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Love in Paris Photo Montage 2.0
Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world and it makes youhappy anywhere you are, but haven't you always dreamed of “love inParis”? Well, with Love in Paris Photo Montage photo editor app youcan have your dream come true! If you are not very skilled withphotoshop, you don't like using photobucket or picsart and youwould really like to have your own “photo collage editor likepicnik” then this romantic photo editor is the right app for you!Edit photos by yourself have fun making funny pictures and create awallpaper for your phone and tablet, or share your creation onFacebook and Twitter! Download Love in Paris Photo Montage now forfree and enjoy the city of love and lights! Note: We appreciateyour opinion, if you like our game please comment and rate, give usfeedback for further upgrades. Thank you! Lots of fun face in holetemplates for your pictures! Make funny & romantic photomontage in the “city of love”! Select a pic from your picturegallery on the phone!Take a new picture and put it in one of theromantic “face in hole” templates! Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom outand drag a pic to make it fit the frame as you like it!Save lovely“funny pictures”, in romantic photo frames, on your phone and setthem as wallpapers!Share these hilarious images with friends onFacebook and Twitter! Make your own pics like pro photographers youwon't need Photoshop ™!One of the most popular Android™ apps, amust have when it comes to making “funny pictures”! Create your ownphotowall for free and enjoy!“Love in Paris Photo Montage” is theperfect app to create face in hole funny pictures with famous Parisattractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Moulin Rouge and Arcde Triomphe! If you always wanted to take a picture in the city oflights but you never had the chance, now is the perfectopportunity. Put your face in hole in front of the Eiffel Tower,enjoy a cup of coffee in front of Moulin Rouge or Arc de Triomphe.Enjoy love in Paris on your own Android device! It's easy and it'sfun!You like to stitch pics and put them on fb, you have a “photoalbum” for every event, you like taking selfies and playing withpictures? This is the perfect Insta app for you! Create pranks withphotos of your friends! Create the funniest but also most romantic“photo montage” in the most beautiful European city of lights!Think you are a real pro collage maker? Then it's time to test yourphoto montage skills as well! You don't need photofunia,photobucket or ribbet photo editor, all you need is an Androiddevice and the fun can start! Customize pictures from your photocollection with Love in Paris Photo Montage, or take a brand newpicture with your cymera, pick some of the beautiful templates, puta face in hole and voila, your Paris wallpaper is ready! Join inthe photofix mania and make your own photo wallpaper out of everypicture collage and photo montage you create. This is the era ofInstagram, to know your ways through the labyrinth of “photoediting” is a must! With this insta app you will have your ownprivate “photo lab” to amuse your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend.Photo editing has never been easier or more fun and with Love inParis Photo Montage you can do it in France! Everything is morebeautiful and romantic when it's French! Create a beautiful face inhole prank and make it your new profile picture on fb! Options arenumerous and it's so simple! All you need to do is download Love inParis Photo Montage for free and enjoy a little taste of France onyour own phone or tablet!
Valentine Text on Pics 2.2
Happy Valentine's Day love birds! Make your own Valentines card foryour special someone with Valentine Text on Pics! Make the best“Valentine pictures” with your sweetheart and add date and timestamps, write love messages on your pictures fast and easy!Preserve the memories of this day for all eternity with this cute“photo editing app”! Be creative and decorate your “images of love”using our “photo editor with text” and share them on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter. It's so easy, in just a few taps ValentineText on Pics can be yours for free! Download it now, prepareyourself for the day of love on time! Be my Valentine!❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❥ Colorful and sophisticated design! ❥ Girlyfonts, cute colors and effects for your photo caption! ❥ Changecolor of text, scale it, put outline, shadow or change opacity!❥Write on your “love pictures” and share them on Instagram, Facebookor Twitter! ❥ Add “love quotes”, love messages, dates, song lyricsor “valentine quotes”! ❥ Hours of fun and entertainment! ❥ Decorateyour photos in style! ❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤Valentine Text on Picsis the easiest way to make your own Valentines Day ecards for free.If you love somebody then you understand the power of love, and youknow how important it is to honor your sweetheart on the day of SanValentin. All you need is love, lots of kisses and a cute text onpics editor to create the atmosphere of 'love is in the air'!Falling in love is the most beautiful thing in the world and alllove birds know that! This adorable write on pictures app will helpyou to make great “Valentines day gifts for him” as well as nice“Valentines day gifts for her”. You can even make a love wallpaperfor your phone or tablet, pretty in pink or red hearts.❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤February is the most romantic month, time toexpress your feelings, fall in love and give your heart to someonespecial. Celebrate the most romantic day of the year with smalltokens and gifts of love such as personalized photo cards withValentine quotes. “Valentine Text on Pics” is the ideal pictureediting software that will help you make personalized Valentinesday cards, the most imaginative Valentines day gifts. Choose apicture from your phone gallery or take a new one, tap on thescreen and start writing. Customize your text, scale it, changefont, put outline, shadow, change opacity and move the textaround.❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤❤‿❤❥♥❧❤Add text to selfies with yourboyfriend, caption pictures in just a few steps. photo mania canbegin with a little personal photo booth on your smartphone.Surprise your sweetheart and write love messages on your favoritepic to celebrate Valentine's Day, the most beautiful holiday of theyear. Couples kissing and holding hands, listening to love songs,doesn't all of this inspire you to write love quotes and lovesayings? Love text on pics is the best way of saying “HappyValentines day I love you”! Find your favorite font that will turnyou into the best creative photo writer and turn your pics into anInstagram sensation! Download Valentine Text on Pics, one of thecutest text on picture apps and write quotes about love. HappyValentine's Day!
Caption Pictures Photo Writer 2.2
Is writing on pictures your favorite pastime? If your answer isyes, then our new picture editing software is perfect for you.Caption Pictures Photo Writer is the ideal new “photo editing app”for all admirers of photography art. You can stop usinginspirational quotes, love quotes or funny quotes that you can findonline. With this adorable write on pictures app you can beimaginative, creative and original! If you like text on pictureapps, you will adore this application. Now you can write lovemessages on your pictures directly from your heart. Take a pic withyour BFF, boyfriend, girlfriend, or take a seflie, write somethingwitty or funny on it and share it on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram! Get ready to go crazy with this text photo editor!Download Caption Pictures Photo Writer for free and be the procaption maker! *** Colorful and sophisticated design! *** Girlyfonts, cute colors and effects for your photo caption! *** Changecolor of text, scale it, put outline, shadow or change opacity!***Write on your “love pictures” and share them on Instagram, Facebookor Twitter! *** Add “love quotes”, love messages, dates, songlyrics or motivational quotes! *** Hours of fun and entertainment!*** Decorate your photos in style! “Caption Pictures Photo Writer”is very easy to use. Choose a picture from your phone gallery ortake a new one, tap on the screen and start writing. Customize yourtext, scale it, change font, put outline, shadow, change opacityand move the text around. Like this you can create the coolestpersonalized greeting cards, fun birthday cards or cute posters foryour fb wall or Instagram! Caption pictures like a pro “photowriter”! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Caption pictures with thiscute photo writer “editing software“ in your personal smartphonephotobooth! Add text to pics and create unique wallpaper backgroundfor your tablet or phone for free. With your camera and add text topic app, the possibilities are endless! Surprise your sweetheartand write love messages on your favorite pic to celebrate youranniversary! Join the “caption pictures” mania, add text to pic, bethe best photo writer and share your across all major socialnetworks. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥photo mania can begin withjust a few taps on the screen of your smartphone! Put friendshipquotes, inspirational quotes, birthday quotes or quotes about love.Add quotes about life, funny quotes, motivational quotes orimportant dates. Find your favorite font that will turn you intothe best creative photo writer! If you are tired of regular pictureframes and photo collages this add text on pictures app is an appthat you have to try! Turn your pics into an Instagram sensation,express your imagination and enjoy with this cute write on picturessoftware. Download Caption Pictures Photo Writer now for free andbe the proud member of photo gang!
Magazine Cover Studio 2.1
It is a dream of every girl to see her face on a magazine cover,and now that dream can come true – with Magazine Cover Studio! This“photo magazine editor” is a “free cover maker for magazines” whichyou can download once and use over and over again. Become acelebrity in a minute – take a selfie, or choose a pic from yourphone gallery and apply one of the magazine templates – to “putyour picture on magazine cover” is now easier than ever with studiofor picture editing! Plenty of “free magazine picture frames” andphoto covers for instagram are available in just one photo editingapp. Your picture can now be at the front page with catchingheadings and all that sparkle and glitter of celebrities! Justdownload “Magazine Cover Studio” and feel the life of a star!✻“Magazine photo frames free” for Android™ smartphone or tablet!✻Put your picture on a paper cover in a few steps!✻ Different covertemplates for girls, boys, teens, women!✻ Choose a pic from thegallery or capture a new one with your phone camera!✻ Share yournew cover pic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!With Magazine CoverStudio it's quick and easy to place your photo on a magazine andget a high quality “magazine photo effect” which is in rank ofworld's best papers for free. Fake magazine covers for pictures inthis “magazine editor app” can be used for wide range of papers –from popular celebrity zines to cute kids' journals. Now you toocan be at the front page of papers for teens, women or girls! Openthe studio, insert your picture, scale, zoom and adjust to theframe, and you will get a perfect paper cover you can save to yourpicture gallery or share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Takeyour camera, smile, say cheese and take a selfie which you can thenedit in this studio for free, and the best part is that you can doit every day!✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰Magazine Cover Studio is a perfectfree app which you can use to mag your photo in an instant! Make aprofile picture to post on your fb wall, or create a new instaphotowith you as a celebrity! Feel the glamor and sparkle of world'smost famous stars! With this “app to put photo in a magazine”,photo montage has become even funnier! The variety of ready madecaptions and effects will add to your photos the magic ofpopularity. Choose from frames we provided for you in this editingstudio, customize your image, and – voila! – you've got a totallynew cool image to post on social networks! Take a pic from yourwedding, add a wedding magazine cover photo frame, and set it as afront page of your wedding photo album!✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰Varietyof selfie deco ideas and paper front page templates are a clickaway from you! Edit your photos like a pro using this “magazinecover photo frame maker”! Just download this free app, choose yourfavorite pic, add a zine cover frame and apply cool effects, andlet the world admire your fame and glory! With this pic studio youcan change the frames any time you want without being online. Thisfree photo editor is all you need to renew your gallery – take theold pics or capture some new ones and add effects offered in thisphotobooth studio. If you are tired of numerous stickers and colorchanging effects, it is time that you try putting your photo on thecovers. Pics mania can begin! Download free Magazine Cover Studioand enjoy being a star!
Ghost in Photo Camera Prank 2.1
If you are one of the ghost games and scary camera prank lovers,Ghost in Photo Camera Prank is a perfect new free app you must havein your mobile phone or tablet! This “ghost in photo app” will makeyou a real “ghost prank” expert! Take a selfie or choose an imagefrom your camera gallery, put a “ghost in ur pic” in just a fewclicks, and you will get a totally new photo prank which you canuse to deceive your friends. Add a “ghost in your photo” and makeothers believe you really managed to escape the ghost town. Becomethe hero of ghost tales, download Ghost in Photo Camera Prank forfree, edit your photos and tell ghost jokes, supported by a realscary spirit picture you've made all by yourself!☻ Best “ghost inmy picture” editing software!☻ Choose a photo from the gallery ortake a new one!☻ Add one of the variety of spirit images we'veprovided for you!☻ Edit the picture and arrange as you like!☻ Shareyour new “photo prank” on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to scareyour friends!Have you ever wanted to make your new cool pic lookscary? With “Ghost in Photo Camera Prank” it's easier than ever.All you have to do is take a selfie or a photo of you and yourfriend, choose one of many spirit images from the set in this app,post it at the back of your pic and your new scary prankmasterpiece is ready to be saved in the picture gallery or sharedon Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The old way of photo editing byadding frames and effects became boring to you? Photo collagemakers are not interesting any longer? Try making a “camera prank”by adding a ghost in your house to your photography, or put a“ghost face” right in your mirror reflection. Post it on yourprofile, and introduce yourself as a ghost hunter!☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺☻ If you want to be the star of your friend's pajama party, showthe pic of a ghost talking to you and invent ghost stories to amuseyour friends. Ghost in Photo Camera Prank will make photo editing alot easier and more amusing! You don't need online picture editor,just download this free app for your phone or tablet, take apicture with the camera or choose from the photo album and editpictures whenever you want! Create cool pics on your Android™device and become the master of camera pranks. You too can be likethose camera prank makers from the TV. Put your imagination intopractice, add a spirit on your image, and create a scary cameraprank like a pro! You can also make a “ghost wallpaper” for yourphone in a few easy steps with one of the spirits that best suityour pic from the gallery.☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ ☺ ☻ You don't have to bea photoshop expert to create a scary instaphoto or a fb cover witha spirit. All you need is a camera, imagination and Ghost in PhotoCamera Prank! Camera pranks will become your cup of tea! Insertspirit images to any of your pictures and get a completely new picto show to your friends. Your new fb profile picture with a spiritwill get a like from everyone when you share your new scary cameraprank. Make scary pics for free, when you feel bored and needentertainment, make a joke with some old pictures of you, by simplyinserting a spirit in the background. This app offers you theopportunity to add real spirits to the pictures and make thescariest pranks the world has ever seen! Have fun scaring yourfriends with some cool frightening pics and enjoy their reactions!Download this free photo editing software and be imaginative!
Instant Gangsta Photo Montage 2.0
Yo thug! I'm back on the street! Defend your turf! Do you have whatit takes to become the king of the underworld? With Instant GangstaPhoto Montage you are one badass selfie away from achieving theultimate gangsta glory! Lots of cool gangsta photo frames andtemplates for a true pro photo editor! Feel like a true thugwalking around the hood in the ghetto. Create “funny pictures” andcool photo montage of your friends. Get plenty of laughs with thisphoto editor free download, all you need is an Android device andyou can be the baddest gangsta in town. This app requires a minimumof photo editing skills and provides so much fun! Get it now, rolldown your windows, listen to your favorite rap gangsta music, showyour bling and chill with Instant Gangsta Photo Montage for free! ✌Lots of cool face in hole templates for your pictures!✌ Make a coolprank with your friends' photos “in da club” & hood! ✌ Choose apic from the picture gallery on your phone! ✌ Take a new pictureand put it in one of the gangsta templates & cool photoframes!✌ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag a pic to make itfit the frame as you like it! ✌ Save your funny pictures and pranksin gangsta face in hole templates, on your phone and set them aswallpapers! ✌ Share these hilarious insta images with friends onFacebook and Twitter! ✌ Edit your own photos like prophotographers, you don't need Photoshop™!✌ One of the most popularAndroid™ apps, a must have when it comes to making funny pictures!✌ Create your own gangsta photowall for free and enjoy!You'relooking for a cool face in hole photo montage that will give youplenty of laughs for free? “Instant Gangsta Photo Montage” is theright face in hole photo montage app for you! If you are not veryskilled with photoshop, you don't like using photobucket or picsartand you would really like to have your own “photo collage editorlike picnik” then this “free photo editing software” is perfect foryou. You always wanted to create a badass photo of yourself walkingaround the hood in the ghetto but you never had the chance, here isyour opportunity, don't miss it, make hilarious insta photos.Chill, smoke weed every day enjoying the music beats of Eminem,Drake, Kanye West , 50 cent or Jay Z. Live in the style 'get richor die tryin' at least in a photo. Let your next episode be outtacontrol! Montage photos in famous cribs, get your friends punk'd orget in the role of a regular hitman! Have fun in just a few taps onthe phone screen! Tired of stitching selfies and other pics on fb?Try sharing cool insta photo montage, gangsta style! This is theage of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you must rule it with thecoolest insta gangsta pics! Get the baddest “picture editor” intown and tell everyone my name is the baddest thug in the hood!Make a cool gangster background wallpaper for your Android and dropit like its hot! 'Should I laugh till I collapse', you wonder? Yes!Laughs are good and with this insta photo montage you get them forfree! Get around your gang of friends and find out who's the bestgangster of all! You don't need photofunia, photobucket or ribbetphoto editor to create cool “photo montage” and be the gangsterboss, all you need is an Android device! Pull a prank on yourfriends and post it to their Facebook wall! Join in the photofixmania and make your own unique “gangsta wallpaper”! Roll a pot andlive like a king of hip hop in a few taps on the screen! InstantGangsta Photo Montage is the coolest “free photo editing software”you have ever had! Take a #selfie and put your “face in a hole”,simple and effective photo montage for #Instagram! Your ownpersonal #photostudio, create your cool new fb profile picture!Amuse your friends and be the gangster of the hour! DownloadInstant Gangsta Photo Montage face in hole and roll on the floorlaughing!
