy to use beauty salon app. Here you can find many contactlenses for “eye colour change” but also different and stylish hairdo designs in your favorite nuances. You don't need a jewelry photoeditor to look stunning, you can create extraordinary visualeffects and “cool photo montages” without applying make-up.Realistic and kawaii stickers for photos will help you edit pics inno time and you can post them on any social network directly fromthis app for girls. Give a dashing look to your pictures by simplychanging your eye or “hair color” and you'll look like a completelydifferent person. One of the best makeover apps is at your reach,so download Hair and Eye Color Changer Photo Editor for freetoday!If you are not brave enough to try out something different,this “hair color changer for photos” is the perfect app to put a“virtual hairstyle” upon your head and see if you like it. It canbe a perfect rehearsal before going to your hairdresser to do thereal thing. Moreover, you can give your eyes not only a differentcolor but also a different look! Try out snake or cat eye, post theweird pictures on social networks and completely confuse yourfriends, but if you just want a “eye color changer” that makes youreyes look real that is also possible. “Change your eye color” intoblue, green, brown or even purple and see what you would look likewith contact lenses. Wait no more, download Hair and Eye ColorChanger Photo Editor free of charge!Start your completetransformation with this complete makeover app and “change eyecolor and hair color” in an instant. One of the best face changerphoto editors is finally within your grasp so you can edit pictureslike a pro although you don't have skills needed for a professionalimage editing software. This is the best app for photo editing thatwill give you two amazing applications for phones and tablets inone! Using the hair dye app and eye colour changer in one is quitesimple. You just adjust stickers for pictures of different haircuts and eye colors to photos from your camera or take a pic on thespot and decorate it. Surely this is the “best photo editor” youcan find on the market so download “Hair and Eye Color ChangerPhoto Editor” for free today!
Custom Watch Face 1.1
If you need new watch faces which are both trendy and innovative,don't miss the opportunity to download our new Custom Watch Face!Such a smart watch app you've never seen before, it is fullycustomizable and the faces offered are so unique that you willnever wish to download another watch face app. The interesting partis the way it shows the time – you can see the dots representingthe hours, and a moving dot which stands for the minutes; by simplytapping on the watch face you get also a digital time telling.Probably now is the best time to download and try out the customwatch faces we've prepared for you. This watch face design app ismade to easy synchronize with your phone. Wait no more, installCustom Watch Face right away and enjoy its pleasant appearance!***How to set your watch face?***● Download smart watch applicationto your phone! ● Find the icon and simply click on it! ● Chooseamong beautiful preset skins and sync to your smartwatch!● Ordesign your own watch face!● Choose all watch face elementsseparately!● Choose a background, different hand styles, markersand widget styles! ● See the preview of each element combination!●Choose what you want to be shown when your watch face is in ambientmode! ● When you're done, sync the app with your device! ● Bothround and square watch faces supported! ***Where to find the watchface you've chosen?*** ● You can either find the Android Wearapplication on your phone and select our watch face from the list.●Or press hard the face of your smartwatch, wait for the list ofskins to appear, and then find ours among them.● Wait a few secondsfor the app to synchronize, be patient!Gear up with Custom WatchFace, download the app to your phone and then sync software forsmart watch.***Compatibility!***Make sure that your device runs onAndroid Wear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to useour application. Custom Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1Moto 360 2ndgenHuawei WatchAsus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch UrbaneLG WatchUrbane 2nd EditionLG Watch R™LG G WatchFossil Q FounderCasioWSD-F10Tag HeuerSony Smartwatch 3Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app!Contact us on:watchfacessupport@webelinx.comDisclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Digital Watch Face 1.3
If you like to look trendy and yet have the most efficient smartwatch app, your choice should definitely be our new Digital WatchFace! With a rich watch face collection you are offered theopportunity to have a new digital watchface whenever you want.Also, you can make a watch face by combining the elements andbackgrounds the way you want. If you have a digital clock widget onyour phone, why don't you download this watch face design software,synchronize it with your smart device, and get into the possessionof the best digital smart watches that everyone will ask you about.The era of greatest technological innovations requires the bestapps, and a digital watch with changeable faces is a must in thatcase. By following the simple instructions bellow it would be soeasy to get your new smart watch faces, and be trendy every day. Noneed to wait any longer, download Digital Watch Face and get a newlook for your smart gadget! ***How to set your watch face?*** ●Download smart watch application to your phone! ● Find the icon andsimply click on it! ● Choose among beautiful preset skins and syncto your smartwatch! ● Or design your own watch face! ● Choose allwatch face elements separately! ● Choose a background, differenthand styles, markers and widget styles! ● See the preview of eachelement combination! ● Choose what you want to be shown when yourwatch face is in ambient mode! ● When you're done, sync the appwith your device! ● Both round and square watch faces supported!***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?*** ● You can eitherfind the Android Wear application on your phone and select ourwatch face from the list. ● Or press hard the face of yoursmartwatch, wait for the list of skins to appear, and then findours among them. ● Wait a few seconds for the app to synchronize,be patient! Gear up with Digital Watch Face, download the app toyour phone and then sync software for smart watch.***Compatibility!*** Make sure that your device runs on AndroidWear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to use ourapplication. Digital Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1 Moto 360 2nd genHuawei Watch Asus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch Urbane LG WatchUrbane 2nd Edition LG Watch R™ LG G Watch Fossil Q Founder CasioWSD-F10 Tag Heuer Sony Smartwatch 3 Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app! Contact us Disclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Moonstone Watch Face 1.2
A new generation of smart watch faces has just entered the marketin the form of our latest app - Moonstone Watch Face. Your smartdevice can now be supported with an interactive watch face whichallows you not only to combine the elements separately and be yourown watch face creator, but also to change the appearance of thecentral part by simply tapping on it. Choose to see the battery ordate, and get a the finest elegant watch face with magicalmoonstone background. We've designed a super efficient smart watchapp which is easy to synchronize with your phone, and the richcollection of hands and backgrounds gives you the opportunity tobecome the most creative watch face maker and for free! It is waytoo easy to change the custom watch faces for some moreimaginative, add a touch of elegance to your simple watch face andmake it unique. Download Moonstone Watch Face, be trendy andelegant in all occasions!***How to set your watch face?***●Download smart watch application to your phone! ● Find the icon andsimply click on it! ● Choose among beautiful preset skins and syncto your smartwatch!● Or design your own watch face!● Choose allwatch face elements separately!● Choose a background, differenthand styles, markers and widget styles! ● See the preview of eachelement combination!● Choose what you want to be shown when yourwatch face is in ambient mode! ● When you're done, sync the appwith your device! ● Both round and square watch faces supported!***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?*** ● You can eitherfind the Android Wear application on your phone and select ourwatch face from the list.● Or press hard the face of yoursmartwatch, wait for the list of skins to appear, and then findours among them.● Wait a few seconds for the app to synchronize, bepatient!Gear up with Moonstone Watch Face, download the app to yourphone and then sync software for smartwatch.***Compatibility!***Make sure that your device runs onAndroid Wear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to useour application. Moonstone Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1Moto 360 2ndgenHuawei WatchAsus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch UrbaneLG WatchUrbane 2nd EditionLG Watch R™LG G WatchFossil Q FounderCasioWSD-F10Tag HeuerSony Smartwatch 3Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app!Contact us on:watchfacessupport@webelinx.comDisclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Neon Blue Emoji Keyboard 2.4
You dream about your own neon mobile phone in your favorite color?You've come to the right place! Neon Blue Emoji Keyboard is anexcellent way to turn your old system keypad into a brand new oneand enjoy the glowing sensation at the same time. If you want tohave blue neon light on your mobile phone then use this neonkeypad, text your friends on glowing keys and send them cute emojisand emoticons. This is a one of a kind free keyboard app that willturn your daily texting into something completely different! Enjoythe shining experience of your new keypad skin and at the same timeput emoticons and emojis to SMS text messages, comments or chat.You deserve something different and unique and this is the perfectopportunity! Download Neon Blue Emoji Keyboard now for free! How toset your new keyboard skins: 1. Click on 'Enable the keypad', thencheck the box-field next to “Neon Blue Emoji Keyboard” and thenclick on the OK button 2. Return to the application, then select'Set the keypad to default' button and select 'Neon Blue EmojiKeyboard' 3. Now, you can customize your keypad (select language,themes, and shortcuts) We dare you find a better way to decorateyour phone! This amazing neon light keyboard theme is somethingthat you should not miss because it represents a sophisticated blueled keyboard with illuminated keys but also has a great number ofemoticons, emojis and other symbols that will enrich your messagesand comments. Make a neon phone in a second and for free andeverybody will want to change their neon pink keypads and try outthe new keyboard app with emojis. If you've always wanted to betrendy and one of a kind then you must try the best “keyboardchanger” on the market! Our “glow in the dark keyboard” now comesin your favorite color! Neon emoji keyboard is available fordownload for free! ► Get emojis for free and insert them in yourSMS text messages! ► Completely “customizable keyboard” layoutswith emoji art! ► Free and efficient blue mobile theme for emojikeyboard! ► Cool emoticons for your funny messages! ► Choose thedefault language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian! ► Go andtype your SMS and send cute emojis on a blue emoji keyboard! Youneed the best backlit keypad for your smartphone or tablet? Say nomore! Finally you can have a neon keyboard with light blue colorand attract everyone's attention. It will glow in the dark like atorch in light or dark blue nuances and have cute emoticons fortexting as well. This “neon keyboard” should be your choice numberone because is has the best of the best keypad designs. The newblue neon keys will feel awesome under your fingers, just like areal backlit keyboard. With this “emoji keyboard” you can typepractically anywhere! Neon red keypad designs are so passe, it'stime to “change your keyboard” and dress it in blue! So grab yourmobile device, install this “neon lights theme” and text all daylong! If you want your neon color keyboard to be blue then get theprefect theme changer to make your mobile shine and sparkle day andnight. Don't forget that this “neon blue keyboard” app also has amyriad of emojis that you can put anywhere you want. Your neon livewallpaper that you already have on your phone screen will gosplendidly with this “blue neon keypad”. Emoji smart neon keyboardis all you need when you go to a party. Illuminate the room aroundyou with your new keyboard background and shine brightly like astar! If you want to make all the eyes look at you then downloadNeon Blue Emoji Keyboard for free and let the party start!