Photo Writer Studio 2.3
You like to write on pictures? Good news, we've created a brand newpicture editing software just for you! Photo Writer Studio is abrand new photo editing app for all photography admirers! If youlike text on picture and you are tired of already composed lovequotes, inspirational quotes or funny quotes, this “write onpictures app” is the perfect application for you! Write whateveryou want on your pictures, be creative and put into your own wordsall love messages you want to send. Write on your favorite selfieand share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Thisvibrant textgram photo editor will become your favorite captionmaker! Download Photo Writer Studio, create cute captions andsurprise your sweetheart! *** Colorful and sophisticated design!*** Girly fonts, cute colors and effects for your caption! ***Change color of text, scale it, put outline, shadow or changeopacity!*** Write on your “love pictures” and share them onInstagram, Facebook or Twitter! *** Add “love quotes”, lovemessages, dates, song lyrics or motivational quotes! *** Hours offun and entertainment! *** Decorate your photos in style! You don'tneed online photo editing, with “Photo Writer Studio” all you needis an Android™ device and you can create your own picsart! Simple,easy to use and effective, this cute photo montage software willhelp you turn your pictures into a real Instagram sensation! Makeyour own photobooth corner for free! You can use this cool editingsoftware to create imaginative and unique wallpaper background foryour smartphone or tablet. You can also create inventive cards andposters and post them to your friends' fb wall! The possibilitiesare numerous, it's all up to your creativity! Surprise yoursweetheart and write “love messages” on pic for your anniversary!❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯Follow the latest trends and share the joysof photo montage with the world on all major social networks! Witha few taps on your phone screen photofunia can begin! Create picmontage with inspirational quotes, funny quotes or quotes aboutlife. You can write anything you want on your pictures, includingimportant dates, friendship quotes, motivational quotes or quotesabout love. ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯Take any pic you already have inyour phone gallery, or take a new pic. Scale and move the text, putit where you want on pic, change color, change font, put outline,put shadow, change opacity. Choose your favorite font on picturesand enjoy with this creative “photo writer”. This “write onpictures” software will give you hours and hours of fun! Editpictures in no time, write on your newest selfie and share it onInstagram. ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ If you are tired of same oldpicture frames and pic collages, try an inspiring new text on picsapplication and write quotes about happiness! Show your creativityand inventiveness with this awesome text on pics editor. DownloadPhoto Writer Studio free and join in the photofix mania! Have lotsof fun and be fabulous!
Photo Collage - Pic Editing 3.0
Are you a photography enthusiast? Do you like making your owncollages and enjoy retouching photos? We have created a perfect appfor you! Photo Collage - Pic Editing is the ideal picture editingapp for every true picture editor. This simple, yet remarkable“photo editing software” offers top notch photo montage for yourmobile phone or tablet at the tip of your fingers. Enrich yourphone gallery with new selfies and pics, retouched professionally.A great variety of frames, backgrounds and photo grids is at yourdisposal! Use your personal photo corner to create art and boastwith your photo montage skills. Take a selfie, apply some of theamazing filter effects, stitch your pics to a grid and enjoyamazing collage art that you can make all by yourself! Share yourwork with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! With this “photo editor” you can create the prettiest collages with minimumeffort! Download Photo Collage - Pic Editing for free and create amosaic for your BFF in an instant! Note: We appreciate youropinion, if you like our app please comment and rate, give usfeedback for further upgrades. Thank you! ♥ Choose from variousgrid layouts for several pictures!✏ Select and edit images fromyour gallery!♥ Zoom, rotate, scale and crop images to fit the gridlayout!✏ Great number of background colors and patterns to choosefrom for your image collage!♥ Lots of “picture frames” to add toyour photocollage!✏ Lots of filters and effects for your pics – popart, vintage, black and white, and much more!♥ Share your artworkvia Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!“Edit pictures” you alreadyhave in the phone gallery or take a new one. Add grunge, vintage,sepia, black and white effects, choose a frame, pattern andbackground, put pics in grid layouts and create the most beautifulcollages. “Photo Collage - Pic Editing” is an app equally fun for apro pic editor and someone who has no experience in pic editing.Choose the prettiest group pics or selfies with your BFF, boyfriendor girlfriend, stitch them together, apply cool filters, do some“pic editing” like a pro and post your photo collage to fb. Createa cover image for yourself, or for your BFF and boyfriend. Surpriseyour loved ones by posting a “photo collage” on their Facebookwall! This is the cutest photobooth you can find on the market. Ithas unique design inspired by Kawaii style, it's classy and girly,perfect for every fashionable and trendy girl! If you don't want touse pictures you already have, you can take a new picture with yourcamera, get your personal photobooth for free and forget aboutediting photos online! Use this cute Photo Collage – Pic Editingapp to make a unique “wallpaper background” for your smartphone ortablet. Share the art of pics with your friends on social networks.In the era of Instagram you need to make an extra effort to createbetter art than others in the battle for the title of the best“collage creator”!Now you can retouch your pics like truephotographers, but with minimum effort. You don't need those fancyonline picture editors to create the best pic montage in just a fewsteps. All you need is an Android device and voila – your art ofpics is ready to rule Instagram.Smile and say Kawaii girls!Download Photo Collage – Pic Editing for free and enjoy the greatvariety of grid layouts and create most beautiful collages!
My Kawaii Photo Sticker Editor 2.1
New stickers for imaginative photo editing are here, give them atry! My Kawaii Photo Sticker Editor is a collection of uniqueKawaii style stickers that will make your pics better than ever.Create one of a kind posters and photo cards and share them withyour friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the help ofthis cute “sticker photo editor”, you'll create the best “photocards”! Choose the cutest Kawaii sticker and text to add to yourphoto and be creative. This simple and easy to use “mobile photoeditor” you can get for free now, if you download My Kawaii PhotoSticker Editor! Refresh your phone gallery with new art! ♥♯ Take anew picture or choose a photo from your phone gallery!♯♥ Selectcute stickers or text and put them on pics, scale and move thestickers around!♥♯ Write something amusing on your photo, scale thetext and move it! ♯♥ Select a sticker or text that you want to moveto the front!♥♯ Shake your device to make all the stickersdisappear!♯♥ Save the image to your phone gallery! ♥♯ Share yourart on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯Withthis simple yet effective editing software you'll have instant“photo montage” in the palm of your hand. The days of online photoediting are over, now you have a compact photo montage software foryour mobile phone or tablet device, all free of charge. Downloadand have hours of fun. Add cute “Kawaii stickers” to your picturesin a few easy steps. Funny stickers, cute stickers, funny quotes,love quotes, quotes about life and fashion, lots of captions foryour images, all themed with well known and much loved Kawaiistyle. If you want you can also add your own text to pics. You haveyour personal photobooth “caption maker”, use it creatively. ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯An “add stickers to photos app” like “My KawaiiPhoto Sticker Editor” is easy to use and provides so much fun thatyou must simply download ti now! Pick your favorite Kawaii photosticker, do some cute photo editing and make a new fb profile orcover photo. Become a pro sticker maker! Make the cutest photocards and posters and post them online. A photo app with stickersrequires only an Android device and a little creativity. In a feweasy steps you can create art with free stickers. Decorate yourpictures with Kawaii stickers, share them on major social networksand you'll know “how to become Instagram famous” person! ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯The cuteness meter will overload with your photos! Addsweet deco hearts, bows, ice-creams, Popsicle, lipsticks, flowersand much more cute Kawaii stickers. Girly and cute, these stickersfor photos will melt your heart! Create a love card for yourboyfriend for your anniversary. Take a selfie with your BFF, addsome cute deco stickers and post it on Facebook. You'll be thrilledwith this fx editor. Be the fixer of your own photos, in yourpersonal photo studio. An app to add stickers to photos like MyKawaii Photo Sticker Editor is quite simple to use and it istotally free of charge, you must have it! ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯Download My Kawaii Photo Sticker Editor for free and enjoy thecutest new photo editor there is on the market!
Hipster Stickers Photo Studio 2.2
Good news, hipster fashion lovers! We've created a brand new photostudio app with a collection of coolest “hipster stickers forphotos”! Hipster Stickers Photo Studio is a mobile photo editorwith the most amusing and popular “photo stickers” in hipster stylewhich you can place on pictures with no effort. Get this photostudio pro and start free picture editing. Make a funny pic easily,take a picture with your camera, choose the best shot, or choose apic or a selfie from the gallery and enter this wonderful photoediting software and add some funny stickers like thick rimmedglasses to make your picture ultra trendy and interesting! Enrichyour album with “hipsters photos” or share your new art of pics onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram! Download Hipster Stickers PhotoStudio and you won't regret it! ✌ Free photo editing app, easy touse! ✌ Take a picture or select one from your gallery! ✌ Choosefrom “hipster designs” the one that best suits your image! ✌ Scale,move, customize your image, adjust the sticker! ✌ Add text on pics,write quotes and captions! ✌ Share your new art on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram! ✌ No Internet connection required! If you havewondered how to take hipster photos, download “Hipster StickersPhoto Studio” and you won't run out of deco ideas again. This“hipster stickers app” is a funny photo editor for adding stickersto pictures with ease, you only have to select the image from thegallery or take a selfie and apply the stickers and effects offeredin this fx studio. Moreover, you can add text to pictures, to leavesome quotes and make your pic even funnier! You simply must havethis “photo studio” in your smartphone or tablet, it is so amusingthat you will have hours of entertainment without even noticing!Create really cool hipster cover photos for your fb wall or an topost on Instagram. Become a hipster girl or a hipster man in asecond! ✦∷ ∷✧∷ ∷ ✌ ∷ ∷✧∷ ∷✦∷ ∷✧∷ ∷ ✌ ∷ ∷✧∷ ∷✦ Try out this coolpicture studio app which works like any funny online editor, butthe good news is that you do not have to be online to use this“photo stickers editor”. Download this photobooth for free onlyonce and use it over and over again. You will never get tired ofhipster design when you see what lovely stickers are offered inthis “sticker studio”! Don't ask again how to be a hipster; useyour selfies taken with a on your phone or tablet, choose “hipsterstickers” to put on your picture, change the size and position,write love quotes or quotes about friendship or life, and surpriseyour friends with a new ! Forget about boring picture frames andmirror effects, be as funny as a hipster cat and put stickers toyour pics effortlessly, just get this free studio booth! HipsterStickers Photo Studio is here, waiting for you! ✦∷ ∷✧∷ ∷ ✌ ∷ ∷✧∷∷✦∷ ∷✧∷ ∷ ✌ ∷ ∷✧∷ ∷✦ Download this free tool for customizing yourimages and share them on fb or ig. This app allows you tomanipulate your pictures easily. Do not hesitate but try this artstudio to create real art, put your imagination into practice, takeselfies and have this best picture editing studio with you whereveryou go! Picture studio editor with funniest hipster stickers nowfits the palm of your hand, in just one application. To have asticker studio today is truly necessary if you want to be imageeditor number one! Download Hipster Stickers Photo Studio now!
Make Collage with Frames 3.0
Are you ready for a photo editor new version 2017? Make Collagewith Frames app is the dream come true! Beautiful collage framesfor multiple pictures will make a splendid addition to your mobilephone or tablet! This quick collage maker is easy to use, too.Refill your photo gallery with new cool pictures and selfies! Lotsof fun frames, backgrounds and picture layouts for creative photocollages! Use the wonders of this simple collage maker to show yourphoto montage skills. Apply cool filters and effects to yourfavorite selfie, stitch it to your other pics and make a fantasticcollage of unlimited pics, then share your masterpiece with friendson Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Enjoy the awesome software formaking collage, be inventive, get tons of likes, all for free!Download Make Collage with Frames now, don't waste any more time!✏Choose from various layouts for pictures!✏ Select and edit photosfrom your gallery or take new ones with your camera!✏ Zoom, rotate,scale and crop images to fit the collage layout!✏ Great number ofbackground colors and patterns to choose from!✏ Lots of pictureframes to add!✏ Lots of filters and photo effects for yourpictures!✏ Share your artwork via Facebook, Twitter andInstagram!✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏Once you get “MakeCollage with Frames” app, you will not wonder “how to make a photocollage”. The options are simple, and user interface is intuitive,ideas for picture collage will come to you immediately. “Do ityourself collage picture frames” will inspire you to make fabulousworks of art. This will become your favorite app, or it will atleast be among “top 10 collage maker” apps that you love. “Photocollage maker for up to 100 photos” is perhaps something you dreamof, but you'll find out that this is the “best collage app forAndroid”. This is the right “photo montage software” for all truephotography lovers! Get your own personal photo editor for free injust a few taps on the screen of your smartphone. Use this wondrousMake Collage with Frames to create a cool wallpaper background foryour phone or tablet. Share the coolest pics with your friends onall social networks!✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏In theera of social networks the competition for the best picture isharsh. Beat your friends with the prettiest photo collage hd usingthis simple but effective picture editor! You can make your picslike true photographers with minimum effort. You don't need a fancy“collage of 100 pics” or a “collage maker for more than 50pictures”. You will never again wonder “what is the best collagemaker”. Create awesome photo montage in just a few taps. Leave yourfriends breathless, showing off your photo editing skills!Editpictures you already have in your phone gallery or pout and take anew pic. Come on dolls! Make it pop and sparkle! Show off with yourbeautiful new selfie. Choose from a variety of pre-designedlayouts, select the best photos, apply the best filters andeffects, choose the best frames and voila, your masterpiece isdone. ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏If you are tired ofregular frames and templates you should definitely try this awesomenew picture editor with amazing layouts! Apply some effects andyour show off your editor skills. Download Make Collage with Framesfree of charge and join the editing mania! Have fun retouching yourpictures and earn more followers on social networks.
My Camera Photo Effects 1.3
Are you ready for ultra exciting photo editing? If you are lookingfor a free picture editing software with cool filters, then MyCamera Photo Effects is just what you need! Start your editingjourney, play with artistic filters and make your images looktrendy and adorable. Select some of numerous pro effects to put onyour pics with instant preview. Enhance pics' colors, contrasts,change overlay filters, and do it in just one “photo effects app”.Download this cool free app for smartphones and tablets and enjoychanging filters on your camera selfies! ❤ Free picture editor withlots of effects and colors! ❤ Cute camera filters to try on yourimages! ❤ Take a pic with your camera or select one from the phonegallery!❤ Change effects to see which best suits your pic thanks tothe instant preview! ❤ Save filtered photo to your phone gallery orshare with friends on major social networks! If you like editingpictures, you will love My Camera Photo Effects! Just select yourfavorite selfie or take a new one with your camera, use this photoeditor and beautify your selfies as much as you like! Cool andfancy effects, all in one application! Make art from your pics withthese magic picture effects. In no time you'll feel like a prophotographer. Choose the ovarlay effect that you like the most andshare your work of art with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagramor via any app you have installed that has share feature.░▒▓▒░▒▓▒░▒▓▒░▒▓▒░▒▓▒░▒▓▒░If you like retouching photographs, andyour idea of a good time is a few hours spent in pro photo montage,then this is the right app for you. You'll have lots of fun. Enjoythe variety of options for picture editing, edit selfies, enhanceyour love pictures, and the best part is that you can share it onFacebook, Instagram and via other apps right from this cameraeditor! If you are a romantic soul, choose old picture or black andwhite filter, yet, if you are an IT girl with tons of followers,then you need some “cool filters for pictures” and you will findall that and much more in “My Camera Photo Effects” picture editor!Editing images is a total fun, you should definitely go for it!Download My Camera Photo Effects and have fun!
Cute Stickers Photo Editor 2.1
Try out the new trend in photo editing with Cute Stickers PhotoEditor! Put stamps on your pics and create unique cards and postersthat you can share with your friends or post them to Facebook,Twitter and Instagram! This “sticker photo editor” will help youcreate the best cards! Choose some of the cute and funny stickersor text templates and be creative with this fun “mobile photoeditor”. This simple but effective editing software offers instantphoto montage for your mobile phone or tablet. Refresh your phonegallery with new decorated selfies and pics. Forget about onlinephoto editing, download Cute Stickers Photo Editor for free, allyou need is an Android™ device and the fun can start! ♥♯ Take a newpicture or choose a pic from your phone gallery!♯♥ Select “cutestickers” or text and put them on pics, scale and move themaround!♥♯ Write something amusing on your pic, scale the text andmove it! ♯♥ Select a stamp or text that you want to move it to thefront!♥♯ Shake your device to make all the stamps disappear!♯♥ Savethe image to your phone gallery! ♥♯ Share your on Facebook, Twitteror Instagram! ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯“Cute Stickers Photo Editor”is the new kind of “photo montage software” that will provide youwith hours of fun! “Add stickers to pictures” in a few easy steps.“Funny stickers”, cute stickers, funny quotes, love quotes, quotesabout life and fashion, lots of captions for your images. You canalso write your own text on pics. Be creative, you have your owncaption maker! A variety of cute stamps will amuse both you andyour friends. This app is easy to use and provides so much fun thatyou must simply download ti now! Pick your favorite stamp, do somepro editing and create your new and fun fb profile or coverpicture! ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ These cute photo editor stamps aremuch like wall stickers, except these you can post to your Facebookwall! A “photo app with stickers” requires only an Android™ deviceand a little creativity. In a few easy steps you can create with“free stickers”. Get your own personal photobooth for free in justa few taps on the screen of your smartphone. Be awesome, share yourpics imaginatively decorated with stamps on Instagram and get newfollowers! ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ Achieve cuteness overload withsweet decorations like hearts, bows, lipsticks, stars, pop andsparkle like a real princess! You'll be thrilled with the stickerdesign! Girly and cute, these stamps will win countless hearts foryou! Create a love card for your boyfriend. Take a selfie anddecorate it with our cute stickers, write a love message and showyour sweetheart how devoted you are! Forget about the old days ofonline photo editing. Now you can be the best “photo editor” whereever you are! Download Cute Stickers Photo Editor for free andenjoy the cutest new photo editor there is on the market!
Negative Photo Effect Camera 2.0
You like to play with your pics and you are looking for a uniqueapp to make collage of photos and add filters for picturesdifferent colors? Negative Photo Effect Camera is the ideal photoediting software for you. This simple app for smartphones andtablets enables you to create an amazing photo negative collage ina few simple steps. You are wondering how does the negative picturetrick work? Choose a pic from gallery or take a new one, select thecollage template you want to create and then turn your picture intonegative. Or add multiple photos in one frame and apply negativephoto effect. Negative Photo Effect Camera is one of top photoeditors with filters and effects, you won't regret if you downloadit now for free! ☑ Photo editor new version 2017 to create negativepicture magic!☑ Choose an image from your gallery and play withcontrasts and colors!☑ Create your own photo collage and makepicture negative!☑ Effortless photo negative conversion!☑ More than18 negative photo effects!☑ Apply to single or multiple pics!☑Share your new cool pic on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram!⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞You are bored with plain old camerafilters and effects, but you like a good “create photo collageapp”? Well, great news! You have found one of the “best freepicture editing apps for android”! With this cool “negative pictureeffect app” you can create collages in multiple colors in just afew clicks! “How can I make a picture negative” you ask; simple,just choose one of our many retro filters and apply. If “photoediting apps by adding color effects background frame all in onefull hd apps” is what you want, that is what you'll get withNegative Photo Effect Camera. This is precisely the unique app thatwill let you reign social networks! Retro is always in! This seasonold fashioned collages are making a spectacular come back! Be sureto have “best filters editing app” of your own to join the race formost liked pic! ⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞Choose an image from your cameragallery, and add color effects in a second! Your new eye-catchingimage will become a magnet for likes, and everyone will ask “how tomake a picture negative” like yours! Choose “Negative Photo EffectCamera”, the best negative picture converter out there, and enjoytaking pictures! All you need to create your new masterpiece isthis art filters photo editor! This amazing app has everything youneed to create awesome montages, “free good camera filters andeffects”!⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞▦⊟▦⊞Your own personal photo booth negativeeffect is easy to use and free to download. If you've always wantedto create a negative picture illusion, now is your chance. Chooseamong the best filters for pictures to get the desired negativeeffect and enjoy this contagious filters mania! You are looking atyour new favorite “free picture editor and effects app”. Feel likea true artist! You can create amazing works of art too, and youdon't even have to invest much effort! Make a wise choice, downloadone of the best editing apps for photos completely free of charge!Have hours of fun retouching your pics and making inventivecolorful collages. Don't waste your time, download Negative PhotoEffect Camera now and enjoy!
Photo Studio Text on Pics 2.2
Are you ready to make your pics ultra glamorous? Photo Studio –Text on Pics is the awesome new photo editing app especiallydesigned for all photography enthusiasts! Caption your photos in notime, apply some sophisticated effects and your fabulous picture isready to be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! This colorfulphoto editor will become your number one caption maker! Write onpictures with this amazing photo editing app anytime, anyhow,anywhere! Add love quotes, love messages, lyrics of your favoritesongs, important dates. Use your love pictures, photos withfriends, write on your favorite selfie! Be creative! Surprise yoursweetheart and post your to his Facebook wall. Download PhotoStudio – Text on Pics, play with your pics and be fabulous.***Colorful and sophisticated design! ***Girly fonts, cute colorsand effects for your caption! ***Write on your love pictures andshare them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! ***Add love quotes,love messages, dates, song lyrics or motivational quotes! ***Hoursof fun and entertainment! ***Decorate photos with style! Follow thelatest trends, download Photo Studio – Text on Pics for free andforget about online photo editing. This cute picture editor thatfits in the palm of your hand is the simplest picture editorsoftware you have ever used. This is the right “photo montagesoftware” for all true photography lovers! Get your own personalphotobooth for free in just a few taps on the screen of yoursmartphone. Use this wondrous Photo Studio – Text on Pics to make acool wallpaper background for your phone or tablet. Share thecoolest with your friends on all social networks!♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪ You think writingquotes on photos is fun? Photo Studio – Text on Pics is the perfectphoto editor free download for you. You don't need an onlinepicture editor, all you need is an Android device and can begin.With this cool picture editing software you can add all kinds ofquotes to your photos. Create photo montage with inspirationalquotes, funny quotes or quotes about life. You can write anythingyou want on your pictures, including important dates. Friendshipquotes, motivational quotes or quotes about love. Take coolpictures and put cute quotes or famous quotes.♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪ Edit pictures youalready have in your phone gallery or pout and say 'let me take aselfie'! Take a picture with your selfie camera, apply some effectsand write something fun on your picture. Create your own photoboothcorner in just a few taps on the screen of your phone. Set yourcreative work of art as a wallpaper. This is the era of Instagram,the competition for the best selfie is harsh, download our photostudio to put text on pics and you'll easily be on top of thecutest Instagram photos!♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪¸.•*¨¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ♪ If you are tired ofsame old photo frames and photo collages, try an inspiring new texton pics application and write quotes about happiness! Show yourcreativity and inventiveness with this awesome text on pics photoeditor. Download Photo Studio – Text on Pics free and join in themania! Have lots of fun and be fabulous!
Pink Love Keyboard Themes 2.2
Are you tired of system keyboards? Would you like a keyboard that'sbright, cheerful and pink with motives of love? A perfect “girlykeyboard” art awaits for you in Pink Love Keyboard Themeapplication, go get it! Maybe you cannot “make your own keyboard”,but this is as close as it gets! If you wish to “design your ownkeyboard”, this “keyboard changer” will help! In just a few clicksyou will have a keyboard color changer app for your smartphone,completely free of charge! What are you waiting for, go downloadthis “pink keyboard” with love motives and enjoy texting! AdorablePink Love Keyboard Theme can be yours for free! How to set your“keyboard skin”:1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check thebox-field next to “Pink Love Keyboard Theme” and then click on theOK button2. Return to the application, then select 'Set theKeyboard to Default' button and select 'Pink Love Keyboard Theme'3.Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes,and shortcuts) ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰❤ Choose your pink keyboard!❤Several “cute keyboard themes”!❤ Custom made “keyboards forAndroid™”! ❤ Powder pink, hot pink, different shades and differentpink designs! ❤ Love hearts on keyboards in the color of love!✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰ Are you in love and your favorite color ispink? Would you like to show the world just how much in love youare? Be girly and sweet, customize your phone, make it pink andfull of love! Text with your boyfriend in pink love! Get the app wehave designed especially for you, use art keyboards. Customize thelanguage, you can choose several pink love themes and you'll getseveral English keyboards that can also convert into Germankeyboards, or Italian keyboards. If you need to express your lovein French, you can set French keyboards, as well as hot pinkSpanish keyboards. ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰ If texting with yourboyfriend and friends is an important part of your daily routine,you should definitely get a cute pink love theme for your phone andupgrade your texting experience. Send love text messages withstyle! Typing funny text messages to your BFF will get a newdimension if you type in your favorite pink tint! Texting symbolsand letters will definitely look better in pink! ✰✻❤✻✰‿ ✰✻❤✻✰‿✰✻❤✻✰If you are searching for girly apps for Android to customizeyour phone experience, search no more, you have found a perfectgirly app. Apps for teenage girls are particularly pretty, and hereyou will find best apps for teenage girl. Customize your own phonewith mobile free themes, go get this lovely pink app and enjoy theexperience. Be overwhelmed with love while typing yet another SMS.Enjoy pretty hearts on the buttons that will make typing even moreenjoyable. Everyone likes to look at pretty things, observe theexplosion of feelings on your screen! Romantic themes and picturesof hearts will fill your heart with joy. You'll get inspired totype even more “I love you text messages” ! Learn to type withstyle, you don't need typing practice! Free themes and changeablecolors will make your phone look cute and sophisticated. Downloadcute themes for free and enjoy. Get texting to the next level withelegant themes! Get Pink Love Keyboard Theme free of charge and gotext now with style!
Photo Pic Collage Maker 3.0
Are you ready for the cutest “collage maker” on the market? PhotoPic Collage Maker offers cute background patterns, modern frames,cool filters and effects. Make your collage in kawaii style! Girlycolors, attractive design, interesting grid layouts for severalpictures! Everything you need to create the most beautiful collageand share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!Mix the ingredients in your personal photo corner and stitch picslike a pro! Show how creative you are, be the best “collagecreator” and share your art on all major social networks! Enjoy theawesome picture montage and create the most beautiful collage everwith Photo Pic Collage Maker. Get this “mobile photo editor freedownload” and create the prettiest mosaic for your BFF pics! ❃Choose from various photo layouts for several pictures!♥ Select andedit pictures from your gallery!❃ Zoom, rotate, scale and cropimages to fit the collage layout!♥ Great number of backgroundcolors and patterns to choose from for your image collage!❃ Lots ofpicture frames to add to your photocollage!♥ Lots of filters andeffects for your pictures – pop art, vintage, black and white, andmuch more!❃ Share your artwork via Facebook, Twitter andInstagram!“Photo Pic Collage Maker” will enable you to create cutecollages in kawaii style. So girly and tender, you must have it!You will love the cute grid layouts, colorful templates, gentlebackground patterns and amazing effects and filters! Make aselection of your prettiest BFF pics and surprise your best friendwith a thoughtful gesture. A beautiful “picture collage” is alwaysa good gift! This “photo collage maker” will help you create thebest album on your phone gallery! And it's entirely free! This isthe right “photo montage software” for all true photographyadmirers!❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ Get your own personal photoboothfor free in just a few taps on the screen of your smartphone. TheInstagram era makes the competition for the prettiest pictureextremely hard. But have no fears, our “photo collage editor” ishere to help! Your selfie will rule Instagram in no time! Use thiswondrous picture collage to make a cool “wallpaper background” foryour phone or tablet. Share the coolest art with your friends onall social networks! You don't need all those fancy online editorsphoto editor to create the best pic montage in just a few taps. Allyou need is an Android™ device and the pic mania can start! ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯ Edit pictures you already have in your phonegallery, or say to your BFF, 'let me take a selfie'! Apply somecool filters like grunge, vintage, sepia, black and white effectsand much more! Choose a background pattern and an appropriateframe. Put your pics in the best grid layouts. Cute girls only!Let's go dolls! Show the world how beautiful you are! Make picswith your camera and let the magic begin! ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯ ❃✭♥♯❃✭♥♯Are you tired of same old frames and templates? Try this amazing“photo editor software” for free and enjoy all the cute gridlayouts, templates, frames, patterns and effects. Show off yourediting skills! Download Photo Pic Collage Maker for free and joinin the pics art mania! Retouch your pictures like a pro and havefun!
Green Neon Keyboard Themes 2.3
You've got bored with your old keyboard theme and want to “designkeyboard”? What you need is a keyboard customizer, and – guesswhat? - we've created the greenest of the greenest applications onthe apps market just for your needs - Green Neon Keyboard Themes!Neon keyboard free download is finally at the palm of your hand, gofor it, and enjoy texting for hours! Write messages on green neonkeys which you can install to customize your phone with style. Lotsof “green keyboard themes” for Android™ smartphones and tabletswith astonishing neon glow effect are in just one free app! Wait nomore, go download this amazing keyboard changer in a few simplesteps!How to set your “keyboard skin”:1. Click on 'Enable theKeyboard', then check the box-field next to “Green Neon KeyboardThemes” and then click on the OK button 2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button andselect 'Green Neon Keyboard Themes' 3. Now, you can “customize yourkeyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts)◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◕◕◕ “Neon keyboardthemes free” for your mobile phone or tablet!◕◕◕ Make your ownkeyboard in a second!◕◕◕ Choose the green neon color themes and gotext your BFF!◕◕◕ Customize the language to get English, German,Italian keyboards orothers!◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕If you wantto follow latest trends and be number one in downloading best appsfor girls, this neon keyboard app is a must! Let the keys on yourscreen glow in the dark like a virtual keyboard, apply one of thebest mobile free themes to decorate your phone and go typing funnytext messages and “I love you text messages”. Apps for teenagegirls are numerous, but to have fancy neon color on your screenwhile texting green love quotes to your sweetheart is a totalnecessity for a stylish girl! Go be one, download the shiniest ofall girly apps for Android™, customize the language, choose amongqwerty, qwertz and other types and send love and friendshipmessages as long as you want! ◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕Neonlight in your phone's theme is what makes Green Neon KeyboardThemes one of the best apps for teenage girl you can download forfree. You can also set a neon “keyboard art” wallpaper and makeyour phone go all neon! Having the same old themes is quite boring,don't miss this cool app for girls and “customize your theme” in afew clicks. We've put our creativity in practice just to provideyou ladies out there with fancy neon lights on your phone screen!Feel free to download this cool app, follow the steps above and youwill get a flashing neon typewriter theme in an instant! Now youcan type your favorite quotes or text your BFF or boyfriend withstyle, and let everyone envy you for having such a creativelydesigned green writer on your phone.◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕◠✽◡♥◠✽◡♡◠✽◡♥◠✽◡◕“Green neon themes” for your phoneare at your disposal! Play with neon lights, type cute messagesusing the cutest green neon buttons and share the joy of havingthis girly app with your friends. You girls are going to love these“green themes” you can find in this app with themes for phones ifyou download it! Go and get it, it's all free and waiting for youto download it and feel the magic of neon lights!
Rainy London Face in Hole 1.4
You've always wanted to visit London butyou've never had the chance? Rainy London Face in Hole gives youthe opportunity to be in rainy London instantly with cool photomontage! Lots of picture frames and templates to make you a prophoto editor! Refresh your photo gallery with new pictures and showyour photo montage skills, make a photo album in front of the redphone booth to be proud of! With this “photo editor free download”all you need is a little effort and you can find yourself in frontof the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, the Tower of London orthe Buckingham Palace in the beautiful rainy London! Download freephoto editor Rainy London Face in Hole and forget about onlinephoto editing, enjoy “photo montage software” on your own phone ortablet!♥ ♥ Lots of cool face in hole templates for your pictures!♥ ♥ Make a romantic prank with your friends' photos in the rainycapital of England!♥ ♥ Select a pic from your picture gallery on the phone!♥ ♥ Take a new picture and put it in one of the romantic rainyLondon templates & cool photo frames!♥ ♥ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag a pic to make it fitthe frame as you like it!♥ ♥ Save your “funny pictures”, or love pranks in romantic photoframes, on your phone and set them as wallpapers!♥ ♥ Share these hilarious images with friends on Facebook andTwitter!♥ ♥ Make your own pics like pro photographers you won't needPhotoshop™!♥ ♥ One of the most popular Android™ apps, a must have when itcomes to making funny pictures!♥ ♥ Create your own photowall for free and enjoy!You're tired of photo effects and you're looking for a plain old“photo montage face in hole”? “Rainy London Face in Hole” is theright “face in hole app” for you! It offers simple photo montageand promises lots of fun and laughter. If you are not very skilledwith photoshop, you don't like using photobucket or picsart and youwould really like to have your own “photo collage editor likepicnik” then this free photo editing software is perfect for you.This is the best photo editor you have ever had, simple buteffective! Have fun and a lot of laughter with minimum effort, youdon't need after effects to make picsart! Create a “rainy Londonwallpaper” for your Android device in no time! Boast with the TowerBridge, Big Ben, London Eye, the Tower of London or the BuckinghamPalace on your screen saver. See the Thames up close and enjoy theview of Windsor Castle, see all the charms of the British Monarchyin one simple picture editor.If you like to stitch pics and take selfies to put them on fb,this Instaframe app is the right free picture editor for you. Maybeyou cannot make a photo collage with this picture editor, but youcan still make a cool background wallpaper for your Android devicesand edit pictures to share them on Facebook and Twitter with yourfriends! You don't need photofunia, photobucket or ribbet photoeditor to create cool photo montage on a rainy London day inEngland. Join in the photofix mania and make your own unique“London wallpaper” or pull a prank on your friends, enjoy one ofthe most beautiful European cities on your own phone or tablet.Edit pictures you already have in your phone gallery with RainyLondon Face in Hole, your “free photo editing software”, or take anew pic or #selfie that you will transform when you put your facein a hole and you will no longer wonder how to make a photo montagethat is simple but effective, perfect for #Instagram! Enjoy usingthis photo montage creator and get this cool face in hole app forfree. Spend a day in rainy London, England, at least in yourimagination with this #photostudio. Create beautiful face in holepictures and put one as your profile picture on fb. Have lots offun with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. It's so simple, allyou need to do is download Rainy London Face in Hole for free andenjoy, open your umbrella, it's a rainy day in London!