Photo Filters and Effects 1.1
Do magical photo editing with Photo Filters and Effects, acompletely free app for retouching pictures with many image filtersand effects that will beautify your pics in an instant! Take outyour smartphone or tablet, take a selfie or choose one pic fromyour gallery, add cool effects and filters! The results of yourpicture editing will be amazing! Enhance your old pics by applyingfree photo filters and share them instantly on major socialnetworks. The cool photo effects we have prepared for you in thisfree app for pictures will make any photograph a true master piece.You don't need a professional camera to turn your selfies intobeautiful photographs, you just need to download Photo Filters andEffects for free and become a professional photographer yourself!☞Many camera filters and effects to retouch images!☞ Free editor forpics for any smartphone or tablet!☞ Take a picture with your selfiecamera or edit pics from your gallery!☞ Change filters on your picsand find perfect “photo effects”!☞ Save your photo montage to thegallery!☞ Share instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and othersocial networks!☞ Download one of the best pic editing apps now forfree!Check out this filter camera with “photo filters” which willmake your selfies extraordinary. Easily apply cool effects anddon't worry if you are not a skillful montage maker – this “photoeditor” performs all the job instead of you. Thanks to its topnotch camera filters and the best special effects for pictures,this is one of the best pic editor effects and filters app for anyfancy smartphone and tablet. Retouch your pictures with amazingartistic image effects and have fun day and night on your mobiledevice. Don't try to find a better image manipulator cause you'llfail. All the photo overlay effects that you need to edit you picslike a pro are right here in this free app. Have the best girly appamong all of your BFFs and download Photo Filters and Effects freeof charge!Don't be one of those who share boring pictures whichhaven't been treated in one of the photo editors and pictureeffects. Be fashionable and keep up with the latest trends inprofessional photography! We offer you a photo editor free withlots of effects and colors to edit your images like never beforeand retouch your selfies and make them beautiful. Online photoediting is history – the app with “picture filters and effects” isthe future! You only need this “selfie camera with filters” andyour selfies will turn into real art of pics! Online editorsrequire constant Internet connection, but not this unique piceditor software that is with you whenever you want and wherever yougo! You've come across the “best camera app” with free photofilters, so download Photo Filters and Effects now and startexploring the options of the picture editor. Edit images all daylong and unleash the inner artist who hides within you with one ofthe best “filter apps” on the market! No fx editor can afford tohave such cool filters and after effects as this photo booth andfunny effects creator. As one of the “top photo editing apps”, thispicture effects and editor app brings into your phone stunningcolor touch effects and interesting live filters for selfies. Thisamazing app has it all! You had fun with adding text on pics butall the trendy girls must keep up with the latest trends, so it'shigh time you downloaded one of the best selfie app with filtersand make use of this “photo editor free download”.Congratulations!You've found an image editor which counts as one of the best cameraapps that you can find for free. There is no reason to hesitate,download “Photo Filters and Effects” the best photo studio pro!
Picture Blender 1.7
Be creative, be imaginative! Get Picture Blender to blend twophotos into a single picture and create amazing photo art on yourphone or tablet. This image editing app is a easy to use softwarewhich allows you to mix two photos in no time and enjoy the pictureediting app's awesome features and options. Just pick your favoritepics or snap new ones to create awesome creations and photomontages. Convince your bffs that you are a pro photographer and apicture editor and you can do all that for free by just using yourmobile device. Creating double exposure images by blending ormixing photos has never been easier! Unleash your creative sidewith Picture Blender and download it now for free! Features: ☑Perform the best picture blending! ☑ Make your own photo montagewith double exposure or add overlay effect! ☑ Upload a pic fromyour camera or take a new one! ☑ Set your blend image transparencywith ease! ☑ Add cute picture frames! ☑ Rotate, scale, zoom or dragpictures to blend them into one perfect pic! ☑ This is the best“photo merge” software to enhance your pics! ☑ Apply stunning andcool photo effects! ☑ ‘‘Combine pictures’’together like a pro withone of the best apps on the market! ☑ Sharing options for Facebook,Twitter and Instagram! ◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇ With this “photo blendermix up” you can create an amazing poster of your images by blendingthem into one. Enhance your images and create blender art in thesimplest and easiest way with with advanced photo editing andpicture enhancement options this app for phones and tablets has. Toblend two or more pictures together you don't need to be aprofessional photographer. They will be so jealous when they seeyour “overlay photo app” because it is easy to use and verypowerful so when you combine 2 photos into one pic you'll get aperfect result every time. Apply overlay effects to make doubleexposure and use Picture Blender, the best overlay photo editor forgirls and boys and their mobile devices, so download it now forfree! ◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇ Easily “photo blend” two pics to make oneand astonish your friends with your astounding picture editingabilities. This “image blender” app will help you create wonderfulphoto art images and amaze all your friends on social networks. Bydownloading this free photo editor and blender you can make yourown poster or wallpaper that any pro picture editor can do and youcan photo merge two pic together with style in a creative way. Beconvinced that merging photos has never been easier cause with thisblender camera you can “picture blend” and create an amazing photoalbum with images with fantastic transparency effect which you canadjust. Stop with everything you do and get Picture Blender rightnow for free and be the first among your friends who can combinetwo photos like a pro! ◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇◡◆◠◇ If you ever wondered howto merge two photos together then download this combine photoeditor to experience the best “photo overlapping” ever! “Combinephotos” into one photo by using this amazing photo mixer, and showyour finest artistic skills by creating beautiful and romantic lovepics that everyone will envy for. Merge your romantic photo withyour funny picture and blend two images to create a perfect photoprank. Adjust transparent crease on your image, and see how yourpics are fading one into another. Embellish your cute pics in aglamorous “blender app”! Download “Picture Blender” free, one ofthe top photo editor apps and turn the process of picture editinginto pure fun and enjoyment.
Should we Date Calculator 1.2
Ever wanted to know who is the perfect date for you on Valentine'sDay? Stop right here! Should we Date Calculator is the perfect toolto find out whether there are any sparks between you and yourpotential lover. This great love meter app will measure the passionthat exists between you two in percentages and give you a cute lovemessage that describe your relationship. Enter your names and datesof birth, cross your fingers and wait for the result! Play with thelove tester till you get the number you want and then share it withyour friends on social networks. It is designed to be a cute girlyapp, but boys are allowed to use it too. It time to say goodbye toall the unsuccessful and disappointing dates and say hello toShould we Date Calculator, the best app for phones and tablets thatwill find your true love for you. Download it now for free!♥ ◠ ♥◡ ♥◠ ♥ ◡ ♔ ♕ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡Features:❥ The most accurate lovecalculator app!❥ Measure your love in percentages!❥ Easy to use appfor girls and boys!❥ Enter your names and dates of birth!❥ Keepyour fingers crossed and wait!❥ The percentage with a cute messagewill pop out on the screen!❥ Enjoy this prank app and use for funpurposes only!♥ ◠ ♥◡ ♥ ◠ ♥ ◡ ♔ ♕ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡This fun and unique“love calculator” will help you find your soul mate and the personyou're destined to be with. All you have to do is to write yourname and the name of your lover, enter your birth dates and presscalculate. The “love detector” will let you know the exactpercentage of love between you and your potential boyfriend orgirlfriend. If you are happy with the result you can share it withfriends. This is the perfect app for mobile devices to find yourValentine, your prince Charming or your beautiful princess. The“true love test” works great for girls as well as boys, so all ofyou can have loads of fun together, just download Should we DateCalculator for free! Find out if your blind date will be awesome ornot!Test you love first before you make any rush decisions towardsstarting a new romance. Does he or she like you or is it just afarce? Do the “love test” and find out the truth! Our love realcalculator works like any other game for couples except that youwon't get bored after some time. Test your feelings and you'll getyour “love compatibility” results in a second. This is one of thebest match makers on the market, but its designed only to make youlaugh, not cry, so don't take the results too seriously. Check lovepercentage between you and your lover or find who's your perfectmatch and the romance percentage you guys have! Find out who isyour sweetheart and download “Should we Date Calculator” free ofcharge and find your perfect partner!If you were looking for thebest among “apps for couples” then you've come to the right place!Grab your phone or tablet and play with your sweetheart and showeveryone that your couples compatibility is high! Check what is thechance of a good relationship with the one you like, download thebest “love scanner” and put your darling to a test. Date him or heronly if you get the perfect score! Bear in mind though that this“love tester” is made for entertainment purposes only and that youshouldn't take the results too seriously. But if you have a hugecrush and you can't stop thinking about this person, if you'redistracted, daydreamy, completely unproductive and totallyunfocused, you should do this loves me or not test, one of thecoolest couples games for adults and for kids. It will determinewhether you've made the right choice. Know the truth, downloadShould we Date Calculator free now! 2.3
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Cute Owl Emoji Keyboard 2.3
It is high time that you replaced your old keyboard skin for a new,lovely, the most adorable among cute keyboards! Meet Cute Owl EmojiKeyboard, a totally free app for smartphones and tablets with tonsof smiley emoticons for your text messages! Your very own owl petis here to beautify your screen and make your everyday texting evenmore enjoyable. The big eyes and sweet face of your little owl willbe at your display whenever you start typing a love SMS to your bfor simply share comments on social networks. With funny emoticonsfrom the huge collection packed in our sweet girly app, chattingwill never be boring again!⇊ How to set your new “keyboard design”:⇊ 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field nextto “Cute Owl Emoji Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2.Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Cute Owl Emoji Keyboard'3. Now, you can“customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, andshortcuts)Cute Owl Emoji Keyboard is more than “emoji app”; itbrings joy, cuteness and magic to your smartphone or tablet. If youlike sweet decorations and want to accessorize your device withlovely owls, go download the most gorgeous among our girly apps andsee what we have prepared for you!◉◊◉ Free emojis on cutebackgrounds with owls!◉◊◉ Easy to install and manipulate!◉◊◉ Manylanguages to set as default: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, orRomanian!◉◊◉ Select theme for your emoji keypad!◉◊◉ Set keyfeedback options – vibration, sound, preview!◉◊◉ A great number ofcute themes for your qwerty keypad!◉◊◉ Beautify your smart devicewith adorable owls!A touch of beauty and sweetness can be added toyour system keypad in a few easy steps, and a few touches on yourscreen are sufficient to make your “emoticon keyboard” decoratedwith cute owl pictures in the back. Start adding cute smileys toyour comments on Facebook or Instagram, or insert funny emoticonswhen you send funny messages to your bff! Set pictures of cute owlsas your keypad background to experience the magic of loveliest “owlkeyboard theme”!❃ ⊙♦⊙ ❃ ◉◊◉ ❃ ⊙♦⊙ ❃Having an owl keyboard on yourfancy qwerty phone will be like having your own “cute owl” as a petwhich hoots every time you press a button! Among emoji apps fortexting, this “cute keyboard” qualifies as best emoji keyboard appthanks to the numerous cute emoticons and “cute owl backgrounds”which will match perfectly with your cute owl wallpaper if haveone. So go download emoji keyboard and send “emoticons for texting”all day long! For fashionable girls who like owl games this “emojikeyboard” changer is the perfect choice!❃ ⊙♦⊙ ❃ ◉◊◉ ❃ ⊙♦⊙ ❃Youdon't need an emoji switcher to get emoji for your text messages;with cute smiley emoticons packed together with this adorablekeypad theme your need for emoji art will be satisfied. If you area night owl and like to stay up late in the evening and chat withyour friends all night long, you will need lots of smiley emoticonsto spice your chat, and we guarantee that with this “cute emojikeyboard” you will never run out of cute smiley symbols! Godownload Cute Owl Emoji Keyboard and get emoji themes for yourtrendy phone or tablet right now!
Love Keyboard with Emoticons 2.2
Are you crazy in love? If you are, show it to the world and letyour feelings flow into your messages via Love Keyboard withEmoticons! It's time to decorate your system keypad with hearts andother romantic motifs and fill your phone with smiley emoticonswhich will help you share your emotions and reactions. Romantickeypads which are included in this emoji app are fullycustomizable, change love themes every single day, set key feedbackoptions, and go type a romantic SMS to your sweetheart! Enjoy thefunny emoticons and lovely themes, download the most beautifulamong girly apps and send messages from the bottom of your heart!❤How to set your new “keyboard design”: ❤1. Click on 'Enable theKeyboard', then check the box-field next to “Love Keyboard withEmoticons” and then click on the OK button2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button andselect 'Love Keyboard with Emoticons'3. Now, you can “customizeyour keyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts)Once youdownload and install your new “love keyboard” you will be able toexplore all the amazing options this cute keypad changer brings!Moreover, you will be overwhelmed by the collection of innovativeemoticons which are included in this free app. Unleash your innerfeelings and show to the world that you are a true romantic soul!❤Most romantic themes for your keypad!❤ Easy to install and use!❤Many adorable and funny emoticons!❤ Choose the default language:English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French,German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!❤ Select theme for youremoji keypad!❤ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound,preview!Let your life be a true romance, all you need is a keyboardlayout with cute hearts and love images at the background to go andsend 'I love you text messages' to your bf. Spice it with a smileyemoticon or post a status or comment in the form of love quoteswith emoticons smiley attached to it. Now your emotions can betransferred through your “emoji keyboard”. If you like lovewallpapers and backgrounds, you definitely need to have this“keyboard customizer” in your smartphone or tablet! And LoveKeyboard with Emoticons is at your disposal for that!❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤Loveyourself every day, with this emoji keyboard download free you cansend your feelings in every text messages with love emojis.Customize your phone with love apps for girls, so that your smartdevice has the most fashionable “love keyboard themes” with freeemojis. In one only girly app you will get a “heart keyboard” andlots of other romantic keypad themes and also a huge number of“emoticons for texting”. So download now and share your emotions,reactions and attitudes on social networks easily, and have a newphone theme every day!❤♡❤♡❤♡❤♡❤Your days can now be more enjoyableand romantic especially when they start with a cute message with asmile emoticon you send to your beloved people. To get that senseof peace and overwhelming emotions you need an “emoticon keyboard”with hearts. Among all love apps free you can download from themarket, this keypad with free emoji is just what you need tobeautify your daily texting routine. Download emoji keyboard now,and go send message after message, send keyboard love to yourfriends, and get emoji for free! Enjoy using Love Keyboard withEmoticons!
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Ultra fine glitter is ready to create a magical effect on yourphone and make your everyday texting true enjoyment! Please, give awarm welcome to Pink Glitter Emoticon Keyboard, our brand new girlyapp which will dress your old custom keyboard in most glimmeringpink coat, and, what is even better, it contains a rich collectionof cute smileys emoticons for your text messages and comments onsocial networks! Express your emotions and reactions using freeemoji from your new keyboard changer colored in pink and go be areal fancy girl!∴❤∴ How to set your new “keyboard design”: ∴❤∴1.Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to“Pink Glitter Emoticon Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2.Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard toDefault' button and select 'Pink Glitter Emoticon Keyboard'3. Now,you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, andshortcuts)Download the shiniest pink keypad and you will have noworries; don't ask yourself how to get emojis, this emoji app is atyour disposal, so go chat with your bff or boyfriend right away!❃Easy install and manipulation!❃ Sprinkle pink glitter all over yourfancy keypad!❃ A great number of cute and funny emoticons!❃ Setlanguage as: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian,French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!❃ Set key feedbackoptions – vibration, sound, preview!❃ Send interesting emoticonsall day long!❃ Select theme for your emoji keypad!❃ Go text yourbff or boyfriend on your new qwerty keypad!Pink Glitter EmoticonKeyboard is full of finest diamond dust which glitters under yourfingers when you type your love SMS and add cute emoticons, and thepink glitter adds a girly touch of luxury to your smartphone ortablet so that it looks as if it were a phone of a princess with afairy dust sprinkled all over it! Among emoji apps for texting the“pink keyboard” we created contains the cutest free emojis whichyou can use in messages or comments on Facebook. Make your ownkeyboard be supported with pink color and “glitter backgrounds” andfunny emoticons for free!❤❃♡❃❤❃♡❃❤It's high time you changed yourold qwerty keyboard app for a new, pink and glittering keypad withcute emoticons for texting, because every cute girl deserves a pinkglitter keypad to type on. If you have a pink glitter wallpaper tomatch your new “keyboard layout”, your phone will gleam like neonlights on every occasion. Besides, emoji themes packed in thisemoji keyboard download are so decorative that you will certainlyhave the most beautiful theme in your company, and everyone willask you where you got emoji art which you use in yourmessages!❤❃♡❃❤❃♡❃❤Your search for the most sophisticated keyboardwith emoticons is finally over, download this swiftkey pink keypadand you will have tons of glitter themes to change every day! Ifyou are a girl of fashion, “pink glitter keyboard” is a must, putsome shiny lip gloss, do your nails with glitter and download“emoticon keyboard” with fine pink glitter powder all over it! Inthat way you will get emoji and use that “emoticons for texting”all day long. If your friend has a new “emoji keyboard”, show heryour emoji switcher and she will be stunned by the sparkle andphone emoji packed in it. So hurry up, go get your Pink GlitterEmoticon Keyboard now for free and send a smile emoticon to yourbeloved one!