Cute Valentine's Day Stickers 2.1
Happy Valentine's Day! Romance is in the air, make your romanticgestures complete with cute Valentines e cards that you can make onyour own with Cute Valentine's Day Stickers app. Put stamps and“Valentine stickers” on photos with your sweetheart and createunique and beautiful ecards. Choose the sweetest stickers or thecutest love messages and be creative with the help of lovely“sticker photo editor”. This mobile photo editor is very easy touse and it enables quick photo montage for your mobile phone ortablet. Decorate your selfies and images of love with this simpleediting software and make the best “Valentine pictures”. DownloadCute Valentine's Day Stickers and share your love on Instagram,Facebook and Twitter! ♥♯ Take a new picture or choose a pic fromyour phone gallery!♯♥ Select cute stickers or text and put them onpics, scale and move them around!♥♯ Write something amusing on yourpic, scale the text and move it! ♯♥ Select a stamp or text that youwant to move to the front!♥♯ Shake your device to make all thestamps disappear!♯♥ Save the image to your phone gallery! ♥♯ Shareyour pics on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram!♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥If you love somebody then youunderstand the power of love, and you know how important it is tohonor your sweetheart on the day of San Valentin. All you need islove, lots of kisses and cute “Valentine's Day Stickers” to makethe day of love complete. “Cute Valentine's Day Stickers” are theway to achieve love stickers glory! “Add stickers to pictures” in afew easy steps. Besides stickers you can add text to your lovephotos too. Valentine's Day cards are not Valentine's Day cardswithout love messages and love stickers. Make them personal andcreate your own valentine e cards. Pick your favorite stamps andstickers, choose the best “love quotes for her”, make a card andpost it to your sweetheart's FB wall! Share it on Instagram andTwitter, let the world know how in love are you!♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥A “photo app with stickers” requiresonly an Android™ device and a little creativity. Open stickergallery and choose hearts, kisses, cakes, teddy bears, in a feweasy steps you can create pics with “free stickers” and thrill yourloved one for Valentine's Day. These cute photo editor stamps willhelp you to make great “Valentines day gifts for him” as well asnice “Valentines day gifts for her”. February is the most romanticmonth, time to express your feelings, fall in love and give yourheart to someone special. Celebrate the most romantic day of theyear with small tokens and gifts of love such as personalized photocards with Valentine's Day Stickers. ♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥♥♯♯♥on your little personal photo booth can begin! Add sweetdecorations such as hearts, bows, lipsticks, stars, candy and muchmore. Cute and lovely, these stamps will win countless hearts ofboth boys and girls. Take a selfie with your boyfriend orgirlfriend, decorate it with cute stickers, write a love message,add some love sayings and have a happy Valentine's Day. Lovestickers is the best way of saying Happy Valentines day I love you!So hurry up love birds, download Cute Valentine's Day Stickers andenjoy!
Cute Camera Photo Stickers 2.1
Good news emoticon lovers! We've created a totally cool pictureediting app with cute free stickers for photos! Cute Camera PhotoStickers is a sweet collection of original pink smiley faces thatyou can put in your pictures! Make your photos cute and funny! Allyou need is a smartphone or a tablet and you can turn your coolpics and selfies into the funniest art your camera has ever seen!Download Cute Camera Photo Stickers now and add smileys to picturesfor free! ☺ Funny stickers to put on ur pics!☻ Add smileys tophotos from your gallery or take a new picture! ☺ Original designin pink color! ☻ Write on your pics besides adding emoticons! ☺Express you feelings in a funny way or pull a prank on a friend! ☻Decorate your pictures and make them cool! ☺ Share your work of arton Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!If photography is your passionand you enjoy playing with photo editing apps then this is theright app for you. Adding stickers to photos can be a great fun,especially when those stickers are the cutest emoticons you haveever seen! Choose as many smiley faces as you like from our cutepack collection. Insert emoticons in your photos, scale them andmove them around. Cute Camera Photo Stickers is an app that alsoenables you to write on your pictures. Insert text, be creative andhave fun! When you are done decorating your new selfie, or yourfavorite pic with your BFF, save it to your phone gallery. Or evenbetter, share it with all of your friends on popular socialnetworks! With this sticker adding app you can share pictures onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram or share them via any other social appthat you have installed. Download Cute Camera Photo Stickers nowfree of charge, enjoy playing with your camera, be the best editorand retouch your pics like a pro!
Photo Collage Love Pics 3.0
The collage maker of your dreams has arrived to the market! PhotoCollage Love Pics is the perfect picture editing app for every truepro photo editor. This simple but effective editing software offersinstant photo montage for your mobile phone or tablet. Refresh yourphone gallery with new selfies and pics. Choose among a variety offun frames, backgrounds and photo grids! Create your personal photolab and show off your “photo montage” skills. Take a selfie, applysome cool filters and effects and stitch your pic to make afantastic grid. Share your picsart with friends on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram! Create easy the prettiest collage with thisamazing picture montage app. Download Photo Collage Love Pics forfree and enjoy the insta art of pics! ♥ Choose from various photogrid layouts for several pictures!✏ Select and edit images fromyour gallery!♥ Zoom, rotate, scale and crop images to fit the gridlayout!✏ Great number of background colors and patterns to choosefrom for your image collage!♥ Lots of “picture frames” to add toyour photocollage!✏ Lots of filters and photo effects for your pics– pop art, vintage, black and white, and much more!♥ Share yourartwork via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!“Photo Collage LovePics” will make you a pro editor, even if you do not have muchexperience in editing. Select your most beautiful selfies and picswith friends, stitch them together and post your new collage to fb,or even better, make it your cover image. Take a new pic with yourcymera and play with your new “collage maker”. Get your ownpersonal photobooth for free in just a few taps on the screen ofyour smartphone. Use this wondrous Photo Collage Love Pics to makea cool “wallpaper background” for your phone or tablet. Share thecoolest picsart with your friends on all social networks! The eraof Instagram makes the competition for best selfie and best picmore harsh than ever. Beat your friends for the title of the best“collage creator”! Retouch your pics like true photographers withminimum effort. You don't need those fancy online picture editorslike photofunia, photobucket or ribbet photo editor to create thebest pic montage in just a few taps. All you need is an Androiddevice and voila – your art of pics is ready to rule Instagram.Show off your editing skills! You can “edit pictures” you alreadyhave in your phone gallery or take a new picture. Add some coolgrunge, vintage, sepia, black and white effects or anything elsethat you like, choose a pattern and a frame for your collage, placeyour pics in the best “grid layouts”. Smile to the camera girls!“Take a picture” with your boyfriend or girlfriend, put it in acute frame, or choose several pictures and create a collage.Surprise your sweetheart for your anniversary. Post it to Instagramor Facebook! If you are tired of regular frames and templates, trythis cool new editor with grid layouts and create the mostbeautiful collages! Apply effects and boast with your editorskills. Download Photo Collage Love Pics for free and join in thepic mania! Have fun retouching pics like a pro!
Midnight in Paris Pic Collage 3.0
Is Paris the “city of lights” and the city of love your favoritecity in the world? Then you'll be thrilled that we've createdMidnight in Paris Pic Collage! From Paris with love, just for you,comes simple but sophisticated “picture editing software”. Retouchyour pictures with ease, make any photo montage like a pro and putyour pics in frames inspired by the most beautiful city in theworld, Paris! Enrich the content of your phone gallery withretouched pics, apply filter effects, choose beautiful Paris themedpatterns for your frames, choose beautiful backgrounds and gridlayouts. Get your own personal photo corner and show your friendsyour photo montage skills! Come boys and girls, take a selfie inParis and stitch it to other fabulous pics to create the mostbeautiful collage ever! Share your lovely collages with friends onFacebook, Twitter or Instagram! Download Midnight in Paris PicCollage for free and enjoy the amazing yet very easy to use“picture montage app”! Note: We appreciate your opinion, if youlike our app please comment and rate, give us feedback for furtherupgrades. Thank you! ♥ Choose from various photo grid layouts forseveral pictures!✏ Select and edit images from your gallery!♥ Zoom,rotate, scale and crop images to fit the grid layout!✏ Great numberof background colors and patterns to choose from for your imagecollage!♥ Lots of “picture frames” to add to your photocollage!✏Lots of filters and photo effects for your pics – pop art, vintage,black and white, and much more!♥ Share your artwork via Facebook,Twitter and Instagram!“Midnight in Paris Pic Collage” is an ideal“picture collage maker”, it's very easy to use. If you are not veryskilled with photos, you don't like using online editors and youwould really like to have your own “photo collage editor” then thisromantic photo editor is the right app for you!If you always wantedto visit Paris and see the famous attractions like the EiffelTower, the Louvre, Moulin Rouge and Arc de Triomphe, but you neverhad the chance, this is your opportunity to create a lasting memoryby stitching pics and putting them in Paris themed frames. Tocreate your amazing “Paris photo collage” you can use the picturesyou already have in your phone gallery, or you can take a newpicture. Earn the title of best collage creator on Instagram. Thecompetition is harsh, but our collage photo editor themed withParis is here to help you! Retouch pics with ease like truephotographers with minimum effort. You don't need those fancyonline picture editors to create the best pic montage in just a fewtaps. All you need is an Android device and voila – your art ofpics is ready to rule Instagram. Photo editing has never beeneasier or more fun and now you can do it in France! Choose pics tostitch, add cool effects like grunge, vintage, sepia, black andwhite effects, choose the most interesting grid layouts and voila –your amazing Paris photo collage is ready! Smile to the cameragirls and say Paris! Surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend or BFFwith these beautiful collages, be creative! Download Midnight inParis Pic Collage for free and join in the pic mania! Have funretouching pics in Paris like a pro!
St. Patrick's Day Stickers 2.1
St. Patrick's Day is approaching. Are you ready to create thecoolest pics for the parade? Try out the latest photo editing app,St. Patrick's Day Stickers! Put stamps and cool photo stickers,create fun cards or posters for St. Patrick's Day and share themwith your friends on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! St.Patrick's day decorations have never been so beautiful! Decorateyour pictures with shamrocks and clovers, horseshoes, funny hats,beer stickers and leprechaun pictures. This easy to use and fun“photo editing software”, for your mobile phone or tablet, willenable you to refresh your phone gallery in just a few easy steps.Prepare for the rocky road to Dublin and have a happy St. Patrick'sday! Download St. Patrick's Day Stickers now for free and preparefor St. Pats on time! ♣ Take a new picture or choose a pic fromyour phone gallery!♣ Select “funny stickers” or text and put themon pics, scale and move them around!♣ Write something amusing onyour pic, scale the text and move it! ♣ Select a stamp or text thatyou want and move it to the front!♣ Shake your device to make allthe stamps disappear!♣ Save the image to your phone gallery! ♣Share your art on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!♣ ♣ ♣ ♧♣ ♣ ♣ ♧♣ ♣♣ ♧♣ ♣ ♣ ♧“St. Patrick's Day Stickers” is the perfect photo montagesoftware for mobile phone that will prepare you for St. Patrick'sday 2017. If you are a fan of Ireland, Dublin, Irish food and ofcourse Irish beer you will love this app! Decorate your most recentphoto with a cute green shamrock or clover, a mug of cold Irishbeer, a gold horse shoe or a pot of gold for good luck! Surroundyourself with leprechaun world and enjoy Saint Patrick's day! Thisphoto app with stickers requires only an Android™ device and yourimagination. In no time you will create the most beautiful greensticker photos for Instagram in your little personal photobooth. Ina few easy steps you can create green art with “free stickers” forbest Instagram photos. Get your own personal sticker photo lab injust a few taps on the screen of your smartphone. Be awesome, getthe best “St Patricks day decorations” for free. Wear a green hatand drink cold beer, feel Irish! Choose your favorite shamrockdesign, create art with your cymera and share it on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter! ♣ ♣ ♣ ♧♣ ♣ ♣ ♧♣ ♣ ♣ ♧♣ ♣ ♣ ♧ Take a selfieor take a cool picture with your friends, put St Patrick's day hatson everyone's heads, place a few beards here and there, dress likea leprechaun and you'll have the perfect photo for Instagram,edited with a simple “mobile photo editor” in no time! With this“add stickers to photos app” you can complete the celebration ofSaint Patrick's day. You'll be thrilled with these “photostickers”. Write a message or a quote on your pics, wish yourfriends a happy St Patty's day and enjoy the parade like trueDubliners. Photofunia on your little personal photo booth canbegin! If you are an admirer of photography, photo montage is agreat way to have some fun! Fill your festival album with new “StPatricks day pictures”. Put a four leaf clover for good luck onyour favorite picture and make it your fb cover. Or createinventive Saint Patrick cards and posters, send them to yourfriends via Facebook and wish them a happy St Patrick's day!Download St. Patrick's Day Stickers now for free, enjoy these funphoto editor stamps and have the best Saint Patrick's day ever!
Easter Stickers for Pictures 2.2
Celebrate with all your hearts one of the biggest Christianholidays! Easter Stickers for Pictures is specially designed tofill you with joy and holiday spirit! Put Easter egg stickers onyour photos, create unique cards and posters, send them to yourfriends via Viber, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These freeEaster stickers will make a perfect decoration for your cute Easterphotos. Make photo cards with free Easter bunny stickers, eggs,flowers and much more. To use this simple picture editingapplication, all you need is a smartphone or a tablet device and alittle imagination. Add freshly decorated selfies and BFF pics forthe holiday to your phone gallery. Forget about online photoediting, download Easter Stickers for Pictures for free and the funcan start! 💛 Take a new picture or choose a pic from your phonegallery!💛 Select Easter card stickers or text and put them on pics,scale and move them around!💛 Write something amusing on your pic,scale the text and move it! 💛 Select a stamp or text that you wantand move it to the front!💛 Shake your device to make all the stampsdisappear!💛 Save the image to your phone gallery! 💛 Share your arton Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Twitter! 🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰Easter iscoming! Celebrate it with a new trend in photo editing and“decorate pictures” with cute “happy Easter stickers”! Our LordJesus Christ was resurrected on this day. Traditionally, preparing“Easter decorations” and dyeing Easter eggs are some of the mostimportant things to be done these days. But don't forget todecorate pictures as well! Make your own Easter cards, add cutestickers of colorful eggs, bunny, flowers, wreaths, bows and other“happy Easter stickers for cards”, write wishes, greetings ormessages and send them to your friends and relatives. This appoffers an amazing collection of unique “free stickers for photos”.Use this free photo editing app download and become the best photomontage maker!🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰“Add stickers to pictures” in just a feweasy steps. Funny stickers, cute stickers, Easter baskets, addtext, write messages or quotes for happy holidays. You'll have alot of fun with this Easter card maker, guaranteed! It's so easy tohave fun with pictures. Forget about complicated online photoeditors, use this picture editor offline! With “Easter Stickers forPictures” you can create art in just a few easy steps. 🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰Using our high quality photo editing software you will be able toadd as many “Easter photo stickers” as you like. You will have aphoto editor ultimate generation, which counts as one of the topphoto editing apps! Find out how easy it is to make a “happy Easterwallpaper”, of course, with our Easter stickers free download.Don't wait any longer, download “Easter photo editor”, and getready for the merriest holiday of all!🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰💛🐰This remarkablephoto editing software is appropriate for users of any age, bothboys and girls. Make the prettiest Easter cards for your friendsand loved ones, make them happy with a small gesture! This neatEaster sticker app will enable you to create amazing photo montagefree with minimum effort. Download Easter Stickers for Pictures forfree and have a happy Easter!
Lip Kissing Love Tester 1.2
How good are you in lip kissing? Download this prank app and findout immediately! Lip Kissing Love Tester is one of the best freekissing games, it is waiting for you to download it and see whattype of kisses you give. Would it be passionate? Or maybe moreromantic? Also, find out how much experience in french kissing youshow! It is so easy now with this love meter! It is a perfectapplication for your birthday party, make everyone try this kissingtester, and make a competition! Remember that it is a simulatedtest, a prank app only, so do it just for fun! Try out Lip KissingLove Tester and see the results for yourself!❥ Most interestingamong games for couples!:* Test your kissing skills!❥ Kiss the lipson your screen!:* Scan your kissing lips!❥ See the percentage ofyour passion, romance and experience!:* Use the love meter test toprank your friends!❥ Have fun with your boyfriend! Before you useyour love tester, check out your skills in lip kissing with thiskiss meter. Finally you can have a “prank app” which will help youmake jokes with your friends. Perform a “kissing test” with yourfriends – when the app shows lips which are protruded just as ifthey say kiss me, press your red lips on the screen and the lovecalculator will measure your kissing style – romantic, passionate,or experienced? Lip Kissing Love Tester will tell! So hurry up, donot hesitate, download this “love test app” and you will not regretit!❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥You may be a romantic person, but in order to bea perfect match for your bae, you need to be passionate andexperienced as well. No matter in which part of the world you live,you must learn to smooch the best you can! Once you excel yourskills, you can test yourself and see if your lips can smooch likea pro! Put on some lipstick, grab your purse and tell to the worldthat you're perfect! Have fun with your bffs all daylong!❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥If you like love tester games, but haven'tfound a perfect tool which will measure the skill with which youperform “lip kissing”, we are sure that you need to download LipKissing Love Tester! It is an excellent free app for couples inlove who like to play love games; if you have a boyfriend, share afew romantic kisses and test love with this prank app. If you aresingle, practice your french kiss using some lip kissing tips andlet this tester tell you when you're ready! Play love games forgirls and boys and do a “love test” to see who is the bestkisser!❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥Be the queen of your party when you showyour game for couples to your guests. This “love calculator” is oneof the most amazing girl kissing games, try it now! Once youdownload it, you won't be able to stop using this “love tester”until you get a one hundred percent in experience! Remember, it isprank app, so use it for fun purposes only! We guarantee that youwill forget about all the “games for girls” you have played so far,and name this tester the best app among “couple games” and kissgames for girls!❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥:*❥Determine if you're bae and youhave a total love compatibility and proceed to playing love testgames! Invite your friends to download it as well, so that you canhave fun together! Your new party-maker is here, meet “Lip KissingLove Tester”!
Make Photo Collage 1.1
Prepare yourself for the cutest picture editor you've ever seen!Ladies and gentlemen, Make Photo Collage, just for you! Yes, ourteam has taken into consideration all your needs when it comes tomaking collage of pics and packed all the beautiful frames, cooleffects and grid layouts into one single app so that you can createadorable photo collages with ease. Stitch pics into a grid bychoosing from the gallery or take a selfie a few times anew, andcombine them together, add frames and effects and save to thegallery, or use the built-in option for sharing on social networkslike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Choose the best of yourselfies and create picture collages every single day with MakePhoto Collage!✻ Absolutely fantastic grid maker for pics!✻ Performphoto editing of your dreams!✻ Choose pics from the gallery or takesome new with your selfie camera!✻ Apply one of the numerous gridlayouts!✻ Add some frames and effects for pics!✻ Save to thegallery!✻ Share on social media like Facebook, Instagram orTwitter!✻ Send to your best friends!You need a personalized giftfor bff? No problem, stitch together the pics of you two, make awonderful collage photo and send it to her! Also, you can make asurprise for your sweetheart and use this “photo app” to make a fewpicture collages, choose the cutest one and post it to her or hiswall. Start editing pictures right away cause plenty of photocollage ideas is waiting for you to try them! You can create abeautiful scrapbook and tell the story of your life in the form ofcollage pictures. Download one of the top photo editing apps forsmartphones and tablets this instant and start the best picturemontage! “Make Photo Collage” is at your disposal! Cute frames,numerous pic effects, adorable grids and much more is designedspecially for your needs and relaxation, put your imagination intopractice and create super art!✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻If you need a fun photoeditor which will help you make true collage art, we suggest thatyou download Make Photo Collage instantly. All the cuteness forgirls and boys is packed in one free app to make your pictureediting process even more enjoyable. With this free “pictureediting software” to make a “photo collage” is easier than ever!You simply choose the selfie pics you like most, employ your newpicture collage maker, add some cute “picture frames” and yourcollage picture is ready to rule the world of social networks! Whyshare only one selfie at a time when you can share many of themthanks to the “collage maker” we offer to you! Exploit this specialoffer now, photo collage free download is here for you!✻ ✻ ✻ ✻✻Finally you are not obliged to look for a photo maker online; this“photo editor” works perfectly when you are offline, so thatpicture editing can be done any time you want! Use this “photomaker” to perform cute girly scrapbooking, or make a “photocollage” as a personalized postcard. Ideas are numerous, and theycan all come true thanks to this photo editor. When you see thecollection of picture effects and grid layout items we included inthis free app, you will need no more girly apps for photoretouching, our picture collage maker will suffice all your needs!So download Make Photo Collage now and make the most beautifulpicture collage which will be the subject of envy of all yourfriends! Have fun!
Black and White Keyboard 2.2
Enjoy beautiful black and white themes on your mobile phone! Blackand White Keyboard is an elegant and sophisticated keyboard stylethat will leave you breathless every time you take out your mobiledevice to text and type messages to your loved ones. Cute and funnyemoticons are yet another great feature this amazing keypad apphas. You can simply add many cute smileys to make your SMS messagesor chat interesting and express your true feelings. Your everydaytexting will become a real pleasure and you'll like typing on yourwhite and black keypad keys. It will feel so good under yourfingers! Black and White Keyboard is everything you need when itcomes to phone personalization so download it now for free!How toset your new keypad theme:1.Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', thencheck the box-field next to Black and White Keyboard and then clickon the OK button;2.Return to the application, then select 'Set theKeyboard to Default' button and select 'Black and WhiteKeyboard';3.Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (selectlanguage, themes, and shortcuts).◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇Stand in awe before this magnificent “keyboard design” andcheck out its cool features:♥ Elegant customizable “keyboard withemojis” with black and white design!♡ Easy to install, many whiteand black themes to choose from!♥ A great number of cute and funnyemoticons!♡ Many default languages: English, Spanish, Malay,Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish,or Romanian!♥ Set key feedback options – vibration, sound,preview!♡ Install, adjust, and go text your boyfriend or bff!◆ ◇ ◆◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇Make your smartphone or tabletclassy and stylish! Let these “keyboard colors” be the part of yourmobile phone or tablet and change your old boring phone keypad onceand for all. Black and white combination is always in and it willmake your “emoticon keyboard” irresistible! You will have the mostbeautifully accessorized mobile device if you already have a blackor white phone. Don't forget that you also get a keypad withemoticons and free emojis so you can express your reactions usingthis free emoji app. Cute text emoticons are waiting for you righthere, take them for free this instant and be elegant and glamorouswith white and black colors on your “keyboard background”!Make yourown keypad skin beautiful and sophisticated and get our keypad appfor free! If you still have doubts, we guarantee that once youdownload this “black and white theme” you will forget any otherkeypad colors. Add cute keypad emoticons one after another in everySMS text message, chat or comment and see for yourself how muchtyping sms can be fun. Thanks to this “keyboard theme”, you willlook mysterious and dashing while typing on your new theme changer.Everybody will look at you and your cool phone with amazement whileyou send emoticons to your friends.◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇This unique “emoji keyboard” represents a perfectcombination of two ethereal colors black and white. So go get yourkeyboard skin for free, insert a cute emoticon to your love SMS, ora funny smiley if you are typing funny text messages. This amazingkeyboard customizer has all the emojis you need to express youremotions. Make easy black and white color switch of your uniquekeyboard keys, get “Black and White Keyboard” for free now!
Tattoo Designs Photo Editor 2.1
Complete your beauty makeover process with cool body decorations!Tattoo Designs Photo Editor has many patterns and decorations youcan put on your body as photo stickers and try on various tattoodesigns free of charge and without pain. Put some ink on your skinand see which design suits your body best. It's very easy to foolyour friends that you have a real tattoo on your body with thissimple photo editor that is suitable for everyone: boys and girls,men and women. Download this picture booth this instant and explorenumerous tattoo ideas in the form of free stickers which weprovided for you. Just take a selfie, or choose a pic from thegallery of your smartphone or tablet, and add stickers to picturesof your neck, arm, back – wherever you imagine it to be. Whenyou're done, use the option for sharing on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, or other social networks, and save your photo montage tothe gallery. Tattoo Designs Photo Editor is the the only photoediting software you should have!Features:✑ Body stickers to add toyour pics!✑ A great number of designs and ideas!✑ Take a selfie, orchoose one image from the gallery!✑ Apply the stickers, scale,enlarge, make them fit your body!✑ Move all around the picture!✑Save to the gallery of your smartphone or tablet!✑ Share instantlyon Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!If you think that there is no wayyou can get inked without pain then think again! Tattoo DesignsPhoto Editor is a cute photo sticker app where you can make asimple yet realistic photo montage to prank with your friends orsimply try out different styles. Get “free tattoo designs” andcheck out what it would be like if you got inked. Take a pictureand use your photo montage software to add “free tattoo” stickersto your body. These body decorations are unique and stylish and,what's best, no one will ever suspect that the picture montage amade in a pic editor with “fake tattoos”! This is two cool apps forgirls and boys in one: a prank maker that will provide you with agreat variety of free stickers and a pro photo editor that willhelp you make edited pictures like with a professional photographycamera! Do not hesitate, download one of the top photo editing appsfor mobile phones and tablets on the market! Choose “Tattoo DesignsPhoto Editor”, the best “tattoo photo editor” that puts to shameany other similar “tattoo design apps” or tattoo games for girls.Make a “ten second tattoo” in a few taps and try out differenttattoo designs for men or half sleeve tattoos for women to see howthey suit your skin, save the picture to the gallery or share onsocial networks! Get this virtual “tattoo maker” picture editor forfree now and let your imagination help you make wonderful art!Check out this cool photo booth, it is free and useful, you can useit as a sticker maker or as a beauty salon makeover, or both! Makephoto pranks, deceive your friends with fake tattoos effect onphoto, get hundreds of likes and thousands of followers. Downloadthis free photo editing app and have fun editing pics day andnight!Get a “tattoo on yourself” and don't think about theconsequences because with this makeover app there are none! Withthis wonderful designer you can change your look for free withoutgoing to the tattoo studio. Select the best stickers for pictures,be imaginative and decorate your body! This is the best “photodecorator” on the market with a rich collection of body decorationswhich you can put on your body to see how they suit you. Do notlook for other sticker makers or picture editors, but downloadTattoo Designs Photo Editor free of charge and have fun!
Write on Pictures 2.2
You are one of those picture editing enthusiasts who you aresearching for a perfect tool for adding text to photos? Congrats,your search is complete now that you've found Write on Pictures, anincredible caption maker which is at your disposal if you want towrite your name, or perhaps add a date stamp to your selfie. Andall you need to do is download this photo writer, upload a pic fromthe gallery, or take a new one with your selfie camera, and thenyou will be able to put whatever text on pictures you want. Fromordinary to extraordinary, your very own pics will stand out fromthe crowd and your new app – Write on Pictures – will be your newbest photo editing software! Download now and have fun all daylong!✐ Completely free write on pictures app!✐ Easy to use andwrite on pics!✐ Insert old images or take new ones!✐ Cool fonts foryour writings!✐ Change fonts, text size, colors and opacity!✐ Applyshadows and outlines!✐ Excellent for making personal cards!✐ Shareon social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!Can youthink of a more imaginative way to wish a happy birthday to yourbff or sweetheart than sharing a beautiful card with one of thebirthday quotes you find cute? With Write on Pictures app you willbe able not only to create a photo montage on special occasions,but also to use it on daily basis. Start your day by posting yourselfie with inspirational quotes, or tell a joke to your friend bysharing funny quotes on even funnier images! Bring photo editing toa higher level, with a beautiful “font on pictures” you can createa work of art that no one has yet seen!✎✐✎✐✎✐✎✐If you are eager tofind more about photo writing and need “photo text editor” to excelthat, your choice number one should be “Write on Pictures”! Amongall the apps for writing text on pics it can be distinguishedthanks to its unique design, beautiful fonts and functionality.Very many “apps that add text to photos” are offered to younowadays; choose carefully and go for the best “photo editor” amongwriting apps and caption your photos like a pro. Instead of puttingtext in your status, you can creatively insert it into your ownimage and have a unique post! To “add text to photos” now is freefor you, go download it now and write on photo every singleday!✎✐✎✐✎✐✎✐To edit pictures using one of free apps for writing isnot a privilege of a few; it is available to you, download thispicture editor with text and “write on photo” with ease. With alittle bit of creativity and your new text photo editor, you wouldnever again share a selfie with no caption. Probably “text onpictures” is a must in today's social networking, and so is a“caption maker”, so, wait no more but download our brand new app towrite on photos and express your imagination.✎✐✎✐✎✐✎✐Finally, awrite on pictures software is now portable, and you can use itwherever and whenever you want. You can add love quotes when youtake a selfie with your beloved one, or caption your own pictureson daily basis. We are sure that you won't think about searchingfor other apps for text on photos when you try out this “write onpictures app”. Win the title for the best selfie with text on photousing this app to write on pics. Hurry up to try it now for free,enjoy using our app and have fun with Write on Pictures!
Lock Screen Slider 2.2
Get ready to meet a great collection of amazing backgrounds whichwill protect your smartphone or tablet from the unwanted looks! Weare proud to present Lock Screen Slider, the newest creation amongthe innovative apps which has an aesthetic as well as protectivepurpose. With a slide of your thumb you will be able to open thecontents of your phone, while your data will be safe from theaccidental tapping. Customize your phone the way you prefer it,personalize it using this theme launcher and its many stylish andcute backgrounds. High definition themes and slide to unlock lockscreens make this marvelous free app a must-have! So hurry up andget your Lock Screen Slider now for free!⇊⇓⇊ How to set your new“lock screen”: ⇊⇓⇊1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;2. Enteryour password and then and reenter the same password forconfirmation;3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme:Andthat's it! Browsing through the lock screen apps free is nowfinished, because your slide app is finally at your hand! Besideamazing theme wallpaper items, these features make this “slide lockscreen” a real catch:➟ Set your background (choose among 6images)!➟ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ➟ Turn date on/off!➟Choose the date format on display!➟ Show or hide battery!➟ Freetheme download, smartphone or tablet!➟ The best way to ensure yourprivacy protection!What all of us smartphone users have in commonis making unwanted calls and undesired expenses only because ourphone hasn't been protected with on of the numerous “lock screenapps”. Well, it's high time to go and download Lock Screen Slider.This stunning free app will not only protect your data, but alsomake the access to your device easier since it is enough to “slideto unlock” and voila! - all your contents are visible andaccessible. What's even better, the cute backgrounds and amazingwallpapers from this “theme changer” will embellish your smartdevice and make everyday phone manipulation enjoyable. ☝➟➟➟➟➟➟Ifyou want to make sure that you won't make calls accidentally whileyour phone is in your pocket, but don't want a pin lock screen or apattern lock screen because you're afraid of forgetting thecombinations, “Lock Screen Slider” is just what you need. Put timeand date, or battery strength, customize just the way you preferit, and be sure that it is enough to make a thumb movement, aslide, and your device is ready to use. ☝➟➟➟➟➟➟Dedicate your timeto important things in life, instead of looking for a theme appwhich will open the access to your phone with a slide. Whether youlike a horizontal slider or any other swipe style it doesn'tactually matter. If you want an efficient “lock screen theme” whichhas a pleasant interface and is easy to use, this free app is oursuggestion. Maybe you didn't like a photo keypad lock screen, andneed an artistic lock screen wallpaper which will wear off with aslide of your finger only, don't hesitate to tap on the downloadbutton and get into the possession of one of the “best apps” formobile phone or tablet.☝➟➟➟➟➟➟Maybe you're fed up with your oldlive lock screen which is just not a good theme for tablet orphone. Maybe you're tired of entering a pin or pattern every timeyou want to check your notifications. Or maybe you too are allfingers and thumbs. Whatever the reason, a “slide lock” will makeyour life easier. So, our strong suggestion is to download ourbrand new app – Lock Screen Slider – and enjoy using your smartdevice!
Keyboards Latest and Stylish 2.2
Welcome to the world of cool and fancy layouts and designs for yourphone keypad. Try out our new Keyboards Latest and Stylish andexperience typing and texting in the way it's meant to be. Enjoythe immense number of beautiful keyboard colors on your own phoneor tablet! Your only task is to install this great app for girlsand boys and start using the theme changer to choose your favoritebackground. Use creative and lovely themes to enrich your typingexperience and send popular emoticons and emojis to your bffs andfamily. Discover cool Keyboards Latest and Stylish and adduniqueness to your smartphone or tablet, chat and send sms messageswith style now!How to set your new keyboard design:1. Click on'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to “KeyboardsLatest and Stylish” and then click on the OK button2. Return to theapplication, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default' button andselect ' Keyboards Latest and Stylish'3. Now, you can “customizeyour keyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts)Now is theright time to stop using that boring touch “keyboard theme” andrenew your user interface design with these free themes. All ofthose who want to have special and unique phones must try the newkeypad wallpapers with the “latest keyboard” designs that we haveprepared, which will make your mobile device shine with a new glow.We also added cool keyboard symbols like emoticons and smileys justor your convenience so you can send new and updated emojis to yourfriends and express your emotions in the funniest way ever. If youlike fashion and you enjoy making your own “keyboard art”, then wesuggest you decorate your phone with this cute “keypad style” andstart chatting and writing your love text messages. ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥✦ Beautify your smart device for free!✧ Free emojis inthe latest keyboard design!✦ Select theme for your emoji keypad!✧Easy to install and manipulate!✦ Set key feedback options –vibration, sound, preview!✧ Many languages to set as default:English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French,German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!✦ Select the desiredlanguage and start typing on a French or a Spanish keyboard.✧Select words for numbers and type even faster!♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥♥‿♥ ♥‿♥A great number of cool themes for your qwerty keypad arewaiting for you in this “stylish keyboard” app! This is the bestway to change you “keyboard color” and style and make your typingeasier and quicker than ever before. If you want to chat in aforeign language just select one of the default languages andyou'll have a perfect Italian or German keyboard with emojis tosend cute sms messages to your friends from abroad. You deserveonly the latest designs when it comes to phone keypad themes so youneed one of the best free apps for keyboard customization, get afree download here now and enjoy beautiful themes, smart gesturetype and texting in many languages.This colorful “keyboard pro”changer will help you to use a cute emoji, funny smiley and alovely emoticon and provide you with fantastic designs and keypaddecorations that will make you fall in love with it immediately.Thanks to our free smartphone app you'll find your answer to themost frequent question when it comes to phone personalization: howto change “keyboard background”. Don’t hesitate! Download this freeapp now and use your favorite design and color, try the mostelegant theme and show off to your bfs . Enrich funny text messageswith even funnier emoticons and smileys and choose Keyboards Latestand Stylish, the greatest “keyboard skins” that ever existed on themarket!