Gold Glitter Keyboard 2.4
So chic, so unique! Make your mobile device elegant and luxuriouswith Gold Glitter Keyboard, one of the top trending apps thisseason on the market. The luxury gold themes in this trendy appwill make you forget about other glitter keyboard apps and you'llindulge in the beauty of glittery dust in the air while you typefavorite emoticons and smileys in your text messages. Glitter yourway through life and feel like a celebrity with this great sparklekeyboard with emoticons following you. There is no reason why youshould be the same with everyone else when you can get this GoldGlitter Keyboard for free to make your phone keypad look like noother!How to install you new keypad app:1. Click on 'Enable theKeyboard', then check the box-field next to 'Gold Glitter Keyboard'and then click on the OK button2. Return to the application, thenselect 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button and select 'GoldGlitter Keyboard'3. Now, you can customize your keyboard (selectlanguage, themes, and shortcuts)╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮Features:♔Several beautiful “glitter keyboard” themes for your mobilekeypad!♔ Choose your favorite out of many gold keypad themes!♔Several “gold themes” to enjoy your updated emoji keypad forphones!♔ Cool emoticons and smileys to send to your bffs!♔Vibration and stylish keyboard sounds!♔ Choose the defaultlanguage: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian,French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!♔ Go and text onyour cool keypad style right away!╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮Do you reallythink that only billionaires and royalty can afford a “goldkeyboard”? Well, think again, cause now your don't have to worryabout new keypad price – this “keyboard customizer” is for free!Just imagine how cool it would be to have this awesome gold emojikeyboard theme on the screen while you type. Go ahead and show offto your friends with your awesome black and gold theme and use manyemojis for texting that this smart keypad has to express youremotions via funny sms text messages. Gold background will help youmake your own “keyboard design” look so extravagant and charming,so be quick and get these cute themes for girl to impresseveryone!╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮Try these amazing “keyboard skins” andchoose your favorite shade of gold with sparkling effect that willbrighten up your phone. Your new style won't go unnoticed andeveryone will turn around to see the golden keypad keys on the coolglittery background. Match the “golden keyboard” with your goldwallpaper and enjoy in a fancy view on your phone screen. Youalready have custom made keypad themes which are available forimmediate use so you don't have to create your own keyboard skin.We guarantee that you'll simply adore the new theme changer andyou'll fall in love with many “fancy keyboard” designs it has tooffer. Choose to be rich and famous and download golden colourkeypad free of charge!╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮╭♕╯╰♕╮Shower your mobile phonewith golden dust! Let texting become the most pleasurable activitywith awesome and cute “emoticons for texting” that will melt yourbff's hearts. This cool keyboard pro app offers you keypadcustomization with rich hues of gold that will make everyone thinkthat you really have a phone made of gold. Change your qwertykeypad look and feel like a princess whenever you take out yourphone or tablet to send love text messages to your boyfriend thatare enriched with new emojis and smileys. If you are going toinstall the cutest app for girl then get ready to experience luxuryat its fullest! Download “Gold Glitter Keyboard” for free andregret nothing!
Sakura Keyboard with Emoticons 2.2
Do you think it's possible that your phone blooms? With SakuraKeyboard with Emoticons every idea comes true! With extremely easyinstallation steps, lovely spring cherry blossoms and a greatcollection of free emoji, this amazing sakura keypad changer is areal must-have! Let the spring spirit enters every love SMS youtype on your emoji keyboard theme while finest and fresh sakuraflowers dance under your fingers! Moreover, the funniest emoticonsfor texting which are packed in this adorable custom keypad willsuffice all your needs for expressing the reactions and emotions.So, wait no more, go download emoji keyboard with Japanese cherryblossom motifs and have the cutest girly app ever!❀ How to set yournew “keyboard design”: ❀1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', thencheck the box-field next to “Sakura Keyboard with Emoticons” andthen click on the OK button2. Return to the application, thenselect 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button and select 'SakuraKeyboard with Emoticons'3. Now, you can “customize your keyboard”(select language, themes, and shortcuts)Beautiful cherry blossommarks the beginning of spring; now you can have spring in yourphone whatever season it is outside thanks to this sakura theme.Simply exploit this emoji keyboard download for free, and the bestcherry blossom background will decorate your phone, just the waysmiley emoticons decorate your messages!❀ Fully customizable emojiapp with cherry blossom pictures!❀ Easy to install, many sakurathemes to choose from!❀ A great number of cute and funnyemoticons!❀ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay,Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish,or Romanian!❀ Select sakura cherry blossom theme for your emojikeypad!❀ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound, preview!❀Install, adjust, and go text your boyfriend or bff!If you are boredwith your old keypad and want to make your samrtphone or tablet goromantic, Sakura Keyboard with Emoticons is the best choice. Lovelyblue mixed with sakura bloom makes this “emoticon keyboard”irresistible! Share the sakura spirit with your friends, show themhow you can add smiley emoticons and, if you've got a sakurawallpaper to match your “cute keyboard themes”, probably you willhave the most beautifully accessorized phone ofall!~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~Nowadays it is impossible to send a message with nocute text emoticons; this is why we created a “keyboard withemoticons” with sakura cherry blossom and made the sensation ofdaily texting even more pleasurable. It is like having a springblossom tree behind your 'I love you text messages' or a truesakura garden! And the funny emoticons we created are here to helpyou share emotions, reactions and attitudes. Download your new“emoji keyboard” with sakura theme and you won't regretit!~❀~❀~❀~❀~❀~If you still have doubts, we guarantee that once youdownload this “sakura keyboard” you will be overwhelmed by thecuteness of sakura theme and “keyboard emoticons” and you will addone cute smiley after another in every SMS or comment! Spreadgarden blossom all over your screen thanks to this “sakura theme”while cute emoticons give a warm welcome to your new text message.Typing has now become real enjoyment, add a smile emoticon whateveryou type! Get emoji for free, download Sakura Keyboard withEmoticons and have fun!
Blue Flame Keyboard 2.2
Spread your energy around you and accessorize your smartphone ortablet with Blue Flame Keyboard, a new keyboard style that willlight up your mobile device. Cast brilliant blue flame around youand feel the cool heat under your fingers as your type and text andsend cute emoticons and smileys to your bffs. There are manydifferent keyboard skins that you can choose from, just select yourfavorite shade of blue and go type all day long. Let them knowabout your super keypad design and convince them that its the bestphone decoration on the market. Be a trendsetter among others whenit comes to phone personalization, try on this blue fire outfit!Download Blue Flame Keyboard free of charge and your text messageswill be just amazing!How to set your new keyboard app:1. Click on'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to “Blue FlameKeyboard” and then click on the OK button;2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button andselect 'Blue Flame Keyboard';3. Now, you can customize yourkeyboard (select language, themes, and shortcuts).Many people likecolor blue but this phone keypad style will make your unique andtrendy. Stand out of the crowd and choose your favorite hue thatwill decorate your “keyboard background”. Delight in the updatedemoji collection as you type and text sms messages and use yourfavorite “emoticons for texting”. Your phone will glow in the darklike a torch with blazing blue fire and it'll grab everyone'sattention wherever you go. There are so many fancy looking “keypadthemes” in this cool app for smartphones and tablets that you won'tbe able to make up your mind! So change your keyboard theme oftenand worry about nothing cause with this cool theme changer is freeof charge!Features:★ Decorate your phone with glowing keypadskins!★ Choose your favorite “blue keyboard”!★ Custom made keyboardwith emojis that will give your phone a fresh new look!★ Chooseyour language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish or Romanian!★ Downloadone of the best keypad changer and let you phone shine with anelegant glow!★ Go and text now on this unique keypad design!You canchange your system “keyboard color” into vibrant and rich blue thatwill freshen up your phone and make it look fantastic. Thanks toour new “emoji keyboard” app, you have numerous lovely “smileys fortexting” to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend in love textmessages or funny emoji that will make your bffs laugh. Yoursmartphone display will have a brand new look once you get thiscool keyboard customizer. You'll have a brand new mobile device forfree in just several taps. You will definitely have the mostbeautiful keyboard background that will dazzle everyone around youthe moment you start typing messages. Stop your quest cause thebest keypad for phones is finally here!Simple and blue coloredkeyboard design is everything you need to shine and draw anyone'sattention. Get noticed instantly at parties while you type and textto your friends and enjoy awesome new “emoticons for texting” thatwill enrich your text messages and chat. Your favorite mobilegadget will look astonishing with these bright color shades and ifyou like fire keyboards then this is the best combination! Thiscool free app is the best choice when it comes to custom “keyboardthemes with emojis”. So? What are you waiting for? Download BlueFlame Keyboard, one of the best phone keypad apps on the market forfree!
Change your Keyboard 2.2
Let cuteness overflow your phone! Change your Keyboard style andget a new one with amazing keypad keys and many different themes.You can now express your emotions via cute emoticons and smileysand at the same time type messages and chat on adorable keyboardkeys that look like animal ears! Yes, you've read that correctly!Be inspired by this awesome theme changer and type and send smstext messages. This is the ultimate emoji app with many differentsmiley faces that will express your every reaction. Enhance typingexperience with these great skins and designs, customize your phonein the way you've always wanted! Change your Keyboard skin now!Download the app for free!How to set your new keypad skin:1. Clickon 'Enable the Keypad', then check the box-field next to “Changeyour Keyboard” and then click on the OK button2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keypad to Default' button andselect 'Change your Keyboard'3. Now, you can “customize yourkeyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts)Carefullydesigned “keyboard themes” will bring your typing experience onanother level. Cool and cute backgrounds for your keypad layoutwill make every day beautiful and exciting. This theme changerbelongs to one of the top trending apps for girls and all thoseladies who like changing their keypad background often. Have themost beautiful “keyboard design” every day, choose the theme youlike the best and go send emojis and emoticons to your bffs,boyfriend or family. Changing keypad design has never been easierso “change keyboard” background in an instant, be one of a kind andmake your friends admire the new look of your mobile device!Try outall the features and have the ultimate typing experience!☑ Easy toinstall and use!☑ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay,Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish,or Romanian!☑ Select a theme for your new emoji keypad!☑ Change theway your new keyboard sounds when you type!☑ Set other key feedbackoptions – vibration and preview!☑ A great number of cute and funnyemoticons!☑ Download sweet themes for free!This is a completely newand stylish keyboard with emojis that will quench your desire forchanging themes on your phone. There are several skins you canapply to your keypad wallpaper and enjoy the beautifully shapedkeys designed for better and faster typing. “Create your ownkeyboard” theme! Change the keypad color the way you've alwayswanted and text with style! Use the cute emoji keyboard for girlsto send the cutest or funniest emoticons for texting to yourfriends and family. Your day will be filled with smiley faces thatexpress any emotion you can possibly imagine so go and send themfrom your new phone keypad themes!We can modestly say that this isthe best way to switch keyboard quickly, easily and with style! Ifyou cannot get enough of apps for changing keyboard color what youneed is to download this cool “keyboard customizer” and let thefresh new look leave a dashing effect on your mobile phone ortablet while you type yet another SMS text message. You can makeyour everyday chatting more enjoyable by adding dozens of cuteemojis and surprise your friends with cool new emojis for texting.You'll be convinced that this cute “keyboard changer” is the bestcompanion through everyday texting once you see all the cutekeyboard decorations and funny emojis. Change your Keyboard designnow and download this keyboard app for free!
Zombie Booth Photo Editor 2.4
Make a scary picture prank and fool your friends with Zombie BoothPhoto Editor! This cool and spooky photo editor will help you makeincredible picture montages and eerie images to spook your bffs andfamily members. This is a very simple picture editor app thatanybody can use – just take a picture or select one from your phonegallery, then choose the grossest stickers you can find in ourcollection and adjust them to make a real zombie face. Easilycreate professional photo montages and share your creations to allsocial networks directly from this funny photo editor and havehundreds of likes! Download this Zombie Booth Photo Editor free ofcharge right this instant and join the land of the undead!⚰️⚰️Features: ✔ Excellent zombie app for free! ✔ Scary face morpheron your smartphone or tablet! ✔ Create spookiest pranks to scareyour friends! ✔ Select a pic from the gallery or take a new one! ✔Choose from the variety of stickers for photos to add to your pics!✔ Cool stickers to turn yourself into a zombie! ✔ Adjust thesticker to fit your image, change the size with your fingers! ✔Convert yourself into a living dead and make the coolest zombiepics with your friends! ✔ Share your piece of art on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram! Enjoy retouching your images in this “horrorphoto editor” and “get your picture zombified” in an instant! Bethe part of the walking dead apocalypse and create gloomy picturemontages that will scare even the bravest out of their wits. Allthat you need is your smartphone or tablet and of course thisamazing and free photo booth and you can add stickers to picturesof friends or to your selfies. The result will be “scary picturesprank” with bloody details like scars or eyeballs falling out thatwill spook anyone senseless. When they see the zombie photo you andthem will scream in fear! Prepare for the ultimate photo editorwhen it comes to face montage and zombie editors! Download “ZombieBooth Photo Editor” for free today! Install this spooky “zombiebooth free” for extreme entertainment! If you want to make “zombiepictures” that will send chills down your spine then you should getthe best photo editor in the world when it comes to zombie facemakers. This is not just an ordinary “zombie photo editor”, it isalso a picture booth that you can write words on picture, so becreative and add text to photos of you and your friends and createyour own posters for horror movies. Our scary picture editor formaking zombie photos is just perfect for Halloween or other partieswhen you need some extra fun. You can use it as a great prank appto convince your friends that you have an army of the undead. Asyou can see, this “zombie face app” has many possibilities. Don'twaste more time, download free Zombie Booth Photo Editor now! Get a“zombie camera booth free” on your smartphone or tablet and createcool montages on your very mobile device. We guarantee that thereis no better scary photo editor on the market when it comes to“zombie maker” apps so you might as well install this zombie imagegenerator and worry no more. You can make stunning images withspecial photo stickers that look so real as if they were made byphotography professionals. There are several combinations that youcan use to make an ideal zombie transformation. Create images ofthe living dead and have a real photo fun using this amazing facemorphing app with picture stickers and zombie camera effects onyour pics. Make yourself into a zombie! Download Zombie Booth PhotoEditor for free and create zombie face now!
What was I in my Past Life 2.3
Do you believe in reincarnation? If you really want to know whatyou were in a past life you don't need any magic or weird prophetsor sorcerers, you can find out right away with What was I in myPast Life! Check out what animal best matches your personalityusing this absolutely fantastic test app! Is it going to be a cat?Were you as powerful as a tiger, or as loyal as a dog? Perhaps youwere wise and cunning like a fox. Enough of guessing, all you needto do is enter your name and date of birth and the question whatwere you in your past life will be answered on spot. You willimmediately get the results together with the message telling yourvirtues. The best prank test is just in front of you, download Whatwas I in my Past Life and take your chances! ✲ What were you inyour previous birth? ✲ Download the best past life test! ✲ Enteryour name! ✲ Enter your birth date! ✲ Find out what member of theanimal kingdom you were! ✲ Tell your friends about it! ✲ Have funusing this funny prank app! Are you wondering how to find out whatanimal you were in your past life? The answer lies right here, inour new free app for smartphones and tablets! If you like “animalgames” and taking tests, What was I in my Past Life is perfect foryour pastime. You can ask a question like who was I in my past lifeby name, or what I was in my past life by birth date, and it willgive you the result in a matter of seconds. Strong like a lion, orgentle and compassionate like an elephant? Try entering your bff'sdata and let this “past life calculator” tell you if he or she wasa chicken, bear, wolf or maybe as playful and lively as a monkey.The answers can easily make you laugh, so hurry up and downloadthis hilarious “prank app” and have fun. ⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆ Perform a pastlife analysis, and find out what were you in previous life, notwith the use some animal quiz but with our What was I in my PastLife! A whole list of animal names forms a data base from which youwill get the answer to the question “what animal was i in my pastlife”. Do you think it is possible that we were once some othercreatures and then reincarnated as ourselves? Can you help butwonder “what animal are you”? Since test games are very popular,you should hurry up and download this app and show to your friendsthe results. Vote and decide whether this “what was I in the past”is the best app you've ever installed! ⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆ Whether you arecheerful or compassionate, independent or perhaps courageous, yourname and the date of birth will tell! Quick, type them down, anddiscover what animal are you in your past life. Make fun at yourparty, let everyone take “what was i in my past life test” and seeif there is anyone who matches your personality. Probably thisanimal past life test will make it easier to wear off the boredomof the face of earth, so why don't you take what is your spiritanimal quiz and bring fun to your life! ⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆✲⋆ Read the lineswhich will tell you what were you like in your past life. If youdon't like the answer about “my past life animal” try taking thewhat animal was I in my past life test again! Once you downloadthis “who was I in my past life calculator” you will be able to useit over and over again, share it with the people around you andhave an enormous amount of amusement with “What was I in my PastLife”!
Animal Face Photo App 2.9
Transform yourself with Animal Face Photo App, something completelynew when it comes to mobile phone picture editor. You finally havean opportunity to mix your head features with your favoritecreature from nature and make funny transformations. Just take apicture or select a selfie from your gallery, then choose an animalmask in a form of a funny sticker and put it over your face. Theresult you'll get will be amazing! With Animal Face Photo App,you'll have endless fun! So wait no more, snatch your mobile deviceand grab this opportunity to make an ultimate picture montage forfree! ❤ Features: Ⓐ Create funny images using this simple pictureediting app! Ⓝ Various picture stickers to transform yourself! ⒾEditing tools easy to use! Ⓜ Easily edit selfies! Ⓐ Use an imagefrom your own gallery or take a picture with your camera! Ⓛ Zoom inand out, flip, rotate, change the opacity and color your stickers!Ⓢ Add text to your photos in various stylish fonts, colors andpatterns! ❤ Save the pic of your new makeover! ❤ Share your funnypics with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Just chooseyour favorite mammal or bird and pick the picture that you want toedit. The cute sticker will blend with your pic perfectly and addsome beasty features to your image. Is dog your favorite pet? Orwould you rather prefer a tiger? With our pic editor from natureyou'll never be bored because there are dozens of animal faces forpictures you can use to make fantastic edited pictures and trulyfunny images that will give you and you friends a laugh. Laugh withyou loved ones and make funny pics with their selfies. You canshare all your creations directly form this photo editor for girlsand boys and show your friends how awesome you are! Download AnimalFace Photo App for free and go wild! Give your pics a completevirtual makeover! Get this “animal face morphing app” on your phoneor tablet and enjoy the amazing effects that the mask will leave onyour picture. Use “cute animal face photo editor” to add somefeatures of cute creatures from the forest or jungle. Enjoy thefree pic editor and don't fret cause it is designed for yourentertainment only. Be creative, make a separate album and show theworld your extraordinary masterpieces. This is an app for kids andadults alike, so download Animal Face Photo App no matter how oldyou are, fun is the same! Get the funny selfie camera that willmake you laugh like crazy! Perform “animal morph photo” upon everyimage you have on your mobile device and they'll turn out zilliontimes better. Just flip through the collection of realistic picturestickers that our and choose the one that catches your eye. All therest is done by this fantastic photo morphing and editing. Whenyou've finished your masterpiece, post your edited images and beproud of what you've made. Make “animal faces on people” and spreadlaughter around you with “Animal Face Photo App”!