Photo Editor Color Effects 1.1
Have you ever been wondering how do people make black and whitephotos, and then recolor picture so that only one part ishighlighted? If yes, then you will find the answer in Photo EditorColor Effects! Change color on picture easily, you only have todownload this amazing picture editor software, choose the pic inwhich the part you want to emphasize is of a uniform color shadeand then select that nuance from the plate. Congrats, your superart is ready to set social networks on fire, hurry up, use thebuilt-in option for sharing, and let the world admire your photomontage with color effects. Your new best camera app is right here,download Photo Editor Color Effects and have fun!✰ Color pop effectfor your own selfie pics!✰ Free picture editing software!✰ Paintyour photo with ease!✰ Colorize pics selectively!✰ Select from thegallery or take a selfie!✰ Fix color on your black&white pic!✰Save to the gallery!✰ Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, andothers!Add effects to photos with ease and preciseness, there is noneed to paint your image with a finger, because “Photo Editor ColorEffects” performs all the job for you! Turn your black and whiteimage in fun art with “color splash” effect and make your dress orlipstick pop out from the b&w selfie. You don't need anyspecial photo montage maker to retouch picture with magic effects;this magical picture editor is sufficient if you want to add “coloreffects” to your black and white picture. Install now and see ifthis is the best photo editor you've ever triedout!✰‿✰‿✰‿✰‿✰Perform the pic editing of your dreams, add specialeffects to your “black and white photography” and feel as if youworked in a real “photo studio”! Sounds implausible? Edit pictures,treat them with a “color pop” effect and make use of your selfiecamera to create a real piece of art! If you like downloading topphoto editing apps, you need to have Photo Editor Color Effectstoo! Your black&white picture with a touch from this photoediting software will be the most liked pic on social networks, soadd artistic effects now for free, and share with friends! Expressyour creativity, make all those ideas that you've been thinkingabout for a long time true, and finally create art which is onlyyour work!✰‿✰‿✰‿✰‿✰If your cup of tea is photo effects and pictureediting, you will adore this picture app with splash effects.Unique and precise, this “photo editor” performs a color fix likeno other! Black and white pictures have now become less boring withthe “photo effects”. Can you imagine how interesting “photoediting” can be when it is spiced with color splash effect andother cool photo effects! Your new T-shirt or swimsuit can beemphasized so that no one can stay indifferent to it; or, you canput on your newest shoes, take a few selfies and share it on yourwall – we guarantee that all of your friends will give you a likeor a comment about how beautiful they are!✰‿✰‿✰‿✰‿✰Got some newjewelry? Make everyone see it by adding a color effect in this fxeditor, and highlight its beauty by a color change. The world ofcamera effects is now richer for a picture editor which will changeyour black and white pictures with “color touch”. Download PhotoEditor Color Effects and have fun for hours!
Lock Screen Christmas Password 2.4
Make every day Christmas day with Lock Screen Christmas Password!This popular screen lock app is designed to help you have acheerful and merry Christmas and to be an excellent Xmas decorationfor your mobile device. Fill your screen lock with beautifulpictures and winter themed photos that will make your gadget glowin the dark like a real Christmas tree. The free app for girls andboys that were good during the whole year is a great way tocustomize phone and have a great set of perfect wallpapers andbackgrounds to choose from and change wallpaper every day. Have abeautiful screen when your favorite holiday finally comes, downloadLock Screen Christmas Password free of charge and be a trendsetteramong your friends! ❆ ◠ ❅ ◡ ❆ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ Howto set your new “lock screen keypad”: 1. Check the 'Enable lockscreen' box; 2. Enter your password and then and reenter the samepassword for confirmation; 3. Now you can customize your “lockscreen theme”: ➤ Set your background (choose among 6 images)! ➤Cute wallpapers and Christmas themes! ➤ Choose am/pm or 24h timesetting! ➤ Turn date on/off! ➤ Choose the date format on display! ➤Show or hide battery! ❆ ◠ ❅ ◡ ❆ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅ ◠ ❆ ◡ ❅Unlock your phone with style and get a fancy “lock screencustomizer” to decorate it with pretty Xmas backgrounds. Startcounting days till Christmas and pass the time with a new“Christmas lock screen wallpaper” every day. Your screen saverbackground will finally shine like Christmas lights or glitter likean Xmas ornament and all of that for free. Feel the Xmas spirit andmagic in the air when you lock and unlock your mobile device with alock screen passcode that represents the best way to protect yourprivacy and your sensitive data but at the same time adorn yourmobile with your favorite winter theme! The best screen locker appon the market is waiting for you to install it, just press thebutton and download Lock Screen Christmas Password for free! Thisis a “lock screen wallpaper” changer app that will help you preparefor Xmas and make you feel more enthusiastic about the holidaysthat are coming soon. There are plenty of beautiful hd pictures andthemes for phones and tablets that will make any device look likean Xmas gift. Watch as the sparkly snowflakes fall on your mobilescreen and rejoice at the sight. This cute app for girls willprotect your privacy because by setting a pin password for locksecurity no one will be able to open your device except you. Thatis why this “lock screen password” system is the best way to keepaway noisy friends and parents who are not allowed near yourdevice. So wait no more, download “Lock Screen Christmas Password”for free now! If you want a Christmas wallpaper free of charge foryour “mobile lock screen” picture then this is the right free appfor you! Here you can find many Christmas-themed images like SantaClaus, Snowman, sparkly Xmas decorations or Xmas trees. Have abeautiful snowfall wallpaper and feel snowflakes dancing on yourlocked screen saver! This fantastic “lock screen app” will warm thelong winter nights with all the beautiful “lock screen themes” andprotect your phone or tablet from thieves. Click the free downloadbutton and install the cutest Christmas lockscreen on the marketand use the same lock screen changer app to decorate your phone forthe upcoming New Year eve! Download Lock Screen Christmas Passwordfree of charge and Merry Christmas to you all!
PiP Camera Photo Effect 1.2
Follow the latest trends when it comes to photo editing and use apicture in picture effect on your images with PiP Camera PhotoEffect! Edit your favorite selfie pic and be a trend setter amongyour friends! PiP Photo Editor places your photo in anothercreative photo frame that comes in different shapes and layouts.Easily make photo montages with a stunning blurred background andinteresting picture frames where you can put pics of your lovedones or your cute selfie. Using this image editor is easy, simplytake a shot with your phone camera, or import pics from thegallery, choose the template you like the most, and try on variouseffects for photos to beautify your fancy images. Share the photoart directly from the pip camera editor! Download PiP Camera PhotoEffect free of charge and enjoy these fantastic features:✮ Freephoto editing software with awesome filters and effects!✮ Createpicture in picture photography in an instant with no effort!✮ Makeyour selfies fun, turn blur background on and off or just add aneffect!✮ Insert a pic from the gallery or take a new one with yourcamera!✮ Choose the template to combine two images together!✮ Saveyour pic-in-pic creation to the phone gallery!✮ Share instantly onFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media!✮ Startpicture in picture “photo editing” and have fun for hours!Hurry up,download PiP Camera Photo Effect with many different styles andedit your friendship or love pics to surprise the people you careabout because there is no better way to say I love you thanpersonalized greeting cards that you made yourself. In this “pipeditor” you have a conveniently built-in option for sharing onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks so you canpost your edited pictures quickly and easily. If you are searchingfor an answer to the question: 'how to get picture in picture?'then waste no more time, download “PiP Camera Photo Effect” forfree and start creative pics editing on your phone or tablet rightaway!Merge two photos, one of your own and one of ours that isactually a beautiful frame template, and see for yourself that itis easy to make a “picture in picture” collage without a pipcollage maker. Your edited images will look like they're created inthe most complicated online photo editors and not in this easy touse camera booth for phones and tablets. Of course, a real “pipcamera” should not be without exclusive photo effects and filtersso that's why we've prepared the best black and white, vintage,sepia filters and many more in a myriad of different colors. Youdeserve only the best “pip photo editor” in the market so downloadPiP Camera Photo Effect free of charge and enrich your cute selfiesand pics with fabulous photo frames! Choose the best templates ofthe most imaginative shapes where you want to put your images andmake a “photo montage” that everybody will remember. You can choosewhether to blur background for photos or not. Crop editors forsquare selfie pic are apps similar to pip camera, but this digital“picture in picture generator” is unlike anything you've ever seenbecause it is enriched with fabulous frames for pictures and cooland free templates. Learn how to make picture in picture with thissimple “photo editor”, add some great “pic in pic effects” andcomplete your photo album with amazing of your own creation. WithPiP Camera Photo Effect everything is possible so get the freedownload here and have a great time!
Color Effects Camera Editor 1.1
Would you like to have a black&white picture at which you willadd a color pop effect, so that only one part is emphasized? Ofcourse you would, and that is exactly what we are offering to youon this occasion. Color Effects Camera Editor is a simple yetefficient photo montage maker which allows you paint your photolike a true artist! Sounds implausible? Try this – tap on theinstall button, and turn this picture editor on; then choose animage from the gallery, or take a new one with your selfie camera,and then choose the color shade you want to be visible in thepicture. Make sure that the part of the picture is evenly coloredso that the photo editing can be successful. Once you're satisfiedwith your photo montage, save it to the gallery or share instantlyon Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other networks you use. Allthat being said, we suggest that you grab Color Effects CameraEditor and create true art!*✮ Add effects to photos in the mostcreative way!✮* Create a black and white image!*✮ Colorize picsselectively!✮* “Edit pictures” from the gallery!*✮ Take a selfiewith your camera!✮* Share on social networks!*✮ Save to thegallery!✮* Explore all the camera effects!There is no room forhesitation, don't waste your time but download Color Effects CameraEditor quickly. Soon you will be able to try all the “coloreffects” packed in this amazing picture editor. You will see howthis picture app makes it easy to recolor image, and turn yourb&w selfie into fun art. Black and white pictures don't have tobe monochrome anymore, with a “color touch” of magic effects youcan fix color on your pic in no time. Remember, it's a photo editorfree download, which means that no charge will be necessary. Youcan retouch picture with a “color pop” effect with no worries, andfully enjoy having one of the top photo editing apps!*✮*✮*✮*✮*✮*The collection of best camera apps is now richer for“Color Effects Camera Editor”! That's right, you can use it forastounding picture editing. If you like “black and whitephotography”, you will absolutely love the fact that you canrecolor picture and make super art from black&white. The bestpart is that there is no a photo filter which will paint your imagethe way you didn't want it. You're the only one responsible for thecolor change on your black and white photos. So show yourcreativity in this “photo studio”, add a “color splash” effectright now, and make your red dress and lipstick, or new green shirtbe emphasized on your black and white picture.*✮*✮*✮*✮*✮*Black andwhite pictures can now be embellished with only one photo editorwith color splash effect, all you need is a smartphone or tablet,this great photo editing software with artistic effects and you canhave colors splashed all over your selfie! Perform the best “photoediting” with color fix, employ your selfie camera, add “photoeffects”, and let those special effects turn your image into a realwonder. Change colors and let this picture editing software be oneof your favorite photo editing apps. What are you waiting for? Coolphoto effects will not pop on your picture all by themselves, atleast not without the help of a picture editor camera app. Explorethe world of photo editing effects, discover the best photo editor- Color Effects Camera Editor!
Diamond Hearts Lock Screen 3.3
Adorn your mobile device with the most beautiful Diamond HeartsLock Screen background! Feel trendy and glamorous everyday withmany diamond wallpapers for your locked screen and the mostromantic heart themes that will make you fall in love immediately.This is a cute lock screen theme that any beautiful girl shouldhave, especially those who like diamond phones and glitter themes.The app for girls also protects your mobile device from intruders,so after selecting a passcode or a password that will lock yourphone you can feel safe even when your gadget is not with you.Diamond Hearts Lock Screen is the only thing you need if you wantto feel elegant and secure at the same time, so get the freedownload here and shine like a diamond starting from today! ♡ ◠ ◆ ◡♡ ◠ ◆ ◡ ♡ ◠ ◆ ◡ ♡ ◠ ◆ ◡ ♡ How to set your new “lock screen”: 1.Check the 'Enable lock screen' box; 2. Enter your password and thenand reenter the same password for confirmation; 3. Now you cancustomize your lock screen theme: ➤ Set lock type and choose theshape of your new keypad “lock screen for girls”! ➤ Set yourbackground (choose among 6 images)! ➤ Choose to show/hide numbers!➤ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ➤ Turn date on/off! ➤ Choosedate format on display! ➤ Show or hide battery! ♡ ◠ ◆ ◡ ♡ ◠ ◆ ◡ ♡ ◠◆ ◡ ♡ ◠ ◆ ◡ ♡ Change your lock screen background and enjoy lookingat precious gemstones in heart shape whenever you take yoursmartphone or tablet. Get a diamond glitter theme for your screensaver! To decorate your phone with this “diamond lock screen” themeall you have to do is install this girly app, enter and reenteryour pin code, choose your favorite cute lock screen wallpaper forgirls and you are ready to go! Feel like you have a real diamondphone or swarovski crystals on your “keypad lock screen”. Yourfriends will say wow when they see your cute screen lock wallpaperbut they won't be able to read your text messages nor look at yourpics if you don't let them! Download Diamond Hearts Lock Screenfree of charge and fill your world with luxurious screen lockthemes that resemble a diamond hearts live wallpaper. Theshimmering photo effects on our “heart wallpapers and backgrounds”will give your smartphone or tablet a special and unique glow, justlike a glitter lock screen does. This is a special girlish andluxury app for lock screen customization that allows you topersonalize your phone with a beautiful pink heart lock screen or acute screen lock wallpaper with shiny diamonds with a combinationof the two styles so you can get “diamond hearts”! Get your freeDiamond Hearts Lock Screen now, feel like a princess from a fairytale and let your wildest dreams come true! Amazing shining heartsmade of thousands of glitter diamonds will make your lockscreenalive! Customize your keypad theme for the “lock screen changer”and beautify your mobile phone or tablet with amazing and gentleglitter colors that will emphasize your femininity. Diamonds aregirl's best friends, and when they come in a shape of the mostromantic symbol in the world, heart, there is no doubt that youwill have the “best lock screen” app for girls that is ever made.We have created a privacy protection app with fancy lock screenpictures of diamond hearts so that you can feel like a littlequeen. So hurry, download “Diamond Hearts Lock Screen” for free andlet this “heart lock screen” be the cutest jewelry that you everwore!
Love Keyboard Theme 2.2
Do you think it's time to changeyour system keypadfor a brandnew“keyboard customizer”? Then you've found just the right app!Love Keyboard Themeis the perfectly designedkeypadfor typingmessages and textingwhen you are in love! Kisses, hugs, couplesholding handson your keypadwill inspire you to typeeven more 'Ilove you text messages'. If you've always wanted to “design yourown keyboard”the best next thing you can do is download ourselection of “keyboard designs”and pretty “keyboard styles”withlovemotives. Choose the “keyboard layout”you like the best. Let thefeeling of loveoverwhelm you, running through your fingers andintotext messages! Download Love Keyboard Theme, a free keyboardchangerand gotexttill you drop! How to set your “keyboardskin”:Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field nextto “Love Keyboard Theme” and then click on the OK buttonReturn tothe application, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default'buttonand select 'Love Keyboard Theme'Now, you can “customize yourkeyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts) ❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤Are you very much in loveand you like to express yourfeelings via text messages? With this adorable selection of fancykey boardsevery coolkeyunder your fingers will sing 'I love you'!With beautiful images of loveunderneath your keypadyou'll feel likeyou have a gorgeous “love wallpaper” and a neat swiftkeyat the sametime. Make your phonesweetand girlywith customizable keypad. All isfull of lovewith art keypads. Choose one of the magnificent “colorkeyboards”and “keyboard designs”, set your “stylish keyboard”andtextaway! ❤ Choose your favorite keypad!❤ Several “love keyboardthemes”!❤ Custom made “keyboards for Android™”! ❤ Fullycustomizable! ❤Severallove pictures toenjoy your new emojikeyboard! ❤Lovely keypad theme and unique keypad design for a fancyswiftkey! ❤ Choose a language: English, Spanish, German, ItalianorFrench! Does textingwith your boyfriend and friends make animportant part of your daily routine? If your answer is yes, cutelove theme customizer will upgrade your textingexperience. Sendlovely text messages with style! Select a customizerthemefromthecoolkey piclaband enjoy your brand newkey board. Customize yoursmartkeypadwith cute key board changerand feel theloveelectricityunder your finger tips as you typeyet another SMS.❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤Cute girly apps for Androidareexcellent to customizeyour smartphone, and this coolkey changeristhe perfect choice of a girly app. Enjoy our selection of apps forteenage girlsfor free. Customize your own phonewith mobile freethemes, go getthis lovelyappand enjoy the experience. Beoverwhelmed with lovewhile typingyet another SMS. Everything looksbetter in the colors of amour! Observe the explosion of feelingsonyour screenand surrender to the reign of romancewith your newkeypad“theme changer”! Romantic themes and pictures of heartswillfill your heartwith joy. Free themesand changeable colors will makeyour phone look cute and sophisticated. Download cute themes forfreeand enjoy. Get textingto the next level with elegant themes!Think about all the excitement while typing, even whenautocorrectis on! Download Love Keyboard Themefor freeand enjoytexting!