Magazine Covers for Pictures 1.1
It's every girl's dream to see her pic on a magazine cover frame.Fulfill that dream and download Magazine Covers for Pictures, anamazing app for girls who want to be superstars! This magazinecover creator is a free app which you can use to create mag coverphoto by picking any image from your phone gallery or by taking aselfie on the spot. Then you just select your favorite mag coverdesign and you're done! Share on any social network and become acelebrity in an instant. It's a great fake mag maker for you andyour friends who want to be glamorous and trendy like famousactresses and singers. Create your own zines and discover the magicof being a superstar fashion girl. Download Magazine Covers forPictures free of charge immediately and create awesome photomontages on your phone or tablet!★ The best magazine photo effectsfor mobile devices!★ Select an image from the gallery or take aselfie with your phone camera!★ Catchy headings for your own“magazine picture frames”!★ Make a pro “photo montage” in a matterof seconds!★ Scale, zoom and adjust the frame to your pic!★Fashionable photo booth for girls with style!★ Share your fakezines via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram directly from your mobiledevice!★ No internet connection required, download it now and useit all the time!Place your photo in a magazine and make everyonethink that you really are a fashion model. Different photo filtersand effect in this “magazine photo editor” will give your pics aspecial glow and real looking picture frames for instamags willfool your friends and make them think that you really are a vip.You can turn any picture into a fake “magazine cover” and nobodywill notice the difference! This is a real simple magazine app thatcan do anything a pro picture editor that professionalphotographers use do. It has the best templates and layouts whereyou can put your picture in and create cool photo montages. If youare searching a “my magazine app” then you've come to the rightplace! Download Magazine Covers for Pictures for free.Make fake magcover with this “magazine generator” and create fake newspaperfront page. You can have your own magazine for women and be therole model for many girls who want to be like you. This is a facecover maker that is very easy to use! Just put a little makeup on,take several selfies and select the best mag templates to put yourpicture in. You can also choose different trendy filters andeffects to decorate your pictures even further. Our “magazinemaker” is a great picture editing program that will help you createyour own magazine front page and make you feel good about yourself.Appear in the front pages of leading fashion zines and convince theworld that you are a very special person! Download “Magazine Coversfor Pictures” for free!You can create a top model photo and“magazine your picture” in this fantastic photo montage studio. The“magazine creator” will help you design your own zine or newspaperfront page because this image editing software has various texturesand magazine layouts of real fashion mags' titles and attractivefilters for pictures to put your picture on the front of a magazinewith style. You can even pick a parody mag and have fun like with areal prank app. With magazine photo effects apk you can really makeart and feel like a photo model! Make a beautiful magazine with thebest “mag cover maker” on the market and you'll have so many likesin ig or fb that will make you feel hot and attractive. So chaseafter your dream of being a superstar, download Magazine Covers forPictures and indulge in the luxury of having your face on the coverof a magazine!
Christmas Countdown Wallpaper 1.7
Feel the holiday euphoria and get a Christmas Countdown Wallpaperfor your smartphone! Start the countdown now and watch as the lastseconds pass by before it's X-mas day! These are your ultimate livewallpapers for Christmas and everything you need to be prepared foryour favorite day of the year. Celebrate this magical time of theyear and decorate your phone or tablet with these beautifulanimated backgrounds for Christmas, choose the one you like bestand select the particles you want to move. Don't buy any countdownapp when you can download two in one free app! Download ChristmasCountdown Wallpaper free of charge and say Merry X-mas when theclock strikes midnight! ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ *❄ * ☃ Features: ☆ Start the countdown with cool backgrounds forChristmas! ☆ Make your own live wallpaper! ☆ Select your favoriteX-mas screen background! ☆ Select amount, speed, rotation, anddirection of the moving particles! ☆ Choose the Catholic orOrthodox calendar! ☆ Cute animated backgrounds for your phone ortablet free! ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ * ❄ * ☃ Many“wallpapers and backgrounds live free” are giving a wonderfulfestive feeling so you can stay positive and ready for theChristmas party. Enjoy the sight of gentle a snowfall or atwinkling Christmas tree and many other X-mas decorations that willhelp you customize your phone and at the same time keep you updatedabout the remaining time. The best thing about the “Christmaswallpapers free” is that you can interact with the particles, setdensity, speed and direction. Join Santa Claus and his reindeer ona fantastic journey on your screen and spread the joyful feelingwith your “cool live wallpapers”! The New Year countdown is goingto start again soon but you'll also need a Christmas CountdownWallpaper so get it now for free and we guarantee that you'll feeljoyful after installing our moving themes. Snowman and gentlesnowflakes will adorn your phone or tablet and prepare it for theupcoming holiday. This “Christmas countdown app” allows you see howmuch time has left till X-mass. At the same time, you will watchbeautiful “moving backgrounds” depicting cute Christmas decorationsand symbols, which you can match with some other moving lock screenwallpaper. Your mobile device will glow in the dark like a lightedChristmas tree so you will be a true hit at any X-mas party. Matchyour favorite “hd wallpaper live” from our collection with aglowing screen saver live 3d from some other wallpaper changer appfor free. With this cool app for girls and boys, we can “countdownto Christmas” together, so download “Christmas Countdown Wallpaper”for free and don't miss a second! Happy holidays are coming! Withthis beautiful winter-themed live wallpaper every smartphone ortablet will be decorated like the most beautiful Christmas card!Cool moving wallpapers are filled with twinkling Christmas lightsthat will light up your home screen and make it colorful andbright. No matter whether you are a Catholic or Orthodox, you canenjoy the “moving wallpapers” free of charge with a “countdowntimer”, which can be set up for both Catholic or OrthodoxChristmas. Santa Clause is here for everyone and he is giving theapp for phone personalization as a gift to you! Download ChristmasCountdown Wallpaper for free and invite the Christmas spirit toyour home screen!
Lock Screen Password 3.1
Are you tired of everyone taking your phone and looking throughyour stuff without asking? You are looking for cool and simplelockscreen wallpaper that will decorate and keep your phone safe atthe same time? Download Lock Screen Password right now and stoppeople from getting into your phone! This app to change lock screenwallpaper will protect your phone and privacy from curious eyes.Try out super cool lock screens for your phone because they arecustomizable and very easy to use. Now all you have to do is createyour own pin and choose one of blue lockscreens for your phone. Youwant to know how to keep your phone locked and secure? DownloadLock Screen Password and relax because this simple lockscreen appwill make sure that you feel safe all the time! How to set your newscreen lock 2020 : 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box; 2. Enteryour password and then and reenter the same password forconfirmation; 3. Now you can customize your lockscreen background:➤ Set your background (choose among 6 images)! ➤ Choose am/pm or24h time setting! ➤ Turn date on/off! ➤ Choose the date format ondisplay! ➤ Show or hide battery! Protect your privacy from parentsor relatives with awesome lockscreen password design! Lock screenwith password and notifications is there because no one should pokeinto your private stuff. So waste no more time but download one ofthe best lockscreen themes! These cool “lockscreen wallpaperspasscode” will make your phone beautiful and keep your secrets toyourself. That's why downloading Lock Screen Password is a must!Personalize your phone by choosing blue lockscreens for free andexpress your personality. ▲△▼▽▲△▼▽▲△▼▽ Downloading Lock ScreenPassword is a good way to obtain cool lockscreens for boys andgirls alike! One of the best lock screen apps for your phone can beyours in only a few touches on the screen. Choose a “simplewallpaper for lock screen” which you like, and think of a secretpasscode that no one will guess. If you are a parent, these amazing“lockscreen wallpaper themes” will prevent your children frombuying items or making phone calls. You see, it is an efficient,trendy and cool lockscreen app with password that will keep yourphone secure and unique! ▲△▼▽▲△▼▽▲△▼▽ With new stylish keypadlockscreen, like this “password app lock screen for boys", you nolonger have to hide your phone from everyone. Our locked phonewallpaper is available for free, so change lockscreen style now!When you get bored of one beautiful blue theme you can simplychange your background for your phone lockscreen wallpaper. Notonly that you can choose simple blue wallpaper for your lockscreen,but also set time, date and battery. From now on, only you are ableto unlock your phone with a password! Cool lockscreen apps likethis will keep all your texts, selfies and chats from the publiceye. Download “Lock Screen Password” for free and improve yourphone security!
Draw on Photos Finger Painting 1.0
Photo editing has become a real fun now when you have an app todraw and write on photos using finger painting on tablet or phone!Meet Draw on Photos Finger Painting, our brand new app which allowsyou to edit pictures in the most creative way! Personalize yourpics using this drawing app, or perform finger painting on canvasand many other paper shapes. Upload one of your old selfies or takea picture with your camera, or choose one of papers in differentcolors and textures, add text on pictures with your finger, or drawon pics with ease! Plenty of brushes, colors, patterns, change thesize, opacity, saturation, clear, erase and paint again, andfinally share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or save to thegallery! Download Draw on Photos Finger Painting now and exploreall its options!✎ Free draw on pictures app!✎ Take a selfie orupload from the gallery, or choose a paper basis!✎ Choose from manybrush shapes, sizes, colors!✎ Set the opacity and saturation!✎Choose to create finger painting art with patterns coming out ofthe brush!✎ Random color and random pattern options!✎ Change thesize of the eraser!✎ 'Clear all' option!✎ Save to the gallery orshare on social networks!If you wonder what is a good app to drawon photos, we suggest that you immediately install Draw on PhotosFinger Painting and create the best “photo montage” of your life!With this draw on photos app you can put all your finger paintingideas into practice - create fun pictures by adding a mustache toyour bff's face, or make personalized greeting cards for new yearor Christmas, birthday cards, and holiday postcards to send to yourfamily and friends. To “draw on pictures” now becomes a piece ofcake and you too can be a finger painting artist!✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐Learn howto draw on photos easily, just download our free “finger paintingapp” and unleash your creativity! If “drawing games” are anirreplaceable component of your daily routine, try to enrichpicture editor collection with the best software to draw on photosand have fun all day long! Do some finger painting on paper indifferent colors and textures, or draw something on your selfies,send a love message to your partner, or add a heart in red color.This “photo editor” works as the best painting app, download it nowand make beautiful finger painting designs on your pics! All youneed to make true art is Draw on Photos FingerPainting!✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐Practice your skills in drawing pictures byfinger painting images of your own. You can “draw on photos” fromcamera roll or use a finger painting paper, this draw app providesyou with so many possibilities. Aren't you bored with fingerpainting games which cannot help you decorate your pic with color?In the sea of drawing apps, we suggest that you try out this“picture editing software” with amazing photo effects and “fingerpaint” your own selfies!✎✏✐✎✏✐✎✏✐Try out the most innovativepicture editing manners and check if this draw picture editorsatisfies all the needs you have when it comes to “painting apps”.It is not a finger painting free app for kids only; it is suitablefor adults as well, play with brushes, colors, erasers andpatterns, use this photo montage maker to create true art. Download“Draw on Photos Finger Painting” for real enjoyment and become anartist yourself!
Fisheye Photo Editor 1.2
Forget the rest, go for the best! Get Fisheye Photo Editor and makefunny edited pictures and distorted photos without any professionalcameras or fisheye lenses. All you need to do is to get the freedownload, install the new app on your phone or tablet and snappicture after picture with crazy and cool photo effects andfilters. See yourself from a totally different angle, share thepics to any of the popular social networks and laugh together withyour bffs. This professional fisheye effect app includes a largevariety of photo effects such as lomo and vintage, includingseveral types and sizes of fisheye camera lenses. Try them all andpick your favorite combination of lenses and filters! Hurry anddownload Fisheye Photo Editor, a new source of fun on your mobilegadget for free!(◎。⊙) (◎。⊙) (◎。⊙) (◎。⊙)Features:⊙ Free fisheyepicture editor, easy to use!⊙ Edit pictures from the gallery ortake new ones!⊙ Add fisheye camera effect to your selfies!⊙ Finishediting pictures by adding various filters!⊙ Color effects, lomo,monochrome or vintage filters!⊙ Real-time preview!⊙ Save togallery!⊙ Share on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand others!(◎。⊙) (◎。⊙) (◎。⊙) (◎。⊙)If you've always wanted to entera fun house mirror now you have the opportunity to have the sameexperience on your phone or tablet! Hipster photography fans willalso be delighted to know that this “fisheye camera” has a greatnumber of cool “photo filters and effects” that they can findtogether with several “fisheye camera lenses”. Snap your grin andlaugh of your heart's content when you see the result! Shoot somecrazy selfies with “fisheye effect” or take a pic of your bffs orfamily to have fun. Other professional photographers will envy you,as you will be able to shoot not only funny pictures of you andyour friends, but also to achieve unique creations with a number offilters for pictures and wide-angle lenses. So grab your gadget,download Fisheye Photo Editor for free!Prepare for some majorfisheye distortion! You can use the “fisheye app” for an artisticeffect or for pranks and laughs. Make funny distorted images with abig nose or a mouth with ease and feel like you've just stepped outof a crazy mirror house. Earn hundreds of likes on the socialnetworks once you share your fisheye photos edited with lomoeffects or sepia filters packed in this “photo editing software”.The real-time preview makes your composition easy: what you see iswhat you get! Get “Fisheye Photo Editor” free of charge andcomplete your digital photo album with some funny selfies. Yourfisheye pictures will look amazing with one of the top photoediting apps, download it now for free and have fun with our newestpicture editor!Look at the world through the prism of “fisheyeeffects” in a real-time! Enter the mirror image photo editor, snapa few pics, save to the gallery or share on social networks rightaway. Take a spherical photo and make it look as if it was taken bya pro fisheye photography artist. The pro camera for smartphonesand tablets will make the best “funny mirror” effects that willkeep you joyful and in the mood every day. We are sure that youwill immediately fall in love with our free app as soon as you tryout all the camera effects and “filters for pictures” it contains.So hurry up, download this fisheye software for free, start takingpictures, adding interesting filters and creating true art.Download Fisheye Photo Editor free, put a wide smile upon your faceand just snap away!
Real Love Calculator 1.2
Each day is an opportunity itself for you to show to yoursweetheart how much you care for him or her. Yet, if your partnerisn't convinced in your tender feeling yet, try to calculate themand prove with some facts! Real Love Calculator is here to help youdo so! This free app for girls and boys offers you the opportunityto have loads of fun and calculate love compatibility based on yournames and birth dates. While you two sweethearts are sharingromantic kisses, this love calculator game will do the job and youwill receive a message which describes your relationship. Bear inmind that this is a prank app and a game for couples, so use itexclusively for fun! Bring romance back to your life with Real LoveCalculator!✽❤✽ Most accurate love calculator app!❤✽❤ Do a simulatedtest to count your feelings!✽❤✽ Start the match mania in only onetouch on the screen!❤✽❤ Write your names!✽❤✽ Enter your dates ofbirth!❤✽❤ Keep your fingers crossed and wait ☺!✽❤✽ See thepercentage!❤✽❤ Read the message aloud for your sweetheart to hearit!✽❤✽ This is a prank app!❤✽❤ Use for fun purposes only ☺!Reallove never dies, and now you can prove it by calculating yourcompatibility every single day, for free! Since this is one of thegreatest games for girls and boys alike, it might be the best “lovetester” you've ever downloaded. Luckily, you can use it offline, soReal Love Calculator can be an irreplaceable part of your partieswherever you are! Surely our top trending game for couples will bethe favorite when it comes to “love games”, so why don't you be theone who will download it and show to the rest of thecrew?◠✽◡❤◠✽◡❤◠✽◡❤◠✽◡ If recurring questions in your mind go like'Does he like me?', 'How much does she care for me?', we suggestthat you stop wondering and calculate easily in this “true lovetest”; all you need is the names and birthday dates, and Real LoveCalculator will show you the percentage. See if you have the mostromantic relationship of all, and if your partner is true to you,play together and enjoy the “couple games” while you share a frenchkiss. This love matcher is better than a kissing test, it's hightime that you leave kiss me apps aside and start doing some mathwith romance games like our new “love meter”.◠✽◡❤◠✽◡❤◠✽◡❤◠✽◡Haveyou tried all the love games for girls? If you were not satisfied,download our brand new love calculator by names and in one shot youcount birthday compatibility and the degree of affection you birdsshare. Note that it is a “prank app”, though, and that the resultsof the love test should be used for fun purposes. Yeah, our newest“love calculator prank” is a free app which every trendy girl orboy should have in her or his phone. Like downloading “games forgirls”? Get this one asap!◠✽◡❤◠✽◡❤◠✽◡❤◠✽◡There is no better way toprove your affection towards your boyfriend or girlfriend thanshowing it right away in this “love calculator”. Instead of postingromantic quotes all day long, do a love test real and make theserelationship apps spice your life with a bit of sparkle andbutterflies in the stomach. With “Real Love Calculator” you willalways feel like you're on cloud nine, so download here and now andobtain a love match compatibility calculator number one!