Light Effects for Photos Fx 1.4
Are you bored with ordinary photo editing with effects for photosthat are nothing special? Here we bring to you Light Effects forPhotos Fx, which is the best blur effects photo editor you've everseen! If you have wondered what is bokeh photography, check out ourbrand new art photo editing app for all the bokeh light effectlovers, and see it for yourself. Choose a picture from your phonegallery, or take a new one, and add bokeh to photo to make it ultraglamorous and sparkly! You don't have to be a bokeh backgroundeditor and expert, nor do you need camera with blur effects, allyou need is the best artistic photo editor with lighting effectsfor photos and your newest selfie will be beautiful! Blur imagebackground editor is just a click away from you, so download thisnew bokeh effect photo editor! Get Light Effects for Photos Fx forfree! ❀ Add bokeh effects to your picture to make a bokeh blurbackground! ✰ Free light effects for all the enthusiastic editors!◯ Choose an image from the gallery and apply the blur effects forpictures! ❄ Play with light effects, select what best suits yourselfie! ♡ To edit pictures with effects is now easy and free! ❀Share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Artbokeh has never been easier to create! This photo editor effectsand filters is the best tool you can download if you want lighteffects app for free! You will see that it is a real professionalpicture editor with lots of bokeh light photo effects. Cool lighteffects are here in just one app, don't search for other all in onephoto editing apps with collages, picture frames or boring pictureeffects, “photo editor free download” is a click away from you.Take a picture and watch the as your old picture becomes cool,innovative and fresh, with glitter light effect for photos. Thanksto “Light Effects for Photos Fx” photo effects app, you too can bean artist in picture editing. Customize pictures from yourcollection, make a picture collage and let the fun begin! With this“bokeh effects picture editor” cool filters are easy to apply. ❀◯○。. ✰ ◯○。. ❄ ◯○。. ❀ ◯○。. ♡ ◯○。. ❄ ◯○。. ❀ The fashion of "artisticphoto filters and effects" is coming back, decorate your photoswith style with a little of blurred sparkly lights here and there.“Add effects to photos” and your images will get a mystical look,while your beauty will come into focus. Smile, take selfie, or letyour BFF take a picture of you with, add bokeh and blur and savethe picture to your phone or tablet. Forget about old pictureframes, with “light filter for photos” of this professional imageeditor you can make the most beautiful image edits. Learn “how tomake your picture beautiful” by adding some effects of light andglitter to your love photos or selfie. This editor with effects isthe best picture editor app and effect you can find. Do nothesitate, but download Light Effects for Photos Fx! ❀ ◯○。. ✰ ◯○。. ❄◯○。. ❀ ◯○。. ♡ ◯○。. ❄ ◯○。. ❀ Make a personalized bokeh wallpaper ina few easy steps, add sparkle and play with a glowing light effect.Easily “blur your background” or blur out certain parts of apicture to create those bokeh backgrounds you’ve always wanted tohave. “Customize your pictures” in a sparkly way, caption maker forphotos and magazine cover edit photo is cool, but if you want oneof the coolest editing art apps, our new “lighting photo app” withbokeh light effects is the perfect choice. Download Light Effectsfor Photos Fx and have fun editing pictures!
Beach Photo Frames 2.0
Summer is at the door and you still haven't got an app to add beachthemed frames to your holiday pictures? It's high time that youdownload Beach Photo Frames! Make your images even more exotic! Letthe summer vacation begin in the best possible way, boast with yournewest photo montages, decorate your selfie pics with sand and seapicture frames, or insert your selfie into a beach theme withseashells and a starfish, and share your new artistic work onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram! Create personalized postcards to sendto your loved ones directly from the seaside, smile, take a picturewith your camera, or choose from your phone gallery, and applybeautiful photo frames offered in this amazing “photo editingsoftware”! Try out Beach Photo Frames and create most beautifulsummer holiday pictures!✫ Create most exotic beach pictures,postcards or beach wallpapers!✫ Select an image or a selfie fromyour gallery or take a picture with your camera!✫ Use this “photoeditor” to add holiday picture frames and decorate your images!✫Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and arrange your sea pictures asyou like!✫ Choose form a great number of beautiful frames to makebeach pics!✫ Save your new art of pics in your gallery or share onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram directly from this free pictureediting software!Make this summer memorable, edit pics like a pro,try out various beach frames, and create a wonderful collection ofsummer holiday pictures. Next time when you browse through thealbum of “beach pictures”, you will have the feeling as if you werestill there at the seaside, sipping your coctail and listening tothe sea waves, surrounded by sand and tropical scenery! Don't missthe opportunity to take cool selfies at the beach, add some beachframes and make your summer last forever. Decorate your familypictures with “beach picture frames” and let the summer fun begin!Use “Beach Photo Frames” studio and see that it is the best photomontage maker you could come across!✫♒♒♒☼☀☼☀☼☀☼☀☼☀☼☀☼♒♒♒✫The bestamong “top photo editing apps” is here for you! Get this freepicture editor now, it's a free application and easy to use, andmake picture editing more powerful than ever! The seaside iswaiting for you, put on your favorite bikini, smile, say 'let metake a selfie', and create the coolest pics to post on socialnetworks. You don't need online picture editing studios, now youcan add summer picture frames while you're still on the beach! Makea montage like a professional, add beach frames with a starfish ora couple of palm trees next to you on the selfie which you can findin this great photo frame app Beach Photo Frames, adjust the imageand enjoy creating summer holiday memories in the best pictureeditor there is on Android™ market!✫♒♒♒☼☀☼☀☼☀☼☀☼☀☼☀☼♒♒♒✫ Wrap yoursummer photos with wonderful “beach frames”! Try the best pictureediting software among photo editors, add “picture frames” with notrouble – this photo studio will convince you that it is the mostuseful photo editor free download, with cute beach frames andexotic effects that will amaze you. Add frames to pics easily inthis free app for Android™ smartphones and tablets and ruleInstagram! Download Beach Photo Frames for free and put yourimagination into practice!
Flower Wedding Crown Hairstyle 2.3
Have the most stylish hairdo and try out Flower Wedding CrownHairstyle for the upcoming wedding! In this amazing salon app forgirls you can find numerous flower head crowns to decorate yourpictures with cute stickers and pic decorations. It's a brand newpicture decorator and the best free app for your mobile device thatoffers you a variety of photo stickers to add to your pictures andgive a virtual makeover to your hair in a sec. Try on numeroustrendy hairstyles that will make you feel like a princess and turnyour ordinary selfies into true photo art pieces. The flowersticker designs in this amazing photo booth is everything you needif you can find plenty of accessories to make a perfect photomontage. Wait no more and download Flower Wedding Crown Hairstylefor free and have a perfect hairdo for wedding! Features: ❀ Changehairstyle using the flower crown photo editor! ❀ Cool hair stylerapp with cute stickers to add to your photo! ❀ Easy to use imageediting tool with “photo stickers”! ❀ Edit your pics like a pro! ❀Use an image from your own gallery or take a picture with yourphone camera! ❀ Add stickers, zoom in and out, rotate, adjust, addtext! ❀ Save the pic in your phone gallery! ❀ Share your new lookwith all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀ Why don't you be your own hairdresser, add abeautiful floral crown and have the perfect wedding party. You caninstall this “wedding photo editor” to see how would you look likewith different flower hair wreaths before making a real “flowerwedding crown” diy. Our so “kawaii stickers” are for everyone'staste and will look stunning with all haircuts. Transform your lookand get a complete wedding makeover in this unique photo studio,choose your favorite flower tiara and be the queen of fashion. Ifyou want to a true boho style girl then we suggest you download“Flower Wedding Crown Hairstyle” free of charge and use the picslab to discover your perfect look. Unleash your imagination andplay with the best free pic editing program! ✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀Enter this photo studio pro and experience editing pictures like aprofessional photographer. Now that you have a great hair salonfree on your smartphone or tablet you'll be convinced thatprofessional hair styling has never been easier. This fantastic“photo editor” has a lot to offer, like magnificent “weddingcrowns” that any flower girl will adore. Try out a variety offashion styles and spread the word about this crazy bridal crownmaker via social networks and enjoy with your friends whilecreating numerous hairdos and adding stickers to photos. Becreative and make a cute photo album of different floral headpieceson your head, choose the best one and let this Flower Wedding CrownHairstyle help you make your own “flower crown” filters.✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀◡✿◠❀ Now is the right time for the greatest “weddingmakeover” and this free app for girls and women is here to help youdo that. If you are a fan of hair salon games and other games forgirls you'll definitively adore our image editing software. Justsit back, relax and make your own stickers that are actually hairdecorations and ornaments made of flowers. Everyone will fall inlove with your perfect hairstyle try on app and they'll want thesame thing on their mobile devices. Convince them that only this“wedding flower crown” diy app provides you with an abundance ofbeautiful wedding crowns for brides and cute flower crown headbandsfor bridesmaids. In your own personalized hair salon your dreamswill come true! Install Flower Wedding Crown Hairstyle for free andwear your flower girl crown proudly!
Square Quick Camera 1.7
If what you need at the moment is a photo squarer which can helpyou share a full size selfie, your wish is our command! Please,give a warm welcome to Square Quick Camera, a free no crop appwhich will make your posts even more attractive to the eye. Yourold pics can now shine in full glow, or you can take a selfie anewand add a blurred background or some of the patterns or colors tothe back of your pics. Dozens of various options for pictureediting are available for free, explore them all and choose thosewhich you like most. When you've finished with making a squarepicture, save it back to the phone or share on social networks likeInstagram, Facebook, Twitter. Square Quick Camera is speciallycreated to suit your needs, don't miss the opportunity and get yourno crop photo editor right away! 回 Free square quick cameradownload for your pics! 回 Insert the pics from the gallery or takea new one! 回 Choose borders or blur the background! 回 Plenty ofcolors, patterns and interesting backgrounds! 回 Best app to squarephotos for Instagram! 回 Share on social networks instantly! 回 Saveto the gallery! It certainly is irritating when the apps you usespontaneously crop photos you are about to share, to avoid that,you can make a “full size photo” which will be beautified with abackground pattern, or, you could set the same pic and blur it.Find out how easy it is to use this square quick no crop photo app,and you will be overwhelmed with creativity and new ideas. In fact,to add “blur effect” has somehow become the latest trend amongyoungsters, so keep up with those trends and use Square QuickCamera to change background pictures, have your selfie squared andearn many likes. No need to look for no crop photo editor online,this square app is available here and now as a square quick freedownload! ✮◎✮⌺✮◎✮⌺✮◎✮⌺✮ Finally a square quick download forsmartphones is ready for you free of charge, all you need to do ispick a selfie which you want to share without cropping, employ this“photo squarer” and add color backgrounds or blur effects. If youwant your post to be with no crop, and need a square quick photoeditor, then this no crop download is just what you're looking for.Make your pics romantic or artistic, “blur background” share theentire picture so that not one detail stays out of picture. SquareQuick Camera is not a no crop photo editor online, you download itonce and use over and over again! Hurry up, get “photo square app”for free and you won't regret it! ✮◎✮⌺✮◎✮⌺✮◎✮⌺✮ Don't ever againcrop photo so that it can fit when you post it; time to go and usethis “square quick photo editor download” and be the best in photoediting! Take a walk with your bff and don't forget to take apicture with your selfie camera, edit it in our no crop photoeditor, set it at the back and blur background, and share on yourprofile. Since it is a no crop download, you can do that on thespot, and this makes your new “square photo editor” one of the topphoto editing apps with “no crop” option. If everyone wants to seeyour whole picture, well give it to them, use this square quickeditor and add photo background behind your image. We know thatcamera apps are very popular, and photo background changer as oneof the camera effects app is a must-have, which is why we created“Square Quick Camera”, take advantage of it and enjoy takingselfies with your camera!
Pink Glitter Keyboard 2.8
Incredibly cute themes are necessary things that every trendy girlshould have! Pink Glitter Keyboard is a girly app for phones andtablets that has many sparkly skins for you. Be fashionable everyday and cast glitter around you while you text your bffs and sendlovely emoticons and smileys. You'll simply adore this sweet designand its shimmering backgrounds that will make you feel like a diva.Be a superstar and don't hesitate to download for free this amazingPink Glitter Keyboard for your smartphone or tablet! How to setyour new app: 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check thebox-field next to “Pink Glitter Keyboard” and then click on the OKbutton 2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboardto Default' button and select 'Pink Glitter Keyboard' 3. Now, youcan select language, themes, and shortcuts ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ ∵ : ∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴✧ ∵ : ∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ Features: ✧ Glitter keypad themes for free onyour mobile phone or tablet! ✧ One of the most popular girly girlapps there is on the market! ✧ A great number of sparkly wallpapersfor your custom keypad design! ✧ Several sparkling keyboards in oneapp! ✧ Decorate your smartphone or tablet with shimmering fairydust! ✧ Great number of emoticons and smileys on your new emojikeypad! ✧ Vibration and stylish keyboard sounds! ✧ Choose thedefault language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian! ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧∵ : ∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ ∵ : ∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ This is the best app for all thosewho like shiny and sparkly things. Decorate your mobile or tabletwith sparkles, type love text messages to your boyfriend and sendcute emoticons using updated emoji keypad. These fantastic and“sparkly keyboards” sparkle with amazing array of beautiful nuancesand match perfectly with any pink glitter wallpaper. Have a newbackground behind your keypad keys every day! Adorn your phone likenever before and get this pink emoji keypad now! ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ ∵ : ∴ ✦∵ : ∴ ✧ ∵ : ∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ Your favorite custom “keyboard color pink”is waiting to beautify your phone and enable you to type sweet loveemojis faster all day long. Be the princess of your own glitteryfairy tale! Your mobile device will look so much trendy and chiconce you install this sparkling app and everyone will envy your newphone look. It will shine bright like a diamond and twinkle like astar! We know you'll look glamorous and stylish wherever your go sotry one of the best cute girly apps! ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ ∵ : ∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ ∵ :∴ ✦ ∵ : ∴ ✧ Why don't you customize your phone just the way youlike and try different “pink glittering keyboard” themes for girlsof fashion. Beautifully designed and easy to use, this themechanger will change your life and turn it upside down! We know howmuch you like glowing “pink keyboard with emojis” so you don't haveto worry at all, download it now for free and see it for yourself,your smartphone will shine like the finest glitter powder of abeautiful pink color. Install Pink Glitter Keyboard free of charge!
Photo Keyboard Customizer 2.5
Have a brand new keypad everyday with Photo Keyboard Customizer andpersonalize your mobile device with pics from your gallery orcamera. This theme changer is by far the best keypad customizeryou've ever used. Pick the best selfie pics or select one from yourgallery and set it instantly as a photo keyboard background!Personalize the way you type and send SMS messages to your lovedones. Use the new emoticons we added for you to express yourfeelings in an original manner and send the cutest messages to yourbffs to melt their hearts. You'll possess a unique keyboard withpicture from your gallery if you download Photo Keyboard Customizernow and for free! So? What are you waiting for?! How to set yournew keyboard skins: 1. Click on ‘Enable the Keypad’, check thebox-field next to Photo Keyboard Customizer and then click on theOK button; 2. Return to the application, select ‘Set the Keypad toDefault’ button and select “Photo Keyboard Customizer” 3. You cannow “customize your keyboard” (choose background pictures,languages and shortcuts) It's high time you dumped your old colorkeyboard design and set one of your girl selfie photos as yourbackground theme. You'll be instantly drawn to beautifully colorfonts whose color your can easily change and smiley faces that willhelp you text to your family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend inthe most unique way. “Make your own keyboard” by putting your ownpic as a keypad wallpaper and personalize your phone in no time.You can change “keyboard picture” whenever you want and still havethe best customizable “keyboard themes for girls” and boys withcute emojis and fantastic emoticons. You can finally call off thesearch cause picture keyboard customizer is here! Download it now!Features: ✽ Choose an awesome background image for your touchkeypad theme! ✽ Cool button styles and letter colors to choosefrom! ✽ Select the language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese,Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian!✽ Chat and exchange text messages with your friends using a Spanishor a French keyboard! ✽ Funny “emoticon keyboard” style that willgive your cell phone or tablet an authentic look! ✽ Select wordsfor numbers and create hotkeys! ✽ Options to turn on and off keypadsounds and vibration! ✽ Have lots of fun using “my photo keyboard”themes free of charge! Fashionably decorated large keyboard keyswill definitely set you apart from the crowd so you'll feelspecial. Complete your phone decoration with the cutest keypaddesign that you can imagine: the images of your loved ones thatwill smile from the “keyboard wallpaper”.Choose your favorite lovepicture and change the keypad background free of charge. Plus,you'll have a collection of emoji art to put in your SMS textmessages, chat or e-mails. There's no reason why you should lookfor other free themes because you can cover your screen with akeyboard and wallpapers themes from your photo gallery and getready to become the most popular high-school girl! Download picturekeyboard changer and bring a positive change into the process ofexchanging funny text messages and e-mails with your friends. Witha “my picture keyboard” art you'll forget about all the otherkeypad themes that you used to type on. Our designers will provideyou with great theme changer apps for smartphones and tablets youcould only dream of! But you must agree that the best app for phonepersonalization is definitively our picture keyboard for textingand typing. You should download it now and have the keypadcustomizer you and your mobile gadget deserve. With Photo KeyboardCustomizer you will start your day off with a face smiling behindthe colorful keypad keys. Install it now!