Tattoo Salon Photo Editing 2.1
You dare to try out something new and exciting? Get Tattoo SalonPhoto Editing, a fake tattoo app that will blow your mind! Decorateyour pics with various crazy tattoo designs and try cool new lookson your body using the amazing photo stickers from our collectionto put on your images. Follow the latest fashion trends with nopain and install this tattoo creator to put stickers on photos andhave real-like body decorations! Brag about your wonderfully editedpictures on any social network and convince your friends that youhave a real tattoo on your body. Perform professional photo editingon your own mobile device and enjoy the simple picture editingtools we've prepared for your convenience! Download Tattoo SalonPhoto Editing free of charge and transform your images intobeautiful pieces of body art!➺ Body art stickers to add to yourpics!➺ A great number of designs and ideas!➺ Take a selfie orchoose a pic from your phone gallery!➺ Apply the stickers, scale,enlarge, make them fit your body!➺ Move all around the picture!➺Save to the gallery of your smartphone or tablet!➺ Share instantlyon Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!Make the best works of art onyour mobile phone or tablet and be a fab tattoo artist thateveryone will admire. You can find the most stylish bodydecorations among a variety of our cute stickers and modify yourordinary selfies in a sec. Once you start using our “tattoo maker”you won't be able to stop! You will edit pictures non-stop and puta “tattoo on yourself” just to see how it looks like and then youcan share your amazing photo montages to get hundreds of likes. Ourfree photo editor gives you the possibility of trying different“tattoo designs” so you can see how it looks on your body beforegetting a real one. Don't waste any more time, download TattooSalon Photo Editing and the fun will never end! Forget about anyother picture editors that are too complicated to use. Thisastonishing app for girls and boys will make a professional “tattoodesigner” out of you. Easily “create your own tattoo design” in ourfree photo booth and make so real-like designs and patterns thatwill make real tattoo artists very jealous. Before you visit a realbeauty salon for body decorations, we recommend that you first useour free photo montage maker to try many “tattoo ideas” that willhelp you make a decision which one to choose. You will adore allthe beautiful drawings that we offer and play with our pictureeffects all day long. It is suitable for both boys and girls, menand women, for all those who enjoy playing “tattoo games free”.Download it now and spend the rest of the day making beautiful bodyart.Make a perfect photo montage with the photo sticker app andstart your perfect “Tattoo Salon Photo Editing”! This app for boysand girls represents one of the greatest makeover games for yourmobile phone and tablet and yet it is so very easy to use. Edityour selfies like a pro and add stickers to photos from yourgallery. Choose among different cute stickers of various shapes andcolors for different parts of your body and place “tattoo on photo”with ease: the picture montage will look so convincing! You canprank your friends and share your new master piece with all of themdirectly form this “real tattoo on your body app” to make thembelieve that you have a real body art decoration. You should enterour virtual beauty salon and make yourself unique and beautiful –download Tattoo Salon Photo Editing for free and everyone willstare at your pics in awe.
Luxury Watch Face 1.2
To be a person of style doesn't necessarily mean that you need tohave a lot of money; at least if your favorite fashion gadgetsinclude luxury watches. All you need to have is a smartphone andour app Luxury Watch Face, and you're ready to make your smartwatchas luxurious as you wish! It is easy to become the watch face makernumber one now when you can combine the stylish elements and changeyour smart watch faces every single day! Have a different one onevery occasion, and enjoy the luxury which we provide you with.Synchronize your smart watch app with your phone and handle iteasily. You will be able to choose some of the preset luxury watchfaces or make one on your own. Also, this luxury watch app issuitable for both round and square devices. Follow the latesttrends, and show off with your good taste. Download now and wearyour Luxury Watch Face with style!***How to set your watchface?***● Download smart watch application to your phone! ● Findthe icon and simply click on it! ● Choose among beautiful presetskins and sync to your smartwatch!● Or design your own watch face!●Choose all watch face elements separately!● Choose a background,different hand styles, markers and widget styles! ● See the previewof each element combination!● Choose what you want to be shown whenyour watch face is in ambient mode! ● When you're done, sync theapp with your device! ● Both round and square watch facessupported! ***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?*** ● Youcan either find the Android Wear application on your phone andselect our watch face from the list.● Or press hard the face ofyour smartwatch, wait for the list of skins to appear, and thenfind ours among them.● Wait a few seconds for the app tosynchronize, be patient!Gear up with Luxury Watch Face, downloadthe app to your phone and then sync software for smartwatch.***Compatibility!***Make sure that your device runs onAndroid Wear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to useour application. Luxury Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1Moto 360 2ndgenHuawei WatchAsus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch UrbaneLG WatchUrbane 2nd EditionLG Watch R™LG G WatchFossil Q FounderCasioWSD-F10Tag HeuerSony Smartwatch 3Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app!Contact us on:watchfacessupport@webelinx.comDisclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Real Love Test Calculator 1.3
Find out how he or she feels about you! Real Love Test Calculatoris one of a kind compatibility test that will measure the passionbetween you two and give the result in percentages. Find your truelove using the best free app for couples and discover if you andyour lover are a prefect match. There is an easy way to decide ifyou should stay in a relationship or start looking for a new lover.All you need to do is to enter your and his or her name and yourdates of birth. The love tester will show you with precision ifyour romance is going to last forever. Play the love game till youget the perfect result and then send it to your crush to set hisheart on fire. Make sure that your romantic story ends with happilyever after, download Real Love Test Calculator free of charge andfind your perfect partner! * ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥ ◠ * ♡ * ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡♥ ◠ * Features: ♡ Easy to use prank app for phones or tablets! ♡State of the art scanner app for those who want to find out moreabout their partners! ♡ Enter your names and dates of birth! ♡ Hitthe button to do the calculation! ♡ Your result will be calculatedand will pop up on the screen in percentages! ♡ The results comewith cute and funny love messages that describe your relationship!♡ Share the most romantic moments of your life on any socialnetwork! * ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥ ◠ * ♡ * ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥ ◠ * Put yourlover to the test! Find out whether he or she really likes you! Ifyou are fond of love games, this scanner software will be a realtreat for you cause it is a great game for couples who want tospend some time together laughing. Play with the “love meter” dayand night and don't stop till you get the perfect result. Share thenumber directly from the “love calculator” and make your friendsjealous. Then play with your bffs too and have the time of youlife! Do “the love test” but don't take the results too seriouslycause its purpose is to entertain only. Do you really know eachother? Surprise your lover for Valentine's day and prove that he isthe one! Get this “free app” now, download Real Love TestCalculator and let's play! This free calculator game is anexcellent way to spend some quality time with your sweetheart andshow him or her that you are meant to be together. If you likedating games for girls then you'll adore this real love testcalculator for real life. Just follow your heart and enjoy hours ofentertainment and romantic feelings with this best free “love testapp”. With our “app for girls” and boys it is easy to find lovepercentage and whether you have the right boyfriend or girlfriend.But remember: don't take the results of the test too seriously.This is a funny app and it's just for fun. So go on, start havingthe best time ever with your Valentine, get Real Love TestCalculator for free and have the best “love percentage calculator”on your phone or tablet! Does he like me? Is he cheating on me? Arewe meant to be together? How to “calculate my love percentage”? Ifyou need answer to all of these questions use this real love testto accurately calculate what is going on between you two. Also, ifyou are going on a blind date, try out the compatibility test andsee if there is any chemistry going on. You just need his name andbirthday to fill the blank spaces and the matchmaker test willmeasure love percentage by horoscope. You can have tons of fun on adouble date with this free matchmaker! Get the highest score everytime and laugh at funny and cute love messages that pop out anddescribe your relationship. All you have to do is to install “RealLove Test Calculator” for free! Find out the truth with this “lovetester free” of charge!
Live Clock Wallpaper 2.5
If you are a true fashion freak and you love to follow the latesttrends then get your own Live Clock Wallpaper! This is the newesttechnological innovation for your smartphone or tablet that willmake any mobile device a state of the art gadget. You'll find thatthis cool app for phones is very useful because the clock will bealways on display, but it is also a fantastic way to turn your oldhome screen background into a stylish live wallpaper. Browsethrough a huge set of trendy live backgrounds and urban skins foryour watch, designed carefully and with taste just for you! Makeyour favorite device one of a kind, download Live Clock Wallpaperfree of charge and have a new and different analog watch with amoving background every single day! Features: ✔ Check out all thewallpapers and backgrounds for your screen! ✔ Choose amongbeautiful live clock skins! ✔ Sync it with your digital watch! ✔ Ordesign your own “live clock”! ✔ Choose all the watch elementsseparately! ✔ Choose a background, hand, ticking and widget styles!✔ See the preview of each element combination! ✔ When you're done,sync the app with your device! ✔ Both round and square watchessupported! ✔ This is a real clock on display, not just a wallpaper!✔ Simple to use, easy to configure and great looks under yourfingertips! With your new phone personalization program go severalwatch skins and elegant live wallpapers that will make yoursmartphone or tablet a real treat for the eyes. Make your devicetrendy and stylish with this useful gadget and you'll soon findyourself wondering how you could live without it. In addition tomany “clock live wallpaper” styles created by our designers, thereare also many ways in which you can customize your own analog clockand design it according to your needs and desires. If you want a“clock on screen” and you like the idea of having a different watchface look every single day then get “Live Clock Wallpaper” for freeand have a trendy new watch on your display now! Download the“clock app” for home screen and design your own watch on display!With this free app you can build as many unique skins as you want!Moreover, the “always on display clock” will look much moreappealing if it is on a beautiful live wallpaper with a moderndesign. When you install the best app for phone customization youwon't be disappointed because it comes with a variety of beautifulbackgrounds and cool “clock themes” for the analog watch on yourdisplay. Modern clock design is fused with “old clock” style andthe result is an analog time teller that will make you say wow! GetLive Clock Wallpaper totally for free and feel the time passingsecond by second! Get rid of the old digital clock on your screenand get a live analog clock and wallpaper and enjoy its simplelook. This phone app lets you customize your tablet or smartphonewith different watch styles and great “wallpapers and backgrounds”.Decorate your mobile with sophisticated live wallpapers and add a“large clock display” that is both practical and stylish. Convinceyour friends to get the simple clock live wallpaper apk and syncwatches with them so you can be on time wherever you go. Whensomeone asks you what's the time, you can now proudly take out yourfavorite gadget and swipe everyone off their feet when they see theamazing watch face skins on stunning moving backgrounds. DownloadLive Clock Wallpaper free of charge and begin your day with asmile!