Magazine Cover Photo Frame 1.1
Would you like to see yourself as a celebrity on the first pages ofmany well known fashion zines? Make your selfies one of a kind withMagazine Cover Photo Frame! Make your own magazine cover using apicture from your phone gallery or take a selfie on the spot.Choose one of the cool beauty zine frames as the front page, makefake magazine cover and convince everyone that you can be a pro topmodel. This is the best photo editor with picture filters andeffects that can make astonishing photo effects and make yourimages look like they've been retouched in a professional photostudio. Be a celebrity and reach all the famous zine front pages!Download Magazine Cover Photo Frame free of charge!Check out allthe cool features of this free app for girls:♕ A vast variety ofpicture frames and image effects and filters!♕ Real simple magazineapp for all your images!♕ Photo editor and decorator at the sametime!♕ Choose pics from your gallery or take new ones!♕ Applyframes with catchy titles!♕ Choose professional magazine effectsand filters to decorate your pics!♕ Many mag templates, very easyto use – rotate, zoom or drag images to fit the frames!♕ Save yourmagazine photos to the gallery, or share them on Facebook, Twitteror Instagram!♕ “Your picture on a magazine cover” completelyfree!Put your picture in a magazine and become a famous superstar!Be like one of those celebrities that you've always admired andlook attractive on mag covers that you've created. Easy photo“magazine maker” is a click away from you. Be the star of all thepopular beauty and fashion zines from all over the world. Thisbeauty “magazine photo editor” offers you a huge choice of framesfor pictures with many effects and filters so you can shine brightlike a diamond on your own “magazine cover”. Stop your search forperfect photo montage editor because this “magazine cover editphoto” app has everything that you need to make fancy images.Follow all the latest trends and put your face on a magazine cover!Download Magazine Cover Photo Frame for free! Create latest zinecovers and picture frames and style up your life! This is a simple“my magazine” editing app which offers you a grand variety of magsfor teens or fashion and style zine covers and many more coolfilters for images that will help you make a pro photo montage onyour smartphone or tablet. This great cover maker is a wonderfulimage editing tool that you can use to mag my picture and turn yourold and boring pics into amazing photo art. Feel like a superstarevery day and be beautiful just like those divas from the mostfamous magazines for women. The best thing about this free pictureeditor is that you don't need any professional retouching skills tocreate a beautiful poster. Wait no more! Download “Magazine CoverPhoto Frame” for free!Select your favorite picture frame formagazine, apply cool effects and admire your new magazine photos!You won't find a better magazine picture frames app on the market!“Put your picture on a magazine cover” and save and share yourcreations easily directly from your phone or tablet on major socialnetworks to get amazing number of likes. Everybody will believethat you really are a new face on a famous mag front page. Use this“magazine generator” as a poster design maker to make lovelypicsart wallpapers and use it later for your phone background!Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of this lovely photo app and usethe photo frames to create cute “magazine covers for pictures”.Download Magazine Cover Photo Frame and have a lot of fun editingpictures and manipulating images!
Wedding Dress Photo Montage 1.2
Be well prepared for the most beautiful day of your life and don'tlet any unexpected problems come up. And start with your weddinggown! We present to you Wedding Dress Photo Montage, a greatpicture editor which enables you to put your face in a hole and tryon a great number of stunning bridal gowns. You can use your oldpics or take a selfie from this free app and indulge yourself intochoosing the best wedding dress ever which will suit you perfectly.Thanks to the built in option for sharing on social networks, youcan see what your friends and followers on Instagram, Twitter,Facebook or others think about your photo montage collage. Beforepaying a visit to all those salons, define the model you would liketo search for in particular. Or put your face in some photos ofwedding dresses just for fun. Let Wedding Dress Photo Montage helpyou get ready for the big day!♥ Try on numerous models of bestwedding gowns!♥ Use the pics from the gallery!♥ Or take a picturewith your selfie camera!♥ Put your face in a hole and adjust it!♥Save your new image to your phone!♥ Share on social networks!♥Enjoy editing pictures all day long!Have you run out of weddingdress photo ideas or want to know how to make a photo montage inwhich you will be the bride? Well, what you need for that is onlyour new “photo editor” Wedding Dress Photo Montage! Make face inhole pictures with you wearing the “bridal gowns” we prepared foryou in this collection. It's like having a personal “wedding salon”and the opportunity to try on all those beautiful dresses in orderto see what you would look as a bride. First choose the photomontage template you like most, and make the most romantic weddingdress photo. With this wedding app you can become the bride worldhasn't yet seen! Try on all the bridal gowns for the collection,save them all to the gallery, and let your friends also try thisfabulous free app!≈❀♡❀≈❀♥❀≈❀♡❀≈Every girl's dream is to try onbeautiful “wedding dresses”, choose one and wear it down the aislewhen the big day comes. Before that dream comes true, why not checkout what you would look like in wedding dress photo maker? It's amagnificent “photo editing software” in which it is easy to putyour face in a hole for picture and enter the world of top photoediting apps. Better than playing wedding dress up games, here youcan actually be in the center of the wedding dress photo frame andplay the main role in that “photo montage”. If you like, you canshare it with your friends and see what their reactions would belike. One is certain, once you download “face in hole” app, youwill be overwhelmed with emotions and tenderness which thecollection of bridal gowns brings.≈❀♡❀≈❀♥❀≈❀♡❀≈Get ready to say'yes' with the help of Wedding Dress Photo Montage! If you arecreative, like picture editing and wedding dress photography, thenthis romantic wedding dress photo editor will be your favoritephoto montage software. Whether you want a simple one, lace, sirenor cinderella type, you will look like a princess on your specialday, and also you can try them all in our “face in hole photo app”.You like wedding games for girls? How about making a prank picturewith your brother's funny face in hole? That would be hilarious! Somany options are offered in this “photo montage maker”, it's up toyou whether it will be used for fun or romantic photo editing. Editpictures with “Wedding Dress Photo Montage” and shine bright onyour special day!
Best Pencil Sketch App 1.1
Have you heard that an amazing free app has just entered the worldof top photo editing apps? Yes, you're right, it's Best PencilSketch App! Throw away your old drawing pencils and make space forthis wondrous sketch camera. If your intention is to sketch picturewhich you would at the end of photo editing share on your favoritesocial networks, or save to the gallery for some throwback post, wesuggest that you give a chance to our pencil camera and see if thismight be just what you are looking for! You can edit pics from thegallery, or take a selfie instantly, in both cases you will get aperfect pencil drawing out of your own image! Better yet, you canchoose the color filters or have a black and white photography –whichever you prefer! Do not hesitate, touch the install buttonright away and download Best Pencil Sketch App for true artcreating! ✐ Become an artist in an instant!✎ Download the photoeditor of your dreams!✐ Use your old pics or take a picture withyour selfie camera!✎ Try on each and every of the drawing styles!✐Colorful or black&white, it's up to your choice!✎ Save to thegallery!✐ Share on social networks like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter!✎ Use this great camera app every day, for free!Thisopportunity to edit pictures is a real special offer! Finally theproduction of pencil sketches out of pics is easy and free. If youadmire artistic works and would like to have a portrait ofyourself, there is no need to spend any money – simply downloadBest Pencil Sketch App and turn your selfies into art! The cameraeffects in our “pencil sketch photo editor” simply do wonders onyour pics, with no magic pens and special picture editing skills.It's time for the best “photo montage” of your life, try to createa pencil sketch photo and tell us if you liked our picture editor.Show your creativity using our app, let your imagination enter yourgallery and embellish your images!✐✎✐✎✐✎✐✎Whether you like to havea b&w “pencil sketch” or need a “pencil sketch photo editorwith color”, actually doesn't matter because Best Pencil Sketch Appcan make them both. That's why it's called the best photo editor.Stop asking yourself 'how do I sketch my photo', the answer liesright here, in this fabulous “pencil sketch app”. Also, you shouldtry all the photo filters, because each and every of them tells aunique story. Employ your selfie camera, take a few pics and thenadd the pencil sketch effect on them. We promise that you will havethe most artistic post and that you will “sketch your photo” ondaily basis. Fall in love with this amazing photo montage softwareand let all of your friends try it as well!✐✎✐✎✐✎✐✎Hard pencils,sepia, negative, you name it. One is for sure – whatever filter forpictures you choose, your “photo sketch pencil sketch” will set allthe social networks on fire. You can later make a photo collagewith one of your photo editing apps and see what your friends willtell about it. You know what? Enough talking. Download this “photoediting software” and get the job done immediately. Create astunning pencil sketch free using your very own selfies, add the“photo effects” and – voila! - your piece of art is ready! Save itto the gallery, share with closest people, and have a lot of funwith “Best Pencil Sketch App”! Be creative, because creativitycosts nothing, but fills your soul with tender feelings. Enjoy!
Fisheye Camera Lens 1.3
Bring your photo retouching skills to the level of a professionalphotographer! Observe the world through Fisheye Camera Lens! Createfunny distorted images in a second, all you need is a cool selfie,either from your gallery or instantly taken with a selfie cameravia this amazing photo montage maker and your job is done! You canget a real-time fisheye camera preview and also share your newfisheye photo on major social networks right away, or save back toyour phone! Such an easy way towards the best optical illusionhasn't yet been discovered, download this efficient and uniquecamera application and create fisheye pictures easily! Don't forgetthat this is a photo editor free download, so there is no room forhesitation – hurry up and get your fisheye software now! FisheyeCamera Lens is waiting for you!⊙ Free fisheye photo editor, easy touse!⊙ Edit pictures from the gallery or take new ones!⊙ Add fisheyecamera effect to your selfies!⊙ Finish editing pictures by addingvarious filters!⊙ Color effects, lomo, monochrome or vintagefilters!⊙ Real-time preview!⊙ Save to gallery!⊙ Share on socialnetworks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others!You don't need aprofessional photographic camera and numerous fisheye lenses tomake a perfect “photo montage”! Funny distorted images with a bignose or a mouth are really a touch on the screen away! What anamazing “camera app” you might say once you try Fisheye CameraLens! Together with lomo effects and filters packed in this “photoediting software” your fisheye photos will look amazing, and theywill earn tons of likes once you share them on your profile. Youtoo can become an artist, only an instant is enough to get one ofthe top photo editing apps, download now for free and have fun withour newest picture editor!⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙The world of high quality “photoediting” is under your feet! After making a square picture andexperimenting with wide-angle lens it should be your next step totry Fisheye Camera Lens! Plenty of “photo effects” like vintage andnumerous color filters are features of photo editor which make itthe best among the fisheye cameras. And guess what? You can makeplanet photos or put your own face on a ball and, in fact, do whatever wonders you want because the fisheye lens for your cameraallow you to do anything! What are you waiting for? Go download ournew “fish eye lense app” and share with us your experience! We aresure that you will immediately fall in love with our free app assoon as you try out all the camera effects and picture filters itcontains. Save to the gallery or share on social networks rightaway and see what others will say about your work.⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙Finallythere is no need to edit photo online in order to get a real “fisheye effect” on your pics. Take a selfie, or capture your bff orsiblings, put autofocus on their face and pull a prank that theworld hasn't seen yet. Take a curved picture make it look as if itwas taken by a fisheye pro. What we consider the best advantage ofhaving a “fisheye camera” is that you are not obliged to have aprofessional camera, all you need is a smartphone or tablet, our“camera lens” and a big smile on your face. Yes, that's all,believe it or not! Your collection of best camera apps can now bericher for a new member. Give a warm welcome to “Fisheye CameraLens”, your new favorite among most efficient photo editing apps!
Glitter Watch Face 1.2
You're all dressed up for a glamorous night out, but you you feellike you miss an elegant gadget on your wrist? If you want to leavea little sparkle wherever you go, it's high time for you todownload Glitter Watch Face! Thanks to the watch face collectiondecorated with finest glitter you can have a new elegant watch faceon every occasion! It will also provide you with a smart watch appwhich you can synchronize it with your phone and change your customwatch faces for the cute glitter backgrounds. You will be amazed bythe idea that your smart device can be different whenever you wantit. Besides, you can design your own smart watch faces – combinethe elements and choose the glitter background you like most. Well,now you can have a glitter fashion watch which is up to your taste,and become the best watch face maker. All that being said, you candownload our Glitter Watch Face following the instructions belowand become one of the satisfied users! Enjoy!***How to set yourwatch face?***● Download smart watch application to your phone! ●Find the icon and simply click on it! ● Choose among beautifulpreset skins and sync to your smartwatch!● Or design your own watchface!● Choose all watch face elements separately!● Choose abackground, different hand styles, markers and widget styles! ● Seethe preview of each element combination!● Choose what you want tobe shown when your watch face is in ambient mode! ● When you'redone, sync the app with your device! ● Both round and square watchfaces supported! ***Where to find the watch face you've chosen?***● You can either find the Android Wear application on your phoneand select our watch face from the list.● Or press hard the face ofyour smartwatch, wait for the list of skins to appear, and thenfind ours among them.● Wait a few seconds for the app tosynchronize, be patient!Gear up with Glitter Watch Face, downloadthe app to your phone and then sync software for smartwatch.***Compatibility!***Make sure that your device runs onAndroid Wear operative system, otherwise you won't be able to useour application. Glitter Watch Face is compatible with all of thelatest Android Wear devices including: Moto 360 1Moto 360 2ndgenHuawei WatchAsus Zen Watch 1 ,2 & 3 LG Watch UrbaneLG WatchUrbane 2nd EditionLG Watch R™LG G WatchFossil Q FounderCasioWSD-F10Tag HeuerSony Smartwatch 3Note: On occasion it takes sometime for a watch face app to synchronize with your device. In caseyou're having issues of this kind, or you are dissatisfied in anyway, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could give us achance to fix the issue so that you can enjoy the product asintended, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction through badreviews. On the other hand, if you're enjoying our watch faces wewouldn't mind getting a positive review. Thank you forunderstanding, enjoy using our app!Contact us on:watchfacessupport@webelinx.comDisclaimer: Android™ is a trademarkof Google Inc. Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remainthe property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm ortheir logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or directaffiliation.
Glitter Lock Screen 2.6
Finally you've found a glamorous way to lock and unlock your mobiledevice. We give you Glitter Lock Screen, a girly app for securingyour favorite gadget with a passcode. Match your cheerfulpersonality with cute glitter wallpapers and let your phone sparkleand shine! Attract attention anywhere you go with this new andstylish app for girls and protect your device with one of a kindand powerful screen locker free of charge. Swipe and enter thepasscode to unlock the screen and you are ready to go. Rest assuredthat this lock screen app won't let your secrets out in the open.Let a glitter bomb explode and feel the screen lock magic! DownloadGlitter Lock Screen for free and sparkle up your phone or tabletnow! ⁛⁚ ⁙⁘*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*⁘ ⁙ ⁚ ⁛ How to set your new“lock screen”: 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box; 2. Enter yourpassword and then and reenter the same password for confirmation;3. Now you can customize your cute lock screen theme: ➤ Set yourbackground (choose among 6 images)! ➤ Choose am/pm or 24h timesetting! ➤ Turn date on/off! ➤ Choose the date format on display! ➤Show or hide battery! ⁛⁚ ⁙⁘*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*⁘ ⁙ ⁚ ⁛ Prepareto be amazed with the sparkly glow your device will emit thanks tothe glitter effects we've added just for your convenience. Beenchanted with Glitter Lock Screen, one and only app lock screenthat is not only trendy and chic, but also very reliable when itcomes to mobile phone privacy protection. The keypad lock isbeautifully adorned and the protection app itself is equipped witha powerful phone password security system that no one will be ableto breach. Keep your device safe from nosy parents and annoyingfriends with this “screen lock” and at the same time feel gorgeousand beautiful every day. Only “cute wallpapers and backgrounds” canbe found here and they are waiting just for you so download thisstylish app screen locker with passcode for free! Let that shininglight make your day and show everyone how stylish and classy youreally are! Embellish your smartphone or tablet with girly“wallpapers lock screen” that will sparkle and shine whenever youunlock your device. Slide in any direction, enter the passcode andlet glitter dust reveal the contents of your mobile phone. Thiscute lock screen saves your battery life and doesn't drain it andthe free screensavers will help you keep intruders away from yourdevice. Your job is just to customize your phone and set yourfavorite color of the new sparkling “lock screen wallpaper”. Glamup your smartphone with a glitter “lock screen background” themesof your liking, be a trend setter among your bffs and feel like aprincess everyday with sparkly wallpapers on your locked phone ortablet. Glitter Lock Screen is one of the best lock screen appsaround, so don't hesitate to download it for free! Join all ofthose girls and ladies who go crazy over cute pics for lock screen.Everyone will turn their heads around to see the most beautifulgirl with a sparkly phone. Adorn your device with luxurious nuancesof colors and super sparkle “keypad lock screen for girls”. Youwill fall for these “lockscreen wallpapers” cause they are soglittery and shiny, just like fairy dust! Impressive twinkle lightsdecorate every glitter wallpaper for your amusement and joy!Moreover, if your best friends tend to snoop around your device andyou want to keep you text messages and photos private then you needa high quality secure lockscreen app that is easy to use. If youcare about mobile phone security and at the same time you want astylish keypad on your screensaver, then download “Glitter LockScreen” for free and be careless!